2003-04-20-Circuits, Gift of Grace

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Topic: Gift of Grace

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Elyon, Michael

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Machiventa(Mark TR): I shall step forward to start today's exchange. I am Machiventa. I am exceedingly pleased to be in your presence today, as I witness that the classroom has grown larger.



Those of you who are familiar to me may think in your timeframe that we have been engaged in this form of exchange for many years now, and that we have developed a comfort zone around our exchanges that allow you to feel in your box while exchanging with someone from the other side. This just goes to illustrate that one can enlarge their comfort zone to include many different outside forces and yet still be comfortably contained in their comfort zone. I see the class today and appreciate that the class is growing and that the numbers of truth-seeking believers is on the rise worldwide, and this group is no exception.

Conditions are becoming adequate for many who have been in seeking-mode to become more earnest in their search. When they pursue avenues before them, many may turn to groups such as this one to experiment with their vision of spirituality. These classrooms in truth are ongoing, and I would say that a small group of earnest believers is a true joy to witness, even more so than a large crowd of halfhearted individuals. A group such as this signifies the actuating of the highest ideals available to you, and making the conscious faith-choice to participate constitutes all that you have of worth in your ascension career. This faith activated choice is your gift to the Father, is your gift to Michael whose resurrection you celebrate on this day. It is your gift to the Mother Spirit.

All choices that you make that involve your approach to your divine Parents are seen with such favor as to be encouraged and to be fostered on many different levels. Know that today is a celebration of life, of resurrection, of the circuit that you all, by your own faith choice, establish even at this hour, at this very moment. This circuit established lives beyond any one individual and encompasses all individuals. As you exchange in spirit on the highest plane you are capable of conceiving today, drink well of this experience that you may savor the taste and realize that this circuit may be tasted by you at any time in the future that you decide to revisit this experience.

This circuit is a living presence of its own and need not be disrupted by the relevant participation of any individual or group. This is the common ground on which you may reunite to revisit this circuit, to revisit each other's presence, to revisit spirit itself. This is always available to you as are the many other circuits of spirit, even those with your divine Parents.

It is a delight to witness as you build these circuits among yourselves and with spirit; these are the enduring things that remain. These are the aspects of your lives which are most real. All else fade away and are shadows in this material world, even your temporary address of your vehicle. But these circuits of love, of friendship and in spirit remain intact throughout.

I will work with you as will the others today to build these circuits. We are engaged in this pursuit, and it is a privilege, indeed, an honor to build circuits such as this for the Father, for the universe circuits at hand which enable us all to proceed toward the Father in our growth. I commend each one of you for the steps you have taken in your lives to be where you are right now at a place where you can open your hearts and your spirits to accommodate these realities and thus enlarge your comfort zones to include the reality of spirit, the one thing that will be there throughout all your comfort zones. I encourage you to embrace this at its fullest, at its most today and always. This we take with us. Thank you for hearing my words today. There are many others in observation and attendance who are all looking forward to today's exchange. It is as a giant light party in which we perceive all of you as sharing, living, learning the light. It is a joy to behold. Thank you.


Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings to you, this is Elyon. As always I am delighted to commingle with your spirit presences, to be in fellowship, to share our love, to acknowledge the divine presence that lifts and sustains us all. I have emphasized lately the reality of the presence of God within you. Today I wish to express that potent realization that is available to anyone, even in your status as human beings, and that is the gift of grace. As your world has advanced you have been able to observe through your historic records the transformation of your cultures. You have described some stages as an age of hunting and gathering, ages of agriculture. While this is descriptive of your ability to provide sustenance to your human forms, it also describes the natural tendency in ascending creatures that is part of your spiritual unfoldment. When the initial spark within your being grew into the flame of desire to understand the significance of the universe, to answer the question why you are, first begins the effort to gather, to seek understanding, to acquire knowledge, to grow wise, to perceive truth.

This is good and well, for as you have discovered in the advancement of cultures, that your civilizations progressed through phases and that these phases are not invalid, for they fill the spectrum of growth. Today I perceive the radiance of your souls, and I am quite aware of that which you have come to possess in yourselves. It is by nature desire to give as you have received, for the spirit of thanksgiving, that of the acknowledgment of love rendered, brings the desire to love in return. So, you are all motivated to touch, to illuminate, another being, to exchange love, to share joy. As you have reached this level of spiritual standing I emphasize to you that the prize gift you have in your possession already is your very being. Each one of you is a bundle of potential. You have acquired so much over the years that may be likened to the amendments of soil. You have brought into your comprehension of spirit many nutrients for your growth. All that you seek to attain is in reality merely unfoldment. Your requirement in a sense has ended, and the true task is unfoldment.

This is the gift of God, the emergence of your divine nature into universe activity, and your interaction as multiple spirit beings reveals the infinity of expression in being of God. Yes, indeed, the human creature often struggles with a sense of limitation. You each have discovered the euphoria of overcoming an obstacle, bringing to light the understanding and experience of potential within you that you thought you did not possess. As the years unfold -- and I acknowledge to you that you will discover as ages unfold -- layer upon layer of potential that run deep in the well of your being. It will be magnificent, striking, and beautiful. As the kaleidoscopic potentials resident within your being shift and emerge before your understanding and growth, broadly across the universe this same pattern of community and relationship unfolds as you discover God once again in the form of a brother or sister emerging uniquely, specifically.

Give rest once and for all to the feeling and the wish that you are not like and would like to be as another is. Grace upon you, the gift you possess is your unique nature. Exchange yourselves with one another. God loves you. In that very reality is your worth to be who you are before another with all the value that one who may be held in highest esteem would ever have. Yes, it is magnificent the presence of the Father, the spirit envelopment of Son, and the infusion of Spirit Mother. This comprehension and this experience that you have come to full realization of now transforms itself into the Supreme stance of presence of your personality. It is noble to rely upon God; it is humble. I also encourage you to rise with God, within God, even as God. The mind might ask, "Is this not dangerous to assume such a position?" I can encourage you only because prior to this state you have come to the creature realization, the power, and the presence of the Creator. Devoid of this enlightenment you run the risk of fanaticism, ego inflation. God has bestowed His gift within you, and it is you. All that you have you already possess. Allow it to unfold, my friends, even more boldly and more confidently.

Thank you for receiving my words.



Michael (Mark): I am he in whose name you gather to celebrate my resurrection. But I assure you, each one, my example on this world was for you, even now in this age, to know that you will be resurrected as well, not in this form that you are but in a glorious form as you have been told in your text. As my friend Elyon has mentioned to you, I desire as well that you rise to this occasion. At this time, at this moment here as we visit together in this corner of the universe, I ask that we literally rise at this moment and form a circle together that we may be closer. It is my intention to touch each one of you, and I need each of you to do this at this time. Please rise.

If each one would take their right hand and put it on the shoulder of the individual next to them, it is in this fashion that each one of you enlists to serve me. You act as my hands. You spread the divine energy from our Father through me, through you, to our brothers and sisters. I desire that you feel the presence of the hand on your shoulder.

My friends, it is my hand. It is the hand of your loving brother or sister on down through time, eternity, even to this circle at this time. We are as one when we circle and encircuit in this fashion. I desire that each one of you feels my presence here today and in your lives as you feel the very tangible weight and warmth of your fellow's hand, my hand through them to you. Know that this contact that we have even at this time symbolizes the circuit we form, is the material manifestation of the love circuit we all embrace at this time.

Remember the feeling of this encircuitment. Remember the warmth of my hand on your shoulder as you go about your daily life, your daily routine. It is my desire that we become closer, you and I. It is my desire to be with you every step of your journey. It is my desire to share your inner life with you. I give you my presence as the weight of the hand on your shoulder to remember and to walk with me. When in doubt remember the presence on your shoulder. It is I.

I will be there with you always. I will go with you into every situation. I will help you speak my gospel to all the brothers and sisters you contact. I bring you this assurance even now, even here. Those who hear my voice and feel my presence in their lives and in their hearts, I form this circuit with these individuals at this time, Father, and I give them to you. We all shall work together to approach you and to help all those around us approach you. This task, this privilege, we joyously accept on this occasion and on all occasions. It is so; it is sanctioned by myself and by the Universal Father. There are no forces at play in the universe which can harm this circuit. This remains between you and me and the Father. It is with great joy and with great love that I join you in this ceremony today. It thank you all very much for remembering me and my life and my service to you. It is for you each one here today as it was for my apostles at the time of my visitation. You know that I have this love for you in my heart, and I know of your hearts and your love for me. I graciously accept this in the name of the Father. Thank you all, each and every one.