2007-04-23-Abraham & Mary

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Topic: Cutting Edge of Spirit

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teachers: Abraham & Mary

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. The energy tonight is glowing. There is such a feeling of enthusiasm and love. I am honored to be your brother and teacher. I am amazed year after year at your faithfulness and dedication to keep supporting the Master’s cause. I am in understanding of your view of a chaotic world. It is not so much that the world has changed. It is mostly that your awareness has expanded. Our link to the cosmic mind is more solid. It would seem that the human mind is bombarded with newness. This is an age of increasing awareness. It would be part of our ministry to keep the peace, to extend calmness and spread the good news in an appropriate manner.


I am MARY. Greetings to you, fellows. I am always fascinated by your conversations. While I am trying to fulfill my duties as a mentor, I am also struck by the newness. We always speak of accelerated time and then are somewhat confused while in the midst of it. You have the tools to keep peaceful in any situation. We still promote meditation to strengthen the mind. It is very easy for mortals to be pulled into dramatic situations. We have to remember while the world is becoming different, so are we.

There is always talk of being on the cutting edge. We are also on the cutting edge of spirit. I am speaking of your personal relationship with God, the Father and Christ Michael, our Brother/Father. We have our personal link to the latest in spirit activity. We can move and change, adapt, in any situation. You have been trained to apply spirit. While that may not be acceptable in the opinions of others, we remain unshakable in our stance for our Brother/Father. Many mortals are frozen in the fear of everyday living and they change not. They hold on to non-reality. Fear makes them immovable and they cannot connect to spirit. Our minds need rest and meditation to stay strong, to stay connected. This is how we rise above fear.

Last week Abraham spoke of emotions and real love. He means not to hide emotions, but to stay connected to spirit. That comfort one receives is exercise for the mind and it creates a balanced state. We are dedicated to allowing spirit to transform us, to prepare us for our mortal careers. We allow not the world to damage us. The world changes us not. So many that are blind to spirit allow the world to change them or build them up into something that is an illusion. There is not real meaning in life and there is no satisfaction or fulfillment.

I do remember my beginning days in the ministry and allowing the excitement to control my emotions. I do remember coming upon an argument between James and John. While I disliked the controversy, I immediately jumped in with my opinions. The brothers could not even hear me. They could only see my high emotional condition. I did not create peace and solutions, no. Of course, everyone walked away mad. The Master explained had I been more connected to spirit, I could have calmly explained my position and that would have attracted their attention.

How blessed was I with the Master’s presence. His wisdom touched my soul. He literally made me better in all ways. You also have opportunity to be this close with our Brother/Father. You have access to His wisdom. High emotions will make it so you cannot hear Him. Practice your stillness and allow Him to communicate with you. Let that link enable you to create peace.


Let us walk in comfort this week knowing that ultimate good comes from every circumstance. Father does not allow bad things to happen. He does not pick and choose who will leave this life. This is an evolutionary planet and we are prone to accidents of time and of course, the animalistic tendencies in man. This week let us concentrate on creating peace. Know that our love is ever growing for you each. I am truly enjoying getting to know your unique personalities. I thank you for allowing me to be your sister/teacher. From Abraham and myself, we bid you Godspeed and until next week, shalom.