2009-09-13-Crossing the Monjoronson Hurdle

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Topic: Crossing the Monjoronson Hurdle

Group: At Large


Teacher: Merium, Monjoronson, Serena

TR: Gerdean



MERIUM: Good evening, Gerdean. This is Merium. I and we have been waiting for you.

Gerdean: Hello, Merium. Who is “we”?

MERIUM: Oh, you know, the regular entourage of morontia personalities, spirit beings, midwayers, just the home team. Not to worry. How are you?

Gerdean: I’m kind of tired, actually, Merium, and wasn’t sure if this was a good idea, to embark upon this project at night when I am rather bushed already, but … it seemed a good place to start.

MERIUM: I know you like having an opportunity to focus your mind.

Gerdean: Yes, I do. It clears my mind to focus on something. It’s been busy with myriad details of getting ready for houseguests and the upcoming Taos Conference.

MERIUM: So you are excited, as well as tired.

Gerdean: Yes, and that is not optimal, not optimum mind frame to be in for this conversation.

MERIUM: Do you want to wait?

Gerdean: No, I would like to proceed. Maybe establish a ground work or something. It is uncomfortable for me to be engaging in … an entity whom I have not determined is “real”.

MERIUM: That’s okay. You said, we said, you would just be talking to yourself, as it were, and maybe that alone would help you, enable you to clarify a few things. Talking it out with yourself sort of clears the mind, too, don’t you think?

Gerdean: Yes. (Pause)

MERIUM: Let’s get some Spirit involved. Bring in the Spirit of Truth.

Gerdean: I’m there.


MERIUM: Good. Let me lead you. I will be here the whole time. I will only interrupt if I feel it is absolutely necessary; otherwise, you will be talking with the mindal configuration of Monjoronson.

Gerdean: Monjoronson, … Wait. (Pause) I want it to be made very clear that I do not find it plausible that you, Monjoronson, are the Magisterial Son.

MONJORONSON: Why is that?

Gerdean: I must have a half dozen reasons for not liking that name and not the least of which is that it lowers you in my mind … to such an extent I lose respect for your stature.

MONJORONSON: This is based on what? Respect for the judiciary?

Gerdean: Yes, it does. If you are a Magisterial Son, then I am going to refer to you as your title, your office, and not by your name. To do so would be disrespectful.

MONJORONSON: This is your mortal training.

Gerdean: Yes, it is, but it works for me.

MONJORONSON: Then don’t call me Monjoronson. Call me something that you are more comfortable with. You don’t want to call me Your Majesty, do you?

Gerdean: No, of course not. But Your Honor seems appropriate for a judicial type personality.

MONJORONSON: I would bow to your use of such a term.

Gerdean: But I’m not sure you are our Magisterial Son, that’s the point of this conversation. I am just not sure about you at all.

MONJORONSON: Well, there is not much I can do about your choices, my dear. You have free will. You may acknowledge my existence or not. It does not make me any less real … particularly it does not make me any less real to those who find my existence here to be comforting and reassuring.

Gerdean: Why do they, if I may ask?

MONJORONSON: You will need to ask them. I know they have told you already but if it is not sinking in, if it is not impressing you, then there is nothing I can do about it. It is not required that you believe in me. It is not essential for you to know me. You can and will evolve and grow in spirit reality with or without including me in your far-flung frame of reference for spirit and morontia personalities. It will not affect your survival, nor will anyone think any less of you. Truly. Frankly, they don’t care what you believe. They feel sorry for you that you don’t believe as they do, but this is probably true of any devout believer in any philosophy or position. It’s the nature of faith, you see.

Gerdean: Yes, I do see.

MONJORONSON: Well, then, having that established, are there other questions you would like to ask me while I am here in your peripheral super-consciousness? I know you are holding me at arm’s length. You have not embraced me, and I respect that. It is not necessary for you to fall down before me or worship me or adore me. I am not a god. I am a Son of God. I was going to say “just as you are” but I recognize your resistance to the comparison. I am a descending son and you are an ascending son and so technically there is a difference but really, daughter, there is not much difference in the overall. It’s as if I were Italian and you were Spanish. We are still both sons of God.

Gerdean: Peculiar analogy, Monjoronson.

MONJORONSON: Over simplified, yes, but I don’t see the need to belabor my point. You know what I am telling you.

Gerdean: I do, but I can’t … “grok” it. Michael, our Michael Son, I have an understanding of who he is. I am connected to him through my Thought Adjuster. He says “He who has seen me has seen the Father” but you cannot say that. You can say … “He who has seen me has seen the Son” but you know how difficult it is for us mortals to perceive the Eternal Son. We don’t “grok” Eternal Son. We grok Father and Creator Son, and more specifically, we, or at least I, I grok the Creator Son because he came here and lived among us, on this very planet, and so I know him as a peer, as a fellow, as a brother, an elder brother, even though I know he is also a representation of Our Father. He did say, “I and my Father are One.” And some days I think I can almost feel that myself. But I don’t know how to feel you. I don’t know where in my energy system you fit, or how I should grok your presence. Even your intellectually aspects are eluding me because I can’t discern what you are here for. You are not on a bestowal mission. How can we know what kind of magisterial mission you might be on. It doesn’t compute and it makes me very uncomfortable to even pretend to think I might know what’s going on.

MONJORONSON: Yes, well. I appreciate what you are saying. I appreciate your being so forthright with me. And again, I must say, it is not necessary for you to know me. But you know from your experiences with other invisible beings, other celestial helpers, that we become more meaningful to you as you spend time with us. This is a cordial conversation we are having, is it not?

Gerdean: Yes, it is. Thank you.

MONJORONSON: And so we could carry on this degree of conversation at length and at will without disturbing our equilibrium or detracting from your faith in Michael or any of the other energy systems that impact on your psyche. Couldn’t we?

Gerdean: Yes, I suppose we could, but I don’t know what it is for.

MONJORONSON: You are so purposive! Such a worker! So methodical! Whatever happened to that adage that friendship is an end in itself? Can’t we just be friends?

Gerdean: Well, since you mentioned it that is another thing that has been bugging me. Why would a Magisterial Son, who has important work to do in the universe, on high levels of authority and administration, be engaging in chit-chat with lowly mortals such as myself? I have no ego for such a thing. It … doesn’t make sense to me.

MONJORONSON: Again, your cognizance is involved. Now, don’t get me wrong! I appreciate that you use your mind! So many mortals do NOT use their mind, they do NOT think, they simply feel and react to their feelings, and this makes it extremely difficult to get things accomplished. It makes it virtually impossible for teamwork to take place because … well, because, frankly, there is so much distrust and that is because people don’t think enough to ask questions. Asking questions is like putting your cards on the table. You can see what you have to deal with. It is like counting the cost. So many people want to think everything is fine and God will take care of them therefore they need not factor in this or that, when in fact, it is essential that things be factored into your strategy for living.

Do you think Jesus came here and lived and died without a strategy? He strategized all along the way, reflecting and perceiving with such a sensitivity of the human condition it would make your head spin. He kept his own counsel, for the most part, and so you are not privy to the many ways he strategized, but oh, he did. He was a deep thinker. He went off alone often to think, and to talk things over with his Father. Do you think he just went off to receive guidance without having any idea of what he was seeking guidance for? Of course he knew. He had foresight. So many people do not have foresight. They are afraid of insight - their own insight or the insight of others. And this is true liberation - to be able to see with eyes to see and hear with ears to hear. It does not require political correctness or social nicety, it requires mental acuity, and you have that, Gerdean. You have it but you don’t know how to use it. I could help you learn how to use it, if you would let me.

Gerdean: Now you are appealing to me, Monjoronson.

MONJORONSON: Aha! And I see we are on a first name basis already!

Gerdean: Well, let’s just say we are getting acquainted. Perhaps we could take up this conversation again at another time. After I have had a chance to review what you have said and how I feel about the responses and the …


Gerdean: Yes. The rapport we have established. [Long pause]

SERENA: This is Monjoronson’s Chief of Staff. His partner, his mate. In time I would like to make use of you, Gerdean. You have already done much work on behalf of up-stepping the collective consciousness, particularly in your concepts of socio-spiritual adventures in living. I see I have made you uncomfortable already, by acknowledging your contribution to humanity. You think I am appealing to your ego and so you reject me. How pathetic you mortals can be. We are trying to uplift you, not shame you, but you are so ingrained in the ways of your legacy here it is an uphill struggle to get you to see our way clear. But you will. We have faith in you. I will help you with that, too. Be of good cheer. It isn’t all work; there is a great deal of rejoicing and feeling the satisfactions of attainment as we advance. Don’t be afraid.

MERIUM: And now this is Merium. Thank you, Gerdean, for your focus. I am sure we will all be titillated to review this morsel of contact. You didn’t ask him half the questions you wanted to.

Gerdean: I will. Given the chance, I am sure he will let me.


MERIUM: Now you’ve got it. Rest easy. It will be a wonderful Conference. Just relax and let the universe unfold before you. You have lots of help. Be of good cheer.

Gerdean: Good night Merium.

MERIUM: Bye-bye.