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Topic: Consciousness, New Morality

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael


  • Moderator: Michael McCray


Prayer: Father, we grasp and feel your presence with us, that you are the source of all wisdom and guidance when we open ourselves to you, and have only to do so to be in intimate relationship with you. We open ourselves now, during these moments, this time, these minutes to your presence and ask for your ready and available guidance to our minds, and we give thanks. Amen.

MONJORONSON: This is Monjoronson.

MMc: Good morning and welcome!

MONJORONSON: Good morning. Are you ready to proceed?

MMc: I believe we are. Is there anything you would like to say to us this morning?


Progress, Purpose

  • Progress report

MONJORONSON: Just that we, on this side, see more clearly how our presence is beginning to be felt on your world. You might say in your terms, that we are gaining traction in your societies. This is not evident to you, but it is to us. We see that our presence is having an influence in many organizations. We are not divided; there is a single intention that we have for your world, and all the spiritual forces, whether individuals, or teams, or groups, or whole bodies, or whole orders of beings are focused on giving their full attention to fulfillment of that intention. That intention is to aid each individual to become God-aware and to live in a society, a world, that supports their growth, spiritually, emotionally and socially, and all the other influences that assist the individual to come into greater awareness of their participation and their presence with God about them and in them. We have this focus, which assists us tremendously. It is our compass that provides us with unerring accuracy and guidance and insight, into those options that we have before us to make decisions about, and the actions that we apply, to fulfill that intention. I hope you give thanks for our work and for the development of our presence in your world in a more tractable way.

MMc: I definitely do give thanks for your work. It would seem to me that I do have some clues of how your work is going on in our world. At this point, it seems like a man entering into a barnyard with the animals. Some are aware that the man is there; some scurry to get out of the way; and some completely ignore him. So your presence in our world is a wonderful blessing to us. It is too bad that only a few of us are ever completely aware that you are actually here.

Magisterial Mission, Organizations, Individual

  • The Magisterial Mission has two main elements

MONJORONSON: That will be amended as the years pass. Many of you do not understand our mission. Our mission has two main elements: The first is to begin to mold the global, international and national organizations so they become more amenable to our direction through the inclusion of individuals who are more open-minded, who are “possibility thinkers.” The second is to have influence upon individuals, to assist them in their daily lives, to assist them to move into growth in their mental, emotional and spiritual realms, so that they are able to become more conscientious in their relationship with God, and that they understand the pragmatics of spiritual living. When we have these two elements fully developed, then you will see that some of the individuals we work with will eventually become members of august public bodies that make decisions about the course of your world. And, at the same time, these bodies are making decisions to enter into a future that is more sustainable, more peaceful.

MMc: That’s very good. So, you are working with institutions, corporations, governments in one level, and you are also working with individuals to open the minds of these individuals to change?

MONJORONSON: Yes, to give them more options for thinking. Your Thought Adjuster at the most intimate level with yourself is working towards those ends as well, to have a personal relationship with you, as are your guardian angels, celestial teachers and the others who are about you, to guide you and assist you.

MMc: A couple of my friends have written to me regarding the responses to our last conversation. The first one asked: “Who is responsible for the situation we find ourselves in?” The second one asked: “We have no idea what the world will be like 500 years from now. Ask Monjoronson to tell us.” These are just extensions of two broader questions, “How did I get into this mess and how do I get myself out of it?” I suppose the aspects to the answers of the first question, “How did we get into this mess?” they are like playing with a scab for you. They who are ultimately responsible are no more. Some people on Urantia in their short-sightedness may hold the Father and Michael to blame, but I think that in order for us to heal, we must accept the debt largely that we did this to ourselves. Is that correct?

MONJORONSON: Yes. If you want answers to all your questions that you have asked, you will need to put them in order of development and share them with me that way.

MMc: Okay. Actually, the second one I am more involved in, I would like a better answer to, or… would you expound on more. We must accept that our future, for the next five minutes, or five days, or five years, or 500 years, are for us to plan and to carry out, also. And you have given us a wonderful tool to help us, a moral compass. Would you tell us more about that, please?

MONJORONSON: Your question seems ambiguous. You have presented me with numerous questions, and now you give me an ambiguous question. What is on your mind, my friend?

MMc: There are aspects of where we are now and where we are going, are troubling to not only small populations that are reading our transcripts, but also the general public out there. For those people who will read the transcripts in the future, the question, I guess, is that how we get out of this is for us to decide, and we now have a way of doing that. Up until a few days ago, that way of doing it was not known to the general public. We’ve talked about sustainability in the past, but we have not talked about the core values of sustainability or moral compass. We haven’t really gotten a chance to get feed-back on that quite yet—enough feed-back—the two questions I put to you earlier were the only feed-back that I got on it, and they are both off the mark. So the question is, how are we going to use this moral compass to go about it? We use it in co-creative design teams, I know, but the moral compass can be used everywhere, but very few people know about it at this point in time. You spoke earlier about what you are doing on the corporate and national levels and individual levels… is there anything…

MONJORONSON: Let us approach it this way: Before you began this long monologue, you had a list of questions from your friends. Let us approach them one question at a time. You will find clarity as we go along, and then you can chime in if the answer is not clear to you, or you would like to have it further embellished. Will this work for you?

Responsibility, Freedom

  • Who is responsible for the mess we are in?

MMc: Certainly. The first question is, “Who is responsible for the situation we on Urantia find ourselves in?”

MONJORONSON: This is very much like having children. To a husband and wife, after a number of years together, discover that they have nine children, and they are astounded, and say, “Well, how did this happen?” One looks at the other and says, “It must have been God’s Will.” Yet, they were the ones that were engaged in the procreation of these children; God was not. God’s presence, of course, is everywhere and when new life begins, God’s presence begins. In the case of begetting children, and the social mess that you have in your world right now, God was not a participant to the decisions, whether conscious or unconscious, intentional or unintentional, to bring this about. This situation has come about in your world because of the decisions of individuals, whether that is an individual person, or an individual body or group that makes a group decision. This is so because of the nature of God’s relationship to you. If God were in charge of your world and of your thinking, you would be merely automatons who would come into the world with a “read only memory”, who would not make mistakes. God is not so dictatorial and totalitarian in Its presence in your life as to take that decision process away from you. Even angels, though they are made perfectly, have the individual opportunity to make decisions that are mistakes. This is how you learn.

The learning process is very, very difficult; you learn at an individual level, and you know when failure or something hurtful occurs, not to do that again. You think about that; you reflect on it and you come to a conclusion that this is not working, so you have a statement of wisdom to yourself, “I will never do this again.” This is how people learn. The more difficult realm of social learning occurs at higher levels of groups of individuals. When two individuals, such as a married couple, make decisions, they have to learn how to make decisions as a body of two, where they learn from their mistakes and their successes.

When you take this to higher levels, such as a school board, a committee, or to a board of directors, or to a cabinet, and you have individuals participating in decision-making without a moral compass, they have no guidelines, other than their own selfish natures, or from their altruism, to make decisions that contribute, or hinder, or block, or cause obstruction to the progress of those whom they serve. This may be a school of 100 children, or it may be a nation of five hundred million people. The decisions that are made are oftentimes compromised. So the “mess that you are in” and when you say the word “you,” I assume that you mean that your nation, your state, your communities, your world as a whole, and the mess that you are in is due to erroneous, compromised decisions that were made centuries ago, decades ago, last year, this year and even yesterday and today.

  • A question of intercession

MMc: The same friend that asked this question postulated that some people of Urantia may hold in their short-sightedness, the Father and Michael to blame, because they didn’t intercede in the rebellion.

MONJORONSON: Let us stop with the word “intercede,” and leave the rest. Yes, of course, God is totally responsible! God created the universe. Christ Michael created your world; he is completely responsible, so blame him if you wish. However, this is not the relationship that they project onto the world, the universe or to you individually. This mess that your world is in is caused by your decisions. They did not intercede simply because this is not a part of the plan of their relationship with you—you individually, or you as a world, or you as a corporation, or government. Again, it is about learning lessons. If God were to intercede whenever you made mistakes, whether individually or as nation, or as a world, you would know that God was going to second-guess your decisions, and soon you would make no decisions at all. You would become incapable, you would become lethargic, you would not even plant your crops for you would know that God would take care of you when you made a wrong decision. This is not how stalwart, strong, formidable souls are created and formed and brought into existence. You must make decisions; you have the options to make those decisions.

So too, did Lucifer, Caligastia and Satan, and the individuals who supported them—they made erroneous decisions. When erroneous decisions are made, God, Christ Michael and all the angels, and everyone else will work to make the best out of a wrong course of action. If you dropped an egg on the kitchen counter, you could not make a sunny-side-up egg for breakfast, could you? You would change it into an omelet. So does God; God has made lots of “omelets” out of the tremendous number of mistakes that you have made, and now you must live with the results of those decisions, even those decisions that were made by other individuals many millennia ago. You are suffering because of that.

On the other hand, you have the opportunity to become agondonters of tremendous universe renown, if you so choose to use this difficult life for the greatest good of yourself and your infinite ascendant career. Yes, in the end, God is responsible, but what will you do about it, my friend? Will you use that situation to grow, or merely complain and grumble?

MMc: I don’t want to complain and grumble. The thing that I am more interested in is, what do we do now? The second question is, “We have no idea what the world will be like 500 years from now. Ask Monjoronson to tell us what it will be like.”

Future, Co-creation, Sustainability

  • What will the world look like in 500 years?

MONJORONSON: Well, my friends, that is a very good question. If you continue to make the same decisions as you have in the past, it will be no different than it is today. You create the future by the decisions you make. The future you want is the future you create. You must decide that you want to intervene in the world and its events, its developments, such that the future becomes the vision of what you have for it. We are striving to present you with a vision of a world that is sustainable. We are in the process of indoctrinating you with the processes of how to envision and then design the future that you want. This is a co-creative process; this is also a learning process. We want you to learn how to make competent, conscientious and efficacious decisions for creating a future that you wish to bring into existence.

When we say, “imagine a world 500 years from now that is sustainable,” what would that look like? We hope that it is obvious to you, that many of the social processes that you are engaged in now, whether in governance or in commerce or in education, or otherwise, is unproductive. What is missing is a model for decision-making, a model of morality that will guide you in making those decisions. You are eager—we like that! You want to begin to work with us co-creatively, and the future cannot be brought into existence without that. We are slowly giving you the bits and pieces that you will need to build the future that you choose and you desire, and that you envision.

The first decision to make is, do you want a future that is sustainable? The second decision is, do you want to participate with us in achieving those ends? Now, you may think that these are rhetorical questions that I am asking you, but, my dear friends, you need to get on your knees beside your bed at night, fold your hands and talk to God, and say that you are totally committed to assisting us in bringing about a sustainable future that you hold in your mind, and that we will assist you to form that vision. This is what is needed. Whether you do it in meditation or beside your bed in the old traditional way, is your choice, or whether you do it on the way to work—that is your choice as well. But you need to make a conscious decision to participate in this or not. If you are not going to participate, then we will ask others to assist us. We need as many as possible.

Morality, Process, Sustainability

  • The moral compass—a new morality

We are revealing this to you slowly; there is far too much for you to digest in one week or one month. The moral compass is one process. When you begin working this, you will realize that one major, important tool is missing, and that is a morality for a sustainable civilization. Your old traditional codes of morality are no longer sufficient to guide you into the world ahead, into the future, to devise a sustainable civilization, and a sustainable family design, or community design. You also need as well, a code of morality that supports you toward those ends.

We will be revealing that in forthcoming weeks, hopefully in a month or so, something that you can read and look to, question and wonder about. I will prepare you for it—it will take you aback. Some of you will be aghast; some of you will not be prepared for the decisions that must be made, now and in the future, to support a sustainable society. I mentioned to you in an earlier session that you are guided to read the paper in The Urantia Book on “Life on another planet.” There you will see a moral code, which is much different from your own.

As a society, world and civilization evolves, so too must its moral codes. At one time, approximately a million years ago, the moral code was to kill or be killed. When you found a competitor who was not one of your family, tribe or clan, you had the liberty to kill that individual and eat it, if you wished. As societies became more complex, this became impossible because everyone in the clan was not a part of your family, but yet was not an enemy either. So it became forbidden that you should kill anyone else that was part of your inside group. This also evolved later on to the point in the moral code where it was an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. This evolved again into the moral codes of Hammurabi and Moses that were rules for social behavior that guided you not to engage in certain behaviors. Yet these moral codes are insufficient to assist a growing civilization.

Now, you have laws in place that tell you not to do further behaviors. So the moral code that you have today is almost a tongue-in-cheek moral code where you can do anything you want to, as long as nobody catches you, and you will not be punished if you are not caught. This, dear ones, is simply insufficient to guide you into developing a sustainable civilization. What is called for are behaviors that have the focus of contributing to the sustainability of the individual and of the family and community that all decisions, all options for the future for behavior are made with that in mind. This is the essence and core of your new morality. This will require you to make very different decisions, as the “me-ism” of your society is its central guiding force—“what is good for me is good for everyone”—and so you must move past this. There are efforts in your world now for the “we” type of morality, where your decisions concern the “we,” the larger “we” of your society, that social realm past your immediate personal life, past your family and past your community.

Simplicity, Recycling

There is a bumper sticker that says, “Live simply so that others may simply live.” This is a coin from the new morality; this is something that you can use in your everyday life. Many people think that is funny, humorous, and not a reality, but I tell you that it is. This is the way that a sustainable world will come into existence, when every decision you make has a consideration of the impact upon your neighbor, your community and your world.

You will see that material recycling is a part of this new morality, that [it] is a material ethic that must be applied. It is beginning to be used. Someone once said in passing that eventually your societies will mine your landfills as a tremendous resource, and this is so. These will eventually be all dug up, recycled, and processed in a new way, so that all toxic materials are removed and all usable resources are mined and reused again. If you think of recycling in the future, 500 years from now, what can you imagine it to look like? This is a pragmatic question that I deliver to some of you, similarly as I delivered to you last week and weeks past, about devising a sustainable medical model. What would resource recycling look like? This would not be out of the realm of possibility to have in effect within 20 or 30 years in your society.


The larger aspects of your world 500 years from now is the necessity of having a stabilized global population. How you get there is another factor, with which you need not concern yourself immediately. You must first begin practicing your own moral decisions concerning the number of children you have, and whether the children you do have are genetically sustainable. You see, the depths of the questions you ask are huge. It begins, as we have said before — building a sustainable civilization and world begins long before conception of an individual. When you have this consideration that applies to all conceptions in the future, then you begin to think in terms of a sustainable world with a morality that supports those decisions.

MMc: Would you state the essence of this new morality for me again, please?

MONJORONSON: You will need to review that through the minutes, thank you.

MMc: I am trying to understand some of the outlying areas that aren’t well understood on Urantia at this moment. I can’t quite get my head around the fact that it seems that somehow my consciousness can alter reality. Will you speak about this in more detail for me, please?

Consciousness, Intention

  • Your consciousness is tuned to four dimensions

MONJORONSON: Yes, gladly. Consciousness is awareness that you are aware of yourself thinking, as circular. Many aspects of consciousness cannot be revealed to you, as I would use language that would be unintelligible to you. I am not trying to skirt your question, and I will answer it as best I can. Consciousness is peculiar to your species; it is something that is peculiar to morontial beings at the various levels of their development, and it is peculiar to the spiritual realm and the eternal. Your consciousness is very limited, though it is hugely expanded past the capacity of most mortals to comprehend or to use effectively. Given what I have said, you realize now that your consciousness is primarily related to your four dimensions, that you cannot project your consciousness capably to effect an outcome on the morontial realm. You can project your consciousness to the morontial realm and become aware of it as an observer, but you have no capacity to effect change or development within that realm. Are you with me so far? (MMc: Yes, I am.)

Your consciousness is tuned to this reality, this reality meaning the four dimensions of your material existence. Your consciousness is facile, meaning that it has tremendous flexibility, the capacity of which is far beyond most mortals to manipulate or use effectively for themselves. Many mortals, most mortals, do not even believe that they can have an effect upon this “reality,” which is an unfortunate error on your part, as you are not able to bring your consciousness to bear for the best outcome of your life, or that of your world. If everyone on your world said in unison that they wanted to bring about a sustainable civilization, my friends, I am here to tell you that within two years it would have begun!

And so for the very reason for your working together, you can effect change in your universe. You can effect change—that is why the forces of light will reign supreme in time. The eventuality of your world is that it will live in light; it will glow as a bright gem in the universe for all to see as the World of the Cross, where Christ Michael of Nebadon completed his seventh bestowal. There will be no mistake about this pronouncement. And “you,” in this generation—future generations—in concert with others in your consciousness, will bring this about. The consciousness that you project on the world must, of course, be effected by the decisions you make from the choices that are given in life for a particular intention and outcome.

This is where your consciousness comes to bear. When you state or write an intention for a positive outcome, then we assist in the development of that outcome. The intentions that you hold in mind begin to out-form themselves with the assistance of the material reality of the universe. When I say, “the material reality of the universe,” I mean the ultimaton reality that is formed by mind action, whether by a mortal or by an immortal. This material, for your manipulation, is limited to the four dimensions of your reality. However, you can make this intention and the form of your consciousness much more powerful by asking and invoking our presence to assist in the fulfillment of your intention. We then apply our consciousness to your intention to have that out-formed.

Power, Mind

  • The power of your mind, consciousness and intentions

You have little appreciation for the power of your mind, of your consciousness, of your intentions. You have tremendous force for good in your world, as you can engage us to assist you. When you or others engage an intention of darkness to do evil, to do wrong, or to do something that is indifferent and ineffectual to form the future world, you do so alone. Your consciousness is needed to embrace our presence. Many of you do not see or feel us here, yet we are here, our consciousness is here, our presence is here. We can be of tremendous assistance to you. When you think of working alone in your world, you work in solitude, in silence, isolated, ineffectual in many ways to bring about good, but when you are aware of us and ask us for our participation, you become much more powerful. When you hold an intention concretely in mind for what you want, and ask for assistance, it will be done! Your reference tells you this, that all questions, all needs and desires given to God will eventually be fulfilled in time, in their appropriate time and order. This is consciousness in action. You do not need to have an equation to demonstrate this or prove it, you simply accept this. Consciousness is what you are all about in this lifetime when you grow spiritually, when you evolve emotionally and you embrace the light as “one” with your self, and you choose to be a part of that with your life. You—meaning you individually—each one of you, need to write out clearly, your intention for your life. What is the intention for your life? Why are you here? For what reasons do you live? What would you have come into existence beyond the immediacy of this moment that you have, and that you grasp?

MMc: Each time we visit this topic, the light of consciousness becomes clearer.

MONJORONSON: It will make a good research paper for someone one day, to go through the archives and cut and paste all pieces regarding consciousness and pull them together and to adapt and amend them so that they are in some readable, developmental form.

MMc: Well, I’ve read all the pieces in The Urantia Book and all the pieces in the archives on consciousness that I have been able to find so far, and still there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. You have extended the boundary out at this point, at least for myself. As I said, it is still foggy—it’s not dark—it looks at consciousness in a completely different way than Western medicine and Western science look at consciousness, and it is a much more powerful way. I never realized that I had this capacity within myself, but now that you mentioned it, of course! I thought I was borrowing somebody else’s ability to do things, and that does happen, because when I use my consciousness to enlist you in my aid, or when I use the consciousness of a group for specific intent, it amplifies the net effect so the action is that much greater. But what I am saying is that [I am not] just using your power, I have a power of my own.

MONJORONSON: Yes, I would not let you use my power.


MMc: I understand. I need to apologize. My personal situation has me distracted. I wonder if it would be possible for us to talk about a topic you bring next week, rather than my preparing questions? Or perhaps, you could present another alternative?

MONJORONSON: Yes, I would be glad to. Let us meet next Friday and let us leave the topic up in the air until then, and then after the opening prayer, you would ask, “Is there a topic you would like to dialogue about?” and let us see what happens. Are you open to that?

MMc: Yes, I am open to that. Sounds like a very good way of doing this. We can try it for a couple of weeks and see how it works, because there are topics to come up in my reading, and for myself, and for those people that ask me questions, and I am sure that there are further topics that you would like to bring up also. Perhaps we can do all of that in this forum.

MONJORONSON: Let us see what happens.

MMc: Let us see what happens. I don’t have any further questions for you today. Would you like to introduce something at this point in time, or would you like to speak further on one of the topics we discussed.


  • Asking questions one at a time

MONJORONSON: Yes, I would like to discuss “asking questions.” Using this one’s mind, I have devised a metaphor for you: When you opened this session today, it was as though you were climbing a tall, 16-foot stepladder with a box in your hand. You were going to the top rather precariously, and this box contained all the questions that you delivered to me. When you got to the top, and oops! the box fell down. When my staff looked at all of the questions that you had strewn out on the floor of our forum, they were scurrying about to find the pieces that you would begin with. As you may have guessed, I have a very complete staff who attend these sessions with me, and the questions that you deliver are taken with the utmost sincerity for answering. It is very helpful for us to be of assistance to you, when you deliver one question at a time.

We strive to answer them at the level of your capacity and competence and intelligence, both for yourself and for other readers, who are more or less competent than yourself. However, this goes astray and though you might not think of pandemonium on our side, it causes a fair amount of scurrying for my team to scrape up the answers for such a plethora of questions. It is very helpful for us if you would simply—rather than climbing on the ladder with a big box of questions, simply to step up on a 6-inch podium and deliver one question at a time. There is much preparation and anticipation when a question is asked of my staff, who will answer that, who will come forward to answer it. So, you might find that we have 6 or 7 individuals of resource here, holding their breath, waiting to speak. And then when you continue on, then it causes a difficulty for delivery. I hope I have not [been] too petulant about this request, and ask that you deliver one question at a time, even if they are related. Would this be possible in the future?

MMc: Alright, I think it is possible, yes. My sincere apologies to you and all of your staff. As I said, I was distracted and not well prepared today. I will try to limit the number of questions to one in the future.

MONJORONSON: You truly had a good set of questions, but you only need to deliver them one at a time. (MMc: Thank you.)

Challenge, Tools

  • The challenges the celestials face in working with us

Let me close our session today with this re-iteration that our work is developmental, and it appears to be very slow and very plodding. We are working with a mixed classroom, as you may imagine, of individuals of some of the greatest spiritual development, to those who are brand new to spirituality, and those who are of tremendous social, mental and emotional maturity, and those who have a great deal of work to do. Both types of minds present their own challenges. We have as much difficulty, if not more difficulty, with overly intelligent, but immature mortals, than we do with those who are simple minded and believing. They are truly the children of God and they are deeply loved, no more or no less than the most intelligent of you. Thus we will present our material developmentally, ploddingly, simply, one piece at a time.

Many of you are anxious to have new material come to you and presented to you. You like the “new,” you like the fascination, you like the anticipation, you like that adrenaline rush of seeing what is next. And many of you go from one toy to another toy before expiring all the options for working with those tools and toys that you have now. So, we will provide these to you, one piece at a time. We wish to make you aware, however, that you will have all of the major pieces, implements, tools at hand and useful to you before the end of next year, as it is important that you have these in hand as you build and rebuild your societies. It makes no spiritually pragmatic sense to rebuild societies based on the old models that are intractable and actively impractical for a world that is moving into sustainability. It is important that these tools be there for you.

Just as you are beginning to form a local team of individuals who are interested in designing a sustainable medical service model for the future, we too are involved in assisting others as well. All of the tools are not here, yet, but will be available to you. It is important, particularly as you form your group, that you have a clear intention of the work the group will engage and that individuals can work on as they go back to their homes to think about. The work of the team must be foremost. We ask that you use the team approach that has been suggested to you with a recorder, facilitator, inquiring members and consultant. Just getting acquainted in this format will take you several weeks and to find your “feet,” and your “legs” as you move forward.


I thank you for your support; I thank you for the efforts you are making in this city and dozens of other cities around the country and the world, as you come together to begin designing your new world, the world that you will live in. We will be of great assistance through the consulting Melchizedeks in your team, to assist you with defining what that society will look like, 500 years from now.

MMc: Thank you, Monjoronson.

MONJORONSON: Do you have one last question before we bring this session to a close?

MMc: No, I don’t believe so.

MONJORONSON: Know that you do not walk alone; know that you are not far apart from us; know that we are with you and when you hold us in your consciousness as ever present and ever constant, we are! We are there with you and for you every minute of your day, waking or asleep. You have only to ask for our assistance to form the future that you want for your life. Hold in consciousness that which you desire, that which you hold dearest for your life and that for others. Thank you and good day.

MMc and R: Thank you, Monjoronson and Daniel!