2012-06-15-Conversations with Monjoronson 52

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Topic: Vectors of Influence

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael


  • Moderator - Michael McCray


Prayer: Heavenly Father, Michael, Nebadonia, we come to you again asking your blessing for another session with our Magisterial son and his staff. Please give to us understanding so that we may ask questions that cast Michael’s correcting time in its proper light. Thank You.

MONJORONSON: Good morning, this is Monjoronson.

Roxie: Good morning. Welcome once again.

MONJORONSON: We welcome you to another day in the light of our Creator/Father God, and we surely do appreciate your attention to the work that we are doing.

MMc: Before we get started, is there anything that you would like to share with us?

Vectors, Influence

  • Vectors of influence

MONJORONSON: Yes. We have spoken before about vectors of influence and that many of these vectors were initiated decades ago, and through those decades we have developed further vectors and many of these vectors will have a coincidence occurring in the not too distant future. Some develop early, some develop later, but the majority of them and more will be coincidental to each other at a period of time when they are most needed to be of influence to the larger population of your world. These vectors come from many different areas and eras and individuals and organizations. When you see something new come into your sphere of observation you can certainly know that we are there with you and appreciate the experiences and thoughts you are having about them. Many of the vectors and developments that are occurring now that you observe, we are taking into account your observation of them, your opinions and your assessments.

Further, we are using your—literally “your”—physical approximation and your communication with these individuals and groups, to gain experience and insights into those other personalities and organizations. We can surmise what will occur, but until those vectors do become of influence, we do not actually have the experience of “knowing” what and who will be involved. Therefore, your investigation of these influences, the resources that may be useful to us, is important. Further, sometimes you will note that these resources exit your sphere of observation or influence rather rapidly, or that they do not turn out to be positive or constructive or contributory to our work. This is a normal process of examination and of accepting those influences that can help and discarding those that have no benefit. When you see your fellow friends go through this process and it appears that they are “fickle,” or that they have this “flash in the pan” enthusiasm for something, and then it wanes and disappears, do not be critical and judge them to be fickle or light-minded about these things, about these topics, because they are simply responding to the work that we present to you and to them. If this is not clear, please ask questions regarding my statement.

MMc: I believe it is clear. I’ve noticed that there are certain things that have run across my horizon that seem to dove-tail into the Correcting Time as I understand it. These vectors, as you call them, don’t seem to have anything to do with [sustainability] or even spirituality. The ones that I have noticed most have to do with sustainability and those kinds of things. As you say, you pick them up and you look at them, and sometimes they seem to be following at a parallel path with your own and sometimes the path is tangential, and sometimes it’s perpendicular. Those that are perpendicular get put down relatively soon, while those that are tangential or parallel [we] may wish to look more closely at and consider a long-term relationship with.

MONJORONSON: Yes, I’m glad that you understand this correctly.


MMc: You said the last time, your program was to make this information about Christ Michael’s Correcting Time known to many people. How do you plan to go about this and what can our readers do to help?

  • How can readers help

MONJORONSON: You are already involved in this process. You are beginning to see some of those vectors involve educational and other marketing approaches to developing a wider audience. We have always been interested in a broader audience, but we can only proceed as we have the capability of doing [so] with and through you. You have begun to see that there are new avenues of approach to develop a wider audience. We spoke yesterday about using college lecture and seminar processes for the examination of social sustainability. This is one avenue of doing that. We know from our experience with you that the individuals who are enthusiastic and perhaps idealistic, tend to become excited about the ideas that they examine and pursue and share their enthusiasm with others across the country and the world, rapidly, through your new social media and the Internet.

You have what is necessary to begin with broadening this delivery or marketing. [It] is a fundamental base of solid information and educational materials that people can grasp, understand and apply. Now that we have that full repertoire of learning skills and curricula of classes, we are at the point where we can bring this to the attention of a far broader global audience. Your nation was selected first for our work mainly for the same reasons that it has been successful in many ways; it is innovative and it uses a language that is being used by many dozens of nations throughout the world. Most educated people throughout the world are bilingual in their home language and in English. Therefore, when we are able to broaden our appeal and marketing approach of these materials, we want to apply them to audiences that become excited with them, in the language that is most broadly known throughout the world. I hope this answers your question.

MMc: Yes, I believe it does. Is it still your wish to pursue questions about the speculation of the Father’s presence here on Urantia?


  • The Father’s presence on Urantia

MONJORONSON: We have sufficiently covered that, I believe, through pointing to the Source of the Father’s presence in this world, and that is of the Thought Adjusters, those Mystery Monitors, the God presence, the Father Fragment, that lies within each sentient person, who is a moral individual.

MMc: Most of my questions are geared to people like myself, [who are] “Urantia Book” readers. I am aware of other groups who also speculate about the Father’s presence here, who don’t read “The Urantia Book,” and I’m wondering if I should be asking more basic questions that would be more applicable to their knowledge base?

MONJORONSON: Yes, please do that as you will find that we have begun working originally with the knowledge base that is familiar with the Father presence, as you are acquainted with, and as these documents, these sessions are recorded. They will become published and disseminated to many people who are unaware of “The Urantia Book,” and we wish to have this information available to them in terms which they can understand, or easily move towards understanding.

MMc: I’ll look at preparing some questions along those lines. I noticed that when you refer to the Father, you used the pronoun “It”. Is there a reason for this?


  • Why the Father is referred to as “It”

MONJORONSON: Yes, in my personal association with the First Source and Center It is neither male nor female. I do not wish to project a gender upon the Creator, as It is neither male nor female. The association of the Father, the First Source and Center as male is an inhibiting pronoun to many people on your world. They see “father” as authoritarian, controlling, dominating, and domineering, who suppresses the individuality, initiative and uniqueness of their children. This is simply not the case with the Creator. Though the attributes of the Father as It works with and sees and reveals Itself in the lives of individuals, has all the components of a true father figure in role, temperament and behavior and intent. The Father also has the best attributes within It as a Mother/Father/God, the Mother of you all, who loves you in all regards with mercy and compassion. To simply see the Creator in one gender minimizes Its capacity to be appreciated in an individuals’ understandings. The Father is far more than male; far more than female; It is All, and in all and everything.

MMc. I see. I was wondering if one of the many unexpected developments occurring on our world that you referred to last time, was the inevitability of universal power coming during this time of general turmoil?


  • “Free energy” or universe power

MONJORONSON: Yes, that has been spoken of before by other teachers, that the “free energy” or universe power has been suppressed on your world during the atomic era. When it was first introduced to Tesla in the early part of the 1900’s, it was appropriate for its wide application and development at that time. But when Tesla’s work was suppressed, then it became necessary for us to also suppress the development of free energy during the era and development of the atomic era, and the rapid expansion of militarism, corporate expansion and exploitation of other nations. Now that this era—you could call it the atomic and petroleum era, or fossil fuel era—is easily coming to its peak and it is well known that there will be a decline of these resources in the future, both of necessity because of their polluting capabilities, and because of the diminished resources that are available, that this free energy will become needed in the reconstruction of your societies, after the transition era of tremendous social turmoil and upheaval. Then it will be timely and appropriate to have these technologies on line or available to develop—not only to be developed, but to be distributed and applied to households and to communities.

You—the greater you—will need to have individual access to this free energy in order to expand your quality of life for individuals, wherever you may be. This too is one of those huge vectors of influence that is being brought to bear on the future of your planetary civilization that will have an immense disturbing effect to begin with, but in the long-term—and the long-term meaning in terms of centuries and millennia—it will have a hugely positive influence to avoid competition for sources of energy. It will also reform, or tame, the terribly competitive, acquisitive nature of corporate businesses, so that corporate businesses begin to see themselves as providers of services and products to improve the quality of life of individuals, families and communities. They will see themselves not necessarily as sources of dividends and earnings and profit, but rather as necessary commercial sources of distribution for the good and welfare of humanity.

Business, Culture

  • Paradigm change for corporate businesses

This is a vast paradigm change for corporate businesses. However, there will still be the “mom and pop” grocery store, hardware store and laundry cleaning and so on. These businesses will continue, though the emphasis on commercialism, materialism and having the latest gadgets will pass. These are fads and marketing gimmicks that are holdovers from the old era of profits and earnings and exploitation of material resources. All these changes are necessary. What we are doing is to bring these vectors of influence to bear upon your culture, your global culture of materialism and competitive profit-making, so that there is a culture change. These influences do not create immense total and abrupt changes, but actually provide forces of influence to “bend” the culture. We call this “culture bending.” Culture bending is a necessary process in the maturation of social development of planets that have begun from the primitive eras, which you know, through your current era and into the future. Nothing stays the same and those individuals who understand this will always be looking for trends and influences and those vectors of influence that will bring a new reality into existence. Does this help?

MMc: Yes, it does; thank you. Will aliens be offering their assistance to us during this time of general turmoil?

Ufology, Control

  • The assistance of Aliens

MONJORONSON: They already have been, sir. Aliens, as you understand them, or ETs or extra-terrestrials, have been of influence on this planet for tens of thousands of years. There are ancient, ancient civilizations which are technologically so advanced that they have the capacity to travel many thousands of light-years in a very short period of time. It is much like you traveling across from the east coast to the west coast, or from Venezuela to Canada. It is something that can be done if you have the technology, and it can be done quickly if you have developed technologies.

You must realize that there are planets which are already settled in the days of light and life within Nebadon, this local universe. There are few in Nebadon, but they do exist, and these civilizations have technologies which make it possible for them to travel through this local universe, through interstellar space rapidly. What you will find most remarkable is that they do not do this to exploit other worlds, as they already have developed their technology and resources to the point where nothing is lost from their planet, that they “mine” their waste stream in ways which provide materials and resources for new products, or for replacing those which have worn out.

Further, they are not into control and domination, as this is incredibly primitive. They are not interested in controlling other worlds. Technologies which have developed to that point also indicate civilizations which have progressed far past the war-like, competitive, commercial levels of your own thinking. There is no need to travel to far distant worlds for control and domination, if you are not able to control and dominate your own animal nature—that is unsustainable.

So yes, there has been an influence by ETs to your world for tens of thousands of years. Some of you are aware that this influence extends over hundreds of thousands of years, and perhaps millions of years, as there are odd and unusual findings deep within the earth, which have no reason or means to be there, except from an outside source that perhaps someone had dropped a wrench, an indestructible wrench from their craft, and it became buried under thousands of feet of rock and coal. These are historic anomalies which your scientists have no explanations for, though this is the explanation that is provided.

MMc: So all my television programs with ancient aliens helping the production of the pyramids and Mayan temples is perhaps true?


MMc: An interesting thought.

Since the greatest fear of the large organizations is that they are incapable of controlling what’s ahead, do you anticipate what they might do, and what this might mean for the individual?

Transition, Confusion

  • Look to history for what is ahead

MONJORONSON: Yes, of course. You have a full history of those actions already. What did the Romans do when the hoards came from the north and invaded the Roman Empire? What did the United States do when Japan struck Hawaii? What is the government doing in Syria now, where individuals are in uprising and are demanding more freedom and to elect those who control them? What will happen in the future when there are riots because there is not enough food in your large cities? What will happen when the power is cut off, both intentionally and accidentally, or of need through economics and finances? What will your governments do at that time? We do not speak of the obvious realities that will occur during these times of difficulty in the transition era, as it is quite obvious to almost anyone who has observed those whose power and authority and control is threatened. It is very clear what they do; they react with the means that they have, even though they know it is insufficient to bring about a better world in the future. They are simply trying to control the social upheaval in the moment.

Children, Indigo Children

  • Why celestials are here at this time in our history

That is why we are here at this time, although we cannot prevent those upheavals and those social disruptions of large scale development, we are here to assist in the reconstruction of your societies with the best intentions to make them sustainable. We are striving to influence the minds now of those individuals who will become the cultural, political, social, economic and educational leaders in the era during reconstruction. “Who are these individuals,” you might ask. They are your children. These are the children whom you call the “Indigo children,” the “Crystal children;” these are incredibly aware children, even at the ages of 2 and 3 and 4, where they are open doors and windows of tremendous light from us and from the best influences of your societies. These children have come to every race and ethnic group across the world and bloom when the resources are provided to them. They will bloom to the largest extent that the environment has available to them, and some, when they are older will seek out a larger environment of influence to enlarge their minds and their capacities to lead and be of influence.

You would even see now that the “Millennial Generation,” those who came of age around the year 2000, are no longer interested in your political processes as a means to gain power and influence for themselves, as they know that it is ineffectual, let alone thinking of it as corrupt and maligned, out of alignment with the best interests of the public. It is simply ineffective and so they are waiting for what we have to give them. We have the concepts, processes of social sustainability, which are universal values of social sustainability, which are the quality of life, equality and growth. Just as these children are arising in all cultures, so too are these concepts, which we have given you, applicable to all people, in all cultures, in all nations for all time. They will know what to do with these concepts and they will know how to reconstruct their lives and their communities, families and societies.

MMc: The “Occupy Wall Street” movement—is its fifteen minutes of fame over, or will we see a resurgence of its popular vigor?

Social Movements

  • The Occupy Wall Street movement

MONJORONSON: Not so much that it will disappear as dissipate. Just as you can take a block of ice, as a metaphor for public sentiment or a sentiment of a particular group, and then watch it melt and spread and influence other areas, eventually those particles which made up the ice and the water evaporate into the air, but they are not lost; that moisture is still there. So too, you may not see as many overt and direct “Occupy Wall Street” phenomena as you have in the past. Those individuals have not gone away. They are a part of the “crowd resource” that make-up social movements as people become aware of these new concepts in the public. There are literally not thousands, but tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of people who have dissipated and are waiting in the social wings of every society. They are there, waiting. They need not just a cause celebré but a real cause and mechanism to bring about positive change. It is not sufficient just to have enthusiasm, or even to be persuasive—those are wonderful—but to build a whole, integrated, sustainable society you need a mechanism to do that.

  • The value of these materials given to us by the celestials

You, who are listening now or reading these words, do not realize what you have been given. It is very similar to what others would call a perpetual motion machine. You have been given the patent, the concepts and processes for a perpetual, socially sustainable machine. We have provided this to the small community of Urantia Book readers, Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission enthusiasts. What will happen from here is that others who are outside of these communities will read these materials and understand completely how they can be used, and must be used to assist and promote their own ideas of social progress, whether it is in a benevolent corporation or organization or foundation, or in a church or even a government agency. These concepts will become widely known and it will gain tremendous validation from thousands of sources, as being effective, useful and which will provide hope.

MMc: There seems to be a very general feeling within the world that all is not right. You see it in the Occupy Wall Street movement where the people there are upset about something, the people in Syria and in other Muslim countries—such as Egypt—or were upset about something else, but there is this general feeling of not being happy with the situation as it is. Certainly we are seeing it in Europe with the financial situation there, and across America with the financial situation here. It seems to me this is a general feeling within the world that all is not right and we would like to see a better situation. What you are telling me is that these pieces that you’re giving to the world are going to present people with something to hang onto that will unite them in order to make a better world?


  • The general feeling that something is about to happen

MONJORONSON: Yes, most people realize, as you have suggested, that something eminent and powerful is about to occur in the world, and that in many parts of the world it is already begun, and that many even see beyond that to the point where they in their minds predict the collapse of whole societies and economies. And yes, there is nothing that can be done about this, for it is far too late. Actions should have occurred a century ago to prevent what is occurring now. Therefore, we are giving the means for people to hold out hope, but hope alone is not sufficient. You can be hopeful, but still succumb. You could be hopeful on the Titanic even as it was going into the depths of the ocean that you would be saved, that you would find something floating on the water that you could grab onto and survive. However, you need far more than mere hopefulness; you need something that you can actually begin to apply in your lives and in your communities. This is a ragged metaphor at best, but you understand, I hope, what we are striving to do for you and with you.

MMc: Yes, I believe I do. Very powerful! Last time around, you said it’s time for the European Economic Union to evolve itself into its next developmental step. Would that be for each of the member nations to give up sovereignty to a central European government, or perhaps to a central European bank?

Sovereignty, Global Economy

  • The European Economic situation

MONJORONSON: Yes and no. It is important to understand that sovereignty is not all-inclusive. It is much like where you have many neighbors living together and someone needs an easement for a driveway back to their property so they can have access to it, but they are blocked by other property boundaries from access to their own property. In this case, the nations must think of their sovereignty as sovereignty regarding different facets of their national survival. The international economic reality of Europe must become far more separated from the “intra-national” economy of each nation.

They must begin to see that they are not dissolving their countries, or dissolving the boundaries, but simply making a more workable, feasible, responsible and responsive economic reality among all of themselves—not between themselves—but among themselves. They must see their economic reality is far larger than each national economy, for when they withdraw and try to preserve their sacred national economy, they do that to the detriment of other nations and at the peril of their own economic survival. You see this consequence now occurring, where they have the European Economic Union, but each nation can individually incur debts, which will eventually be far greater than they can pay by themselves, and must come on bended knees to the larger organization to bail them out of the difficulties that they incurred. This is incongruous, is it not? This is illogical, it is irrational to open the doors to a larger economic process but not control the spending of each individual nation.

If we take this thought progressively and evolutionarily forward, it must come to the fact that all the banks must act in union—though they can be separate too—they must be in union to not loan more than what is safe for the totality of the union. The problem that has occurred is that the banks also are international in scope of borrowing and lending, but they are individual and separate and withdrawn when it comes to sharing how much they have loaned against the assets that they hold. This equation in not sustainable, and as you see, the crisis that they are having now is proof of that. There is no going back to the old way of doing business. Once you enter into an international/global community of doing business, there is only going forward and that is into wholeness.

Further, it is not necessary that one company or one bank buy up and dominate all banks. They can still have their individual banks, but they must act as one in a responsible maintenance of their assets and the responsible loaning against those assets. We do not consider this advanced thinking, but rational common sense for international financial sustainability. It must be gotten used to.

The conflict that is evident is between the sovereignty of political individuals, entities and organizations, which think they are integrated fully with the financial institutions, and this is simply not so. Financial institutions have their own realm of sovereignty and because of that they need to reinvent themselves as sovereign, apart from political realities of each nation. It may seem impossible at this time, but there is no going backwards, there must be only going forwards. I want to make sure that you understand the simplicity of what I am stating, yet you also understand the complexities of applying those simple processes to your realities. Does this make sense to you?

MMc: It does. What they need to do is very simple, but in order to get them to do it, they are going to have to give up a lot of preconceived ideas, so it becomes a very complex process for it to get done.


  • There is no need to go through a financial collapse

MONJORONSON: Exactly. But as we say, there is no going backwards and oftentimes the only way to go forward is through a disastrous financial collapse of all economies. But this need not occur; this is completely preventable. There is no need to reinvent yourself after a collapse; you can reinvent yourself beforehand if you are willing to be humble and share in your sovereign responsibilities.

MMc: There was a glimmer of hope with that. We’ll see how that plays out.

  • Benevolently devious processes

MONJORONSON: Yes, we truly do not have any way of telling you how to share these concepts or thoughts with those international leaders, but we do have our own benevolently devious processes of doing so and, thence, hope. (Laughter.)

MMc: “Benevolently devious processes!” (Monjoronson: Exactly!)

I’m wondering about a statement that you made. The statement is, “The community clinic is also involved in the mental health, the emotional health, the spiritual health and social health of the patients it serves. When these measures are taken into account, then the size of the clinic will decrease and its effectiveness will increase. The local health costs will decrease.” Now, this seems counter-intuitive to me. Is this a correct statement or… ?


  • Examining how health costs can decrease

MONJORONSON: It is a correct statement, but it depends on your assumptions. I can explain those assumptions that you hold in your mind from that statement, but I would like to encourage you to begin to dissect your beliefs about clinics and to then, when you dissect those beliefs, to then peel away the layers of awareness, so that you see the assumptions that underlie those beliefs. I would like to give you that as homework, if you are willing. And if you are not able to come to any disclosure of your own assumptions underpinning those beliefs, then I would be glad to provide them in a week or so.

MMc: Okay. My guess at this point, if that is a correct statement, then the information that is for the mental health, the emotional health, the spiritual health and social health of the patients is coming from alternate sources, besides the clinic, or from more sources than just the clinic. It is that the whole society, the educational systems, etc., are increasingly at play here to affect a situation where the health clinic is not supplying the total, all of the information that is necessary for the health of the patient. Is that one of the ways?

MONJORONSON: I will disclose an assumption that you have in your mind. One is that you have applied Henry Ford’s division of labor process for mass production. Whereas before, there were master craftsmen who were completely knowledgeable about a craft/skill, and they were fully capable of addressing a problem at their own level, no matter how diverse it was, involving their skill area. You continue to deceive yourself about the capability of individuals to have holistic awareness of the medical field in those areas, which I mentioned. It is not impossible for individuals to be broadly trained, broadly educated and capable of applying that knowledge and skill to a broad population. And when I say “a broad population,” that does not mean thousands of people, but it could mean just simply dozens of people, that you would have a clinic that may take care of one city block of people. In Manhattan, one city block could easily mean 200,000 people, whereas in some city blocks there may be only 20 people, so you are thinking in terms of your traditional training and division of labor and specialization skills. We see clinics as being capable of addressing those broad areas of need through a staff of perhaps ten, and they would address a smaller population. Now, of course, we do not expect that this small clinic would do open heart surgery, would we? Certainly not. That is a skill level and a specificity that is far beyond their means, but we believe that small clinics, of small staff, can address the broad number of needs in a community very effectively and decrease the overall costs of medical care for those individuals and for the society as a whole. I will say no more about that at this time.

Time, Consciousness

MMc: One of the things that have come to mind, you mentioned “time,” that our days are basically broken up because they are diurnal. We have a period of darkness and a period of light, and your days are not so broken up. We humans, in order to make face-to-face meetings, need to set up a place in 3-diminsional space and a time to meet. What is that like for you? Do you also have time frames? Is it geared to the rotation of the planets, or…?

  • Developmental and experiential environments

MONJORONSON: No, we do not. As we have said in the past, we are not bound by time and the limitations of time. And when you do not live in a diurnal environment, you live in a developmental environment, and we have said many times in the past that the reality of the universe for material worlds and for the spiritual realm is all developmental and that it is experiential. We do have “meetings,” and they can occur without ever coming together. You have the same experience now that you have the Internet, and you can have cyber-meetings, you can have meetings simultaneously with individuals and view them at the same moment, no matter if they were thousands of miles away. Our realm works in our medium of consciousness, and if I think I need to “be” in Green Bay, Wisconsin, then I am there. You would never see me, but I would be there; I simply “show up” there. The capability of movement, physical, dimensional movement, the capacity of that movement is limited or expanded—either way—by the realm or the spiritual realm that you live in. For me, there are few limitations at all of my movement. The most significant one is from this finite universe into the eternal universe. It is much like traveling in a jet airplane when it crosses the sound barrier. It is not impossible to do, it is done frequently, but it is always an experience.

MMc: So, when you communicate using consciousness, is that communication instantaneous?

  • Using consciousness to communicate and for astral travel

MONJORONSON: Yes. Yes, consciousness is non-temporal and non-dimensional.

MMc: So, if I was to travel using my consciousness to Jerusem, I would arrive there?

MONJORONSON: Yes, this is the key to astral travel. It is a projection of your consciousness in ways that are measurable and observable and tactile, so to speak. You bring with you your kinesthetic abilities to sense and to know.

MMc: I’ve heard you say many times now that, “Your consciousness has global effect, if you project it in that way. It is our wish that you would develop your consciousness and the consciousness of your thoughts so that you are consciously aware, projecting harmony, oneness, union and wholeness, that has social integrity upon the world.”


  • Effective “prayer work”

MONJORONSON: Yes. We have assisted many individuals to be effective in their “prayer work,” as when you see/visualize/view the light of God surrounding and illuminating the life of someone, then you have prayed the best prayer for them, for the light of God will penetrate their life and will assist their mind and the events around them, to become in harmony and synchronistic vibration with that of God, and there is no higher vibration of order and peace and love than the light of God, the love of God. When you see the light of God and think of the light of God, we are truly telling you it is “light.” It is not light from your sun, though that is a wonderful and very clear, almost metaphor, for the light of God. Truly, the light of God is shot through all the universe, as it is capable of accepting. Your material realm does not have a sentience to it, and so the light of God penetrates all that is material. We could go on with this discussion for quite a long time, but I will leave that with you to think about. I will be glad to return to that topic later on, if you wish, in the weeks ahead.

MMc: I think I need a tutorial. How do I go about projecting my consciousness out into the world?

MONJORONSON: I will ask Charles to sell you a copy of his Cliff Notes. (Laughter.)

MMc: Very good; very good. His Cliff Notes, huh?

Art of Living, Attunement

MONJORONSON: The tutorial you are seeking is called, “life and living,” making decisions that are in alignment with God and the light of God in all your affairs. You are living the tutorial—truly you are. You are setting an example for your children in your family; you are setting an example for your neighbors; you are setting an example for those who are coming after you, behind you. That is why it is very important for you to begin recording what works, what is best, and then begin living by those that do work. Thoughts to organize what works in life is admirable, and then those things that work in life must be taught to children. This is part of their socialization process; it is socializing them and also indoctrinating them with the precepts that work, and that when they follow these rules of living, the pragmatics of living, then their life is easier to live. Of course this goes to the heart of all of social sustainability — learning what works, and part of the two mechanisms for learning what works is your history of human behavior. You will find you can divide this into what works and what does not work. Discard what does not work, but keep it in archives.


  • Living life successfully

The second means is by using the schematic for sustainability in the context of the continuum for social sustainability, and the three core values of social sustainability. These will allow you to check the sustainable validity of social organizations and processes and concepts without having to live through them. This is a wonderful intellectual and spiritually vicarious mechanism for applying what works to your life, before you have to live out the failures to point the way. You must be beginning to see how all of this is tied together, from the light of God, to Divine order, to living life successfully in your societies, your communities, your families and in your own life. This is the beginning of wholeness, of seeing all as integrated. Though there are hundreds of different social systems that exist, it must all work as one system, where one system supports and lends itself to the support and sustainability of other systems, in order for it all to survive. When all those work together and there is mutual social sustainability among all social systems, then you are living in the days of light and life.


MMc: I think I am going to end our discussion here today, my questions for today. Is there anything else you’d like to say to us?

MONJORONSON: We have shared a lot with you today. Perhaps the core of all this is to get to “what works.” What works means what supports social sustainability. It is our intent, the intent of the correcting Time, to bring your global civilization into the era of what works.

[Group gives thanks to Monjoronson and Daniel.]