2004-01-29-Proclamation, X

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Topic: Proclamation, X

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Andronason, Machiventa

TR: Rick Giles, Simeon



I am Andronason. In the course of our Correcting Time mission we have completed our establishment of all programs within your entire system. Every world, once quarantined, has in place the mission administration and the projects that lie within their responsibilities. And therefore has (the system of) Satania become recognized as advancing, as fully directed towards Michael’s benevolent plan of creature salvation -- the outreach of the Divine towards the human soul and the realization of acceptance in the family of God. To you, my devout clan, I give you my honor and recognition of your sensitivity and your faith. Peace be with you.

(A long period of quiet, followed by group discussion, where we decided to tune in and see if there was any further information to be shared, followed by a stillness period.)

I am Machiventa Melchizedek and I follow the address of my associate this evening by reaching to you, my brothers and sisters of Urantia, to share with you in this time of re-encircuitment that symbolizes connectivity with the whole and the turbulence of the past as just a memory. From here we will work together to bring light and understanding where darkness and confusion still exist on your world today.

We do not wish to speak at length with you this evening, at the risk that we may lessen the impact that the announcement this evening has. May you ponder the significance; may you seek in the quiet, understanding and the gathering of resolve to work for the plan of our Father. The connections are increasing and your receptivity may become enhanced, but all this is accomplished through your dedication, sincerity, and your continued commitment to our Universe Parents.


At this time I will withdraw, but I stay here working for Michael for the betterment and the eventual culmination of light and life on this world. I bid you a good evening, my friends.