2003-03-11-You Have Nothing To Fear

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Topic: You Have Nothing To Fear

Group: York TeaM


Teacher: Manuel

TR: Min Hoet


I call forth the Consciousness of God and the Pure White Light of the Christ and the full filled Promise of the Holy Spirit. I am not a body. I am made in the image and likeness of God, whole perfect and free. I hear only the voice of God and the voice of God is the only voice I obey. I acknowledge the Holy Presence of God within me and strive to take on the Mind of Christ and the Nature of God.


Now my Dear, you have nothing to fear. No one has. All is in the hands of God. God is ultimately in charge of the crises evident on your planet at this time. It is like a balloon that is about to burst. It is building and building and it cannot sustain much more pressure. When it bursts there will be a big noise and much chaos and probably much loss of life. Not necessarily related to the actual impending war...There is much Celestial help for your Planet at this time. The arrival to your Planet of a Magisterial Son is paramount. At this time, the Celestial aids remain invisible to those who do not see with the Eye of the Spirit. Soon, all will become awakened and aware. It is a wonderful time to be alive on your planet. We watch with awe. It is all part of the Plan of God. The Dark force must integrate with the Light Force to become One.

It will be so. It is happening slowly but surely. Watch the skies and the animals. All the sea animals and winged fowl. They have messages. Hear them and see them. Observe their movements and actions. The war protests!? That is the kind of action that crucified your Christ.

Everyone must create peace in their heart and mind and it will be so.

The Universe is sending Blessings constantly.


Transcript is in the context of the then impending war in Iraq and the unsetlled conditions world-wide including demonstrations against the war around the globe