2011-12-18-Growing in Monjoronson's Presence

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Topic: Growing in Monjoronson’s Presence, Seeding Michael’s Authority

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we are so grateful to be here with our Magisterial Son to receive more of his presence and to focus our heart energies where we are directed in service to you and to our brothers and sisters and this world. Thank you for weaving us together in the unity mind, in a loving heart embrace, in your will that our attention and focusing may be used for your higher purposes, wherever we are being guided to direct our focus. Thank you so much for this time together. May your will be done.


MONJORONSON: Greetings, my brethren. This is Monjoronson and I bring greetings from the Father in Paradise today to share with all of you and with this world. The will of the Father is now being engaged on this planet in a way that this world has never experienced. It is a time of great joy, great celebration as we watch this world turn a corner, coming back into the fold of the universe family of which it is such an integral part. The efforts that you provide through your focusing have greatly helped this world turn the corner. Yet so much of your understanding is based in faith and you have not yet seen all of the fruits of your labors, but you will in time.


I’m so very happy to be among you today to help you receive more of my energy signature as you have come to know me. Before we focus outwardly on Urantia and the upstepping of the collective mindal circuitry, I invite you to focus in your heart and receive more of my presence that you may indeed embody more of the qualities of divine MERCY that will render your abilities to love your brothers and sisters far beyond your own human understanding and limitations. Invite your Mother to come in and gently expand you in the Cosmic Mind and invite me to share more of my presence with you. Let us begin. (Pause)

It is through these circuits that are being expanded in you that you will know me. Your hearts will register a signal of recognition in your mind that you are indeed standing with me, gazing eye to eye. Continue to receive as we minister to you, helping your bodies to attenuate to these frequencies of divine resonance. Relax and breathe in your Mother in whose mind you live. (Pause)

Mother Spirit

As your world awakens from its very long slumber, you will increasingly be stimulated in new areas of your being. It will seem as if certain parts of you will have the lights turned on, so to speak. This is part of the expansion into the circuits of Mother that you have not yet been fully exposed to. And now it is time for the will and the ways of your Mother Spirit to amplify her presence upon this world. The presence of the Divine Minister is always flowing through you. Yet it is as if a stream has been flowing through you, and now it is time for the stream to expand and become a river—a River of Life—a deeper current of flow that keeps you centered in the will of Father, absorbing those qualities of spirit that come from your Father Michael, and that which I am now imprinting into you of my divine attributes of MERCY, COMPASSION FORGIVENESS, and LOVE. Continue to receive. Feel your desire for this to carve deeper channels of the flow of Mother into your being, that our presences may commingle more deeply into your being. (Pause)


The world will soon be receiving some wake up calls. Some of what you will witness may appear to be harsh or destructive, but what is being destroyed are the ways of the rebellion. As we began in our previous session, the dismantling of the authority structure, more and more will this occur. We ask you not to look at this with fear or trepidation or despair, but with the full assurance that the AUTHORITY of Michael is being fully implanted, that this world is returning to the bosom of Michael. Indeed, it never was separated, only the specter of a rebellion culture that had blanketed the world in a form of darkness. And now the light is impinging upon it and growing more bright, strong, clear, and radiant. Feel your desire for Michael’s AUTHORITY to be fully invested into this world, in those places where rebellion mindset has dug in its heels, you might say. Feel your desires now, my beloved children. Focus on your desire for Michael’s AUTHORITY to embrace this world. In your mind’s eye, envision the globe before you. Project from your heart to the world a ray of light. Surrounding the world, enveloping the world in a blanket of language, see in your mind’s eye Michael’s AUTHORITY. Hold this focus for the next few moments and we will seed it where we know it will do the most good. (Pause)

New Age

We come to inaugurate a new dispensation of TRUTH, MERCY and GOODNESS, for the Urantian consciousness to absorb and imprint upon. Many Urantians have long sought this shift in consciousness and now it is time to begin this shift, for this world to turn the corner and for change to begin to progress forward in the will of the Father, through the action of the Divine Minister upon this world. Continue to focus on your desire for Michael’s AUTHORITY to further imprint where we are seeding it as these words settle into your minds and hearts. (Pause)

Michael’s AUTHORITY is so loving, so understanding, so forgiving and so approachable. All who turn their hearts to him will be saved and will find a new joy for love of creation and humanity and will be spared much suffering which is to follow. For as you know, fear is a spirit poison and many people will react fearfully when it appears that their very foundation is rocking underneath them. Many of you have already felt this shifting in your foundation and you have been prepared in many ways and encouraged to take time in stillness to focus on Michael as your inner bastion of peace, security and stability through these times of change. I am here to inform you that these times of change are upon you now and it is indeed time to be aligned more in the Father’s WILL.

Let your hearts be light as you increasingly focus on your desire for Michael’s AUTHORITY to penetrate those dark places of entrenchment in the rebellion mindset. You do not need to know where these places are. We have located them and we will direct your heart energies there. Simply focus on seeing Michael’s AUTHORITY reign supreme upon this world and we will do the rest. (Pause)

What an opportune moment you have, my brethren, to focus on Michael’s AUTHORITY growing upon the planet. For this is the time when so much of the world is focused on Jesus, his birth, his life, the celebration of the nativity of the Prince of Peace, King of Kings. So know that as many hearts and eyes are turned inward to our beloved Father, we are adding these energies to what the world is focusing upon. Let your hearts be ablaze with light now, with more desire for Michael’s AUTHORITY to penetrate even deeper.

Now I invite you to turn your internal gaze to the Father in Paradise. Let us spend a few moments worshiping the Father, whose glory radiates out from the center of all creation as He shares all that He is with all of us. Spend a few moments in thanksgiving, in praiseful worship for the Father of all there is, for the creation, for the creative plan that moves all life forward, manifesting the Father’s plan for all of reality. The enormity of this is beyond your imagination, yet you can certainly appreciate in your heart the majesty and splendor of this. So spend a few moments worshiping the Father with our energies commingled together as we spend this time of worship with you. (Pause)

Thank you, beautiful children of Urantia, for all that you do in loving service to this world and to humanity and for the universe at large. For what you are engaged in has universal implications. You are not doing this for your planet alone. You are engaged in your focusing and generating your heart energies for the system, for the universe, the Superuniverse, for the grand universe. One day you will be more fully aware and appreciative of the human experience that you had on this raucous world. Always remember there are great gains to make through every challenge, every effort that you put forth in line with the will of the Father produces wonderful fruits of the spirit. In the coming days, we ask you to deepen your faith, to focus on the desire for more of Michael’s AUTHORITY to reign supreme upon Urantia.

Some of you may feel the changes in your physical systems during this time. It is all quite to be expected. Know that you are all in safe keeping in the hands of the many angels who attend to you, the helpers who have been assigned to you. If your heart is light and your thoughts are focused on the Father in Paradise in loving appreciation, the will of the Father, the ways of the Mother are now ready to blossom upon Urantia.


I wish you all the happiest of Christmases, and I look forward to being with you in the next year as we all collaborate together to bring Urantia into the era of Light and Life, as she takes her rightful place in the universe of Michael and Mother Spirit. Good day, my beloved brethren.