2011-07-22-Giving Without Expectations

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Topic: Giving Without Expectations

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Oscar



Thought Adjuster: “To give without expecting anything in return is a very important and necessary attitude to have in this world. However, we should clarify some of the ideas that your society has formulated in this respect.

Human beings must work to earn their sustenance. It is not expected of mortals to work without obtaining a benefit. If a person works solely for the benefit of another, this is slavery. If a person decides to forfeit their fair earnings, due for his or her efforts, this person is endangering his or her material survival. Clearly, work should be adequately remunerated, and all mortals have the right to enjoy the results of their material labors.

“When we talk about giving without expectations, we talk about those things you can offer your siblings to improve their lives or to enlighten their ways. These things may be separated from your profession or be a part of it. Problems arise when people determine that the potential effort involved to help others doesn’t make sense, because it will not result in personal benefits.

“Such is the prevailing attitude in the world today. So often the answers are known, but they are not implemented by an individual, group, corporation, or government, because they haven’t found a way to profit from them. You may notice how much food is wasted by the biggest retailers of industrialized nations. Tons of food are never sold, and this surplus is simply discarded, wasted. One might think that this surplus could be used to feed the poorer nations on earth. However, these big corporations have not found a method in which to do this and generate earnings at the same time, when in fact they could just send that food to where it is most needed, using barely a fraction of their huge profits. This bottom-line way of thinking prevents a lot of good from being done in the world.

“Even those in the ‘self-help’ and spirituality circles are subjected to this way of thinking. So often do they approach those who really need their help and instead of offering the advice, guidance, and counseling that would help them, they just provide them with a sales offer. ‘I can make your dreams a reality, if you pay’ seems to be their basic pitch.

“My beloved children, everything that has been placed in this world is for the enjoyment of all. You already have all the resources you need on this planet, so each human being can have everything needed to live a normal life and much more. If you have an idea about solving a problem, give it to the world. Don’t hold back until you first figure out a way for it to benefit you. If you can help your brother, do it without thinking that you are wasting your time because you are not making a profit. Don’t take advantage of the suffering and the confusion of your siblings in order to enrich yourself. Instead take this as an opportunity to represent your Father in this world, so those who receive your goodness can at the soul level feel that they have seen a glimpse of God through your service.”