2011-08-28-Growing Heart Mindedness

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Topic: Growing Heart Mindedness

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, thank you for this time to come together in a united effort to build the field of Light upon Urantia for our Magisterial Son and his staff to use in service for planetary transformation. We ask to be woven together in unified mind, intention, heart, and souls. We ask our Adjusters to fraternize with one another and to come under the direction of Jesus’ personalized Adjuster and the Adjusters to collaborate with our Magisterial Son. We thank you for this opportunity to co-create and work together with our celestial team. We ask that your will be done. Thank you.



MONJORONSON: Greetings, my brethren. This is Monjoronson. I welcome you to this forum of building the grid of LOVE and LIGHT upon Urantia. Many of you are aware of the energetic cleansing of a type of frequency that is still operative upon your world that prevents certain phases of planetary transformation from progressing. Our efforts today are to further repair and upgrade this planetary grid. Your efforts today will be primarily focused to bring in the light of TRUTH, MERCY, COMPASSION, RIGHTMINDEDNESS and LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL. These desires of the human heart are paramount to the reclamation of the energy grid that has been corrupted. While your efforts are necessary for the balancing of this grid, we ask you to focus only on that which is of the Father. We will take care of the rest.


In your mind’s eye and in your heart’s desire, see your world in the state of Light and Life. There is one reality and that is aligned in the Father’s will. There is no more poverty, social injustice, no war. There is cooperation among the cultures and races, a unified language, a unified depiction of reality and the deity presences that support planetary evolution. There is understanding and cooperation between cultures. There is tolerance for differences of opinion. There is harmony in human relationships. All of these things are possible and they are the outpouring, the blossoming of what your efforts are initially designed to yield, albeit it will be many generations before this state is achieved.

But by holding this picture in your mind’s eye, you are bringing in an energy that will foster the creation of more LOVE, TRUTH and LIGHT upon Urantia. Take a few moments to focus in your heart and in your mind’s eye, to let Urantia be truly the jewel of all Nebadon. We will add to your efforts as you do this. Take your time and enjoy this visual experience of seeing Urantia in the era of Light and Life. (Pause)

It does your heart good, does it not, to focus on this? It builds a sense of understanding of the nature and scope of this undertaking of the ages. The evolutionary progression of Light and Life is so wondrous and beautiful to behold as each person participates in their own unique way. Now while this plan has been thwarted for many years upon Urantia, nevertheless it will reach this heightened stage of spiritual culture. We ask you to increasingly see this in your mind’s eye and your heart’s desire.


The LOVE that you generate for this to transpire upon your world is creating a tidal wave that we will use to cleanse the grid of all that has been perpetuated in iniquity. We ask you to increasingly appreciate how each soul, how each thought, how each expression of LOVE adds to this greater yielding toward the blossoming of Light and Life. How many times you are given ideas to whet your appetite to think about? But it is truly in savoring these ideas, to feel the value of what this truly represents. This is what grows experientially and exponentially as you manifest your values in your daily lives.

These values of LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL, RIGHTMINDEDNESS, MERCY and COMPASSION, we ask you to experience these with more gusto, with more enjoyment, as you would enjoy the most delicious meal, morsel by morsel. You would not wish to consume such a delicious meal so quickly that it was over so soon and the satisfaction diminishes. No! You would want to savor each morsel, feeling the textures, the flavors in your mouth, savoring those sensory nuances that increase your enjoyment. This is what we are doing as we are clearing, healing and transforming Urantia. Each time a soul is released, the grid cleanses, is cause for celebration and an experience to be savored.

So in the coming days, if you feel you are being more impressed with these ideas to participate with the clearing of the grid or in the clearing of your own energy system, think about this idea. Savor the deliciousness that comes through the clearing process and know that you are indeed creating a thought-form that is building the era of Light and Life upon this world.

So let these words settle in. Continue to feel your desire for this era to shine its light into the universe, helping to complete the growing Supreme Being in all creation. This planet has a part to play, and you as its inhabitants are being called to enact one of the greatest roles of your evolutionary careers. Focus on this idea of Light and Life and we will continue to add and build what you are generating from your heart. (Pause)

We greatly appreciate your efforts as you gather in this forum. We truly understand the questions that many of you have been experiencing as we expose more of the elements of the portrayal of rebellion upon your world. We understand how confusing and disheartening this can be at times to you, but we ask you to focus not on the aspects of the grid that has been corrupted, but by what you are generating through your love of your world and for your brothers and sisters. Let your hearts swell with love.


Focus the word LOVE around your planet with as much gusto and joy and celebration as you can muster. Send that line of energy from your heart to the world. See the world wrapped and bathed in the golden cords of LOVE, pulsating its radiant energy and transformational language all over the earth. (Pause)

This LOVE is an energy field. It has a magnetic vibration that opens pathways and portals in various places where there is entrenched what you would call negativity, darkness, a lack of light or life. As you focus on this word and energy picture, feel your desire for LOVE to penetrate into the places where this darkness is compacted. It is not necessary that you see where this is, just hold that intention and attentively focus on your desire for these places to receive this massive infusion. As you do this, ask for Michael’s TRUTH to penetrate the veil of lies and shine forth His BEAUTY and GOODNESS to those who need to see. This will be generated on many levels. We need you to truly feel and focus this now as the celestial hosts use what you are generating for planetary transformation. (Pause)

What a joy it is to collaborate with you, our human brothers and sisters, in the transformation of this beautiful world. Do you truly understand the significance of what you participate with us in bringing about? We know that your understanding is beginning to deepen. Your perspective is beginning to broaden in understanding these dimensions of evolutionary reality. But what has transpired upon Urantia is such an anomaly that you are learning as we learn. You are growing as many are growing in creative expressiveness of the Father’s Will. One day when you are further progressed upon your path, you will remember these times of laboring in the fields upon Urantia to change the course of its evolution. You will marvel at what you learned and what you experienced.

Be reminded to savor these times when the world around you seems to have lost its focus and chaos breaks out. From this chaos comes order and light. But it will be important for you to maintain the stability, not only in your feelings, but in your understandings that Michael’s hand is truly at the helm here, guiding this beloved and sacred world through this transition period. Never lose focus on this, my children. Never let the idea that things are lost or breaking apart, for Michael is in charge. One day, after the storm has passed, you will stand in the dawning of a new time of Light and Life. You will rejoice with us and see things afresh in your heart and mind.


So let us now focus on the energies of HEART-MINDEDNESS. Send that signal from your heart that the world be bathed in the energy word of heart-mind. HEARTMINDEDNESS. Feel your desire for this mindedness of the heart to go deep, deep, deep into the planet at all levels of its construction. (Pause)

Building this matrix of light is an ongoing undertaking and it will be necessary for more humans to participate in this. Share as much information as you can with your brothers and sisters. Even if they are unaware of this time of transition, encourage them to pray for more LOVE and LIGHT to come to Urantia. It is a simple request. Some people will feel more reticence to do this, but we ask you to step up your willingness to share with people that the planet needs more LOVE and LIGHT, and to pray for it.


Do what you can each day. Continue to focus on the MIND OF THE HEART growing strong on Urantia during your period of meditation and prayer and surely we will be there to amplify your efforts. I will leave you now. Thank you for your love and your commitment to serve. Be in the peace of our Father, the joy of creation, and the light that emanates from Paradise, unifying us all in LOVE. Good day.