2010-07-10-Minded Morontia Machinery

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Topic: Minded Morontia Machinery

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Aaron

TR: George Barnard



Teacher Aaron: “From the Creator’s viewpoint all past, present and future is known. There is no eyebrow-raising daily news. From our viewpoint with our keen interest focused on the evolutionary universes, the birth of a new galaxy is a most wondrous thing to behold. However, it does take eons of time for there finally to be a number of planets that will present the right environment for habitation by the children of God. It is on some of these planets that are almost ready to be useful for human habitation that minded morontia machines can go to work to alter certain elements that are not conducive to supporting human life of some type or other.

“Although these minded machines have certain names and groupings you are familiar with (sylphs?), we do not call them such. It is at the instigation, at life implantation time, at the very beginning of an inhabitable world, that these machines can be called into action, be directed to remove and to change in consistency, the make-up those elements that are not required and in fact are likely to be poisonous to the type of human life to be introduced. There are circumstances on record when on certain worlds such machines have come into operation after the population had long been established and when certain accidents have occurred, mostly through matter reaching these planets from outer space.

“We do not consider there to be much of a chance at this point in time that such morontia equipment will be brought into action regarding the difficulty presently observed in the Gulf of Mexico. In truth it is the human population of your world that makes up the caretakers of your home planet.

“It is at these times of a relatively higher level of seismic activity, with likely more of the same to come, that you are advised not to drill for more oil on deep ocean beds. There is quite enough seismic activity on land, even in the Middle East and other countries, to give you plenty of concern with potential calamities in the extraction processes.

“For my part, and this is my personal observation, I am most wishful that you will move towards exploiting alternative energies, free energies, for your daily needs, leaving the oil for lubrication and incidental products. I thank you and others for their inquiries. We wish we could help you clean up the mess, but this is not so.


This is your Teacher Aaron. My words to you on this day come through the translation efforts of Midwayer Chief ABC-22. I say good night to all.”

George: “Thank you Aaron.”


Small morontia machines that are pre-programmed are used to make crop circles.