2006-10-29-Petitions Force Of Will

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Topic: Petitions Force of Will

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Serena, Michael

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan




Michael (Mark TR): Hello, dear ones, respectfully enter the space of worship, I am Michael. Though I have told you that I am always with you, I am with you now that you may hear me, as well. When you engage in such a solemn attitude of worship, your petitions ring out to a universe, and they cause a ripple effect that summons all who come in contact to join in this sacred posture of worship. It is truly contagious throughout a vast universe.

It is as a tone that echoes throughout and calls all to worship, to join in this chain of recognition. It is particularly . .. and sweet when this chain is initiated from the furthest boundaries of this grand arena. Truly, your petitions are potent because they are so reflective of your desires and intentions that they become almost impossible to ignore. When you present yourselves in such fashion you stand before all those who would serve you and offer yourself in service. Your repeating your requests and intentions only serves to amplify their magnitude, and as you may well know in your minds every sincere petition to the Father elicits a response.

We are engaged now in experiencing that realization of response within our hearts and souls as well. We are arriving at a point where we will have reached sufficient capacity to be able to receive the answers to your petitions. You are each one increasing your capacity daily. You are the vessels that will become filled with this grace from on high, these answers to your prayers. The more capacity your vessel has, the more you can receive these responses to your petitions. You are growing this receptivity in this hour, and I am here to join you in this effort. Thank you, my dear ones, for working on yourselves, your vessels, that they may be enlarged; you may grow through this process. This is what is required for you to receive all that will be directed at you in this process.

Doubt not that the Father will give; only question whether you can receive. I bring my peace. I leave my peace with you. I remain with you all throughout, my hand on your shoulders. I withdraw to allow the use of this forum for others, but I always remain with you throughout. Farewell.

Free will

Elyon (Jonathan): Friends, I greet you, this is Elyon. You have spoken of the meeting in your dimension of those who have volunteered to take Urantia another leg in the journey to Light and Life. Picture your willingness as not merely a receptivity, a wanting, but as an assertion, one that carries force. It is a fire that burns with energy. Your fire of will must be directed and focused to be of greater force. It is fueled by your spiritual and philosophical development. This fuel when sound gives great energy by which your will may burn and, with a mind disciplined, all your talents may be coordinated and thereby in a synergistic way make you the more able to function with the Magisterial administrators.

Spirit is like water. If your will is weak when spirit touches you as water to a pan it will merely evaporate quietly. Yes, you will ascend with spirit, but when your will is fierce in its intention the water of spirit will explode into steam with great power in the combination of you and Him Within. That force of steam can transform the world. It is this arrangement of potentials that we look for from you and with you, in association with those associated with Michael, to bring Urantia to its crowning glory. All dimensions of your being are relevant to your will. All merge in your will. Without your will spirit functions weakly on Earth, for that reality emerges from within; it does not hover from without as do your physical and morontia dimensions, at least not on a world like yours. You are the portal. When you let your mind be as the mind of Michael, you are letting Michael's mind be your mind, in oneness and thereby create the entrance of spirit functioning on Earth. Be composed, integrated, and thoughtful. and you will provide the energy whereby spirit will burst forth in power and uplift your planet. I am done. Thank you.



Sheila: There's a fine line between intention and allowing and on the other side whining and wanting. Could you talk a little about that?

Elyon: Indeed. Wanting is an open receptivity. Whining is an assertion, though weak. It dis-empowers the will. Deliberate intention is a force; whining is a weak deliberate intention. I have stressed the importance of your engagement through will in order to encourage you to be active, but it does behoove me to balance this encouragement with the passivity of receptivity, that wanting. Wanting allows you to clean your slate to receive fresh the instructions of spirit, while whining merely demands that spirit conform to your definitions and expectations. Wait peacefully but work intentionally. Go before spirit just as spirit goes before you in the fulfilling of the Father's will in this dimension and arena of your life.

Exercise, Circuits

Serena (Mark): I greet you in this hour, I am Serena. I arrive here in no small part as a response to your request. I have been granted this incredible opportunity to work with you in preparation for what is to come with the Magisterial Mission, and I take my role quite seriously, but it is you who allow for us to work together, who permit us to be engaged in these activities of preparation. I salute you requesting to be encircuited in this way, and I respond to such requests in earnest. I would today offer you another step and another exercise in growing your capacities to be engaged in such as we will be encountering.

You all are becoming quite familiar with the energy signatures of other beings, that is, the energy signatures of each other, of your sisters and brothers of the mortal realm, and as well through exercises like this you have become increasingly familiar with the energy signatures of those personalities who are not in the mortal realm at this time. I would like you to, those of you inclined to pursue such an exercise, I would offer you the helpful suggestion that you practice as often as is possible or practical throughout your daily lives reflecting upon what you feel, what it feels like for you to encounter energy signatures, and spend as much time as possible in drawing to you through your efforts at the recreation of their individual energy signatures either the energies of your mortal companions or even the energy signature you feel from those you have not yet visualized.

Recall what Monjoronson feels like and exercise your creative capacity to recreate that feeling. In this way you draw his energy signature near. Likewise with the energy signatures of any other of your unseen friends. In this way you will begin to access them through this web you have established and draw on their energies, draw on each other's energies, draw on my energy signature. We are all connected together through this web. As you practice this in the coming weeks I and the others will be weaving this web ever stronger between you. It is not entirely our project to be about strengthening this web; we must have your participation, your exercise in this arena that we may augment your efforts and that you may augment ours.

We on our side are diligently engaged in our responsibilities and tasks of encircuiting you all together. Now we must work more closely together on this process; we must bring our intent; we must bring our focus; we must exercise so that we may become strong. These exercises of recalling and envisioning in your mind's eye these different energy signatures and becoming more familiar with their presence in your daily lives is what will be required of you when in physical forms you will be able to recognize us. This represents an answer to your prayers and the will of the Father and an advancement to be accepted, embraced and created by your very intentions.

You asked, my dear ones, and you just have received that which you require. I have no doubts but that you will receive this to your fullest capacity and even grant the reality of this as you are able. What a privilege and honor it is to work with those of you who are so sincere in your petitions and so faithful in your practice and have as a result such unlimited promise before you. Thank you for allowing me my mission of coming to be of service to you in this process. You have my enduring commitment, and I accept your enduring commitments as well. Glory to the Father, amen.

Sheila: We hear about a shift to come. We are the pioneers going forward to find a good and safe path, to light the way. We're told of coming circuits, the activation of DNA. Are we waiting for this mass shift so we can see you? Are we still trying to figure it out? Are we encircuited fully enough for this to happen? We're so willing, are we circuit prepared?

Serena: My dear ones, you are absolutely doing your very level best. You are building the circuitry; you are growing day by day. You are coming to in a very real sense a critical mass when there is enough capacity, when there has been enough time, when the status of the planet has reached its critical mass. We are engaged in a great pursuit with a great number of variables, all of which are working together to bring about that which you have been told is on the horizon.

If all of these factors were in alignment this reality would not be spoken of or prepared for but would be with us in this hour. You who are time/space creatures must allow a degree of patience that there need be a linear advancement to this process, and as such it is not proper to jump ahead of where we are in this process. Conditions must be met. Sequence must be adhered to. Capacities must be enlarged, and the dawning of a new age must be inaugurated. Many of these factors remain quite out of your direct control with the major exception of your individual capacities.

This is where your efforts may be most fruitful in your contribution to this process. I accept that you are eager. I embrace that you are willing. I am thrilled to consider that you are becoming able, and, although I recognize that it represents rather a tease to you, all things are as they should and progressing splendidly, even at an accelerated . ... But none of this is within your awareness. You are told from the likes of me.

Sheila: When we see you, will we be at a superhuman state? Or would you be at a lowered superhuman state? Are we trying to achieve more than this 3D, physical, consciousness and be able to see you?

Magisterial Mission, Service

Serena: My dear, try to envision, if you will, that you are in this magnificent classroom which has been orchestrated for you from on high, and you are going about learning all the lessons that you are needful of and acquiring all the experiences that this situation is capable of providing for you.

When we make this shift all of that will be changed for you into a new dimension. Therefore are we respectful of your time spent in this classroom and are somewhat reluctant to hurry you along and then take away such magnificent opportunities as this experience of duality provides you. But it is the divine plan that we make this shift, and in so doing it is as though all things will be new to you.

We will never be the same orders of beings, that is, you will remain in the family of the human species and those of my order and Monjoronson's order and Wave's order are distinctly different. However we may overlap our experience on this terrestrial plane, sharing much in common that is material and experiential. I would grant you the perception that you might be considered superhuman when you are spiritualized, but this will not be as a result of being granted from on high a change in your status of material being.

Rather will this be a result of your desires, your efforts, your petitions to be made so. You will remain human among a family of humans, but you will be enlarged beyond what can be seen with the eyes by your will to grant this enlargement. As I say, to others this may very well appear that you are changed, modified, and perhaps even superhuman, but these are simply the result of enlarging the capacity for that which you are, that which you have, and it will appear to all as though have been super-sized.

Sheila: In my visions there was an instant shift where for years it had seemed gradual. Is that going to occur?

Serena: My dear, there will be a number of "suddenlies" in your future as you are receptive to them and as you have the capacity to accept them. They will be the result of your efforts, your petitions, and your intentions. If you allow that you may be granted these "aha!"s, these suddenlies, then they will come to you as you are ready for them and able to accept them. I am glad you make mention that this process need not take a great deal of time, need not require years of pursuit, rather shifts can occur instantaneously and within, should your combination of internal events align themselves. We are not required to take a millennia to make a change. It is only required that we choose this change and make it so.

Sheila: When we accepted the co-creation of Light we became part of Monjoronson's staff. When we go through that shift will we still be on this staff? Will the staff work help us help others? Is that something that will be more certain and clear where we can feel like were on this staff to help the others of the human race?

Serena: My dear, the service opportunities that will be presented to you as the result of your desires will be numerous. A position on the staff of Monjoronson represents only one volunteer position available to you. You as an evolving soul may choose to be involved in as many of these service opportunities as is your desire.

Consider that you are in service always, whether it is conscious or unconscious. You are in service to yourselves as you maintain the needs of your vehicles, as you provide for your daily bread. You are in service to others routinely as you come in contact with them and have a friendly smile or something more material to contribute. Your lives reflect your desires to be of service continually.

The Father will accept all contributions by His loving children to be in service, and the greater your desires the more opportunities miraculously appear before you. So I encourage you to see your life as a service opportunity right here right now. And be mindful that your envisioning of future service opportunities is a gift as to the reflection of the desires of your heart, but the time for service, the act of service, is now in this moment. That is all we really have to discuss or to be involved in.

Be at peace with the idea that your deepest desires for service will be given an avenue of expression. If it is the desire of your core to be engaged in any particular project such as the staff of Monjoronson, then make this desire known in your petitions to your Parents. But never lose sight of the fact that we have much work to do here in this moment now in preparation for such glorious assignments. We are truly blessed to even consider the opportunities before us, and we are more blessed when we accept such opportunities and bring them into creation, make them real.


Jonathan: I note that when a Magisterial Son is on an Avonal or Magisterial mission that he is assisted by the Melchizedeks and the archangels. The archangels are concerned more with the ascension career and creature survival. Since there's an archangel headquarters on this world are we to anticipate contact with them? Or are we more likely to work with Melchizedeks?

Serena: With the inauguration of this Magisterial Mission comes the lifting of the ceiling of potentials for the race of the human family, for yourself. This means that at this juncture we are without known limitations as to what we will be able to co-create in this process of encircuitment. You mention these orders of beings, and we can name a number of them that we are attempting at this time to build circuitry as avenues of approach. The short answer to your question is that this will be largely up to you, my friend, what will be your limits of capacity.

We will attempt every manner of bridging the gap, but the final link in this chain will be yours, and that is where we are focusing a great deal of our efforts. We are confident that the potentials exist for this circuitry to be not only created but accessed and utilized by those who will enlarge their capacities enough to include this circuitry in their constructs of reality. But this is theory, my friend, we are in a lab at this time. We are researching and we are developing techniques, procedures, processes, to allow for such things as you suggest.

I will say that in this hour these levels of circuitry are not utilized, but we are hopeful that as your abilities to sense proceed we will find ways to include similar circuitry as piggybacking on that which we have built and enjoy even in this hour. We will make our attempts from our side to adjust and attune the circuitry to be perceived, but then we would require receivers. That is where you come in. All manner of signals may be sent, but the receiver must be capable of receiving them. This is where we are.

Jonathan: When the Brilliant Evening Star asked if we can grasp the significance of having the divisional headquarters of the archangels on our world, I'd like to. Thanks for giving some ways to approach that.

Sheila: We're an educated group. We keep you guys on your toes. We gather intently. We will never be satisfied with anything less than the best. I appreciate being candid with our questions and to the TR for taking the time to receive.

Serena: Once again, that is why you receive. Your petitions require a response. Your earnest desires bring you in alignment, and it is these factors that allow us to move forward at a pace. But it is at a pace. We must accept that there is a component of time to this process and allow for the necessary elapse of time and the gathering of experience this provides. But all of you have a sense that we are in fact proceeding, and we are making good progress, and this is so. I guess at this point you must take my word for it as well.


Warren: Your exercise today allows us to recognize our unseen friends and experience that circuitry bonding. When our attempts succeed and grow and actualize we will access the circuitry inside those we bond with. then we would be able to accept and apply where our circuits overlap, if our desires are consistent with Father's will. Is this one way of viewing it?


Serena: You have well visualized the nature of tapping in from one level of circuitry into another. This is why I say to you that the sky is the limit with your abilities. Given your own small individual spheres of influence you could never expect to command the forces of a universe, but when you access not only the circuitry that you have created between yourselves but expand that out to include the circuitry of those on my side of the veil, you are indeed provided with all that you do not individually possess. In this way we may share; in this way we come closer together; in this way you with your individual circuitry plug into the larger circuitry.

Whereas you were once only a small circuit of your own, you become part of a great energy field which can flow energy to every point in the circuit, every point on your web. Every one of you has access to all of these. Every one of you has access to all of us. Together if we focus we have incredible energy fields from which to draw. These are additional aids in visualizing this circuitry and recalling that any point plugged into this web of circuitry has the power of the whole web. I would thank you all for your participation in this exercise, in this creation. I honor your efforts spent at increasing your capacity of understanding and your abilities at perception. We will work on this process as we are both committed. In the meantime remember your exercise of re-connection and your opportunities at service in the moment. I would release you from the classroom to go about life in great joy. Farewell.