2012-03-19-Monjoronson Dialogues 1

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Topic: Communicating with Spirit

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vicki Vanderheyden




Dear Father, assist me dear Father in feeling your presence and aligning my life with your will. I ask at this time that you please facilitate this communication with Monjoronson on behalf of Christ Michael’s Correcting Time. In so doing, I wish to express my humble gratitude. Amen

Monjoronson. Good Evening, little one.


Vicki. Hello, Monjoronson. I have been conversing with you on a daily basis for the better part of two years now and have benefited tremendously both in my spiritual growth and my capacity to hear spiritual beings. Thank you for that.

Monjoronson. You are most welcome and I too wish to pass on my appreciation for the opportunity to experience the human condition through you.

Vicki. I consider it an honor. In our discussions, you imparted knowledge and wisdom that I feel others would benefit greatly from and we, you and I, have entertained the idea of preparing me for both public moderating and transmitting at the same time…similar to how we converse now-a-days.

Monjoronson. Yes, this is a potential we’ve been developing in you for a while now, little one. There is a need to extend these opportunities and to increase our messages for there are a myriad of topics that we have barely touched on to cover in the public forum, some that need to be revisited and others that may require a correction or two. So let us begin again to dialogue for the benefit of others as well. It would be most helpful if you approached me with the topics that come to your attention and concern as you did in past transmissions for those are often as relevant to others as they are to you.

Vicki. I would be happy to, Monjoronson. For now though, is there a topic you wish to begin with?


Monjoronson. Your opening prayer to the Father speaks to an important topic of discussion, one that I wish to engage you in and that is facilitating communication with spirit. We as spiritual beings are learning much about the way humans communicate with one another and in turn we observe much variation not only from one culture to the other but from one individual to the next as well. As a result, our work with you takes on very personal proportions and our communications are often quite individual. We as spirit have the natural inclination to match your communication style and openness so that conversation flows in a zone of comfort for you. This means that as you relax and open to us, we match your degree of openness. Simply said, the more open you can be with us, the more open we can be with you. Are you following me so far, little one?

Vicki. Oh yes, Monjoronson. There was a time when our communication with each other was quite stiff, quite formal. I found myself to be very tentative and controlled in what I would ask you or how I would respond to your remarks.

Monjoronson. And did you notice that my responses were also a bit controlled? (V. Yes) M. Now that we’ve had many opportunities to share conversation together, what have you observed?

Vicki. Well, now that I’ve learned to trust you more, for one, I am less guarded about what I share with you…I feel less vulnerable…more able to be honest and candid…less in awe of your presence though I’ve learned all the more to respect your wisdom and direction. In turn, I find that you are more open and forthcoming in our discussions and the guidance you offer me.

Monjoronson. This is the essence of communicating with spirit. You engage in a similar process, a similar dance with each human individual you meet except there are both inherent differences and likenesses between the nature of humans and spiritual beings. Understanding those likenesses and differences will enhance your ability to communicate with spirit.

There is much to this process that affects your ability to be open. …trust being a main factor, another being your own personal view of the nature of spiritual beings. There are some who perceive us as quite aloof and superior in our demeanor. There are others who view us as finger pointers or magistrates as if we are continually making a list, checking it twice calculating whether you humans are naughty or nice. Neither of these views supports the true nature in spiritual beings of light nor do they support the ability for humans to relax and openly engage spirit.

We see you as part of us and us as part of you. As you get to know us, you will find that we can engage you just as you are, not as you feel you need to be. We are not pious, superior, nor judgmental in our approach to you… merely ready to respond to your level of readiness, honesty, and openness. It does not require a certain level of human intelligence, to communicate with spirit, just a desire, a belief that you can. And so if your beliefs are unfettered by misconceptions about our true nature, it is easier to feel safe and open in your communications with us.

Vicki. Is that why Monjoronson, we are often encouraged to engage spirit with the humility and openness of the young child who converses with a trusting parent?

Monjoronson. Absolutely! That is why we ask that you engage us not as one in awe or in fear of being judged by us, but one who feels safe and open to whatever response is returned. Your ability to openly and humbly question pre-conceived beliefs as well as discern the inconsistencies in your beliefs as they align to your actions, determines the degree of truth that unfolds.

Vicki. I can see that. It’s often hard for humans to inwardly seek truth without distorting it with those preconceived notions we struggle to give up. And yet if we could only approach spirit in the truly open state that humility provides, we would be more accurate in what we hear from our spiritual guides. Is that correct? (Monjoronson. Yes)


Monjoronson, Can you explain in simple terms how we actually connect with spirit?

Monjoronson. Yes, I will attempt to. We, spiritual beings are like tuning forks, little one, where you are actually tuning your vibrations to blend with ours. When this blending of vibrations occurs, a mutual resonance, a two way exchange takes place that allows us to communicate. At first this inner resonance is very sensitive to outer stimuli. But like a road that is well traveled, the more you experience this place with us the quicker and easier it becomes to travel down the path and establish this harmonic resonance to the point where for some a meditative state is not always required. As we engage each other in conversation, this resonance we establish with one another calibrates the degree of openness allowed within that exchange. A similar calibration occurs in this exchange related to your level of development and understanding. Your ability to believe, relax and feel safe allows you to tune into this vibration level so that resonance can occur. It then fosters the communication process.

Vicki. I don’t think you can give an explanation simpler or easier to understand than that. And I truly appreciate the metaphor.

Metaphor, Morontia

Monjoronson. Let me say at this early point in our discussion that because of the difference in dimensional realities, wisdom and experience between humans and spirit, as well as the limitations of your language, it is often difficult for us to explain certain concepts without creating a metaphor. However, in that metaphor it may add an element of distortion that leads to human misinterpretation and misunderstanding. So keep this in mind as we attempt to assist you in understanding some very complex concepts and employ metaphors to do so.

Vicki. Thank you for that reminder, Monjoronson. Now how would you very simply describe the ‘place’ that we meet to communicate?

Monjoronson. This place we meet to communicate is easily described in metaphor as the green stuffing inside of a pin cushion. Imagine yourself viewing this from the inside of the cushion. That green stuffing is indeed the same dimension, that you call the morontial world and that you reside in when you leave the 4 dimensional earth plane at the time of death and successfully cross to the other side. Imagine now the earth plane you reside in as a red pin, and the spirit world I reside in as blue pin with the tips of each stuck into the green stuffing of the morontial world. I am the tuning fork on the tip of this blue pin that you tune your vibrations to as we meet in that dimension you call the morontial world.

Vicki. So each pin is a dimension and each tip a portal. Is that correct? (M. Yes) Does that then mean that I have access to other realms and dimensions that have tips or portals of their pins in the Morontial world?

Monjoronson. Yes, it is possible. Keep in mind that many, though not all of the journeys or locations that humans travel to in an altered state actually exist in the dimension you call the Morontial realm. So, as you develop the ability to relax and alter your state of consciousness, you transcend your four dimensional existence. You travel to the tip of the red earth pin and I travel to the tip of the blue spirit pin, we enter the green stuffing of morontial realm or dimension. Upon entering, I meet you there and as you tune to my vibration, we create a resonance that allows us to communicate.

Vicki. Wow! That was another very simple way to describe a complex concept. I’m wondering how far we can take this metaphor before the concept is distorted, Monjoronson.

Monjoronson. (laughing) A bit further, little one

Vicki. Is it possible for me then to meet another human being transcending the 4 dimensional earth plane over to the morontial world?

Monjoronson. This is possible though it may not be easy at first to communicate on that side. It first requires an ability to perceive the morontial dimension, to travel to it and communicate with those who reside as spirit on that other side. Once you are familiar with this experience, then you might be able to share in a mutual vision, and a shared place in which to meet with a human traveling companion.


Vicki. Do all morontial and spiritual beings have tuning forks or devices similar to yours?

Monjoronson. Similar but not usually as powerful. As an ascendant being progresses, they do develop their own inner tuning device though even those that are quite evolved use this tuning device just to maintain and regulate their own level of vibration. That is why some cannot maintain contact as long or with as many beings simultaneously as others can who are more highly developed.


Vicki. What about those who fail to cross successfully at first, where do they reside at that time?

Monjoronson. It is almost like they have suspended themselves between two dimensions. Though they no longer exist in their physical bodies or can return to the four dimensional earth plane, they fail to perceive or accept their current place of existence, which requires their acknowledgement. It is as if they cling to the bank of the river afraid to jump in and follow the natural flow of their current path. They may see the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak, but refuse to take that necessary step of acceptance. They cling to a perception of a physical world that they no longer reside in afraid to look beyond that which they are familiar with and perceive what truly exists around them at the time. Fear is often the reason that they have blinded themselves to their current reality.

Understand little one, that in the morontial world you create your own reality. Though it can be said to a certain extent that you create your own reality in the four dimensional earth plane, the difference is in the morontial world there are no physical or material boundaries to limit your options.

You are restricted only by your willingness to open to the extended and expansive capacity of your newly endowed morontial mind. This is why there are also those who successfully cross to the morontial world, who are also somewhat restricted by some of the beliefs and fears they hold onto. There are many who have accepted their new existence and crossed over but who still are crippled by these beliefs and fears to the extent that they create a reality very similar to what they had on earth. They are not willing to open their minds to the vast opportunities offered on the other side. It is as though they sit in the living rooms they’ve created, similar to the comfortable and safe ones they resided in on earth, and knit socks for their feet that no longer exist. Some are afraid to venture beyond these rooms for fear that they will encounter the ‘hell’ that they were led to believe exists on the spiritual side. It can take some a very long time to call up the courage that allows them the freedom to question these deep seated beliefs and to look around for new possibilities.

Vicki. So how does one avoid becoming one of those ‘couch potatoes’ on the other side?

Guidance, Freedom

Monjoronson. It begins with your journey on earth. You are living in a most difficult world that has instilled in many humans a denial that spiritual beings exist and though some may believe in the existence of spiritual beings, they do not believe they can communicate with them or they have many misconceptions about the spiritual world itself. This defies who you are. It denies the spiritual part of you that resides within. Open your minds to the fact that within the universe you reside in, there is a highly organized system that is filled with spiritual guides and teachers to assist you. This universe supports your free will, and with that the freedom to question any or all of your current beliefs without harm being done to you. It not only honors your free will, it supports the diversity you live among and honors it as truly the spice of life.

Why would the Father create each of you so unique and different, and allow you only to follow one path to him? See this Earth life as it exists… on a continuum that can allow you continuous and uninterrupted growth when you leave your material bodies and pass into the spiritual realm. You can facilitate this journey if you are free from fear, free to question, and free to open your minds to unlimited possibilities. By acknowledging your existence as a spiritual human being who seeks to know the Father, you can then feel comfortable to communicate not only with that divine piece of God that resides within you but with other spiritual beings as well. You can then access additional guidance and direction as you learn how to live in a way that supports your life and the life that surrounds you.

Vicki. It appears that many on Earth have been led to distrust spirit. They fear that they will be misguided by dark entities that run freely in the spiritual world. Is this a concern?

Monjoronson. It is only a concern if it is your desire, your will and your intent to attract them. We as spiritual beings of light are much more plentiful in the universe. We surround you and protect you as you seek to know the Father and direct your will to the truth, beauty and goodness that He wills.

Truth, Experience

Vicki. Speaking of opening our minds, you’ve encouraged me to read widely and from many sources. However, you said that I must always leave my mind open to the fact that any concept represented in books regardless of their source falls ‘flat’ in their representation of truth without the ability to directly experience them. Can you talk about this again?

Monjoronson. Of course. Let us select the topic of ‘reincarnation’ found in a myriad of written sources in your world. Though there may be elements of truth contained in each, when separated from the fullness, the wholeness of what you experience in your ascendant career, a concept may become quite distorted. Even if one believes that he/she retains a current memory of past lives, how can one who perceives within human limitations understand the wholeness of this experience? The concept then loses truth in its singleness as a point of discussion to the degree that one may find themselves overly concerned about issues such as karma and karmic debt.

Life is a learning experience and what better way to learn than to take an occasional calculated risk whether you succeed in the venture or not. The road to perfection would not be fulfilled unless you experience the failure and mistakes of an imperfect being. It is not about how many demerits you accumulate along the way. It is about the learning and the wisdom you’ve gained.

There are situations throughout your earth life and on through the rest of your ascendant career where you will be the ‘cause’ of something unfortunate to yourself and others. In turn, there will be other times where you find yourself feeling the ‘effect’ of what someone else caused. As you grow toward perfection you learn to navigate your life doing less harm to yourself and to others. In turn, you grow to accept, tolerate, and forgive the mistakes made by others. By aligning yourself within the boundaries of truth, beauty, and goodness, you find yourself synchronizing your will to that of the Father’s. However you cannot know what truth, beauty and goodness IS unless you experience what it IS NOT. This is the nature of growth and development. Little is accomplished if you find yourself so forlorn over tallying your mistakes and those of others that it cripples you from the benefits of experience or risk.

I do indeed encourage you to read from many sources. Approach what you read with openness, discernment, and the understanding that truth is not static. Remember, truth lies in the eyes of the beholder. It is constantly changing as you grow in experience and develop higher levels of understanding and development.

Fear, Memory

Vicki. In my studies of the structural and functional aspects of the brain, I’ve learned that it is actually a very ancient organ with parts still deeply rooted in the function of survival therefore we often over-react and at times must over-ride these primitive and often negative survival responses of one part of the brain by developing and then calling upon the more evolved portions. How does this relate to the likenesses and differences in the state of mind of spiritual beings?

Monjoronson. Since we have no such physical organ, spiritual beings of light do not experience the material aspects of negative emotion tied to the survival nature of the human brain. We have no physiology to produce the chemical or biological reactions such as the racing heart, the rush of adrenaline and the tensing of muscles that you experience with fear, anger, or vengeance. Our sense of fear is more closely related to an unsettledness or uncertainty. We do not have to respond to the physical manifestations that result from fear as humans who reside in physical bodies, and therefore it is easier for us to understand and decipher the value in the fear response we receive. Though we cannot always comprehend the chemical nature of your emotions and how they feel, we do acknowledge their presence and may have the memory of such feelings and sensations from past material experience. We thus understand the concepts.

Like human memory that fades over time, our memories fade as well leaving only memory roots of the actual experience. It is much the same as experiencing the joyful yet at times uncomfortable sensation that humans experience in childbirth and then remembering it. The memory tends to be less intense than the actual physical sensations and some aspects of it fade more quickly than others. Indeed there are some parts of both the human and spirit memory that retain their vividness from the sheer magnificence of the experience.

As human spirit progresses there is less need for the negative emotions of physical survival. One learns in the spiritual world there is no value or productive outcome to negative emotions such as vengeance and resentment. As a result one sheds that which is no longer necessary. And so the human spirit as it grows becomes more compassionate in nature. As we grow as spiritual beings, our capacity to feel and express unconditional love, joy, compassion, and mercy increases.


Vicki. When you refer to the human spirit, are you talking about the human spirit that resides within us as material human beings or the spirit we become once we shed our physical bodies and enter the morontial world?

Monjoronson. They are one in the same for as you progress in your ascendant career, your human spirit is endowed with the capacity to expand and develop as morontial spiritual beings whether you continue to inhabit a physical body or whether you have shed this physical shell and have crossed to the spirit world. Does this make sense to you little one?

Vicki. Yes, this makes sense to me and supports my understanding of how we progress. So that is why some of us are able to transcend the 4 dimensional earth plane and experience the morontial world as human spiritual beings. Is that correct?

Monjoronson. That is correct.

Senses, Perception

Vicki. In my communications with spiritual beings of light, some of their attributes or behaviors appear to be alike or consistent. However, I’m beginning to identify very different personality signatures among them. Do I perceive this correctly?

Monjoronson. Absolutely! Just as you are unique in your personality, your behaviors and your physical attributes, we are unique among ourselves as well. Like humans, we as spiritual beings have our own individual predispositions and methods of communications. In the human species, we often perceive unique sensory dominances in the way you develop. Some humans are more visual in their perceptions, others more tactile, others more auditory. This not only has an effect on how you communicate with us, but how you receive communication from us. Those of similar dominance in the ways they perceive are often attracted to each other as well.

Though we do not have eyes to see, ears to hear, or skin to tactically feel, as spiritual beings we are capable of perceiving all human modalities and many that humans cannot perceive through our own sensory systems. As in humans, we as individual spiritual beings have sensory modalities that are more dominant than others and it varies among us.

You and I, little one, are quite dominant in the visual fields of perception. Your perception and orientation toward color and visual imagery aligns well with my predisposition for this modality. I perceive you through a flow, and mix of colors, colors well beyond the spectrum of light that you perceive and that often indicate to me much about your state of well being. Though this is only one modality of many that I employ with you and others, the fact that we share dominance in the visual modality does facilitate our communications. There are those spiritual beings who rely on their dominance in the auditory senses as you would call them. They then may perceive the moods and conditions of a human through what I would describe to you as musical orbs and auditory tones.

Vicki. This is quite fascinating, Monjoronson! Does this determine who we may find ourselves communicating with from the spiritual world?

Monjoronson. Those of similar dominance do attract one another. Likeness attracts likeness. But do not restrict your understanding of this to think that only those with certain dominances can communicate with those of similar orientations. We as spiritual beings are not restricted by our dominant modalities. We have the capacity to employ many other modalities and like humans, we can further develop ourselves in other modalities as well. It is just that you and I may find it easier to communicate in our mutually dominant modalities more so than in those that we have a lesser predisposition for. We do take your dominant modalities into consideration when we facilitate communication with you. It is why you are each unique in the way you receive communication. Some, like you, have very active visual screens where you not only perceive color but you can discriminate between the shades, the movement, the textures and visual images of what you see on your screen. Others may see only in black, white and shades of grey but may find that they can tactically feel not only the presence but can perceive the type of response they are receiving from spirit through actual physical sensation.

Vicki. I have noticed that my visual screen has become quite sophisticated in my perceptions of spiritual awareness and communication, but also I’m developing awareness in other modalities as well.


Monjoronson. Yes, you will find that we rarely employ one modality in our communication with you. Others also develop in time and with practice. In the process of communicating with spirit, there are many unique factors within each of you that affect your ability to communicate. Some find physical exercise or music as a stimulant for spiritual communication, others require a quiet, deep relaxation… And still others find that their ability to communicate varies from one mode of being to another depending on the day and the circumstance. I speak to you of these things because one should never disqualify the experience of another based one’s own limited experience. We live in a universe that is diverse beyond limitation and within in it, we as living beings are just as diverse…each as unique as the other. The same holds true whether you are currently encased in a physical body on a material plane or exist as spirit free of the four dimensional world in another dimension. Open your minds to all possibilities in the way you may receive from or communicate with spiritual beings for truly there is no limit to the experiences you may encounter.

Vicki. I’ve asked you this before Monjoronson and I feel it is worth repeating for public release. Would you summarize for us what you would like human beings to understand about Spiritual Beings and their roles in our human lives?

Monjoronson. Yes, of course. We would like humans to know, understand and engage in that fact there is a spirit that exists within the conscious body whether you call it a soul, or spirit, or super consciousness. Whatever you may refer to it as, it is a part of you that also needs to be nourished with education and information for the development on this side so that the passage to the other side is easier, freer with less fear…so that there is an acceptance of the spirit side and it is not retreated from or fought against. With this acceptance the passage would flow so that the nurturing and growth of the individual can continue on our side without interruption and without needing the discharge of human conditions and misconceptions that plague spirit on this side.

Know that though we exist without physical bodies, we spiritual beings are indeed real, and accessible to assist you in this growth, this education during your sojourn on earth regardless of your intellectual development or orientation and that we will continue to provide you with what you need to progress when you cross to our side.


Vicki. Thank you for that…This feels like a good place to adjourn our communications at this time, Monjoronson. Do you agree?

Monjoronson. Yes I believe this is a good place to pause in our ongoing discussion.

Vicki. Thank you Monjoronson for giving me the opportunity to once again be of service.

Monjoronson. You are most welcome, little one. I’m looking forward to what lies ahead in this new co-creative endeavor we are embarking upon. Much needs to be said, reviewed, revisited and expanded upon for the benefit of others and we appreciate your willingness and effort to do so. Good day.