2012-05-30-By Spiritual Assault

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Topic: By Spiritual Assault

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Oscar



Thought Adjuster: “How long will you wait before you take what belongs to you? If only you could have a glimpse of the wonders your Father has prepared for you to grow and develop happy and abundantly. Many among you walk the path of spirituality in a tentative and dubious way. It is time for you to jump with both feet into the adventure of being the best you can aspire to be.

“So few among you dedicate their lives to the pursuit of perfection that it has become normal to doubt this is a valuable enterprise in a human life. The great majority are enslaved by the desires of their own ego and their limited vision of reality. If only you could gather a little faith and trust in your Invisible Father, you would start to collect the treasures that are being offered to you.

“How can you take the kingdom of heaven by spiritual assault, as the Master proposed long ago? Get rid of once and for all those reservations you hold in your mind. Trust that nobody and nothing can cause you any true harm and that your life is in the best hands. Those who work will never lack their daily bread and those who truly desire to live the Father’s will generally become masters in their respective professions, dominating the technique of balancing their material needs with their spiritual needs.

“Invest your resources in those things that will truly yield dividends beyond this world. A life dedicated to the will of the Father is not a life of sacrifice. It is instead a life of freedom — the freedom to create yourself as a perfected creature to the likeness of God — experiencing eternal and unconditional love, which is the source of all the true happiness and peace in the human soul.

“A life dedicated to spirit is in truth the best you can do for yourself. Soon enough the masses will realize that to do good and to love each other should not be done because it is the right thing to do or because it is a commandment. These should be done because it simply makes sense and because it is the best course of action for the preservation and progress of your civilization.


“It is time for the human beings in this world to awaken to the reality that they are children of God and that they can claim their heritage by accepting this filial relationship, thus becoming reflections of the Father’s love to others. The moment of decision is here and your intellect has reached the level in which it can destroy you or elevate you beyond any other achievements of your history. It is your choice. Will you go into oblivion or will you walk with hope and courage the path that leads to eternity?”