2005-05-18-Work Of A Trinity Teacher Son

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Topic: The Work of Trinity Teacher Sons

Group: At Large


Teacher: Margul

TR: Tiahuan



Good morning, my friend. This is Margul, Teacher Son, to work with you practicing the presence of our Father who gathers us more deeply in his faith, the experience of his love.

You have wondered aloud about our roles, those of my order working indivisibly with the Melchizedeks whom you have grown to love, and yet we have been somewhat more distant it would seem, but you know we work as one. This curriculum of Paradise, teaching the lessons of love, divine love, the reality of divinity by way of these mindal connections that are indigenous to the children of God advancing in the knowledge of our cosmos, this cosmic home which we explore together. These lessons of Paradise we so gladly give, and yes, we have an affinity for our mortal siblings.


Our labor extends from Paradise to these outermost boundaries of the Grand Universe, and as you discerned, we represent the various personalities of the Trinity beginning with the representation of the Infinite Spirit in this realm, The (Eternal) Son as we advance toward the center but still within the boundaries of the Superuniverse, and the (Universal) Father as we work in (Havona) the central creation. And, yes, you have wondered about our liaison with Inspired Trinity Spirits. You know that these are not well understood by even those whose experience is far greater than any mortal living upon the realm of their nativity. Nevertheless, we do share the service to the Trinity, teaching the wonder of its truth, the way that our family is governed. We work as advisers.

Our activity presupposes the minds’ being settled in the circuit of spirit, the heart being enjoined in the heart of our Father. Our associate Paradise Sons, those of the Michael and Avonal orders have unique roles. You know of course, those of the Michael order have their role as Creators representing our Father to the local creations, and you on this world have been blessed to know your Creator as your human friend, Jesus of Nazareth. Those of the Avonal order typically will be involved in the adjudications which occur periodically as we observe the motions of time, and normally, will be serving as the Bestowal Son upon any realm prepared by their previous visits, coordinating the successful work of a Planetary Prince and Material Son and Daughter. It us upon the success of all of these that our order depends to begin our work of guiding you into the wonder of the knowledge arising from a deep communion with our Father. Yes, it is we who will typically inaugurate a spiritual age. As you discern, your realm has suffered some irregularities that have you wobbling rather much as a world, but we look upon this sphere with great interest for while our work in the main must be deferred until such time as these irregularities, these imbalances are brought into a state of correction, nonetheless, we will gladly work with any who would receive us to begin to prepare for just such correction knowing it is well underway.

The Teaching Mission which you have known has been a compensation and will continue, compensating for the loss of your Planetary Headquarters preparing you to receive the same, only fully restored. At the moment your Magisterial Son prepares to walk upon your world and labors as one with Machiventa, for yes, his administration, his mission is an overlay of your planetary administration. It is as if an additional covering, an additional infusion of light is injected from Paradise joining your labors in this administration directed by Machiventa. The ascendant mortals who constitute the members of the Teacher Corps rejoice to be here, witnessing the rare opportunities that such an irregular sphere provides. The curriculum of the Melchizedeks is itself a unique culture of Nebadon as these are the teachers of Nebadon, but they work with us as one for we supply the patterns of Paradise for their use, for their interpretation and application to any local sphere or area of interest. These are your siblings of Nebadon who have much to give you, and how they have longed to be in closer contact with their mortal friends.

Do not trouble yourself with knowing how and when these who have been promised will inaugurate this adjustment of your formerly isolated culture to the culture of your universe family. Your Magisterial Son knows well the difficulties of this kind of adjustment, and yes, you have felt his hand upon your heart, and you can understand how the heart of the world will feel likewise. We, the Teacher Sons, are here to participate in this reunion. We will, as I have said previously, be re-minding those who become preoccupied with what they can see walking upon their world, the wonder of our Father in the form that mortals can recognize as their own. So, we have this task together, to re-mind those who become enthralled with the spectacle of one such as your Magisterial Son and his team of Melchizedeks accompanying him. We are here to alert those to the reality of our Father who remains unseen and will always be unseen to the mortal eye, the gift of his divine presence is that which invites the mortal mind to let go of its hold, its insistence upon seeing. You as Agondonters, soon to become no more, will become much at home in this arena which we will represent, but due to the deficit of your encounters with terrestrial representatives of Universe government, there will be a time when you surrender to fascination, yes, to what we would call a spectacle, and when you have satiated yourselves upon this reality, one that is customary upon most worlds, you may turn to us and rediscover the gift that you bring into the larger family of our Master Universe, the gift of knowing by faith, a vision without material sight, hearing by means that are not defined by the mortal ear, and indeed, touching with your mortal hand, and yet, a touch that is not limited to your skin but your souls which touch us deeply with the depth of your desire to honor our Father, to relish his affection and the gift of your own to him and to us, to all of your siblings who so gladly welcome you home.


My dear child, this is sufficient for the moment. Let us rest now in the reality of this, our Father, his love and savor the learning that arises from our union.

We will continue.