2011-11-08-The Presence

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Topic: The Presence

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “Enjoy being is the presence of the Eternal One, who can be found within the self in the Stillness of the human heart.

“To be in the presence of Pure Being gives the weary soul a rest and peace beyond human understanding. This needs to be experienced first hand, and will then never be forgotten.

“Drink of this Peace, and let it saturate your physical, mental and emotional systems, so a healing balm will flow throughout. Take your time.

“Your whole system now benefits enormously from this rest you are allowing yourself to take in, and your spirit feels nurtured beyond measure.

“It is becoming a more and more wonderful journey, quite as life is meant to be, without much strife and aggravation, which are the tormentors of the human mind and spirit.

“Life is good when lived with God, for God is good all the time. It is the human who forgets to tune into the Center of Peace within. Life is precious. Growth is precious. Progress in the spirit is precious. Do not ever be too busy to grow.

“Take time out to reflect and turn within to seek that precious core of peace and stability. I love you, spread My love around, it is endless. Thank you for taking the time to turn within. Be in My peace.”