2010-09-10-Special Session 22

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Topic: Meditation, Mystic Circles, Merkabah

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson, Charles

TR: Daniel Raphael


  • Moderator - Vicki Vanderheyden


Vicki: Dear Father, as we gather together, we welcome our visitor, and we ask that you encircuit all of us with your Divine wisdom, goodness and truth. We ask that you assist us in presenting cooperation and facilitation to the words of Monjoronson, and we welcome with gratitude and humility all other spirit beings of light that assist us at this time. Amen

Daniel: Both of them are here, Charles and Monjoronson. (Welcome!)

MONJORONSON: Good morning and thank you, this is Monjoronson. I have our able, capable Charles, Mighty Messenger with us this morning to answer questions you may have towards him. We do not see his work as duplicating ours, or ours duplicating his, as they are significantly different, though we are all capable of answering your questions.

Vicki: Thank you and welcome, Charles! It’s good once again to be with you, Monjoronson. Today’s session is on the topic of meditation and the mystic circle.



Is there anything that you would like to share with us first on meditation, Monjoronson?

  • Meditation - exploring your infinite capacity

MONJORONSON: Yes, I would. Meditation is, first of all, a journey of yourself as you strive to find God. Your consciousness and self-awareness are much like being in a dark room, where you must feel your way around your universe, to find what is in that room, and who might be there with you. As you grow in your spiritual development, from the maturation of your emotions and the development of your mind, the light in the room begins to brighten. First, it is dim; then brighter still. And as you come into awareness that you are not alone, but that God is with you—your Thought Adjuster is with you—in the company of God’s hierarchy of spiritual beings, your room of consciousness becomes incredibly bright. And as you move into that room of awareness with God, your Thought Adjuster, in meditation, you brighten your life in ways which you may not ever have known before. Greater awareness comes to you.

The remarkable aspect of meditation and knowing God, and coming into God’s company frequently is that you grow. You grow in all your faculties, which contribute to your budding, morontial spirituality, for you have a soul, and as you fill that soul with right decisions and right actions and right service, you grow in your morontial capacity. Many of you thought that you must die and cross over to the morontial realm before you would become acquainted with the morontial, but as you feed your mind and pray and control your mind with your will and your presence, in conjunction with your Thought Adjuster and Guardians, you grow in your morontial capacity that has an infinite capacity, which you have even in this lifetime, to explore and develop.

So, meditation is that “coming within,” into the room of darkness to find light, and when you touch your Thought Adjuster and your Thought Adjuster touches you, your life is enlightened as it will never be before, or ever again. This is a new beginning, a new soul that is in development.

Vicki: Many of us have been told that our body is our temple that houses our soul, and yet in some of my readings this week, it seems that there is an impression that we are actually a part of one soul, that being the soul of the Father. These readings also say that when we feed our soul, that we are actually feeding the soul of the Father, and that it’s all one. Could you verify or correct this for me?


  • Location of the soul

MONJORONSON: I would be most happy to. First, your body does not house your soul; it is an aspect of your mind, though your mind is not the housing for the soul. It occupies that same “space” of where your Thought Adjuster resides, and your personality resides. To answer your question, you do have a singular soul; you are a separate and unique soul. In times past, revelations needed to be simple to be understood by simply educated individuals. Your life, your contribution of living, contributes to God the Supreme, which is synonymous with the over-soul of the universe that you allude to in your question or statement. You truly do make a contribution to the soul of the universe, but we would differentiate or separate that of God the Supreme from the First Source and Center, the Creator of all, who and which is complete unto itself in eternity, before time, always has been the same. In God the Supreme, you make a contribution. Everyone brings something to the table of God the Supreme that will assist the universe to become complete. Even those who do not choose God or choose to go on, their lives can be condensed into all the positive elements of their life that does contribute to God the Supreme, the over-soul of the universe, the one soul plenum that everyone contributes to. Does this help?

Vicki: Yes, yes, it really helps. Thank you. Another concept I was reading about described life as a process of remembering, rather than a process of learning. In other words, we, as we enter into a physical life, forget where we come from, and through meditation and experience, we are actually remembering where we came from. Is that accurate, Monjoronson?


  • The awakening of what is to be

MONJORONSON: Somewhat. It is more accurate to say that you are waking up, rather than remembering. The waking up is much as you do every morning. If you were to analyze this, you would wake up, separate yourself from your sleep state or unconscious state, and awaken to the day. As it is so usual to you, you do not need to look around and remember where you went to bed. Though we must admit that we know some of you wonder where you are when you do wake up. (Chuckles.) The remembering is that tenuous, soft, reaching out of the Thought Adjuster, as though it had a finger to touch your finger, as you become conscious of your God-self-becoming, all that would conjoin and that you remember that you are in essence a Divine Being, who is becoming, and that your origins of your soul, of your relationship with your Thought Adjuster is Divine, that you have something not too refresh, but to renew. And so, the remembering is not a very accurate word to use; it is an awakening to who you always have been and will be in the eternity of the universe, in your relationship to your Thought Adjuster and to your potential fusion. It is much like a déjà vu of what is to be, rather than what has been (if you can assimilate that parallel).

Vicki: Let me see if I can clarify this: In the awakening, the experience that we have in this life will be new; however our reawakening is to the core part of us that existed before? Is that correct?

MONJORONSON: Yes, this has not been well explained. It has to do with your personality, a gift from God; it has to do with your soul; it has to do with you. You are a unique individual; you are a gift from God to the universe for its completion. There is insufficient language to explain this to you, at this point. Simply know that you are—and other elements of you—which have always been, which are of God, a gift from God, and that you are awakening to that which has been and which will become your potential to unfold. This is simply the nascent budding of what is to become. As you awaken more and more to who you are, and more importantly, you observe the relationship of yourself to the universe.

Vicki: I think I received much more clarity on that. I appreciate that, Monjoronson. (You are most welcome.)

I think maybe I’d like to take this into a more specific conversation about meditation, now. Monjoronson, can you explain for us, in the beginning here, what happens to us physiologically when we engage in meditation?


  • The physiology of meditation

MONJORONSON: Physiologically, remember that you are an electro-chemical organism, that you are always in a state of excitement—molecular excitement and electrical excitement—in order to be able to live, and to progress and proceed in the day, so that in meditation, you begin using your mind mechanism, a mantra for meditation of stilling your body, and most of you still your muscles, relax them, and release tension in your joints, and you review this whole muscular/skeletal mechanism for those tensions, and release them. And you look within yourself for agitation or emotional upset or giddiness, and you bring that down or up to a level playing field, and you tell your mind to still itself from making lists and agendas, and doing this, and doing that, and remembering things you need to do or tell. You set all that aside.

But very few of you actually speak to your endocrine system, that system which is overlaid in your body, upon your skeletal system and your nervous system. You can also, as well, command your endocrine system to still itself, so that your adrenal glands are now settled and your stomach and pancreas and thyroid, and so on, are evenly balanced and still for these moments. You do proceed as a whole organism into the space of meditation. It is not that your endocrine system is running wild, it is simply that you haven’t paid attention to it. Remember, that you have a skeleton, of muscles, you have a nervous system, you have a circulatory system of heart and blood vessels, you have an endocrine system and so you have easily a half-dozen systems or more that you can manipulate with your mind.


  • Becoming wholly responsible for your meditative state

Where your will comes into play is that you use your mind to still your body and its thoughts, and you will your mind to control itself and to control your body. You become wholly responsible for your meditative state. Most of you have not begun to explore even a small percentage of control in preparation for your meditative state. Were you to do so, in the beginning stages, this would take perhaps half an hour—thirty minutes—and as you become more practiced, it may take only thirty seconds. We have told you before that you can meditate at a red stop light when you stop your car and be in that moment. You are aware of your outside stimuli—when the light turns green again—you proceed and you are conscious again, but during those twenty seconds of waiting for the green light, you can be in stillness of the space of no thought, where your mind is not thinking, where you have invited your Thought Adjuster to be present with you, and to download its information of peace and development to you. The state of meditation physiologically is not complex—it is simply many-layered, and that you need to take charge of that to have an effective meditation. Many of you who have meditative problems have not so much problems with your mind, as you do with your endocrine system, as it has a tremendous influence upon the balanced and stable, and even the chemical nature of your brain as an organ, which affects your mind. The interplay between your body, mind, and your will is one which is much like directing a three-piece band. You are in charge and so you can orchestrate what develops your advantage and to the advantage of your Thought Adjuster.

Vicki: I think that contributed extensively to our understanding the process of reaching a better state of meditation. Now, I’m going to throw something else in here, not to confuse, but for clarification. We’ve talked about chakras and you’ve explained to us that our chakras are like “transformers,” energetic transformers in our body, and I believe that they are also very connected to our endocrine system, is that correct?

MONJORONSON: That’s correct.


  • The function of chakras in meditation

Vicki: And so, I have some further questions about the function of chakras in meditation. Are there ways that we can clear our chakras, prior to meditation, through physical methods, such as bathing, showering, and does that affect the capacity for our chakras to function to their fullest?

MONJORONSON: Yes, remember though that all that comes into your existence and all that develops from your existence is predicated upon your intention. If you need to take an actual wet shower or bath, or to bathe to release the tension from your chakras, then do so. However, you can do so as easily by sitting still and imagining, and having the intention in your stillness, to clear your chakras, and if you need a mind mechanism to assist you, then you can imagine taking a shower, and that you cleanse your body from head to toe by this imaginary shower, with the intention of clearing your chakras and your body of any excess energies. If you need physical supports to do this, then certainly use them, but as you develop in time and in your deepening awareness of the reality of who you are, that you are a spiritual being, you realize that you become more and more disconnected from your physicality, and that you can control much of what occurs in your body, even the chakra system, which is tied between the energy stream from Paradise, through your body, and transforms this energy into specific areas or regions of use by your body and your neural system. It is your intention that makes the difference. There are some who would take a shower, for twenty minutes and come out as excited and “wired up,” as you would say, as before they went into the shower, so it is a matter of preparing yourself for what occurs, whether it is physical or through the use of your visionary imagination.


  • Role of environment in meditation

Vicki: This may also speak to environment. I’ve wondered if meditation is more conducive when we are in a different external environment, like when we are closer to a body of water, or when we are at a higher elevation. Or does this just produce within us more of an ability to relax?

MONJORONSON: No, it does not. It is more connected to the emotional energetics of your body and where you live. There is something about emotional energy that is sensitive to gravity. In the case of being in extreme altitudes or in a lake, where you are either by it or have your feet in the water, you are grounded to the earth through this medium. When you are on a mountaintop, or you are at an elevation, the heavier emotional energy flows into the recesses below you. That is why when you go from the mountaintop down to the city, or valley, without a river, that you feel the emotional energy of the population that resides there. Does this help?

Vicki: Yes, very much so. In the process of meditation, do we access all of our chakras and if we can just access two or three for instance, does it change our experience?

MONJORONSON: Again, look to your intention for that meditation. If you wish to meditate to access your body and energetic systems, then that is different from meditation where you seek stillness to be available to God within. In the first meditative process, you describe accessing your chakras, yes, you most certainly can access one or all of them. Your capacity to access them stands upon your own emotional and spiritual development, and elevation into the lower morontial dimensions. Many of you have difficulty entering the first and second chakras, simply because you have very little control of your mind, and you have an emotional nature, which for many of you denies your access to your first chakra, so that you must work with the others first. It is for our terms of meditation, the chakras hold not much interest. It is more valuable to still yourself and all your body to enter the stillness, to present yourself to your Thought Adjuster for learning.

Vicki: And that brings up a whole other line of questions, having to do with the different methods of meditation. This week I’ve been reading about some of those different methods, and of course different groups encourage different meditative practices. And so, when we wish to meditate in order to communicate with spiritual beings of light, then that’s one practice, as opposed to some of the others. There is a distinction, is that correct?


  • Distinguish between intentions and practices of meditation

MONJORONSON: I would ask you to distinguish between your intentions and practices. There are many practices of meditation, from Buddhists and Yogis, and so those are practices; what is the intention is another topic.

Vicki: So are you saying that we can use some of these different practices, with the same intention to reach beings of light?

MONJORONSON: That is correct. The metaphor would be traveling: Do you like to walk? do you like to ride a bicycle? or skateboard? take a car, train, airplane, a balloon, or windsurf? to where you want to go? It is what works for you, and what you find is most pleasurable to assist you to the ends that you seek.

Vicki: I read about one form of meditation that I feel would serve us, because I sense it in our communication with you, that when you are passing on your wisdom to us, you are not only serving us personally, but you are serving a wider audience and helping us get not only connected with ourselves personally, but connected with our brothers and our sisters. And so I was reading about a method of meditation where it removes us from our self-absorption and connects our personal emotions or feelings, to those of many others. Would you consider this valuable for us at this time?

MONJORONSON: Yes. Again, you can fulfill that practice by your own personal intention and your own meditative practice, if you wish.

Vicki: Okay, that’s what I was wondering. Thank you.

Monjoronson, when I read about all these different techniques of meditation, posture is something that’s emphasized. And yet, in my own experience with meditation, I find that posture is not as important to me, as maybe, like you said, intention and the ability to block out distractions. Could you speak to that?


  • Posture during meditation

MONJORONSON: Certainly. When you are first beginning to meditate, and learning the practice, posture is important. Sit in a firm chair, feet flat on the ground, hands in your lap or on your thighs, eyes closed and straight back. This provides the outward form of discipline for your practice, and as you become more accomplished in achieving the ends of stillness within, you become less mindful of your body mechanism. It is always important, however, to remove restrictions of flow, from your body, which includes overly tight clothes, or bunched up clothes at your joints, or a belt, something tight around your neck, or so on. You want to be comfortable; you want the energy to flow evenly through your body. As well, it is helpful to be in your meditative posture in a place which is energetically as neutral as possible. Your world now is totally flooded and inundated by radio waves of various frequencies, so this is almost impossible for you to control, but you want to be away from highly energized mechanisms and electronics. Did I answer your question, or part of your question?


  • Perceiving color during meditations

Vicki: Yes, I think you did. Thank you. I’d like to talk a bit about the experience of perceiving color in meditation. We’ve talked about this before, but I have a couple of questions that need clarification. I am one who does see color on my visual screen, and for me it is also an indicator of the presence of a being of light. What I’ve noticed is that there are times when the screen is quite mixed with several colors that are dispersed evenly throughout. I’m wondering if I am actually receiving from more than one person at the same time. Are there times when spirits or beings of light, come through as a group in answers to one’s questions?


Vicki: Okay. Could that be what I’m seeing on my screen?


Vicki: And also, are there times when one being of light may “step up” the energy for another being who is coming through?

MONJORONSON: Yes, that is possible. The presence of a powerful spiritual being will as well use energy in those around it.

Vicki: So it would be easier for the meditator to receive? Is that why it would be done?

MONJORONSON: No, it is usually the energy of the spirit being who is there. Mine is very high, as you might be aware, as is Christ Michael’s, and is stepped down for those who are not as high in the hierarchy of the universe. Angels and midwayers, and sanobim and so on, their frequencies are lower and the amplitude of what comes through is lower.

Vicki: All right, so is it easier… is it a case of it being easier for us to receive from someone who has a higher frequency or lower frequency, or does it not make a difference?

MONJORONSON: That does not make a difference. It is very similar, but in reverse to an old air pressure pipe organ, where the organist opens up the volume or “stops” for greater volume. The capacity ability of the being to open you up to receive, makes a difference. That is why you see the color as there is an interplay between us, your mind circuits, and as it impinges upon your ocular nervous mechanism. Although you are a physical being, with a nervous system, there is a tremendous interaction between the energy of spiritual beings, and that which is spiritual, and your mind mechanism, which interfaces with your brain and your physicality. (Long pause.)

Perhaps I have provided too much information?

Vicki: No, not at all. So in an effort for a spiritual being of light to communicate with a certain mortal being, they have the ability to manipulate that, in order to make that connection?

MONJORONSON: That is correct.


  • The energetic mechanics of mystic circles

Vicki: Okay, thank you. That clears up a lot. I think maybe it might be a time to move to mystic circles. I don’t have a lot of questions about the mystic circle, only in that I’m very curious, and I think our audience would be, to understand how it works, the energetic mechanics of mystic circle. Could you address that, Monjoronson?

MONJORONSON: I would be very pleased to. Imagine yourself at a hockey game, inside a closed arena, and although there are five thousand people there, all is quiet as the players skate around the rink, and you are applauding. Now, that does not have much affect to cheer on other people, or the team, does it? But when all five thousand people stand up and roar and applaud and whistle, they make a tremendous resonance in that arena, and in unison they can have a powerful affect upon the eagerness of the playing teams.

So too, in a mystic circle, the premise of a mystic circle is that these individuals have already been practicing meditation for many months or years, and that they desire a mystical experience with the God presence within them, and the universe around them. And so, they have found, and we have taught or we teach that mystics who have the same intention of that experience to gather together, amplifying their energy for that environment. It is a multiplying effect that each individual provides to those next to each other in a circle of individuals, whether that is a circle of two or three or twenty or more—or thousands. Your single intention of being in the presence of God has a powerful effect upon those around you, and when you all have the same intention, then you are able to have this God experience much more quickly and much more powerfully. Does this help?

Vicki: Yes, it does. And then it would fit that when people are unified within a mystic circle, with a common intention, that they would also have that ability to project energy, exponentially more than if they were by themselves. Correct?

MONJORONSON: That is correct. They act as a single organism, in other words.

Vicki: That’s interesting. Now that we’ve got that clarified, can you tell us a little bit about the actual energetic flow of energy, how it occurs through the bodies, or through this unified group? Does it require actually being in a circle?


  • Intention activates oneness of combined energies

MONJORONSON: Most certainly. Since you are already acquainted with the merkabah, and the mind line and the heart line that run along the equator of that imaginary globe, which we call the merkabah. In a mystic circle, these individuals do not necessarily have to form or create a merkaba where they are, they simply sit in a circle with a common intention of connecting themselves together, to make a more powerful energy flow among them. This is the combined energy of the mind line and heart line energies among them, which is generated spontaneously in the circle by their common, stated intention. Intention is what activates that circuit around the circle, so that they are in oneness. Does this help?

Vicki: Yes, I think it does help. Thank you.

MONJORONSON: I might add that it does not make any difference if they are together or far apart, after they have first physically made the circle. If you had twenty people come together and they sit in a circle, and establish that circle among them and had a common, singular intention, which everyone accepted and applied to themselves, they would work together as a single energetic organism. Were they to hold that intention as they parted and went their ways to their separate homes, and at a particular time of the day, at a common time to them all, join together as though they were in this circle, they could once again engage themselves as a single organism, connecting their minds and their heart lines together for the same powerful effect. This is why prayer-power teams of many churches are so effective is that they have practiced together, and then they maintain that when they are apart at the specific times for particular prayer requests or prayer work.

Vicki: So what you’re saying is that an individual who was a part of the mystic circle, and had experienced that energetic connection [with] the same intention, could then go off to their own home, and at any time, meditate or project that intention, and have the benefit of all of that energy that was established in that circle?

MONJORONSON: They could, but it would be most particularly powerful if everyone did it together simultaneously at the same time.

Vicki: Okay, I see.

MONJORONSON: You are perhaps acquainted with these little weather stations that you have in homes, where you have a home station and there is a remote station that is outside, so that these two stations report the humidity and temperature, inside and outside? When you first get them, and take them out of the box, you put in the batteries in a particular order, so that these two units are able to “talk” to each other, and understand each other and where they are, and then when you take the remote unit outside, perhaps several hundred feet, it continues to talk to the home unit, telling the temperature and humidity at that distant location. This is very similar to what occurs, as I explained a few minutes ago. These two are in sync every few seconds, and renew their bond or their synchronicity of their frequencies.


  • Merkabahs – temporary and permanent

Vicki: Okay. Could we talk a bit about merkabahs? You might have covered this, but it might be a good time to talk about it again, within the body of this transmission, so it’s all together. There are such things as merkabahs that have more of a permanently established place, and those where when you are a part of a mystic circle, you establish a merkabah that is more or less temporary. Is that correct?

MONJORONSON: I would separate the word of the mystic circle from the merkabah. You can combine those two, but it is good for novices who are unacquainted with these concepts to have this explained to them as separate processes.

Vicki: Could you then maybe give us a little bit of background on merkabahs?

MONJORONSON: Most definitely. Please be patient with this. It begins with understanding that each of you is a miniature merkabah unto yourself. You have the silver chord of energy streaming from Paradise to your crown chakra, which runs through all of your chakras, and through your base chakra to earth center. Some of your energetics explain it as running through your sun and then out to Paradise, and some of your energetics explain it as running from earth to Paradise. It really does not matter; what is important is that you understand that you are part of an energetic circuit. All energies are instantaneous from Paradise to you, and back again.

You have an aura around you, which is also an energetic “capsule,” so to speak, that surrounds you. In a merkabah, you sit in a circle with two or three other people or more, and the diameter of this circle forms the equator of an imaginary, energetic globe, which you are going to build. If your circle is six feet in diameter than the globe has a diameter of six feet, whether from North Pole to South Pole, or through to the equator. Imagine connecting your silver chord to a North Pole point above your group, and then connect your earth center chord to its South Pole point below the group. As each one of you has done this, there will flash into existence an arc of energy from the North Pole to South Pole, thus creating the merkabah.

What also exists are two other lines of energy, the mind line and the heart line form a double helix around your silver chord run from Paradise to your crown chakra, and through you to earth center. These are now combined from Paradise to the north pole of the merkabah, and radiate out through you, each individual. Each individual still retains the double helix of their heart line and mind line. The group facilitator then asks each of you to connect your mind line, which is electric blue in color, to the person next to you on your right, moving in a counter-clockwise motion around the circumference. The facilitator then asks each of you to connect your heart line, which is pink in color, to connect your heart line to the person on your left, moving in a clockwise motion. This allows you to be of one mind, and of one heart energy. This as well connects you to cosmic universal mind and to universal heart energy. You are now in unison with the universe energy systems, in its basic rudiments. Now, through your intentions, you can guide the work of this [group]. This is how a temporary merkabah is formed.

Now, to form a permanent energy merkabah anchor, in that geographic location where it is in someone’s living room, or under a tree out of doors, or anyplace, you begin the process of building the merkabah with that intention, and with the assistance of your teachers, celestial angels, and consulting Melchizedeks, and then when you have built the merkabah, you ask your celestial friends to anchor in that energy shaft that runs from North Pole to South Pole of your imaginary merkabah globe, into earth center, so that it remains there, and so it is. There is completion of the energy anchor. This energy anchor is then in place geographically at that location.

You can access energy from it no matter where you are, or when you are in the world, as you travel from that point. Simply use your intention and your consciousness and your will, to direct energy from the top of the energy anchor to where you wish to see it used, for another individual, for a family, community, nation, a common situation in some locale, or for the whole peace of the world. This is amplified greatly in unison, when it is done with others with the same intention. That is why your global prayer effort or global meditation as it goes around the world is so powerful. Some of these occur at, let’s say at nine o’clock in the morning, and it takes twenty-four hours to circumnavigate the globe, whereas other prayer or meditation efforts are done simultaneously, no matter what the clock says, it is at that moment, that time where millions of people in unison work together to pray for one common outcome. So if they had access to energy anchors around the world, or the one that streams to your world, and use that with the intention of this outcome, it would multiply the effect by many, many, many times. Does this help?

Vicki: Yes, it really does. Now I want to just clarify one thing: in order to use an anchored merkabah, do you have to be present when it’s been established?

MONJORONSON: That is most helpful because you have become identified with it. It can be used by others who were not there, who know it exists. Then there are also energy anchors conditioned by their original intention for their anchoring-in. If the intention is for health in that household, then that is what it’s for. If it’s for some other condition all over the world, or wherever it is directed, then that is its principle use. It can be a general use merkabah that can be conditioned by the intention of the person who uses it too.

Vicki: All right, so if a merkabah is at one time established to assist in maintaining the well-being and health of a family, can it also then, with the proper intention, be converted to something that would be of global use?

MONJORONSON: No, in many ways the originating intention is much like the security code you use on your home security system. It is coded into the anchor at the time, and would take all those same individuals to recode it, if they wished to change the intention for the original energy anchor.

Vicki: Okay, thank you for clarifying that, Monjoronson. (You are most welcome.)

I’ve finished with my questions. I am really glad that you gave us that overview of merkabah; I think that that was extremely helpful. I’d kind of like to open this up to our other participants, either Roxie or Rick, if they have something that they would like to ask you or Charles at this time. So I think I’ll do that, okay? Rick or Roxie, do you have any questions?


  • Question on personal meditative practice

Rick: I do have a question, so to speak; it’s not really a question, I wish to talk about my meditative practices. I find my meditative practices, my connection with the indwelling Father fragment to be the strongest when I am out windsurfing, or when I’m doing my swimming, or my stretching. If I try to do it in a normal meditative stance of sitting there, I usually go into a sleep mode, so I’ve given up on that for now, and do my connection, like I said, have some activity going on. It does seem to be working for me at this point in time. I just wanted to share that with you and see if you have any further comments or suggestions on that.

MONJORONSON: Certainly. For many people who have established their meditative practice with a connection with the Father fragment, there is not a need for them to be still. In fact, as you are aware, it is necessary often for individuals to keep their body mindlessly busy on an automatic mode, whether it is windsurfing or washing dishes, or windows, or walking, or doing something that is repetitious. It helps to occupy parts of the brain/mind mechanism so that the centers for meditation are open and clear to receive without interference from those other peripheral faculties. This is a good practice for you, when you need to. Many who begin meditating, or begin to learn to TR, oftentimes move their body back and forth, or turn their heads from side to side slowly, simply to occupy the motor nerve connection in their body, so that they are sidelined, so to speak and avoid the interference with the meditative process. Thank you very much for your insights.

Rick: And thank you for your answer.

Roxie: I don’t have any questions at this time.


Vicki: I think this concludes our session then, Monjoronson. I once again want to thank you. This was very enlightening; I think we’ve gained quite a bit more information to put out to our audience that will be tremendously helpful, and certainly I appreciate your very detailed responses to my questions. It was wonderful being here with you.

MONJORONSON: As it was for myself with you all. Thank you.