2011-09-25-Paradise Must Wait

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Topic: Paradise Must Wait

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Nebadonia

TR: George Barnard



Nebadonia: “My dear children, this is Nebadonia. I am the daughter of the Creator of Mind. I am the Daughter of the Third Source and Center, the Holy Spirit, and I am the eternal Consort of Michael, the Nebadon Creator Son. Long ago as you reckon time, Michael and I moved together from Paradise into the time-space realm to create the local Universe of Nebadon, where we are cognizant of all that eventuates.


Recently you had the opportunity to hear from, and to speak with, one of our Paradise kin I always respected so greatly, and always will love -- one of the ones that are Without Name and Without Number. It was for you a great opportunity to learn a little more and to again see your friend. Most likely to many others, all he had to say might have been a little confusing. So on this day let us discuss the capacity of various mind endowments. As is understandable, in this Local Universe there is no one better informed than I am to speak with you about mind endowments.

“Long ago you were taught how a school of fish, as does a flock of birds, do avail themselves of their universally available, collective mind endowments allowing them to twist and turn in unison in navigation, and in flight. Long ago you learned how the apes can use a mind that from one continent to another will allow them to both learn and teach things. There are capable mind endowments suited to any species of any kind, terrestrial and celestial, and now you have become more aware of how many different mind endowments must exist when it is possible for you to meet on Paradise an individual who can virtually by osmosis provide you with everything he knows, everything he has ever learned in all eternity.

“You will even find it possible for two of you as friends or strangers to meet up with such an individual without name or number, and to be able to learn everything about him, yes, all he has ever learned, and at the same time re-learn every single experience the two of you as friends or strangers have between you. Paradise is a place where progress and learning, knowledge and understanding progress at a phenomenal pace. To your human intellect of today it is impossible to grasp just how much there is to know in the universe of universes, and how much there is to learn on Paradise.

“I know that herewith you have progressed a little more, and will certainly understand the message from The One Without Name, Without Number so much more clearly. For my part I wish to add that the acquisition of knowledge is important, but the moral elevation of your mind, the care for your siblings, and the closeness to your Spark from our Father Creator is preferable, most important, yes vital in terrestrial life. Paradise must wait, like dessert after dinner. It is here where beauty and goodness will expose you to truth. Consider.


“This is your Mother Nebadonia wishing I could speak with you somewhat more often. Have a wonderful day. I leave you now with my love, yet I will always be near you.”

George: “Thank you so much …”