2006-04-30-Instability Increasing, Update On Monjoronson

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Topic: Instability Increasing, Update on Monjoronson

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Rayson

TR: Daniel Raphael



RAYSON: Good afternoon, this is Rayson. (Group welcome.) It is good to be here with you again, my friends. We have a full agenda today. Perhaps the most pervasive element that is common to your world now is the increase of energy on your planet. This increases everyone’s tempo—you’ve heard people comment, "My life seems to go so fast lately"—this is quite typical. The frequency, the beat, tempo of your world has increased, the energy circuits of your world are connected, and they have had a tremendous infusion of energy onto your planet, increasing its vibration to move all elements of your world towards the higher vibrations of love.


This causes, for many, much difficulty. If you are young, middle-aged, or near elderly, you notice this pace greatly, and some of the elders who are in touch are feeling this as well. Whether it is business, whether it is culture, technology, religion, new thoughts—these are increasing at a rapid pace. This causes immense social change in your world. Fifty years of social change that would have occurred in your culture one hundred years ago, now takes only five to ten years.

There are spiritual benefits to this for your planet, though the personal cost for many on the planet is high. For those who resist the movement into peace, into love, into stability, to centeredness, [and] being grounded, [the resistance] is causing a dissonance in life, a harmonic that is "off-key," as you might say. For those of you who are centered, grounded in the heart and energy of Christ Michael and Nebadonia, this simply "feeds" you. It does urge you, does motivate you to work towards remaining centered, towards being grounded, towards being at peace, and you must work at this.

There will be more and more elements in your society and in your culture that would pull you away from this center that can uproot you from this grounded nature of your belief systems, which we have been teaching you for the last many years.

Many of you are aware of this increased vibration by the difficulty of driving on your highways; it is no longer a peaceful commute to work, but one that is very highly fraught with nervous energy, aggressive behavior. And those on the other hand who resist, that dawdle along and go slowly, causing difficulties on your roadways. You will find this in your work places as well; you will find this in the cubical environments of corporations. It is not an easy place to live; it is most difficult.

The increase of this energy requires you to remain centered every moment of your waking day, and to prepare your mind for sleep at night, so that your mind at rest is at peace, that your dreams are constructive, that you are not frenetically and frantically dealing with your lists of things to do, and worries about what to buy, or pay your debts, or how you will do all of those things. Be at peace. This is the living mode that will give you what you want, what you need, that will help you grow. Be assured that this moment—this moment—this very moment now, is the most precious moment of your life, and do not squander it. We urge you not to squander it on worry about the future, or regrets about the past, or guilt about issues of the past. But remain steadfast in this moment, for here and only here, can you hold hands with Christ Michael, can you be in a mind-link with Nebadonia. This is where you remain at peace. Whatever you need to do to remind yourself to remain at peace, moment-to-moment, we urge you to do this, whether it is signs on your desk, or a piece of yarn on your wrist—whatever it is—be at peace. Remain as steadfast to your own spiritual help as you possibly can.

Some of you worry about your weight; some of you worry about your diet. If you paid as much attention to your spiritual health and your spiritual diet, you would be very healthy in the outer as well. Be at peace. Still your mind. Find the things that are causing you distress, identify them—do not fret about them—but work constructively with them, and as you are aware, there is an abundance of help for you in your world to deal with these stresses, these problems, these resistances that are deep within you.

Yes, this energy will continue to increase. It will increase both in volume, frequency, and amplitude. It will increase hugely. Your world will be shattered—could be shattered—as a goblet is shattered by a soprano singing at a high pitch with great volume and energy. You could experience that in your world — there is a frantic feeling among many regions of your world that they are left out, that they are being taken advantage of, or being abused. This may or may not be true, but it is intensified by the increase of energy and vibration that your planet is bathed in.

This is an intentional effort, an intentional program for rapid social change. It destabilizes those powerful political elements on your world, which have great designs. Remember that your wars of the past were caused, and taken place by great powerful, plotting, thoughtful efforts of individuals who used those methods to overcome weaker allies, or weaker enemies. Now however, the rapidity of the vibration increase—as social change, economic change, technological change, political change—is occurring at such a rapid rate that it also destabilizes those individuals who are designing to take advantage of lesser populations, lesser countries, lesser industries.

If you have this in mind, you can use this to your advantage socially, politically, economically, [and] financially. As we have said, you could take advantage of it spiritually, and this is what you should do, must do. This vibration will break apart old bonds in families and political alliances, financial alliances—all the alliances that may exist. There will be great dissonances among many of you, even within your belief groups. This is not unusual, it is to be expected and this is where you as peacemakers must come forward to diligently, confidently, forthrightly, move ahead to bring peace, even to those who resist peace, and to those who would augment and foment dissolution of positive bonds that help everyone.

You may ask, "How long will this last?" You can anticipate another five to ten years more of this increase of energy and vibration, along with the continual tearing of those associations and bonds around you. You will see in this eventuality, that even through the destruction of organizations and associations and relationships and bonds, that there will remain the essential elements around you and in your communities and states that are highly positive, that they remain intact. Those associations that move you forward towards peace, towards community, harmony, good-neighborliness and friendship, will last. These will help you immensely. Your watch-word could easily be, "Only through close, friendly associations will we last; we may doubt it and wonder and worry about the current circumstances, but we know that together with those who live in peace with us, we are safe and we will do well."

Some of you who are pessimists may think that this delivery today, this message today is a doomsday message. Certainly, certainly not! No, my friends, this is a message of hope; this is a message of preparedness. Build your houses strong! Even in earthquake country, many houses last because they have built their houses strong to resist the forces of nature underneath them. You can build your houses, your relationships, your love and friendly community and family relationships strong by appreciating, understanding and accepting those around you. Be tolerant, patient, kind, loving, generous—but also be firm, assertive and diligent to keep your boundaries firm and solid, always allowing for differences, always taking advantage of opportunities to renew and increase bonds and strength between you. This is a message of great hope! This is a message of renewal, even in the face of eventual destruction.

We will entertain questions concerning this now, for a few moments, before we move on.


Student A: Any news of Monjoronson?

RAYSON: That is the next topic, sir. Other questions concerning the immediate topics I was speaking of, first please?

Student B: Rayson, this is interesting because what you taught us today is totally contrary to what I have been thinking all along, that having a fast-paced, almost frenetic life, keeps people from feeling like they have time to work on their spiritual growth. I find that the people that are the busiest are the ones that do not have time to do things like read the Urantia Book, or attend meetings like this.

RAYSON: Okay, then I will repeat that it is essential that you remain grounded, that you remain balanced and centered. The elements that will assist you in your spiritual stability and growth, you may see all of this great activity around you, but you do not have to participate physically, socially, or in your daily life’s activities. Yes, you are right, it does cause people to come away from their spiritual life as a low priority, therefore they do not spend a reasonable amount of time with it, or completely absent themselves from spiritual practices on a daily basis.

That is why I offer this advice, this suggestion, even this admonishment to be at peace, centered, grounded, and balanced within yourself so that you can continue working on your daily practice of spiritual growth. Only through this can you bridge this era that you are in, and land safely on your feet in the new era. And it is "you" who do these practices, who are essential to lead others, during these times. When there was the blessing of the "peacemakers," it is those who can be peaceful, who can generate peace in war-like elements, but it is also the individuals who can assist you to create peace in your daily life, when the activities of your life create a war of opposition inside yourself. One must choose. Choose the side of peace, not the war [of] these vibrant, high-paced activities in your life. Your point is well made and taken. (Thank you.) (Pause.)

I will provide another couple of moments for you to use to reflect on these messages and ask questions, if you wish. (Pause.)

RAYSON: Concerning brother Monjoronson: If you were a person inclined towards sacredness, you would say, "Blessed be his name," for his coming is surely a blessing upon this world. His being here is more than a sign; it is a presence that inaugurates the era of peace that will eventuate on your planet. The organization of Monjoronson’s administration continues and will continue for a good deal more time. There is the unseen organization of the elements on your world, those organizations that have come out of quarantine, have operated independently under Machiventa, the Planetary Prince, and now are being brought into the fold of Monjoronson’s administration.

As you have been told and described before, this is a joint administration with Monjoronson being the head of this, while Machiventa is a Planetary Prince concerned with the affairs and [organized] maintenance of the planet, and its environment as a safe habitat for spiritual development—evolutionary growth, but safe growth. This is no easy process as you may imagine. Imagine my friends, if you were to combine the army and the navy under one common organization. Would you anticipate that this would take a month? Maybe a year? Or maybe ten years? It is not that these individuals would resist this—for everyone is whole-heartedly engaged in this, but there is a culture that must be honored, acknowledged, and brought into the larger culture of leadership, the enduring leadership of a Magisterial Son, who will reign for many thousands of years. This is given great care. Remember that there are the Midwayers, who have persevered patiently, kindly, diligently—surely over-worked for the few that were here through the quarantine—until the Adjudication and the application for more midwayers.

Think of the individuals, who have been in maintenance on your planet, those individuals who are not acknowledged or identified in the Urantia Book. Think of those who have suddenly been called upon to renew their old pledge, their old activities. It is like they have dusted off their old work plans, opened them up and went, "Hmmm. Looks like I need to get into gear and do this too." Certainly, my friends, the energy directors, the energy circuits—those involved with the energetic circuitry of your world and its connection to the larger universe, have been working twenty-five hour days, you might say. They have been very busy. Though these individuals you may think of as machines, they are yet sentient machines. They are not necessarily emotional, but they do have a way of doing their business and doing it diligently and carefully, and it is much like old, unused machinery that takes a while to mesh, to work together, to meld the new mechanisms, new—I beg to use the word "personalities" but I will use that here —to mesh various "personalities" so they work well and play together well.

Monjoronson’s activities are far more than just the Supreme Commander, who is a vision, an image, an icon, so to speak, of this Correcting Time on your planet. He is an executive; he is an administrator; he is a teacher; he is a leader, he is in some ways—you might say—a savior. His associations are many, many, many! And as he approximates a more corporeal body, as he approximates a more finite being, he eventually comes into grasp with the finite realities of a temporal world, meaning he will have only twenty-four hours in his day too. A second lasts just so long, an hour lasts so long, and he will be bound by those limitations as well. You—certainly you—with your limited capacity to appreciate the eternal can appreciate this limitation, can you not? You spend a third of your day sleeping, and you spend a third in activities of many sorts, and the other third in quasi-rest, whether it is eating, or preparing things, or doing whatever. These do not limit Monjoronson; he has incredible powers and the issue of endurance is not considered for him.

His staff also—not unbounded in energy—have bounds of energy for their activities; they too must take times away; they too must take times of rest to recuperate, to re-energize—not physically, not emotionally, but spiritually. There is a wearying capacity. You may imagine that your values of patience, tolerance, caring, understanding, love, acceptance, fair-play are value laden issues that can be depleted, that when you exercise tremendous activity in your life, working in an organization, these value centers become depleted in energy—and I would not say "grumpy," and they do not get "snarly," but they might become a little "snappy." So rest is an inherent aspect of the universe—real rest, formidable rest, genuine rest, authentic rest—and so in rest the values that I mentioned are renewed. The capacity to extend ones self deeply towards other groups, towards other individuals, with love, compassion, is renewed. These are essential to everyone in this administration, and to you, my friends.

Thus to get back to our earlier segment, you must take time for rest; you must take time for reflection. As you become more active, the more active you are, the more superficial your activities tend to be in providing meaning to your life. You must simplify your life, if you possibly can. Diligently increase the value-experience that you have in what you do, and only from this can you gain wisdom, after your times of reflection and rest.

We know that you are anxious for Monjoronson to walk among you, shake his hand, give him a hug, smile at him, see him from afar and he sees you—even out of the corner of his eye—and recognizes you personally, even at a distance that only eagles can appreciate. And you would feel that presence; you would know that presence; you would know that you were recognized and that you were loved in the twinkling of an eye that he was personally aware of you. This will be a reality for you to experience, my friends.

You know these topics are related. The first segment about the increase of activity is a distraction, in some ways; it is not a strategic move on the part of the administration to keep everyone’s eye on the ball, but there are many subtle changes that are occurring on your planet, through the activities of Monjoronson and his staff. Be aware that your organizations have been infiltrated—yes, there is truly a "conspiracy theory" going on, and it sounds facetious, but it is true—but my friend, it is benevolent, it is benign, it is beneficent, it is generous and it is loving. You are loved and only through this "conspiracy" will many of you be saved, in the old sense. You will make a decision to live differently—this is being "saved." And only you and others can make that decision.

Monjoronson and Christ Michael (when he was Jesus,) only provide you with the opportunity to be saved, but you must make the decision to be saved. This is an active administration; this is a co-creative administration and therefore the foundations of your part to be completed, with us, must be thoroughly explored, must be thoroughly developed. You will not see [the administrations of Monjoronson and Machiventa] "come on-line," so to speak, with haphazard organization or error-prone "soft-ware;" everything will work nicely when we come on board. Any problems that you have will surely reflect your own attitude, your own beliefs, which will need to be aligned with the larger reality of the universe.

This too, is part of becoming and being "centered." Have daily practices—truly have daily practices—have a dedicated time every day, whether it is 4:30 in the morning, 4:30 in the afternoon, 7:30 at night, or whatever it may be, have at least one practice where you go to the altar of your heart and be in communion with your Father. This is truly the practice that will lead you out of your difficulties in life, for during those times, your mind is at ease, it is refreshed, it is in contact with higher intelligence, higher presence, higher awareness, higher consciousness, and through this your own consciousness and intelligence is augmented. You have new capacities; you have new abilities. When the Urantia Book suggests that you take on the mind of Christ, the mind of Jesus, it is truly that simple to adopt. Willingly accept that, make a decision and feel it fill your being.

I feel that there are other questions concerning Monjoronson’s Magisterial Son’s Mission. If there are some, please ask.

Student B: Yes, Rayson, I noticed that a lot of the other Christian groups are expecting the Apocalypse to happen and the anti-Christ to come and reign, and the way they describe the anti-Christ, sounds a lot like what Monjoronson will be like, which is a loving being and a person of light. How is that going to be overcome so that people accept him for who he is, rather than the anti-Christ they anticipate?

RAYSON: Again, this is a personal decision. People’s beliefs are at the core of their behavior, their attitudes, their words, their thoughts. Those individuals who come from a flexible background, a flexible way of thinking, who can admit the possibility of even the return of Jesus, many of these individuals will see Monjoronson as the return of Jesus, though that will be corrected in time. There will be individuals who no matter how they are touched—literally touched—by Monjoronson, will still disbelieve that he is a shining Son of God, the Creator that he comes from Paradise, that his presence is real and that there is more to the belief structure than what the churches have told them.

How do we convince them? We do not. We offer the opportunity for positive belief, and leave it to the individual to make the decision. It is not cut and dried. Every one of you has friends; some of you will decide not to believe and some of you decide to believe; some of you will sit back and speculate and talk about it and come to a good decision. Others will have decisions that run against their own spiritual and soul survival in the end. Quite literally, there is no accounting for how mortals think. You are an unusual and hardheaded species! You have the greatest capacity for the ennobling values and their expression of any creature in the universe, of any of God’s Creations, yet on the other hand, you have an incredible capacity to work against peace, work against love, to reject good, and in terms of accepting evil and deciding to support ways that are destructive to yourself and to others. There is no real way of making others see the light. It is an educational process.

You have seen within your traditional churches too, much encouragement, many new avenues/openings for those within those groups who secretly meet and who channel, or who are in contact with beings of light, who are listening to elements of the Teaching Mission as they are able to understand it. These often meet in secret and are not recognized by the organization, yet are not turned away or criticized by the organizations because they do keep those adherents within an organization, contributing to the welfare of the larger association, and towards the benefit of those who know how to keep peace and work well.

Truly, your question is earnest; it is sincere; it is one we have given great thought. There is much effort by Christ Michael, personally, to augment every organization, every facet of the Correcting Time to assist in the education of the ignorant, so that they can make a moral, conscious, soul-filled, soul-directed decision to attend to their higher connection with the Divine and themselves. This is a responsible Creator, who brought you into existence. Look at your own life, dear one! You have come from that side which disbelieved, and now you believe. You were educated; someone brought this to you and now you know. So too, have we done our work to bring this to the doorstep, to the mind-doorsteps, awareness of millions and billions of individuals. There are almost no individuals on your planet now, who are not aware that Jesus, the Christ, the Creator of your world and your local universe, was here on this planet, and here to set an example for them to help make a decision and save their soul for eternity. (Thank you.) You are welcome.

Well, my friends, this group is well attended by many of Machiventa’s staff and the emissaries of Christ Michael and Nebadonia. There is thoughtful recognition for your earnest, intelligent, sincere participation, your willingness to contribute not only to the saving of your own life, your own soul for eternity, but for the caring of those around you who know not what you know—those who are yet ignorant, and those who are misguided and misinformed. We so much appreciate your participation, your earnest dedication to these efforts, to the attendance literally, of this meeting, and to the attendance of your responsibilities for the care of your soul, care of your life, for the augmentation and fulfillment of God the Supreme.

You are examples who are worthy of survival; you are worthy of more responsibilities. Ask, and it will be given, if you want them. There is much to do; there are many fields to be harvested and there are many fields yet to be sown and cared for, nurtured and watered with your love and attendance. You are needed; you are special; you are endearing to the very best efforts that exist around you by all beings under Michael’s command and enlightenment to assist your world in its movement forward. You will see much in your lifetimes; you will experience much in your lifetimes, and as your friend—your personal friend—I advise you, slow down.


We are nearing the close for today. It has been most enjoyable being with you. And let us continue this on occasion, as it is able to be brought together. We know that many of you come from great distances, as you envision them locally, though they are not light-years long, are they? Truly, you are only a thought away for us and for yourselves. Last comments? Questions?

Know my friends that the mantle of Christ Michael and Nebadonia rests upon you, that there is truly—truly—a mantle of light that is on you, that is with you individually that you carry with you, away from this meeting. And as you come together, this mantle of light glows with great intensity. You are recognized by those from afar because of your light. Good day.

Group: Thank you, Rayson; and thank you, Daniel.