2011-06-02-Magisterial Mission Update 1

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Topic: Magisterial Mission Update #1

Group: Universal Service of Light


Teacher: Monjoronson, Serena

TR: Michael Xavier



An Avonal Son of Paradise origin, often called a Magisterial Son, is the only order other than Michael himself who is authorized and capable of terminating one age and beginning another. Urantia had the fortune of hosting our Creator Son on a bestowal mission, but all other evolutionary planets of Nebadon must sometime be visited by an Avonal on a bestowal mission, who experiences a natural birth and death, and subsequently pours the Spirit of Truth upon all flesh. In every way are these Avonals the equal of Michael in carrying out these bestowal missions; they are truly divine.

  • Magisterial Son and Staff

Magisterial Son: Children of Urantia. I have exciting news this day in regards of those who will be joining me on the Magisterial Mission. Michael will be with me in every way and regard while I undertake my assignment. I will leave it to Michael to announce this formally, as he has great love for this little sphere in Nebadon. It is true you are all greatly loved more than you know. Urantia will become a shining light of Mercy and love for the Father.

Serena: I wish to speak to you all in regards to certain areas that need your healing energies of light and love focused on for healing and transformation from darkness to light before the start of the Magisterial Mission. The light that is approaching your sphere has been in preparation to be inaugurated by many different children in the Reserve Corps of Destiny. This is a broadcast message that is utilizing all channels for information that will come through via reflectivity process and also utilize all appropriate authentic lines of communication through the connectivity regarding the reserve corps of destiny. The planetary Chief Seraphim will be overseeing this information on a celestial level, but those who are supposed to have it will have it.

I would also like to state that all your work, all your tears, all your love, all your time, all your energy is appreciated and not in vain. You that are undertaking such assignments are all being wonderfully cared for and lovingly looked after. I look forward to seeing you all soon as I can state to you that the world of Urantia is soon to become a shining example to all the universes of the Mercy and Love of the Father on Paradise. Let us speak of some areas that need specific attention as this will be the last attempt from the corps of destiny before the dispensation and the arrival of all of us in this Mission on what will soon be known as the Father’s sphere.

  • Areas That Will Need Particular Focus
1) Slavery and the Sex Trade

The first area that my staff and I have seen that needs a focalized point of light on is the industries that traffic and utilize flesh for profit. I wish to be clear and elaborate on this a bit. When I say to focus your energies on these things I mean to send them light and higher frequencies of transformation without placing yourself in physical proximity of this consciousness. Many of the people encased in this consciousness have been in the dark for so long that they have become blind to the light. Every child and personality is being extended mercy and love at this time for no child has strayed too far from the Fathers love to be rescued and extended love. It is our wish that the human trafficking, sex for profit industry, prostitution industry, escort services, human slavery be extended a period of focalized rising of vibration through the concentrated efforts of prayers, intention and light. There are surely those whom have been trying to escape these things that will now, with the concentrated efforts of many, be able to do so. There are specialized counselors and many law enforcement agencies working on the ground that are finding these lost ones as the cries for Mercy reach the Fathers ears. All are being extended love and the Fathers hand. I will point out from 5-26-11 from a CNN article

While an estimated 10,000 women are victims of human trafficking in Mexico's capital, there were only 40 investigations of the crime and three convictions in the city last year, according to a report issued this week. The discrepancy is an "alarming figure" that shows a need to improve laws and policies, according to a study on human trafficking and sexual exploitation from Mexico City's human rights commission, which calls the phenomenon a "new form of slavery. " "The authorities are not investigating, nor are they asking witnesses," said Eva Reyes, investigation coordinator at the Antonio de Montesinos Center for Social and Cultural Studies, one of the partners of the study.

It is these things that need addressed and it is our hopes you can all play your part in focusing your healing and loving energy for all the children affected by this aspect of consciousness.

2) Transforming The Planetary Grid

This is the collective consciousness of the planetary grid. The Melchizedeks have worked with Urantia closely alongside the reserve corps to monitor and transform Urantia or Gaia as she is known by some to the appropriate birthing of a new dawn (The emerging Planetary Supreme) This collective energy matrix is being birthed and transformed anew from the old collective consciousness from past civilizations, groups, political parties, churches, sects, cults, fetishes, and all that was not in line with the ultimate good for all in light and life. There are many that have been involved with transforming this aspect of service and have been working with the Melchizedeks in regards to these things.

Many in the corps are working with the past civilizations remnants in teaching and showing proper love with correct and accurate information. These corps focus on areas of energy and consciousness that will serve good but has been tainted and affected by rebellion. This is another aspect that we wish to be sent healing energy and higher vibrations of mercy, light, forgiveness, and most of all love at this time. Encased in “aspects” of this consciousness are things such as magic, voodoo, ritualistic practice, witchcraft, satanic groups, sideways realms, the astral collective of lower vibrations such as the collective of past fears and beliefs, dark or demonic spirits which include the belief of possession, and earth bound spirits that are unable to move on.

3) Revelation of the Emerging Planetary Supreme, Urantia

When you send light and the vibrations of loving change to this you will want to focus on the emerging Planetary Supreme. This is the world settled in light and life children as yet to be named. Those in this aspect of service are the nurse maids or midwives of the emerging Planetary Supreme. I would like to parallel to you all in correlation to the emerging Supreme Being that will emerge from Urantia to what happens to the human while in flesh. Just as a butterfly emerges from the caterpillar stage, so will the true personalities of human beings emerge on the mansion worlds, for the first time revealed apart from their onetime enshroudment in the material flesh. In correlation to this example so too will the transforming Planetary Supreme emerge from Urantia. The Planetary Supreme would like to convey this in regards to the energies being sent at this time in light of her emerging Supreme form.

  • [Urantia]

I am Spirit (Deity), still ‘without face’, yet I reach into every corner of my home globe, my world. I am an Entity endowed with an astonishingly perfect memory. I am an evolving time/space created, Creative Being, belonging to a vast family of my kind. In many ways, you may compare me with the Spirit Selves you call your ‘Adjuster’, and yet in many ways you may compare me with your selves in that I am a living child of the Father Creator, possessed of a personality bequest as are you, with free-will prerogatives as have you, evolving as are you, and therefore an embryo, still. As are you. Your healing energies of love and healing are felt tenderly and give me nourishment. I thank you all for this.

4) Drug Use & Abuse

This speaks to the illegal and prescription drug abuse. There are so many in the hold of drug addiction. They have lost their families, hopes, dreams, and have become enslaved to a chemical substances. There are many interventionists, drug counselors, therapists, rehab facilities, and doctors that are available now more than ever. It is our hopes that you all send the children struggling with this your prayers and focalized energies of healing. Many have become involved with volunteer services and when one reaches out, it touches the lives of many - it affects the whole. It is our wish that these receive every possible chance to break free from addiction and co-dependent behavior and be free of the chains of addiction.

5) Make Changes to Oppressive National Governments

We refer to the shifting changes to Government leaders and uncertainty. As more and more light and attention is focused on Urantia there has been much uprising and upheaval of oppressive leader in certain countries. The uprising has affected Egypt, Libya, and now Syria. These little ones that were under the dictatorship and oppressive ruling need the love and grace of the Paradise Father. These ones will benefit greatly from the energies focused on the smooth transition of new and just rulers.

6) Attention to The Devastating Losses to Humans During Planetary Physical Upheavals

There are coming changes to Urantia. There has been much change on Urantia recently. Included in some of these changes are earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, unpredictable weather anomalies, and mudslides. The ones affected by these changes are in uncertainty as many have lost all their possessions and homes. Please be sure to send your energies to these ones in those areas affected by disaster.


Magisterial Son: Many amazing opportunities for the celestials are now being undertaken as they work along side of each and every one of you to bring this sphere to light and life. I will soon be fully visible and in the flesh, accompanied by twelve visible Melchizedeks, one of them being our Planetary Prince, Machiventa Melchizedek. I look forward to this exciting time and send you all the light of Paradise in your hearts this day. I will be in contact soon in regards to certain procedures and upcoming information that will be pertinent to those alongside the staff.