2011-03-29-Teamwork in Building Cultural Centers

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Topic: Teamwork in Building Cultural Centers

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson, Finaliter #1, Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo




MONJORONSON: Good evening, my brethren. This is Monjoronson who is addressing you now, prior to your time with the Paradise Finaliters who were present with some of you a number of years ago. Doubt not that what your sister brought forth is true, for there now are innumerable varieties of ways for you to contact with unseen help to facilitate your efforts in building these preliminary cultural centers for the inauguration of light and life upon Urantia.

As I exhorted you all in last evening’s sessions to make full advantage of all that you have now, you will need it. You will find yourselves in positions of increased authority to be instrumental as agents for change of Michael’s new ways of love to be appreciated and demonstrated on Urantia. My staff of helpers is working with many agencies of the Father in Paradise, as Michael’s complement, and Nebadonia’s retinue of angels, various personalities who you have read about in the Urantia text, and new groups of personalities who are designed to also augment the clean-up efforts here on this world, so we are all working together as a great team.

And now it is your turn to learn to work in these ways of teamwork and collaboration. It serves none of you to hold on to your own ideas as guarded possessions, but to share them into this pool of collective thoughts from which the best and highest wisdom can be gleaned and from which the information as to go about the task of building these cultural centers will ensue.

You may ask the questions that you have on your mind and heart of myself or of your Paradise Finaliter brethren. As you know, we have come from the very center of life itself and the amount of loving guidance that you have available to you and will grow into expanded abilities is at heights never before experienced upon Urantia. So, as you go through these tumultuous times of change, keep ever strong within your heart the peace of Michael, for though some of you may pass through the waters of adversity you will be accompanied and you will emerge successful.

I will step back and answer any questions if I am addressed, but for now I will let the Paradise Finaliters speak their words of encouragement and inspiration to you.


The Garden Project

FINALITER NO. 1: Good evening, my dear sisters and brothers. You may recognize me as Finaliter Number 1. I will be answering your questions this evening as you move through your thoughts and bring your concerns to bear to me. How may I serve you now?

Student: Finaliter No. 1, thank you. Thank you so much for culling our prayers. As you know, we spoke at some length about the Garden Project and how – what avenue it should take and I appreciate the fact that now we see the Garden Project as being separate from but connected to the New Dalamatia Project. I would be curious if you would be able to give us an idea of a preferred country that this planetary headquarters could be situated in.

FINALITER NO 1: National boundaries will shift as the ideas of a world government become more desirable in human consciousness. We understand why you would be inquisitive as to which country would harbor the most favorable conditions or environment for the center. It would be thus situated in an area of high receptivity to change, to transformation, where there was a good blending of various cultural groups, with diversity of religious perspectives and an over-arching tolerance and respect for various viewpoints.

The groups that we most encourage are those people who have begun the very challenging task of putting aside personal agendas and working for a common goal. There are still many groups who have high-minded intentions. but the adherence to the collective wisdom without personal attachment is still very few and far between. So those physical locations that support these types of interpersonal communications would be most favorable. You must be open to extending the search or approaching others who would be favorable to areas in various places on the globe where these pockets of individuals are now gathering.

It is important to expand your scope of questioning or searching beyond your current under-standing and go into the realms of ‘what are the ideals that must be in place, and then have individuals who are committed to those ideals be brought together. We envision that for a time there would be what you would call ‘pilot programs’ that would spring up in different locations and certain pilot locations may function well for a period of time and then not contain the requisite balance of moral, intellectual and spiritual development to go, as you say, the distance. So we envision that there will be a number of possible places that would develop over the next five to ten years that may form the basis, the foundational structure for this new planetary center. Does this answer your question, my sister?

Student: Very well, indeed! And it does encourage me to ask yet another question. Obviously if we are talking about planetary headquarters, sooner or later it must be revealed to the masses on the planet that we are indeed part and parcel of the universe of universes as it’s lovingly maintained by a First Source and Center, and do we need to plan for the revelation of that information as we go about attempting to set up a planetary headquarters?

FINALITER NO. 1: This is already occurring. The construction of Urantian thought is being steered in the direction of now recognizing the greater familyhood that exists in terms of your higher spiritual understanding; there is a growing desire within the human heart to belong to a family; the concepts of oneness and unity are gaining strength upon Urantia. This will foster the understanding, the acceptance of the fatherhood of God, which is so clearly articulated in the Urantia text. But as you know, you must absorb these concepts a little bit at a time and you are, as a planetary consciousness, all being steered in a certain direction now so that the flowering of these concepts would come to full bloom in time. Does this suffice for now?

Student: Yes, thank you.


FINALITER NO. 1: The world as you know it is changing. Some places will seem to be changing radically and others will slowly emerge into a new cultural consciousness, but as you know, the stuff of the rebellion is slowly being erased. You all are given, what we would consider, a most exquisite opportunity now to receive from your divine Mother and Father the imprint of perfect qualities of both the gender attributes that make for a balanced and polished symmetry of personality. How many of your brethren have actually, consciously, assented to this? So here is your opportunity for you to step up, for you to continue to receive, for you to continue to make those internal adjustments that foster greater Adjuster reception and greater affinity to the lovely attributes of your Mother and Father in Spirit.

We encourage you in many ways, not only to collaborate together more effectively, to put aside your personal ideas and to come together in this larger pool of family, of oneness, of loving one another, and validating one another, that the desire to collaborate would grow so strong that it would spur you into new dynamic relationships with one another, who would all grow and share, bringing the best forward in developing these new cultural centers. You have within your midst a person who has been seeded with these ideas for many years in a project called “The Zooid Mission” wherein a cultural center was well established and underway. It would behoove many of you people who are undertaking these missions to apprise yourself of the structure of what she has written in this book. This book was given to her in anticipation of this time.

It is interesting to see how you are all responding to the energies of Spirit as they move in you and we encourage you to continue to make your daily attempts at quieting your mind for further Adjuster communication and reception, and in clearing the circuits of your physical wiring that your overall systematic functioning would work together seamlessly. It serves none of you well to harbor in those ideas of self-recrimination, self-abasement and judgment of self or others, so please learn to put these weapons down, and to play nice with one another and to appreciate one another more.

As you share this information with others in your group who were a part of the commissioning, encourage them. Help them recognize the areas in which they feel they may need support. Encourage one another more, support one another more. We will be available to answer your questions, as was indicated, for a brief period of time, but you have ample support through the agencies of your Adjuster, through your relationship with your Mother and Father, from the company of Monjoronson and his staff, and the whole universe of Nebadon who is watching and who are greatly in your corner, supporting your efforts. Again, we cannot stress enough how much help you have available, but it is up to you to make good and wise use of your thoughts, and your motivations to be about the Father’s business.

The gathering at the international conference in July will be a very opportune time for those of you who are like-minded in this direction to collaborate together and to bring others who, you might say, are out of the fold into the fold so you are all supporting and learning how to collaborate more with one another. This is the time for you to learn the effective ways of teamwork which is the model of universe functioning. Do you have any other questions this evening before we conclude?

Student: I just have one question. Do you encourage us to share tonight’s information to our like-minded fellows generally or should we keep this information generally to the commissioned ones for a while?

FINALITER NO. 1: Not necessarily. The concern of your sister was personal, and you are at liberty to share this with whomever you feel would be receptive, but again, it is important for you to respect her desire for anonymity but it is not necessarily the case that you would deprive others of this information who would be ready to receive it.

Student: Certainly.

FINALITER NO. 1: This is the moment. Many of you have been long prepared. It is time to make those strides out into the world, to be the mouthpiece of the Father, to share these words of love and hope. The human heart is being primed, and as you are witnessing through your television, there are many people in countries where repression has served to constrain the human heart, and the pressure has mounted and the dam is now bursting. Use this momentum to foster your movement toward the development of these centers. Even if you are only working with a handful of individuals, your desire to build these communities will be supported. Some will grow exponentially because the right mix of individuals have come together, so you must use your efforts wisely and know that the resources that you need will come together when the time is right.

I will leave you now, if you have no more questions, and you may make your appeal to communicate with us in your stillness while we are still here for the next few days. But truly you have the tools and the resources will be available. Come together more in prayer and like- heartedness that you would be bolstered for the tasks at hand. I leave you in our Father’s love and may the peace of Michael grow ever stronger in your hearts and inspire you to greater acts of love and mercy to your brothers and sisters. Good evening.

Student: Thank you.

MICHAEL: My children, this is Michael. You see the stream of Paradise support is here upon Urantia and for the other worlds isolated by the rebellion. My plan has many variations to it. You will not understand all of these, nor see them during your human life time, but those facets that involve you, that actually require you, will be made known to you. We do not leave you alone to undertake these tasks without the appropriate support and help, but as we have said many times in the past, you must do your part, you must prepare yourselves, and you must be secure and steadfast in my peace. So again, let me embrace you, let me hold you in my love: that this may flow outwardly from your hearts. You may carry this out into the world in ample supply in each and every moment. Receive me, my beloved children, and be in my peace.

  • [Long Stillness]


MICHAEL: Your preparation time is coming to an end. Do not be concerned about your ability or the fact that you may not have enough experience, for it is within the various experiences that you will have that leave attributes of the Father’s love, strength, courage, will become valuable soul possessions. You gird yourselves; you embody these qualities through your experiences. You cannot think your way to being courageous, you must live through it.

I will accompany you through this. My Spirit of Truth burns brightly in your beings. Have you not felt the yearning for new truth and love to come into Urantian life? What is this? This is the Spirit of Truth resonating within your beings. It is my voice calling to you to minister to your brothers and sisters, our family, and I am moving in and through you. So do not doubt that you are not up to the task. The more experience you amass the more skills you will gain and the greater usefulness you will be to me, and I will be able to convey more of my power and strength through you. So grow, my children. Go out into the fields and build my love upon Urantia. You live in my peace, you live in Mother’s heart of joy, and you are loved beyond any measurement. Good evening.