2004-03-07-Magisterial Son

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Topic: Magisterial Son

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Evanson, Malvantra, Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Evanson (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you, this is Evanson.



It is my hope to encourage each of you in your progress on your pathway to the Father by making this analogy that depicts the natural course of a human being's walk in spirit toward God. Imagine yourself at the beach. When you walk the shoreline it is a path that goes at the edge of the water where water and land meet. The entire human life is a course that follows the shoreline where you are constantly grappling with contrasts such as truth and error, good and evil, light and darkness. Upon the sand are many footprints. These are the faith footprints of many who have traveled before you. Few of these footprints walk directly away from the water's edge, and few walk directly into the water's depths. The majority pass between the two making their way along the shore.

Every one of you imprints the human reality with your own steps. Each one of you carves a path to the Father but does so among the multitude of footprints of those who have gone before you. Some wander wildly. Some the pace is so strong that to follow a fellow of such a pace you run to meet their footprints, to match them. The entire field of footprints display the range of mankind's approach to truth, beauty, and goodness, the individual inclinations to lean toward land or to lean toward water. At times it is tempting to follow the footprints of another's faith, for the trail is a guidance. To recognize that another's path was chosen for a reason is encouraging to one of uncertainty. There is inherent trust in a prior course taken, but as you progress in your journey you begin to awaken to the understanding that the destination, while equal to all, may be reached in multiple courses.

The adventurous one is one who is willing to also tread upon the sands unblemished, to venture in this field of faith where others have yet to go to discover truths yet unrevealed. With some these new pathways become pivotal altering forces in the religious viewpoint of mankind. Others will follow in their footprints and discover these new relationships to God. A few will venture into untrampled areas and fall prey to the temptation to count their path as highly special, apart from and better than the trampled pathways of the many who travel to God as well. Though an interval of time transpires wherein the spur is cherished within the divine family and the mechanisms inherent in celestial community, every soul comes to realize that, while every path is unique, all paths do remain within a margin of similarity. The diversity of travel, when viewed from the perspective of Paradise is really only a small, narrow margin of ascent. All mankind walks together in faith to the Father. Close in as you are upon this journey, the variance among your fellows appears to be a wide swath of approach. Far back, from the heights of eternity, there is little difference between your trail and the trail of another.

I encourage you to continue to recognize the faith footprints of your fellows, to be willing and curious to discover the variations in the course they took as they sought the truth, to be willing likewise in your journey when the footprints in front of you seem to dwindle to none, to go forward in faith and break a new trail, for there will be those behind you curious as to your seeking and will join your adventure and create their variances, all contributing to the composite portrayal of the human soul in collectivity reaching to the Father of all.

Thank you for hearing my words. I really enjoy making my contact with you.

Evelyn: I'd like to add to that image. Waves come up and wash away what once was a lot of trails. What might appear to be ground-breaking may just be a way that was lost and can be reestablished.

Evanson: I welcome that addition. It is an excellent example of how truth, while it appears to be lost, is never eliminated entirely. It can be rediscovered, and it illustrates that, while any individual's path to God is extremely important, and while each religion or philosophy deems itself as the most accurate or the best representation of truth, each path may be erased and reestablished in an age to come, a new pattern, a new pace, a new direction. Likewise, when it appears that evil is overrunning a world and wiping out the work of good faith sons of God, that is also temporary, and those tireless faith-workers will once again stomp out another path and reestablish those footprints that lead to God.


Malvantra: This is Malvantra. I am with you. I wish to supplement Evanson's presentation in context with circuitry. Upon the closing of the circuits subsequent to the system rebellion, communications between your world and others were greatly diminished and may be likened to a very narrow shoreline where the shrubbery is so close to the water's edge that the path along the shore is limited. Now with the opening of circuits it is much like the widening of the shoreline, that the confusion of the brambles and the fear of the depth of the water receded that this avenue can accommodate far more of you in circuitry connection, no longer reserved for the uniquely inclined but available to each of you. The bandwidth has been broadened. That is all.

Magisterial Mission

Elyon: Greetings, this is your friend Elyon. You are alert to messages received by any of your contact sources in this Teaching Mission regarding the expansion into allegiance with the Magisterial Mission. It has, in my view, infused you with enthusiasm and expectancy, with hope and a willingness to be part of the outworking of the magisterial program. I assure you that you each are recorded on the rosters of those pledged to assist in the forthcoming ministries. But, as with all events of future significance, the interval of waiting is a time of trial. It is a trial of the endurance of faith, and it is a test to the tendency of impatience. Just as Michael, when told by the visiting angel that his hour had come to begin the mission ministry on earth (124:6.15), waited many more years before its outward inauguration, you may each in your own individual time sequence encounter greater or shorter periods of waiting. But this waiting is not to be simply a period of idleness, for under the umbrella of Michael there are missions and projects too numerous to express. Simply magnify the moment that you are in, and you will have plenty in which to engage yourself for the outworking of spirit. Magnify your awareness. Use that watchful eye and notice in your surroundings the opportunity to let light shine. Also magnify the volume of your presence. Enlarge your sense of self consciously to include your attending angels, your teacher associates, and the bestowal spirits of your Creator Son and Daughter and the Father's divine indwelling.


Each one of you is an army all by itself, fully equipped from the high source of Father to the earth source of thehuman self. With this perspective and this power there is much to be done as our magisterial friend prepares and inaugurates the outworking of his mission. Every effort you make contributes to the inevitable forthcoming in broad world recognition of magisterial presence.

A seed when planted requires receptive soil that is high in nutrients, conditions that will not crush or in any other way ruin the potential of the seed. Every one of you is a soil cultivator on earth establishing the bed wherein the magisterial seed is to be planted. There is in reality no waiting to be done in the interval of time between now and the full manifestation. I know you, as I have witnessed you in your development over these many years, are capable and willing to do the work ahead. Thank you.