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Topic: Status Report

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael



Vicki: Dear Father, as the journey unfolds and as we slowly awaken to the opportunities you have placed before us, guide us towards those that are aligned with the truth, beauty and goodness of your will. May all who read these words, gratefully acknowledge the magnificent gift you have given us through the ministrations of Christ Michael and Monjoronson, and may we rise to the occasion by embracing merciful service to our fellow brothers and sisters. Amen.

Daniel: I am continuing to read the book, “Collapse” by Jared Diamond, and previously, “Guns Germs, and Steel,” which totally fits in with all this work that we are doing, as Monjoronson said back in 2006, or whenever that transcript came out, and his earlier work in the book of “Global Sustainability and Planetary Management.” We are right on track. It is interesting that this preceded Jared Diamond’s book, “Collapse.”

MONJORONSON: Good morning, this is Monjoronson. (Good morning to you.) It is good to be with you once again, and to our friends who are reading these words.

Vicki: Yes, it feels good on this end too.


Reflection, Magisterial Mission

  • Review of the long history leading to today’s session

MONJORONSON: Let us continue this, as it is necessary to keep everyone abreast of what we are doing on the celestial realm and on the mortal realm in co-creative cooperation with you. Today I want to review the long history that leads to today’s session. This is a revisitation of the work of Christ Michael to present the Correcting Time to Urantia, and to his work to bring it eventually into the planetary fold of all worlds that are growing and populated in Nebadon.

Let us begin approximately in the 13th Century, A.D. when the outworking of Christ Michael’s Correcting Time began to play itself out in your world—particularly the Western World—and the beginning of the Renaissance year of enlightenment, the Reformation Era begun by Martin Luther, and as it developed through those years, spread across the Western Civilization and the “discovery” of the New World of North and South America, all the islands in the Pacific, and the discovery era by the seafaring worlds of England, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. This was necessary to bring the whole world up to speed, to spread advanced technologies throughout the world, and of which you now have the global Internet service that keeps your world abreast on a second-by-second, day-by-day and week-by-week basis. Discoveries in one region are shared throughout the whole world, almost simultaneously, so that your world is becoming one culture with many languages. Yet, the binary language of bits and bytes is the underlying basis for your new global culture. It is in this era that we are able to bring the development of the Teaching Mission, which began in New Zealand in 1987 and spread to North America, and to Europe and to South America, and to the rest of the world. This comes after the publication of The Urantia Book, which provides a hard document reference. Even though it is being broken up and published, it is unalterable in its totality, and provides a uniform basis for understanding your world, its development and its participation in the universe of our Creator.

This was followed by the Magisterial Mission, of which I am the head and will eventually become incarnate on your world. In the meantime, further preparation must occur before that happens. Once I become incarnate, then I am much more restricted to one location, and will need to communicate with the rest of the universe as did Christ Michael as the Creator Son of this local universe in the form of Jesus, who went apart from his crew of 12, and communed with the Father. After the Mount of Transfiguration experience, [he] began to communicate with his realm when he took those times apart. I will have the same capacity and abilities, and the same limitations.

My mission is to use the foundation of the earlier centuries of Enlightenment, of religious and spiritual development, and publication of the works of the mystics of various spiritual religious orders, to bring my work into focus upon your world. These were shared in numerous documents, beginning with my first transmission and identification in the first decade of the 21st century, and then with a consistent series of transmissions through this one and numerous other individuals, which were collected in the document, “Global Sustainability and Planetary Management,” edited and collected by this one, whom I speak through today. This was in preparation for the co-creative design teams, the schematic for sustainability, and the cooperative work that you will use in those teams, working with a Melchizedek to guide you through the development of sustainable social institutions.


  • The necessity of beginning with the sustainable individual

More and more is being discovered about using the team process and the schematic. Recently, it was learned in South America, in Pereira, Colombia, at the training workshop at La Suiza that it is necessary for each and every new co-creative design team, to begin their fundamental work with designing the sustainable individual. For the first hundred teams, this will be necessary until their data is collected and collated in a web site library bringing all of those findings together for designing the sustainable individual, beginning at a point several months before conception with the co-creative couple, through the term of pregnancy and into the first year of the child’s life. As you can see, this work, once it is gathered and collated, will provide the basis for all subsequent research and design work by sequential design teams throughout the world. There are universal characteristics in all human cultures, whether in China or the United States, South America, or any other human social group, that are identical within the first two years, beginning before conception until the first year of birth of the child/infant.


The second design must be the sustainable family

Simultaneous to this design work of the individual to age one, Teams must simultaneously begin the design of the sustainable family as a social institution that has the capacity to raise the sustainable individual to age one, and then eventually to independence at age 18-21. This is the usual age when the child is able to leave the family, and has the capacity to be a partner in a procreative couple relationship, to beget their own sustainable children, and so on. What will assist those second generations to do so is having been raised in a sustainable family situation, and to be able to read the research and the design work of earlier co-creative design teams. It is important that the libraries containing sustainable design information be maintained in all major language bases, to be readily available throughout the world, into every country that has Internet service. Universality of all of this information is important for all cultures throughout the world, which will provide the informational base for a sustainable society and global civilization into the future.

You, who have begun this work in Colombia, in February 2011, have begun your work to assist the whole world to move towards the era of sustainability, which you call the age of light and life. This work is vastly important—it is globally important. The data that you collect and the designs you have formulated and submit to your web site eventually for archiving and for publication, will assist every culture, society, nation and group, throughout the world into the future. Those who access this information can use it to begin raising sustainable families, communities and societies whether they are in isolation or not. Eventually, your societies will collaborate and discover that they have many things in common, and those that survive best will be those that are sustainable. Sustainable individuals, family and community will form the basis for sustainable global societies and civilization.

I will allow time soon for you to ask questions, and I will ask you for them, so please keep notes as you read this, decide, so that you may ask those questions in a timely manner. Thank you.


As we move ahead, as many of you have seen, that there is great resistance from the established institutions and organizations and associations, which have formulated the founding documents, which include The Urantia Book and the Teaching Mission—and even earlier elements of the Magisterial Mission. We have no objection to any resistance that you have, about whether our movement ahead is legitimate or not. The work that we have begun can only continue with those who are agreeable and choose to be of assistance. Those of you who are resisting have established your own enclave and associations of resistance, which is fine, and that your criticisms and rational objections are welcome and necessary to lend credibility to the work that we continue.


  • The major languages necessary are English and Spanish

We have begun in New Zealand, crossed the Pacific into North America, where the highly intellectual, rational, linear, logical minds of North Americans have dominated this movement. Fortunately, these major early documents have been translated into Spanish and other Latin languages, which are essential to bring the heart of this movement together with the mind of this movement. Together you will provide a tremendously profitable and productive movement that will soon—within the next two years—envelop the whole earth. The dominant languages of the world of this time in the Western world are English and Spanish. It is necessary to have two sites that closely mirror themselves in English and in Spanish, so that we can move forward rapidly around the world. You will each be a ‘Vasco da Gama’ to circumnavigate the world, as you share this information with your friends, families and associates, and literary associates around the world in these two languages.

It is essential then that you do work your web site, so that they contain these basic fundamental documents to assist individuals around the world. Begin the work of the co-creative design teams in conjunction with an unseen celestial spiritual consultant—usually a Melchizedek or Archangel—who can guide you and lead you into discerning truth from non-truth, and work with productive lines of reasoning, [away] from those that are unproductive. These fundamental documents, we ask that they be provided in toto, on the English site and the Spanish site, as soon as possible. The work of the three ongoing co-creative design teams in Pereira, Colombia is essential that they document their work so that their productiveness and their unproductiveness can be recorded. It is essential that recorders do document the productive lines of action and reasoning, and those which are unproductive. You will, of necessity, have one recorder who will collaborate with the three group recorders and collate their progress, noting the differences and similarities between the three groups. It is essential that productive work be pursued in new teams, and unproductive work be noted, so that these new teams do not go down ‘the rabbit holes’ that are unproductive.


  • The ‘head’ and ‘heart’ of Michael’s efforts

While the ‘head’ of Christ Michael—figuratively speaking—is in North America, centered in Chicago, the body of Christ Michael’s efforts are in South America and whose heart resides in Colombia. Do not be dismayed that this is a metaphor that may not be attractive to you, or give you credit for your heart-centered work. This is a generality in the major theme, rather than in the specific. It is essential that Christ Michael’s beating heart be felt throughout the world. His work that develops in the Latin culture of the Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian is as essential as the logical, rational mind of the North American to balance its earlier, linear development. This work cannot be completed without the union of the mind and heart of Christ Michael in his work in these two cultures. Therefore, we are very glad that this one from North America resonates so well with those in Latin America. His return to Latin America will be necessary until sufficient teachers are trained in South America to carry the work into the Latin world of Europe, and then into the linear cultures throughout the world.

  • Conferences this summer

There are two wonderful opportunities which are going to occur this year: The first is the development of my work at the Triennial Conference that will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the United States of North America, July 26-31. The second that will occur is the All South American Urantia Book Conference, which will be held in Pereira, Colombia, SA in August. It is an opportunity in both conferences to share this work with the world in those individuals who come from all parts of the world to attend—particularly the one in Salt Lake City. In the next three years, before the next Triennial Conference, your world will become quite a different landscape than it is today. One of the reasons we have begun to develop this early in South America is because of their heart-centered energy, which is highly compassionate and passionate and excited about the possibilities of developing the historically tumultuous South American countries into sustainable societies early on. This one will be at the Triennial Conference in Salt Lake City, and at the All South American Conference in Pereira, Colombia, SA.

It was fortuitous that those individuals who sponsored the work of this one in Pereira in February of this year, have also the opportunity to share their excitement, their productivity and the concept and working order of their three co-creative design teams in the August Conference. We anticipate that the work of the Melchizedek Schools and Co-Creative Design Teams will then leap-frog into all South American Urantia Book, Teaching Mission, and Magisterial Mission communities. There will be a need for competent and capable instructors to carry this rapidly to all of those communities. Teachers will be needed to do that. Because this is a co-creative adventure, we ask that those of you who have this capacity to bring this about, do so, as we depend upon your generosity to make this happen.

  • South America will lead the way in sustainability

Remarkably, your countries will be more survivable in many ways than North American cities when the difficulties occur in highly populated, technologically developed and interdependent nations. You, in South America, will have already begun to establish sustainable practices, which many of you have already begun independently. We thank you for that; you will thank yourselves in the near future for having engaged these practices of sustainability, as you will see the product of your work very evidently when other large communities suffer from not having developed these sustainable practices.

So, having begun in New Zealand, our work has spread to North America, into Central and South America and my work will now leap-frog into the European nations, and eventually return to North America, where the work of sustainability will finally be accepted, and the design practices begun. You will have a head start because your South American brothers and sisters will have done much of the foundational work for you, and you can begin working on the sustainable practices for communities and societies, and for interdependent regional societies.

I am open for questions, if you have any.



Roxie: I agree with you totally on the necessity of archiving these transcripts into other languages. At the present time, I can see that it would be helpful to establish two new web sites to showcase the efforts of building sustainable institutions and co-creative design teams, something dedicated to this work as their main function, apart from the huge collections of teachings on other subjects. Otherwise, there is just too much data to wade through and it’s easy to get sidetracked and lose focus. So in essence, you’re saying we need to start new web sites for this material, one in English and the other in Spanish, rather than relying on the archives that are already established?

  • Establishing new web sites

MONJORONSON: Yes, definitely. It will require that the work that has begun related to my mission, be archived in the English and Spanish sites, and that you build from there. The historic material prior to that time can remain in archival sites, which already exist. We ask that you build upon the documents which are relevant to the Magisterial Mission, and that these are held and mirror each other in the English sites and the Spanish site. We do realize that the web site, MelchizedekSchools.com, as it currently exists will perhaps be insufficient to house and distribute hundreds upon hundreds of transcripts related to my work, and to sustainability, and to the design teams. It will be necessary to have these two web sites—the Spanish site and the English site—have greater capacity to handle textual archives, audio archives and video archives, so that the teaching practices, and the teaching of the co-creative design team material can be held in English in videotape, or English dubbed over with Spanish, or wholly in Spanish . This may or may not be difficult, but it is something that will be necessary to spread the training practices rapidly throughout the world.

It will require much more dedicated and intentional work to record this during the Melchizedek Schools training, and edit it so that it is useful as a documentary of training for the work of sustainability and the co-creative design team practices. It may have to be staged, but it would be an actual on-going training practice, much as occurred in Pereira, and La Suiza where the three teams developed under the training guidance of this one. This is our best scenario that we look at right now, and yes it would require the resources of many in both continents to contribute to the financial funding of such work. The dividends would be worthwhile for not just hundreds, but millions of people who could view these documents.

We suggest that you begin with transcripts from the earliest mention of my existence, and provide links and references to Teaching Mission material where it now exists. You do not need to duplicate the totality of all archives before the year 2000, but begin with the document and session which identified my existence, and follow that with all the other transcripts which came about, even those which are controversial, and which others may censor out, but we ask that these be included in the archive. You will find that criticism is a necessary tool of discernment to help unthinking people begin to be thinking and discerning individuals to weigh and sort that which is legitimate from that which is not.

Vicki: Monjoronson, I have a question. It appears then that the location in our world where this co-creative design team work is taking place is primarily then in South America, with some North American participation. I’m wondering how we tie in, or your work on the other continents, such as Asia and Africa will tie into this or relate to this?

  • New groups forming in North America

MONJORONSON: Thank you for your question, and it’s a very timely and good question. Let us begin with the resistance in North America. You are currently working with two individuals, one in Alaska and one in Michigan who are in the process of developing co-creative design team workshops for those people in those areas, and of course, anyone in the world is invited to attend them. It is necessary that you continue the work in North America, as we completely and totally support your efforts here to do so. It is important that individuals be trained in the practices of co-creative design teams in the Melchizedek School format, and that these continue to develop.

It would be helpful if there would be one that would be developed in Florida, as there is some discussion now about that. It would be very helpful to have more and more of these schools in North America be developed for the reason that when eventually there becomes a public necessity or desire to understand and use and practice these co-creative design team processes, that you have a cadre of experienced individuals who could attend and assist in the rapid development of new teams—in hundreds of new teams—throughout North America, when that occurs. You will see a ramping up of interests as this North American nation is brought to its knees and feels the necessity to begin seeing itself in a larger community, rather than so aloof.

  • Working with Christian churches around the world

Your work and assistance to bring these messages to other continents is very necessary and timely. There are English speakers throughout the world, who are spiritual, who are interested in sustainability, and who feel that their world is also in near collapse, or in great difficulty. The use of what you call search-bots or cyber-bots or web-bots to find discerning documents will assist this process, yet you will find that there is already existent an established network of communication among the Christian Churches throughout the world, whether they are Catholic, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Methodist, or any of the others, and that we hope that there will be enclaves of individuals who will be working with us to share the word among the Christian Churches worldwide.

Many of you would find this as an unanticipated and unexpected development within mainline Christian churches, but one that has [a] high potentiality of succeeding that we thoroughly support. The individual who is working in Fresno, California is a highly desirable development and he will find that he has a cohort in Bogotá or Pereira, Colombia who is working on the same process in his own Christian community of Catholicism. These two individuals need to collaborate, both in English and Spanish, so that their developments are simultaneous. This would be very advantageous for us; there are many in South American within the Catholic religion who are highly spiritual and mystical, and who are very accepting of the channeled process of TRing and the revelations that are forthcoming.

There is little resistance for accepting this process of revelation in many of the liberal communities of Catholicism worldwide, in the Latin cultures. You will find that the work that is being done in the Protestant religions will match well with the liberal Catholic communities globally. Wholeheartedly support this and look forward to this development. You will find a spontaneous development and interest, whether in countries of Japan, Korea, China, Indonesia and India, though this will be an unusual process in the Middle East.


  • Need for training documents and video documentaries

We do wish that you produce the training documents as video documentaries, and available on your web sites for training purposes throughout the world. It may be an imperfect situation, but one that is highly desirable and readily visible to those who view this process. Yes, it may be many tens of hours long, but the process of training can be replicated in other societies, even [if] imperfectly. And though imperfect, it can be improved.

The training must include the fundamental the core values of sustainability: life, equality, and growth. These are unequivocally and irreducible in any society, in any nation, in any culture, in any ethnic group, in any religious group. These are fundamental to any society and every society, no matter what beliefs may have developed. You will find that from those core values, certain and incontrovertible beliefs develop, though the expectations and the criteria of performance may vary from society to society. Nonetheless, the core values remain intact and all facets of the belief system, core values, beliefs, expectations and criteria can be cross-checked against the original values.

Religions that are not God-centered will have greater difficulty using this, as they will not have a process of validating their work with an unseen spiritual consultant, one who has been trained in Christ Michael’s Planetary Administration and Management. So, too, those societies and associations and groups that are atheistic and agnostic can as well use this schematic to work with sustainability on a social basis, but will still have the same liability of not being able to validate their work and cross-check it and discern it through an unseen spiritual consultant, who has been trained in Christ Michael’s Nebadon and Planetary Administration. You see, this development has reached a point where we can forecast the development globally, in the next eighteen months. This will continue to move ahead in that increment, though there will be some developments which will halt our forecast to perhaps only twelve months, as the decisions of mortals in tumultuous situations will highly affect the development of the future.

Vicki: Moving back again, talking about those that are not in North America, not in South America, and not necessarily Christian—where or how do you see that development?


  • Academic applications

MONJORONSON: I see that developing particularly and especially in academic situations, where social scientists, who are not God believers, will actually use this schematic for sustainability and apply it and see how it can be used. As well, there are in governmental circles many [that] are not God-centered or God believers who will use this in planning, whether it is county or municipal planning, whether it is state planning or national planning. It will also, eventually, get into think tanks and to be applied in strategic planning situations for the global community of nations and societies, particularly as it relates to financial sustainability and commercial sustainability. Sustainability will be a factor that cannot be escaped. These agencies, in thinking of material sustainability, as the oncoming rush of cataclysmic events develop and the tightening of the noose of interdependence strangles many nations, it will be necessary to think in new terms. Even while people are being lost to desperate situations, planning will continue and help the future of sustainability in all nations.

This is something that the co-creative design team, and the schematic for sustainability can be applied in toto to any situation, any society, whether God-centered believing or not. However, in the long-term development of any society, in the terms of centuries and millennia, they must become God-centered and under the tutelage of planetary management and administration to become sustainable into the term of millennia and tens of thousands of years.

Mahdi, Conflict

  • Will Islamic peoples accept Monjoronson?

Vicki: Monjoronson, it’s been brought to my intention just recently—I was reading that in the Islam belief, they have their own predictions of one coming similar to you, not as being a Magisterial Son—will they connect to you in this way?

MONJORONSON: Yes, they will, as well as will the Christians. My coming is forecast in almost all God-centered religions, and particularly identified in Islam as being the Mahdi—I am that one. Just as in Christendom, Islamic religion has many inconsistencies, and my presence will bring a sharp contrast to their belief system of what works and what does not work. There is a certain pragmatism of all the work that we do, where the co-creative design teams, through the schematic of sustainability or my presence, will bring out the inconsistencies in the belief systems of religions, and of societies. They will find immense conflict, such that there will be internecine conflicts and warfare of those who believe and do not believe. Those who hold to the old will hold on and fight for the old beliefs, while those who see the reality, the pragmatic necessity of adopting to the new, will be held in conflict with those who are more conservative.

Obviously, we understand and know in advance that those who see the pragmatic, practical reality of believing in social sustainability and are spiritual, founded on a practical spirituality that will sustain itself and survive. This is what the future is all about. It is simply that within the Islamic belief, a current individual who is the head of the politics in Iran, has identified myself, the Mahdi, as one who is coming into their presence. His proclamation to the United Nations of my coming caused a great deal of furor around the world and the nation of Islam and to those political and economic heads of societies, who are Islamic. These comments were seen as disruptive and shaking the stability of the religio-politico stability of that region and those nations. Yet, he spoke the truth, that my presence will become known to all, and that it will be a highly destabilizing presence at that, economically, politically and religiously.

Materialization, Turbulence

  • Monjoronson’s arrival will be destabilizing to many

In that era of my coming, in those three to ten years following my arrival, you will see a world in tremendous uproar in its belief systems that are invested religiously, politically and economically. It will be highly destabilizing and there will be global disruption. Therefore, it is necessary that my approach be done very carefully, very slowly. Many of you naively think that I should appear at any time, yet we are not in the business of political, social, economic disruption, which leads to social chaos and political and global upheavals. It is necessary that we be thoughtful and careful that the most souls on this world begin to believe in the future, believe in Christ Michael’s work, my work and the centeredness of God, so that when they cross over to the afterlife, they have the beliefs to guide them into the celestial, morontial realm easily and peacefully.

You see, my friends, we consider not just the plane of your planet materially, but also your transit through the morontial and onward. It is necessary that your world have as many cross over completely into the morontial realm, without being caught in the space in-between, which we have discussed before and which I do not wish to get into today. Your question is well founded, and I appreciate it. I hope the answers that I give today will add clarity to what you perceive in the future. Do not be dismayed if I do not appear for at least another ten to fifteen years. It is not so necessary when I appear, but how I appear and the developments that precede my appearance. It must be done carefully, thoughtfully, and compassionately for your whole world. (Long pause.)


  • The arrival of Monjoronson will be when it is developmentally correct

Vicki: Monjoronson, are you saying then, that your manifestation on earth may be ten or fifteen years in the future?

MONJORONSON: It will be when it is right developmentally and evolutionarily correct for me to appear. We, who are invested in the right outcomes for your planet, are not so much concerned about the chronology that is occurring, but the right development of events that will support my appearance and create the least damage to your world in all regards. It will surely not occur this year or next year, or within three years; it will be a timely and propitious event that will occur for the best outcomes and with the least damage. This may cause great disappointment to many of you. However, you will come to know me more personally in the intervening years. There is much preparation that must occur prior to my arrival. Do not underestimate the necessity of your participation individually, socially and as groups for my appearance. There will be great and tremendous preparation in doing so.

When I said I will knock upon your door and ask to come in, when that occurs, you generally will be fully prepared for my appearance to do so at that time. It will not be a sudden happening; it will be a gradual and developmental process socially and spiritually so that you are not overwhelmed by my presence. Many of you feel the presence of the Dalai Lama and other spiritual teachers of great profound nature. However, you will be overawed when I appear at your doorstep, while others will physically faint, and this will not be unusual, no matter how much I down-step and diminish the presence and power of my being. Do not be disappointed, dear one, you and others are being prepared for this as necessary, though there will be sacrifices along the line, your disappointment will be the food for your greater spiritual growth.

Vicki: I think I am done with my questions for today.


  • Effective prayers for earth changes

Roxie: Monjoronson, do our mortal prayers have any effect on the physical changes that our earth is going through?

MONJORONSON: Yes, your prayers are very necessary, but it is as necessary that you pray effectively. Many of you pray passionately and devoutly, but are ineffectual in your prayers. To be effective in your prayers, you must state your intention for your prayer work, and hold the vision for the end result, without any special interest to yourself. If you are praying for the earth, then you are praying for harmony, divine order, divine timing, and divine development, where the blanket of love, compassion, tolerance, patience and forgiveness envelop the earth, so that there is peace. Peace can only be founded when there is acceptance and appreciation for others, and from there you can develop love, so that you pray with the intention of peace on earth, and you feel that peace, and you project that peace in your words and your thoughts and your consciousness to all of earth. Then you have made your prayers effective.

Roxie: Yes, I understand the peace as far as the mortals who live upon the planet are concerned, but I seem to get caught in a “catch-22” that I see a lot of these earth changes really do need to be made, and I find it difficult to know whether to pray “for” or “against” these changes, knowing that it will be very difficult and tragic for many people.

MONJORONSON: Do neither; pray for right outcomes. It is necessary that disruption occur in your world, not that it was ordained or fostered or supported, by God or Christ Michael. These were initiated with the development and evolution of your planet as a geo-physical, spiritual, energetic entity, and the evolution of human populations and society. It is just that the coincidence of these geo-physical disruptions will lead to further political, economic, social disruptions, which break the crystallization of thought and belief. Only then can people have the opportunity to change their beliefs and begin praying for better outcomes in their world. Pray for right outcomes as the eventual development, the intention of your prayers and your projections. Let God and Christ Michael and their planetary managers use the cataclysms, which have begun, to reframe the belief systems of your people, so that they contribute to a sustainable world socially, economically, politically and spiritually.

Roxie: Thank you. Yes, that does answer my question.


MONJORONSON: Thank you for patience and presence today. I know that many of you will be rocked back on your heels by some of the things that I have said. Others of you will be very eager to begin implementing what I have suggested, and some of you, of course, will remain skeptical. We work with those who are accepting of our work, as you are the ones who will be involved as the foot soldiers in the army of light and love that we have begun forming. You are needed, and your positive attitudes, your discerning minds and your loving hearts will provide the energy for the forward movement of our work, and the healing of your planet in the eventuality of time, which may be far shorter than you think, though of course, during the intervening years, it will be quite difficult. Patience, my friends. Love one another as I love you and Christ Michael loves you. Ask Christ Michael into your heart and into your mind when you feel an emptiness and unsure of your own mind, and your capacity to make effective decisions. The presence of the Spirit of Truth is necessary to assist you in moving forward to constructive conclusions, which we have now planned with you, to engage co-creatively. I wish you a blessed and successful day, and I wish you the best for all we can do together. Good day.