2003-10-05-Loyalty & Morontia Soul

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Topic: Loyalty & Morontia Soul

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Michael

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you, this is Elyon, happy to be back in attendance to enjoy our fellowship, one that has carried on for many years and has brought to me a great deal of satisfaction.


It is your faithfulness that brings great delight. I do know that you are loyal, and loyalty is of great value to all the teachers engaged in this mission, for we extend ourselves personally and with energy. It is the loyal ones who make fruitful our effort, for you recognize and then follow this recognition of our mission program with your work, with service, with application of which you are learning. This loyalty taken to this extent is faithfulness. It is one thing to recognize that you belong and to align yourselves as if patriotically to the cause, to be willing to even die for the cause, but faithfulness is not simply alignment; it is engagement, stepping forward, heading out, facing the peril -- that may even terminate your life -- that opposes your loyalty.

I do not mean to frighten you with such thoughts but merely to amplify the value of your faithfulness and your loyalty.

True, you have done this over these years. You have placed yourself before strangers and acknowledged your sensitivity toward our Correcting Time, toward Michael's mission of upliftment, and have been willing to extend our services through your service to others. I am encouraged by Rayson to address the recent transcript you have received which addresses the topic of morontia qualities. As human beings so well rooted in your physical forms, the morontia dimension of your being appears intangible, very difficult to detect except at illumined moments, times of inspiration and heightened awareness.

I today assure you of its ever-presence in spite of your ability to detect it. While all the teachers and the divine spirit ministers given by grace to you are applying every effort to expanding your morontia sensibilities, you are also required in the process in order for there to be any success. Your first and most primary point of morontia contact, the most readily available source of contact, is your soul. That is the pivotal intersection between your physical life and your morontia dimension. Few of you will be blessed with a morontia contact such as an angelic appearance or a brush with a midwayer, though this is not impossible and takes you into a state of morontia awareness. Your most immediate, your very daily, morontia sensibility will be with your own soul.

You who have studied well the teachings on soul as presented in the Urantia Papers understand how soul grows, that your experiences in cooperation with the Divine Presence provides the contributions to soul growth. This partnership is important and may be likened to nourishing food. It is quite impossible for you to live your daily lives without experience; it is impossible to separate living from experience. So, it could be asked, does not any experience provide soul growth? Therefore, since I experience continually am I not growing my soul continuously?

Keep in mind that as ones that you are who take in material food, the simple ingestion of the food is not all that is needed to nourish you. This food must have content, vitamins, minerals, and the like. This is the role of the Divine Presence, for as you experience, the Divine Minister is extracting the nutrients from those experiences that feed your soul.

To cooperate in soul growth look for rich experience, experiences full of spiritual qualities. They do not have to be all of the same flavor. They may create distress and discomfort as you engage in service. They may not be all sweet desserts; they may be fiery main dishes. But recognize those high content experiences, seek them, engage in them, and you will be rewarded by them.

You understand through the mechanism of the physical body that through the process of ingesting food to nourish yourself that you also discard much in the process, be it in preparation or be it a day later. But you have absorbed what is of value, and that has provided you with the energy to live.

Likewise you have experiences in your past which today you may have regretted passing through. You may have recognized its immaturity and are embarrassed by it. But the recognition, the regret, both indicate you extracted value from that experience; it oriented your soul to a higher level of being. You have grown. Those experiences have now become compost, waste material, no longer useful. But you were nourished; your life was sustained, and you continued to live. As your soul enlarges it is this accumulation of value through experience that magnifies the morontia quality of your being. Some of the nutrients that enter your body are used and then disposed of. Some remain within your vehicle for decades, even your entire life. If we continue this comparison to soul growth, likewise do values come and go. Some are held for decades, some for your entire life. With reflection you would know that you as a physical being are not simply accumulations of nutritious components, that you are a personality, a living creature, and your soul has this autonomy as well.

The values come, the values go. The soul enlarges. The soul is not simply the accumulation of a list of values of increasing loftiness. Morontia reality in your life becomes more reality as you undertake the human level process of engaging in experience, seeking higher experiences, spiritually uplifting experiences, extracting the value/nutrition, causing the enlargement of your soul. Know in faith and trust that God's gift to you, His Indwelling Presence, is ever engaged cooperatively with you in this process to aid and to amplify, to adjust and to augment your endeavor. While this Divine Presence is highly spiritual, and while you oftentimes feel yourself to be highly material, you meet at the intersection of the morontia. Reach up, the reach down is already in place, and you will find increasing success in expanding the morontia dimension of your being.

Soul maturity creates a positioning of personality status wherein you will more naturally experience other aspects of the morontia state such as the expansion of sensibility, greater conductivity of morontia energy, more accurate contact-ability with morontia beings, even a sense of prophetic foreknowledge, a knowledge not simply predictability of human events but one of overview, a morontia perspective which allows you to understand how events may unfold and why and even gain a sense of which way they will likely go. These are not given to young fledgling souls; these qualities arrive as you mature on the level of soul being.

I have taken much time. I am always happy to continue, but do desire your input. I am always willing to have my associates address you.


Mark: We are intrigued by this morontia overlay experience. It's like trying to describe a color to a blind person, trying to illuminate for us the differences we might notice. We eagerly anticipate the step to be taken in this corrective process. We each need to firm our commitment and to apply ourselves to this process. At some point our Thought Adjuster will intervene on our behalf. Can you illuminate how that transition from the material to the spiritual occurs?

Elyon: I began my address today with my first point of faithfulness because that is a key element in your morontia development. You have expressed again your faithfulness in pursuing this overlay and cooperating with the many beings who are enlisted in the morontia upliftment of Urantia.

I may give an image as it is hoped that it will lessen the tendency of over-excitement that may be aroused in such faithful humans as yourselves, that is, that when it is night and you sleep if you were to get up and suddenly turn the lights on in your room, you would see all things, however, it would be overwhelming as your eyes have not adjusted. Yet when the sun gradually rises and your room slowly fills with light, when you open your eyes you see quite well without the sense of startling blindness. This is the tactic that we are pursuing to bring morontia qualities more directly into your awareness and your usefulness. So, I gave you my lesson on soul growth, for this is what you can do to aid in the rising sun bringing about the gradual illumination of spiritual light and do so without the temporary inhibition of too much light in too little time.

Mark: Very nice imagery! I sense that now it's important for those like us at the very end of the food chain of spirit to become proactive with our awareness. I'm inspired that resources are being allocated to make great things happen. I hope to be active in that process of faith turning active, assuming that is our role at this time.

Elyon: I wholeheartedly encourage your proactivity. Your boldness at stepping forward and showing or demonstrating or merely subtly indicating these realities, their usefulness, and their attainability -- if not met with success for having instilled within another these sensitivities -- it will have at least benefited you in the process, much like as if you were to prepare a meal for many and invite them to partake. Some will eat all on their plates, some very little or none at all. But you have taken in what you have prepared, you have eaten, and you have grown. The results will be varied as you proactively reach out to others. But without preparing that meal quite a few would go unnourished. You can provide that nourishment. You can aid the Father's presence within them by being a chef.

Mark: A chef is a good one because one gets the impression of someone assembling nutritious ingredients, selecting from the many wonderful lessons we have been blessed with from you and the others, dishing up the most glorious of the fruits of the spirit to be beheld and consumed by others.

Elyon: Well said, my friend. It is the chef that not only recognizes and utilizes the graces of God that come to meet the chef's talents and abilities, but a good chef also recognizes the needs of ones that he feeds to provide not only required nutrition but to avoid allergic reaction and to accommodate personal preferences. This is the very undertaking of a minister for Michael, to receive the blessings and the gifts that Michael provides, to prepare them for reception based on the needs and longings of the many souls who come into your life.

Mark: I find myself more quickly availing myself of the connection of my individual alignment and affirming my willingness to be a part in the circuit to this world. I'm struck how often I don't catch myself providing myself with this backup and later wishing I had. Perhaps I should be more mantra- like with my petition to be of service. When I do it I feel a strong connection. I'm trying to learn to ask sooner for divine assistance in advance.

Elyon: It is also an indication of your increased morontia sensitivity that you are sensitized to that contact and you are also able to recognize when you have not sought that contact. Both are useful.

It may be likened to a mechanic who heads out on a job and arrives only to discover that he has not brought his tool box. While that particular job fails to be accomplished he recognized it and on a subsequent job does not forget that tool box, in this case, to petition that connection with spirit. Following this experience this mechanic discovers that, when he arrives at his job, while he brought his tool box, he did not have a tool. So, the next journey that tool is also packed in the box. Each time you engage in service and in stillness you come to recognize the tools you are lacking and the tools you possess. You develop the ability to go through your list and pack all tools you do possess. Eventually the awareness develops of what is involved in service projects or any personal growth endeavor. Such a mechanic, while packing his tools, checking his list, will also stop by the store on the way to the job to purchase what he does not have. I pause as I desire intently once again to emphasize stillness as the tool store where you may purchase what you lack through divine communion. While you may make that purchase in stillness, oftentimes you must await the arrival, the shipment, of that tool as it comes to you through the pathway of service, of daily living.

Mark: I recognize the beauty of that comparison. Sometimes an idea comes to throw in an extra thing that might be effective on a job, a nudge to be more prepared compared with carrying your regular toolbox. It's not necessary to petition every day, every experience, that you not forget your tool box but keep petitioning spirit for additional tools or requirements to find in stillness. Thank you for that imagery.

Elyon: And I thank you for that summary, for you have composed quite well the importance intended in this imagery.

Mark: Thank you again for your contributions. It's wonderful to have a friend like you.

Elyon: I receive your appreciation. I extend it to you in return. We have many exchanges behind us in these past years. I look forward to many more. I have witnessed much growth. It has been a long time since I said you were in kindergarten. You have advanced greatly to my satisfaction. I see down the road from my students who go in potential and am ever willing and almost always ready to actualize those potentials.


Michael: This is Michael. I am proud of my assistant teacher Elyon as I am proud of all my children who work for our Father.

I have repeatedly expressed to you my ever-presence knowing full well that you understand this, for I do know intimately the oscillations of the human consciousness and how distracted one can become and miss the sense of my presence, of our partnership. Today I bring you words through a transmitter/receiver so as to again remind you of this continued presence of mine.

I know you relish that sensibility when you are heightened in awareness and feel my presence. Please, never berate yourself when you recognize the opposite, when you feel distant, disconnected. Know I am with you always. The one who lacks and has no recognition does not even have the hope of receiving what is lacking. But to the one who lacks and recognizes it, the universe is at that person's feet ready to serve, ready to provide. Take this in faith always. When you are troubled, when you are in need of comfort, I am here. [[Category: Michael