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Topic: Adjuster Families and More

Group: At Large


Teacher: Manotia

TR: Ron Besser


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Adjuster Families

Manotia: Before the text received is offered to the reader for his or her information, the concept of “families” of spirit is not entirely new as the Urantia Book speaks of Orders of creation, and the family of the Infinite Spirit. However, the idea that Thought Adjusters obtain a family after their initial training on Divinington has never really surfaced in the thousands of lessons given either as far back as the text of the Urantia Book, or as late as the Teaching Mission in the present term of its assignment to inform of us of these things today.

We do know, according to the fifth epochal revelation, that Adjusters as observed are routinely standardized when they appear on Urantia from their long journey on Divinington or from some other universe assignment. We do not even know what the effect may be of their interaction with the Supreme changes or modifies the Adjuster.

Nor has anyone yet told us the story of the work of the Supreme with the Father, but it is crucial to understand that the interaction between the various Planetary Supremes and the arriving Thought Adjusters on worlds with Father-fused mortals is not to be told yet. But today we are learning about one small piece of the unrevealed story about the Supreme and the Father by learning what the Supreme brings to light when she interacts with Adjusters who come to indwell mortals on Urantia.

Meanwhile, from past disclosures we have learned that the Planetary Supreme has a duty to the Father to establish a protocol of interesting functional categories that are used on an inhabited planet to get the work done to domesticate planetary life (animals up to humans), and to provide a network of proprietary ministry.

To do this, the Planetary Supremes negotiate a certain trial period with Thought Adjusters when they first arrive. In the case of our planet, Urantia, Andon and Fonta initiated the beginning of human life and were the first in the history of the world to receive Thought Adjusters. Beginning about 1 million years ago and down through the ages, human consciousness was somewhat made less farseeing by existing racial incongruities that led to frequent wars and destruction of cultural assets beyond human capacity to revive.

Since that era, and beginning sometime in the late 1940's of the present calendar used on Urantia, the formulation of the Supreme was to provide each Adjuster a category through which it would develop its ascension plans for the indwelt mortal while taking into account the needs of the Supreme for improved planetary development. However, because of frequent war and violence beginning with the World War eras, the Planetary Supreme on Urantia was forced to focus her work on Adjuster ministry and establish a “force field” to bring Adjusters more fully into her planning on Urantia to overcome the violence and when it did to human development.

To use and example, we may look back at the 1930's and see that Washington D.C. was the site of an ambiguous war between the Senate and the House of Representatives in which Franklin Delano Roosevelt fought both sides of the political isle in order to capture the heart of the American Republic for the training of new workers against cultural circumstances that would have devastated the country before it could crawl out of the deep Depression it found itself in. In this battle, he brought action against the Supreme Court and by blocking unfavorable nominations through which the forces of evil could reduce the effectiveness of the proposed legislation he presented to Congress, he was accused of “stacking” the court. In that battle to accept only candidates favorable to the President, Roosevelt briefly would win a reprise against the incessant in-fighting that kept the President from moving the country forward to meet the building emergency.

In this political battle, there were Thought Adjusters indwelling humans in government on all sides of the battle lines. In particular the Adjuster which indwelt Roosevelt was inclined to permit the rulings of the court stand in order to develop economic solvency on behalf of the people of the country. However, because the Court could not withstand action against its constitutional role by a hostile executive, the Court first averred to the demands of Roosevelt to stand down and allow Americans to provide themselves work and thereby bring an end to the worst Depression the country ever suffered up until that point. These maneuvers were often Adjuster inspired in order to provide a cultural basis of survivability for future generations to build upon.

At the juncture of the coming war with Japan, America succeeded in reverting to its old constitutional temperament of staying neutral while fighting to keep the economic recovery going. But due to the war nerves of the time, few Americans supported Lend-Lease or any other means to provide aide to those already doing battle with the Nazis in Europe. Only the intervention of Roosevelt over supplying Britain did the log jam break enough for America to begin preparation for total war around the globe and avoid potential disaster across all sectors of the government full of foot dragging to keep America out of the war.

It is here that the Planetary Supreme resisted the intellectual vacuum in so many areas of foreign policy that few in government saw the need to stay the course against evil and actually intervene to block the advances of tyranny. Roosevelt pandered to the majority of American voters promising that no war would occur so long as Roosevelt remained in power. He was faced to explain eventually that his hand was forced by Pearl Harbor to defend democracy, and quietly shelved the campaign promise to avoid any war.

To bolster the American nee (and indeed the world’s requirement) to stem the flow of dictatorship that threatened the quality of life everywhere, the Planetary Supreme produced five new categories of functional areas of work for influential input into human decisions on the conduct of war and the peace to follow. These five functional areas of action were then opened to Adjuster criticism and membership by experience and inclination of the Spirit. These five divisions for Adjuster membership during this historical era (or as they are now called, the five new “families” of Adjusters) were primarily responsible for the cohesion of decision makers to follow a course that actually won the war for the allies. The Nazi regime, while it had marvelous minds, many such minds were corrupted beyond redemption and received no Adjuster input beyond indwelling them for future ascension experiences. Meanwhile, the Japanese militaristic hierarchy with many of the population had an attitude of domestic intolerance of foreigners which was exacerbated by what the Japanese saw as foreign prejudicial interference of attaining the Japanese manifest destiny for cultural and militaristic superiority. Democracy could not fail to win so long as it found a source of power to curtail the Japanese sense of superiority and defeat the nationalistic ideals of a super race founded on the hubris of conquest. In this spiritual emphasis to counter evil, the Planetary Supreme was allowed to emphasize the best hope for mankind through the threatened democracies of the time.

These initial five Adjuster families proposed by the Planetary Supreme were in reality allied with the Father’s will for Urantia. God the Supreme on a planetary scale (and on all levels for that matter) is a product of God’s will as it manifests through the evolutionary dictates of time-space. Each Adjuster family was capable of producing a change in civilization improvements to the point that when the influential changes were added together, war would become obsolete and almost improbable for centuries following World War II. If completely successful, these five families could open the door to Light and Life on Urantia without exacting a heavy price on universe policies to preserve the union of matter and spirit (the featured destiny of God the Supreme as the Almighty Supreme) all through the trying days of the Lucifer rebellion.

Therefore, it is no accident that the ideals of a United Nations came to the surface so strongly even as the war rolled over the world for years. The failed League of Nations was familiar to most during this period, but its weakness lay in its inability to cooperate on the international level it had to operate upon. The Thought Adjuster family that promoted this aspect of cultural revisions for Urantia’s security were open to debate but no majority rejection of the ideal of a United Nations ever occurred. These responsible Adjusters for international security and peace were in what we shall call family number one. They never forsook acting upon the then obscure ideal that the idea of war would never result in a true peace. So long as all participants to the ideas of the United Nations were led to accept that future wars would be worse, and that victory in their defense, would eventually be the seed of annihilation.

Family number two contained Adjusters that worked to provide spiritual revelation all the while old ideas circulated to hinder the promise of peace. Of use to these Adjusters were a long line of human beings on Urantia who could work with what then was called spiritualism, but now more recently called, “spiritualistic exotheology.”( 1 )

( 1 )Spiritualistic exotheology: C. S. Lewis in the early 1960's first introduced the term still in use. It means discovery

of the spiritual aspects of those not taking origin on one’s own planet of human habitation. Some have misused the term to study alien spirituality, but its original intention was to assign the term to the study of spiritual nature and thought outside of direct human experience. Spiritualism in its true developmental form in Europe and North America was beset with the problem of having to explain dislocated voices not taking origin in a material form and this experience never could be consigned to the supernatural entirely, but frequently it was used to describe the supertheologic. Spiritualism was mistakenly thought to be inherently a ruse by evil forces and/or a platform to deceive naive persons out of their wealth through fear and intimidation or promises of life without pain. This belief was held primarily by those who were indwelt with Thought Adjusters of the second family. Persons so indwelt frequently held strong views against dabbling in creative spiritualism, but there was a creative tension where both spiritualism and folk beliefs in the devil conspired to demonstrate the efficacy of genuine spiritual contact. Nor was this tension relieved by the contrived assertions on both sides (spiritualism versus medical belief) that the other were blind to God’s way of doing things. No single incident in producing the powerful epochal revelation in Chicago occurred to prove that trance mediumship of some excellent subjects was inferior to the power of God’s will to produce excellent revelation wherever he chose it to be given. And so no one ever won the day completely and the divide exists feeding upon the ill will of the other to remain separate events and history. The supertheological or exotheological implications of spiritualism that did survive into the 21st century remain alive as glowing embers from the once great fire that swept the salons of the wester civilized world not so long ago. These embers still glow in the soul of man even on the heels of superrevelation taking origin beyond the

local space levels of Nebadon.

Spiritualistic exotheology was partially a thought-form child of the work of Thought Adjusters and the adjutant human mind circuits whereby the Thought Adjusters helped the Creative Spirit of Nebadon to heighten the adjutant spirit of curiosity in those indwelt. The second family of Adjusters encouraged those people they indwelt to investigate the subnormal and the supernormal minds and behavior in the presence of spiritual revelation.

In the case of the supernormal, the case can be made that those known for producing the fifth epochal revelation to the readership of these papers (The ABC Summaries), namely Dr. William Sadler [Chicago surgeon and psychiatrist who marshaled the Urantia Book], who with his family members and associates, brokered the contactual details to produce the Urantia Book using the unconscious ideals of spiritualism’s wish to portray the spiritual world as cooperative and informative. Sadler and the organizations that grew out of his work with the spiritual experience of revelation, used, for their own gain, to improve their own theology, while providing insight into the treatment of minds and even medical infirmaries of the day. Spiritualism and theology are akin when brokered by likeminded individuals, but we observe today that the kinship of families have been beset with the hazard of disregarding unity in truth, in favor of winning legal battles that have nothing to do with spiritualistic exotheology or epochal revelation, however much both may be intertwined.

The Sleeping Subject was subnormal in one respect, and supernormal in another. He was subnormal in the ability to bear any inconsistency that disturbed his sleep, and supernormal in the hosting ability of an Adjuster hardly equaled today anywhere on Urantia in its abilities to rehearse his ward to foster intimate spiritual contact with casual aloofness. It is of note that the Seeping subject had nothing to do with the final Papers of the Urantia Book except to start the inquiry into what he was doing and what he should do to promote the truth on Urantia.

The Thought Adjusters who worked with this entire Chicago grouping all belonged to Thought Adjuster family number two. We observe that the power of spirit is multiplied sevenfold, even tenfold, when it is allowed to construct relationship matrices among living human subjects to focus the intention of the Father’s will to complete a regime of enlightened education and astounding accuracy when reporting new facts and new revelation.

Such was true and realized in the Chicago case, and as all know who read these Summaries with the Urantia Book in mind, revelation continues to enhance epochal disclosures today even when the formality of the disclosures are less elegant than how the divine authors produced such facts in the original text.

Today the Adjuster families as they now exist build upon the robust foundations supplied by the actions of the Planetary Supreme beginning over 100 years ago in complete regard to the Father’s will on Urantia.

What we would call Adjuster families three through five are in fact related to the first two indicated above. The fact they still exist is the result of the effective and resplendent trusteeship of the Universal Father who even now guarantees their performance even before they perform to undo the evil of the Lucifer rebellion on Urantia. These Adjusters can be deterred by the inaction of the humans they indwell, but they can not be stopped in their eventual success, and Urantia will benefit mightily by their continued presence on Urantia well into the 2040 and 50's to continue with the current range of dictated messages to arrive on Urantia.

Coordination of Angelic Services

Coordination of Angelic Services with The Five Adjuster Families

Angelic services are directly responsive to the Thought Adjuster requirements to achieve synchrony with the angels and with those they indwell. With the adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion announced on Salvington in the Urantia calendar of March 16, 1985, the angelic services on Urantia were reorganized into twelve different components, each able to work with indwelling Thought Adjusters and their capacity to press their human wards into the work of the realm.

The Reserve Corps of Destiny of which there are still 12 on Urantia, have completed their work for the Magisterial Mission. In this work, the Thought Adjusters are now included in the preemption of thinking necessary to provide our work (angelic cooperation with humans on a conscious level) an outlet for the education of the more spiritual types of readers so essential for Urantia to have available at a time like this.

The natural tendency of readers to think that they are not being investigated for the work of the Magisterial Mission, is really in error, almost completely so, when it comes to providing the Magisterial Son a list of those who can and should serve. It is fortunate that the errors of the past can be so completely removed when the Father is resident in humanity as it is on Urantia. Case after case of human error have been forgiven and that the results have been shown to exceed expectations of bearing spiritual fruit in spite of the dreadful loss of so many souls due to the evil of Lucifer.

The last FLURRY (No. 8, 2012) indicated that there will be existing evidence by the end of this year of just what those spiritual fruits portend for the everyday life experience of humans on Urantia. This we affirm in your hearts and minds and we continue to assert that no one will ever again fail Urantia as Lucifer and Caligastia did in their tirade of horror which undermined the planet to the point that it could have easily been destroyed without further ado if the Father so desired it to be so.

Soul Speak from the Father

Soul Speak From the Father:
His Intervention on Urantia

[Editor’s Note: I briefly intervene in the flow of this narration to explain the inexplicable. For those who attempt to understand what is happening here (and I am not sure myself), I experienced a shift in consciousness as the next statement was signaled to be ready for dictation, and I swear I felt the Father himself move within me to grant me the experience of feeling, not just intellectually appreciating, the Father is One with His Creator Son, and One with all Creation. I heard three speeches at once: 1) The sound of God as he should be heard and I can not identify it further; 2) the Voice of God through the Master Spirit speaking with Michael, and 3) Michael expressing the same thought to me simultaneously into me and with me. It was three transmissions with one voice reinforced with an inexpressible power I am not familiar with in terrestrial life. These are my human expressions about what I never heard before, and the short message which follows should be somehow made emotionally available to all of you if it were possible for the soul to replicate to the reader. I now know God’s intention on Urantia without any equivocation or retraction that the Father means to end the travesty that destroyed the hopes of today’s Urantia to survive unscathed is not possible.]

The Father: Next to the last day of the year 2012, the 30th of December, I shall portend one more grant of leniency to those who mock the power of love.

On that day I shall provide Urantia the gift of peace as it has never felt it before, and then there shall be the silence of a deep abiding in me while I give unto all the last supper Urantia ever need have.

Feast on the promise that no one will ever again bring Urantia to the brink of extinction as it has been done so these last few years of the early twenty-first century. It is my promise that the heavens will open on that day and you shall receive Monjoronson as the Eternal Son’s representative to bring peace to the war torn sphere I was bestowed upon but a scant 2,000 years ago.

On that day, I promise all that we all will be born again, and that Urantia will no longer be scalded with the incessant warfare that now befuddles the Middle East and other portions of this beautiful globe.

Enlistment of Mortals

The Enlistment of Mortals To Aid Monjoronson and Michael
For The Rectification of Urantia

Christ Michael: In these years of thought which preceded my bestowal on Urantia 2,000 plus years ago today, I am reminded that not all who sought succor in my heart were serious enough to remain with me until the job was done. In this I deeply regret that has happened. But I can not continue to write sonnets of bestowal news forever as even my turn to change Urantia for the better is now about over. While I shall remain Planetary Prince, I will also remain the Sovereign of Nebadon, and in this I must avail myself to the sheep in flocks existing elsewhere.

It comes to a time like this that I must write my farewells carefully. I remain, to all who hear my voice, yours. I beseech you to stand guard while I change my hat and my clothes to attempt to dress in the raiment of the Planetary Prince on Urantia in the next few years.

I belong to the ages, and I must act my age so that I can become not only the succor of song for those who sing my praises, but also the heart in which all may seek comfort over the long term of abuse that is meted out on Urantia in these last days of retribution. I seek no favor from any of you in what I am about to say, and I say it in gratitude for all that hear this message.

I belong to you, and I write my last will and testament as though living on Urantia when I depart from the heavens to indwell each of you as I am doing now with this writer. I belong to him and I belong to you, and we shall never part so long as there is a jot of sincerity to prefer goodness over evil, and so long as there is no disease that prevents the mind from hearing the last song I sing to my children on Urantia. In this I am sad and joyful at the same time, and I await the favor of my Father in heaven to open the doors to the goodness of the heart of our Father in heaven.

Prefer me to your heart. Ask me to let me be yours. I ask nothing more than to receive the goodness of all humanity, and from those who share goodness, share it together one last time as I prepare to ascend to the Father as I did when I left Urantia as Jesus. My Father has required that I attend to his business on Paradise one more time before I leave for Urantia on my mission to become the ward keeper of a planet nearly destroyed by its own wickedness.

In my attempt to bring my name before you, I ask that all who seek my consolidation of heart with the heart of God, that you all become mine in great temperance of love for those who reject all that I stand for.

Beyond this dream of heart there lies a tremendous opportunity for all who can muster the goodwill to become happily done on Urantia. My heart is heavy today as I prepare to leave for Urantia one last time to oversee the dispensation that Monjoronson has prepared for me to instruct to all who yet live on Urantia today. In this dispensation to be laid out among you in a few short years, there will be a forthright attempt to hold all responsible for the tasks at hand.

These tasks include remuneration of the planet for it to return to all of its glory. The rest of these tasks are partially laid out in the text below, for this document you now read is about the last one I shall ever publish while not acting as your Planetary Prince. I have too much to do and too little of time in Nebadon to fret any longer about what happens to the noisy ones who yet complain on Urantia that nothing is done until we, Michael of Nebadon, disclose our residence on Urantia and we leave it at that.

Now I leave you for my work on Salvington for that is from whence I broadcast this to the writer of this text. In this work the writer has shown himself to understand the power and glory of the Lord, yet he abides in partial shade while he types as his mentality is still slightly marred by the loss of a close family member. Her heart remains on Urantia and still remains loyal to his maternal friend. They shall join together one day finish the work they together began on Urantia before death overtook his mother.

In closing, my “wife” (the Creative Spirit, Nebadonia, my Consort), and I endeavor to favor all on Urantia for their spiritual prowess in seeking the Father above all. Yet, you all may seek me as I am the Father of your souls and of your heart, and in that I remain your closest confidant and heart seeking brother.

I am your friend and your monitor of goodness as it may pertain to all of your activities on Urantia. In my peace I leave you for a long journey to Paradise where Father and I will test our nerve to see who shall become our newest soul captured in spirit for everlasting life.

My peace be with you. Michael

From Monjoronson re: Fifth Epochal Revelation

From Monjoronson:
Suggestions on
How To Approach Other Mortals
with Epochal Revelation

Monjoronson: Several years ago I had the ability to sit down and write a long letter to anybody who wanted to correspond. Recently, I have not had the time to do that, and while I can often dictate a long letter for a scribe, I can not in all honesty declare myself willing to provide information without being asked to do so directly.

This is Monjoronson, and I write this letter to all of you reading the document called The ABC Summary, Letter “M”.

I have been asked repeatedly to give persons interested in the Magisterial Mission just what it is that the human staff will do? I have been careful to avoid direct contact with the Monjoronson scenario mostly because I can get trapped into being a good writer without a whole lot to say if I choose to keep out of the bushes with controversy. However, now is the time to provide readers with a list of things to do by the humans staff.

After I make my list, there is transmitted material from the Seraphic Chief of Angels on Urantia, concerning some of the details that should be most interesting to many of you. Remember, because one reader or another is not asked to be on my staff at this time does not mean you will never be on my staff. Too much is at stake for me to sound off without knowing to whom I am reporting to since this message goes to over 1,000 people directly and indirectly, and the list is growing by leaps and bounds. So I will propose the following if you would converse with me or my staff:

1) Keep all correspondence to me at a level you understand. If you get too fancy with words and concepts, I have trouble keeping what it is you are asking and instead I tend to ramble hoping to hit the mark with a buckshot approach.

2) Run by me that which will hone other people’s attention rather than just keeping your thoughts on yourself. It helps me tremendously to hone what I hear into a simple message that can be applied to a lot of people, not just one.

3) Hear what I have to say. Listen attentively. Give me your undivided attention. Listen well to what I want and go about your business to complete the work I have given you to do. What is that work?

Answer: Mostly it is to take care of grievances by those who have no spiritual training or spiritual experience. By this, I mean travel to friends and neighbors and explain to the best of your ability what I am about and what the Father on Paradise would like to see accomplished on Urantia or earth as you might call it mostly.

We have the following provisions for each of you to listen to and perform as associates of Monjoronson and Michael in our joint Mission enterprise on Urantia:

1) (Monjoronson speaking) Do not take me for granted when I admonish you t o provide me all the details you can when we are on a call to hear me speak. I hear every word you think and every word you think of asking, but seldom do you bring it forward to me when I ask you to speak into the microphone.

2) Begin work NOW. By that, I mean practice your words to see how they sound to others in front of a mirror or onto the tape recorder you own or borrow. It is important to hear your own voice and to hear your inflections as you speak the words I will prepare you to speak.

3) Listen to me when I tell you to hide your inflection at the end of a sentence. Do not remain ignorant of your work with Me (Michael), and do not ignore my appearance before you one day when I appear suddenly at your side and let you know I am pleased with your performance (Monjoronson and Michael both)

4) Produce a good view of our work. Never denigrate another regardless of how sure you are right they have made an error. Let that correction in my hands and all will be well.

5) Take heed that all work is to be done professionally and with the allure of spirit. Take down no words when you speak, but speak contemporaneously, and then let the chips fall where they may. Nothing is worse in Christendom then to open the Bible and read from it or quote it from memory, but appear to be spontaneous and ready to engage any one with their own words at their own level.

6) Let me judge how you are doing. Never pretend more than your are capable of doing. Ask me directly to assess you when sitting at your desk or computer, “What should I do here now that I have their attention and I can speak to them?” Let me help you judge the situation and help you leave out those inferences that have no bearing on the person before you.

7) Ask me now and then if you can take a break from the weary world of thought and ask me to provide you the peace that Michael can bestow upon his workers when they are fatigued. Ask all who are with you to bow their heads as the spirit of God descends upon you and let me add the final prayer of the day by heading (directing) your heart into the direction whence it came: through the door to God and back again after being refreshed.

8) (Michael and Monjoronson speaking jointly) Take me into your confidence. (Michael speaking now) Allow me to hold all that you are and allow me to carry you both to the floor of the Senate as they speak in my praise as the session opens. Hear them say the words then fall to fighting as I come between them and their adversary and say (Michael speaking), “Prepare you words Senator, as I have come among you to deceive no one, but that I now take your voice and raise it to the splendor of the Father first, and then drop you into the pit of despair while you argue over the fragility of human thought in government. This I shall do, worry not.

9) Do me the favor (Monjoronson speaking), of writing down all thoughts that have no proven value for me as I write my decisions concerning what must be done by staff as I go about preparing Urantia for its day in court. In this I am alone. You can not go where I go to finish this detail. Permit me to tell you what I mean: On the day of judgement I will come among all of you and speak the words: “I shall sin no more.” When you ascend to the spirit within, the voice I have prepared for you to listen as I speak will become permeated with the light of good will and nevermore shall you entertain the sin that could stain our work. This is a process of elimination and not sublimation. Join with me when I speak the words, “I shall sin no more,” and it will be done in heaven and on earth. You shall be cleansed of the past and all future actions will be judged upon your ascension in Nebadon.

10) Take my hand in all matters of the heart and the soul. You and all others, whether on staff or an associate, when associated with my mission are my ears and eyes about what is happening and what the attitude of those who are being governed by Michael are thinking about the situation they find themselves in. This situation is often criminal, and it is often enraging for God to view, but when they bring themselves for purification, do not gasp at their work, but bring them into the fold without judgement. Ask them who they are and what they want to be? Ask them to be prepared to undergo the ritual of confinement by spirit on the land of their forefather’s grave, and that means they shall descend into the grave before they are allowed to ascend and work off the very problems that precipitated the criminal behavior in the first place.

11) Take all into your confidence. Be open. Hide nothing except perhaps the shock of thought about which appears before you. Take them in hand, and lead them to God through prayer. Lead them to me (Monjoronson and Michael jointly speaking), and I will avail them to the Father through the route best selected for that petition.

12) (Monjoronson speaking) I will ask all who join my service to the Father to become one with each other. That is difficult for a human to perceive, but in the work of the military this frequently happens as you and those you trained with feel a bond of comradeship to the death if necessary. This may be reproduced in prayer with strangers so long as you open your soul to the assembly of God and man in your presence.

13) (Michael speaking with Monjoronson simultaneously) We hold these truths to be evident and necessary to obtain good measure with that which you attempt to do on Urantia. In a sense, this is your charge to go among your brethren and do good. Seek no compensation. Seek no earthly reward. Take your heart in your hand a gladly show your goodwill to all. In this we are sentencing you all to the heart of the Father’s merciful embrace, and together we wish you all good results. We are Michael and Monjoronson speaking in joint session with this scribe.

14) (Monjoronson speaking) I will come among you all. No one will be missed. I come with the Father, the Son, and the Spirit, and the blessings of the heartfelt mission of the Trinity and of the Son whereupon I leave you all for now and seek my own solace with the great Deities on high.


Manotia, The Chief of Angelic Services on Urantia
Completion Seraphim of Record, Number 99194 of the Order of Michael

Of all who speak tonight I am the least, but I hold no rancor for what I tell you must be accomplished before we leave this session tonight and before it is released to the general public sooner or later than [received on] the Second of October, 2012.

In this belief that I shall be heard by a larger number of persons on Urantia than is normally afforded to my voice, I ask that all who hear me, and all who hear the Voice of God as the writer has spoken to in transmitting the Father, more or less directly from Paradise, I admonish all to heed the clear message provided by Michael, Monjoronson, and ths staff of angels I oversee to complete this mission on Urantia.

I hold two degrees: 1) The Order of Michael which I treasure above all else. 2) The Order of Monjoronson which is soon to be given to all who attend the wedding/unification of Michael and Monjoronson the day the Temple comes down to the shores of Urantia. On that day, the spirits of Monjoronson, born of the Infinite Spirit and the Eternal Son jointly creating the most perfect expression of love to an inhabited world, and of Michael, the spirit of the Father and Son, likewise enjoined in creativity to propose that all who hear this message realize that Nebadon shall never be able to say more than it already has to a watching universe.

I remind you all that the Spirit of Infinity is upon this world. It delivers the world to God as no other Being can do, for this is the work of the Conjoint Actor, now bringing Urantia unto the last battlement of its delivery; its judgement and its reward, and thereafter, it shall become a sphere of perfection in the eyes of the Father.

To do this, we are reminded of the Foreward prepared by the people who published the original Urantia Book. A majestic being known as a Mighty Messenger walked into the room where the book was being prepared to be sent to the printer. When confronted by the human prepared Foreward, the Mighty Messenger frowned and spoke forthrightly: “You prepare the work for our world without a thought about whom you address in sending this work forth. Go forth and become anointed with the highest form of thought you can find, and then return and we will send you to God and the eternal thought of t he Spirit which has no bounds and has no thought beyond the redemption of Urantia. Take this work and send it to our brethren when you are prepared to step forward and keep your name from appearing on its cover. Let us pray that you never feed the poor with thought that can not feed and heart than can not beat with the rhythms of eternity. Take your introduction and leave it beside the table and let us prepare that which should properly be done.”

And with that, the Urantia Book Foreward was born of the spirit and not of man’s attempt to hide the inevitable disaster, but to bear the fruit of the Spirit through His words. In Chicago’s tenure they prepared many lesson plans and many descriptions about what to do for man when they were in charge of the revelation. In this they have largely failed. In this they will be judged as all others are judged when the final word comes down to those who had responsibility but could not discharge it without rancor.

It now comes to my task to warn all that the list of candidates available for future publications of Urantia revelation is no longer secret. We make one last promise to those who are reading this that the end result will disappoint many in the organization known as the Foundation, and that its tenure as publisher of Urantia’s revelatory record now goes to another.

It further distresses me to learn that the individual known as Monjoronson, will not use his name as originally given by the Father to him. He now has accepted the name Monjoronson as his own for use on Urantia. His true name is Sirara and we will speak to this situation later in the text as to its usage and his plans to remain with the appellation Monjoronson.

Our work on Urantia is dedicated to the Father and his work on Urantia. I am led to report that no further discussion on what I do is meant to intimidate anyone, but surely it will do so when you learn that I have been placed in command of the mortal 144 staff, and it is to them I address my final remarks.

To my brethren on Monjoronson’s staff. I greet you with the good will of the

Sovereign of Nebadon, for I may speak with Michael and for Michael when he allows me to do so. I wear the badge of the Order of Michael proudly and I am totally able to ascertain what he thinks when he views humanity on Urantia. He is favoring no one and favors all. In this I am confident that we can work together and be part of the Team he wishes realized for the best on Urantia through our joint efforts to call

the roll and leave the chips fall where they may.

I now turn this over to Monjoronson for one last word on the subject of Sovereignty on Urantia.

Monjoronson re: Urantia Sovereignty

Urantia Sovereignty
I greet you once again.

I see that there are several million folks at work on Urantia who have an inkling that I may soon make my appearance among you. This is so.

I greet all who are about to see me in the flesh and I hope none of you are disappointed in my demeanor or my attitude toward the flesh, which I find ennobling and almost too close for spiritual comfort.

My heart goes out to those who can not hear these words. I am distressed that this list is so small as compared to what needs to be reached, but I am going to make an effort to enlarge the BCC list just enough so that it reaches into the heart of America and many more can follow what is to be printed in these documents so surreptitiously begin in 2010 with no idea of their worth.

I am heartened that no one has demanded, except for two or three, to be removed from the list, and I am sure they had good reason, but it comes to me that no one has ever thanked the good Lord for prompting the Summary writer to maintain the sense to keep the publications going even when disaster befell them on at least two occasions.

We shall now accede to the Masters Voice and prepare a lesson in humility, even to this writer.

I am Monjoronson, and I stay well within the bounds of propriety when I tell you that no man stands taller than Michael of Nebadon when it comes to fleshing out the tales of who shall do what and when. I am a master at what I do, but I have never felt the need to thank a Creator Son more than now when he has prepared a text for this writer that even astounds my Order of Creation. Read it again near the beginning of this document and see that it carries the order of the day without being harsh or cold. It states clearly that Michael is leaving Urantia for many months of time and will not return until he undergoes the induction of performing the office of the Planetary Prince of Urantia.

Once I declare the dispensation with Michael at my side, he will anoint the chastened with this message, “Go to the world of spirit with my blessing, and return to Urantia with care, for I now hold the reigns of power that can deter any child of mine who becomes intolerant of racial differences and religious bigotry.” Then he shall turn to me, Monjoronson, and ask that the call of the spiritual recourse begin and the roll call of justice will proceed.

As the roll call proceeds (it shall take about a day and one half) Michael will ascend the throne within the Temple and sit upon the left hand chair (as we view facing the dias). The center chair is for the finaliter of record on Urantia. The chair on the right is for the Planetary Prince of Panoptia who will become Urantia’s titular Planetary Prince when Michael must attend to the command of Nebadon.

(Michael speaking) I as your Planetary Prince will wear the armor of love and be prepared to seek all justice per Monjoronson’s roll call. I sit in abeyance of his command as he wears the sash of the Order of Michael himself and speaks for me when I bid him to do so. Your writer is aware of this distinction internally and has made the appropriate statements concerning Monjoronson’s speech and my (Michael’s) speech. Together we rule Urantia through the power of God to unanimously unite our free-will devotion to the Father for Urantia. In this we are jointly sovereign until Monjoronson is released. Thereupon his release, a Trinity Teacher Son, with myself, will jointly share the sovereignty of Urantia.

(Monjoronson speaks). I have at my command nearly 1 million angels who work under the tutelage of Manotia. She has commanded this army since Pentecost, and has been available for all conferences having to do with the return of Michael and the changing of the guard you know as the Council of 24.

The end of The Council of 24 shall constitute an historical watershed event when they are disbanded as is spoken to below. I merely wish to congratulate all who have served this organization and have discharged the commands of Michael on his behalf whenever he asked them to intervene or bring forward work that is essential to the realm.

The work of this Council is legion and must be taken into account as the last Governor General, Michael’s cousin in the flesh, John the Baptist, may witness the coming of Christ again, and the farewell that it necessarily imparts to John, the Council, and all those who have worked with it over these many years of gracious command over Urantia’s woes and turmoil.

They will be missed, but in their place will come another Council. That would be the Council of Equilibrium upon which most of the universe relies to keep their affairs in order while changes take place.

Council on Equilibrium

The Installation of the Council of Equilibrium on Urantia

(RAYSON speaking) The Council of Equilibrium is posting a special representative of its Counsel to Urantia. We may not divulge the Order as they are not yet revealed to Urantia mortals, but they will speak to all from time to time as an “Unknown” teacher, and their choice of words will assail the need for all to heed the advice of one so highly placed.

The Council of Equilibrium is constituted by the highest beings in the universe. Its head is the Universal Father. It is presided over by the Master Spirit you know as Siraya. It has a body of nearly 5,000 resident beings who regularly attend its meetings. It also gathers nearly 10,000 associates who know something about energy and spirit and its various combinations as is found in the master universe.

The Council of Equilibrium is dominated by the Father’s love and it comes to the heart of Urantia through Manotia. When she partakes of the trip to Paradise, she travels with a representative of the Most Highs who escorts Manotia to these meetings in pursuit of knowledge for the rectification of Urantia.

Upon entering the chamber of the Council, Manotia is greeted by a Uversa Guide, and then acknowledges the presence of the Father. Father then greets Manotia and assents to her standing before them all with her questions. In this she does well, and she is rewarded with the highest expectations of her return to Urantia to bestow this new found knowledge on all who prepare to redeem Urantia.

The Council of Equilibrium is completely founded on the principle that all knowledge is to be shared, and that its work is to become known even to mortals through these various disclosures. Even then there is work that is left outside of this list, and that will be addressed next by Manotia.

(Manotia speaking) I am Manotia, and I welcome you all again. Hear me speak again for all who know me as an angel of Completion status. That does not confer upon me any additional information except that which has come before me in the course of discharging my duties. However, when I attend the Council of Equilibrium on Paradise, I am afforded the biggest applause I have ever heard, for the sphere known as Urantia, is known through out much of the inhabited universe this side of Paradise, and even on Paradise itself.

It is here that I am allowed to speak confidentially about the problems I face on Urantia. Among those problems is the inability to speak clearly to all when I have to. There seems to be some evidence that there is yet an interference between the speaker and the mind being spoken to. I inquired as to the nature of what I experienced, and I received the following answer:

Answer from the Council

Answer from the Council of Equilibrium Summarized:

You [to Manotia] are being directed to hear the last of these unacknowledged sentences to be ever spoken concerning the work of Paradise on Urantia. Open the hearing of those you address through the Thought Adjuster indwelling the person to whom you speak. That Adjuster knows full well that he may bid his host to listen, but may signal that the individual is spiritually stone deaf, and that it is best to allow them to pass without further ado. This problem of spiritual deafness is not just on Urantia, but is in many parts of the universe not yet tamed for use by the Supreme or for the ministry of angels.

Because of the Lucifer rebellion, the hearing of humanity has been left unadjusted to the tones of spirit. The mind could hear if the will were present to move in the direction of the spiritual words, but because Lucifer tinkered with the graph method of communication on Paradise (he was familiar with it and it is described in your Urantia Book), Lucifer could determine the frequency at which spirit made input and blocked it completely in most humans. This was done by changing the coding in the sector known as Labyrinth One where the coding becomes operable (executable), and is put into effect within the Urantia grid system now overhauled by the Melchizedeks of Nebadon. They have or will delete Labyrinth One with a new system not yet ready for complete operation.

Labyrinth One is now disturbed enough that it can no longer block spiritual coding on Urantia; however, it fails to engage the spiritual receptors in the human mind and is experienced as a low hum which induces disinterest in the subject or the entire conversation. This is what Urantia is putting up with until Monjoronson arrives, and the Council of Equilibrium essentially has declared the entire experiment beyond their ability to correct without transference of the original codes back to Urantia through the Father on Paradise.

Manotia speaks: So you see, there is much to learn about the Lucifer rebellion and the after effects even upon those who shall become the missions human staff for Monjoronson and Michael.

We continue briefly with one other subject of interest to the Council of Equilibrium. They are most interested in how Urantia has escaped becoming a mired disaster of thought even when spirit can not obtain to the hearing center of most minds on Urantia.

The Father makes no opinion as he knows all, but the Perfect Beings of Paradise hold many conjectural scenarios upon which they inform the Council. It was in one such meeting that the Council President or Leader spoke directly to the assemblage by telling them that the conversation could not be more affordable to all, because it must temporarily cease for the brief moment of time to catch up with the actuality that Urantia will be utilized on high and redeemed within the Council of Equilibriums presence so all may see the action required to clear Urantia of its worst nightmare, the countervailing effects of the Lucifer rebellion on its spiritual development..

Clearly, there are reasons that are not yet open to view that Urantia still suffers from Lucifer’s hatred of Michael and Urantia. But this shall be cleared in the next few years as Monjoronson and his staff work to strip away the worst of Lucifer’s offenses. To do this, the human staff must be prepared to accept changes in their life styles and their ability to hear God much better. The following discourse is made primarily to the proposed staff of Monjoronson, but it is an education also to all who shall someday join that staff as full fledged members of the Team.

New Concept

New Concept:
Revisions to The Human Spiritual Genome of Life for Monjoronson’s Staff

(The Thought Adjuster speaks) First, we shall first address one of the most amazing changes anyone can become part of. Those in the Council of Equilibrium seek to observe just how mortals accommodate changes to their spirituality if it is revised as they live life in the flesh. This opportunity has presented itself on Urantia, and the 144 staff members who serve with Monjoronson will be afforded every opportunity to participate in this evolutionary experiment.

For reasons of clarity we might call this section,, “How We Change Mortals So they Can Participate with The Paradise Trinity” in reclaiming Urantia

For reasons of sensitive thought revelation on this subject, we are removing ourselves from the mind of this writer, and will allow Manotia to carry the introduction further.

(Manotia speaking) I have been asked to introduce a subject that may seem to be far-fetched to the more conservative elements of this readership, but I assure you, what is about to unfold to your mind is legitimate and sacred. It has never been tried before on mortals on a planet that has had rebellion, but the Council of Equilibrium has conceded that it should be tried in order to understand by demonstrating just how Urantia was damaged beyond all recognition as an inhabited sphere of Adjuster-fused mortal potential, and how it may be corrected. The Trinity is best able to provide input because it is the universal control of all universe development.

We gather this speech quickly as we must return to our duties elsewhere. Today, [received on] October 3rd, 2012, the sun over Urantia has been fluctuating once again in ways that disturb our forebearer, Luminerion, who has returned to Paradise but maintains a strong connection with the angels on Urantia in order to understand how the transition is moving rapidly into an unknown condition with regard to the spiritual significance of the work of the Universe Father on Urantia. While the spiritual situation is critical, we can not ignore the heating and cooling of Urantia either. This we must do to prevent over cooling where the oceans swell with ice flows or heating to the point we lose the atmosphere on Urantia and destroy the life as planted here by the Life Carriers of Nebadon.

We speak now of the deliverance of a message from Michael prepared sometime ago to be announced when this concept was ready to be introduced to all of you reading on this list. We have transcribed the message and deliver this recording for transmission to you.

Michael Message
The Transition of Spirit on Urantia
September 25, 2012

Our planet Urantia is about to undergo a series of changes that have never been seen before in Nebadon and may never be seen again as the action of the Father has been completely and totally executed. The Monmatia sun (star) is about to be reconditioned for its flight into relative obscurity as we prepare earth for its astronomic changes that will permit Urantia to exist as an architectural sphere.

This change necessitates modifications in spirituality on Urantia because the physical and mental are connected through the chemical mechanism of the body and the brain which require sunshine to work their magic on keeping humans alive and well. The sun will become a little dimmer than usual over the next few years in order to brake its nuclear fusion process and begin to eliminate the periodic raising and lowering of the sun mantle that now helps the sun evaporate its excess energy out into space.. This can be accomplished fairly easily through the Master Physical Controllers acting in concert with the Power Directors, but it also requires energy reduction of the star stream nebula energy from Andromeda, the central location of most of our energy control in Nebadon.

This energy stream directly impacts Urantia, and therefore we must run the sequence out so that energy is not lost on useless life. Loss of life is to be avoided at all costs, but the nuclear energy of a star is awesome to behold and it must be controlled around inhabited planets as we do for the solar system in general.

Now let me address why the spiritual experiment on Urantia will be so unusual.

To withstand heat and cold the human body must be acclimated spiritually and physically to the standard to which it was created. On Urantia the standard temperature revisions run from about minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit to around plus 150 Fahrenheit. These extremes can not support life either, but they occur rarely from time to time as the planet heats and cools itself.

Further experimentation is necessary to extend this range while we begin describing the life sector on Urantia to the Father of us all. In this data we provide a new gnome so that matter can be transposed from healthy energy levels to unusual heights or extremes for a mortal. To see if this can work, we propose that the indwelling status of mortals in general remain the same, but that the 144 staff members on Monjoronson’s team become testers of our plan to change indwelling status to contain all elements of the Paradise Trinity.

Therefore, the indwelling patterns will suffer no change other than the spiritual appearance/presence of other Deity indwelling the minds of the 144 staff members in addition to their own Thought Adjuster. This transition begins once Monjoronson arrives in the flesh.

The representation of all three of the Paradise Deities within the minds of staff constitutes what can only be called a Trinity embrace and it has repercussions far beyond Urantia.

Michael END of Recorded Message

Trinity Presence in Mind

The Trinity Presence in Mind

(A Thought Adjuster speaks) We Adjusters have concluded that the next few hundred years of service on Urantia will constitute an entire millennium of training on the Mansion Worlds.

The appearance of Michael’s incarnation in the early days of the Magisterial Mission is composed of a universe staff sufficient to hold the entire universe of Nebadon agog. On Urantia, there will be present simultaneously the Adjusters of former indwelling of Machiventa Melchizedek, Michael, St. Bonaventure, St. Thomas, St. Bernard, and Tomas Aquinas. Also accompanying them will be a few hundred thousand warriors of old, including Machiventa's former companion in the flesh, Abraham, the Saints of Silesia, and many, many more who will be among the guests on Urantia during this period of a Michael sojourn in the flesh with Monjoronson.

The indwelling of Thought Adjusters on the Missions’ Staff (Michael and Monjoronson) are to remain attached. Accompanying the Adjuster will be the Spirit of God also called the Infinite Spirit, who shall indwell each of the staff members in order to complete his assessment. Monjoronson and Michael will also jointly indwell staff mind through the complex structure of the Paradise Trinity. This multiple indwelling is tantamount to a Trinity embrace and will constitute the first time in the history of Nebadon that mortals taking origin in the local universe shall be embraced by Paradise even before they are assigned to an ascension classification.

Ascension for these mortals is now determined to be modified from the normal order, and they will be provided additional training on the Constellation worlds once they finish their work on the mansion worlds. They are natural candidates for the Fourth Universe Construct which is explained further below.

Fourth Universe Construct

The Fourth Universe Construct Program for Service

(Master Spirit Number One, The Voice of the Father, Siraya, speaks:)

There will be an extension program from Paradise on Urantia known as the Fourth Universe Construct.

The Fourth Universe Construct is a program for the work of the Universal Father in the four outer space regions. It is proposed that it shall be manned by the Creator Sons of time-space and that they shall hold all who are capable of such service, to go with them to these levels of space exploration to serve the new life forms taking place in those creations.

The Fourth Universe Construct refers directly to the fact that the fourth outer space level is now being populated by the Father’s own will (the will of the Father exists as a force that moves in and out of space as it chooses), and that He intends for the will to relate to other regions of space that are not yet part of the revealed design of space. The Master Universe is far from complete even with the four outer space levels developing at the present time. Far beyond the fringe of the Master Universe lie unrevealed orders of energy not yet visible to the naked eye or to the sensory equipment of the energy manipulators of time.

Revisions for Staff

Revision to Plans for Staff Members

(Spokesperson(s) unknown:)

Earlier, a discussion was made that the staff of Michael and the staff of Monjoronson would be separate bodies, but due to circumstances beyond our control, the Father has consented that all 144 staff members will jointly serve Michael and Monjoronson when they appear, and that each member of the staff family will wear the ring of service proffered by Monjoronson as a material symbol of their heart-felt service to God.

Ring of Service

The Ring of Service

This ring is to be a single-cast stone of magnificent beauty bearing resemblance to a Burmese Ruby, but of a much finer cut than possible on Urantia using current technology. The Ring of Service will be kept on the left-handed middle finger, the third digit to the left counting the thumb as the first digit. It will remain on the hand at all times since it can not be removed without cutting off the circulatory system of the System of Satania. The placement of the ring will be made by Monjoronson at a ceremony in the Temple.

Staff Selection

Staff Selection Remains Active

Decisions about who shall be on the staff (the 144) of Monjoronson and Michael will be made jointly by Michael and Monjoronson. Reasons for inclusion on the staff are well known as they are necessarily offered to mature adults who have some experience with the Urantia Book, and who have some idea just what Monjoronson intends to do for Urantia when he arrives here. The intention of Michael, beyond his promise to return, is still a universe secret that all who bear witness to him at that time will be aware of.

Articles of Organization

Articles of Organizational Care for
Staff Members by the Monjoronson Protocol Staff
Articles -A- Through -L-

(Spokesman for this section is Siraya, Master Spirit Number One; the Voice of the Father)

A) Domiciling of the 144 Staff Members All 144 staff members will be allotted a home of their own. Each member will obtain every serviceable device to operate his command position.

B) Certification of Service

Each staff member will obtain a record of authenticity of their service when they arrive for training on Edentia as reported earlier.

C) Mortal Staff Coordination with the Invisible 100 Life for the 144 staff members will revolve around Monjoronson and his invisible staff of 100. However, since each mortal staff member will have the ability to listen in on almost all of the transmission circuits available on Urantia at any given time, they will be afforded ample information to be kept abreast of the work of the invisible staff and what they wish done by the 144 staff members.

D) Committee Memberships Each staff member will be part of several committees. Each committee will have an ad hoc advisor among the visible staff of Melchizedeks of which there are 12. These 12 are not the same as the Receivers, but they work closely with the 12 Receivers guiding the daily business of Urantia and interacting with the higher authorities as they visit Urantia or provide issues for Urantians (humans) to settle for themselves.

E) Non-Mortal Associates of Mortal Staff Each committee member will have at his disposal several kinds of celestial orders among them we may mention midwayers and cherubim and sanobim. Other orders will be available to them as the work requires. Among these items of work we may mention that there needs to be a time table created for mortal ascension established for all workers (of the 144 and their assistants), and this work will be relegated to those senior members who know of this work and how it is to be done when the time arrives to place these schedules on the record.

F) Mortal Abilities Include Limited Extended Vision Each of the 144 staff members will have extended vision at least of the morontia variety will allow them to see clearly the midwayers and the cherubim and sanobim. Some staff will be able to view the angels coming and going, but they are not allowed to converse with them unless the angel addresses them. However, they may be sensed, Adjusters will be conversant with the staff members on all levels since the Adjusters and the adjusted mortals on staff must converse to obtain data for the rectification of individuals who come before them for service with the Magisterial Mission.

G) Minimum 30 Years of Service before Mortal Release for Ascension Each staff member will observe at least thirty years of service with Monjoronson before they are allowed to end their tenure for ascension to the mansion worlds, or to Salvington, or to Edentia - all depends on who it is and what ascension career they have elected to follow.

H) Staff Regulations Pertaining to Fame or Notoriety of Staff Members The 144 staff members each will contain a high degree of sensational attention. It can not be helped. Those who are better at speaking before such attention will be given a pass to operate from their homes much as a politician operates from his or her home when he has received a lot of attention on a critical issue before the nation. Staff members who can not meet with your press will have to learn to do so. There can be no withholding of information that needs to be in the public view.

I) Staff Shall Speak the Official Language of English Not all of the 144 staff members are conversant with English and that will be the official language to be spoken among all 144 staff members. Knowledge of English is essential since the original revelation, known as the fifth epochal revelation, was produced exclusively in the English language, and it is deemed essential that the same language be used by all who represent Monjoronson and even Christ Michael when delivering information to outsiders.

J) Staff Membership for Auditorium Conclaves in the Temple The 144 staff members will each have a pass to the auditorium of the Temple to be built somewhere in the United States, possible in the area of the present headquarters of spirit life on Urantia, notably the Mariposa State Park region of California.

The auditorium will be able to assemble about 100,000 humans in their material form.

Staff members have access to this placement in order to provide their progeny, helpers, associates, or others unnamed, a chance to hear the Deities speak, and these speaking high officials include the Master Spirits (all Seven), the Deities of the Circuits otherwise known as the Spirits of the Circuits, and the High Commissioners of Race, so necessary for Urantia to have their services and advice in the coming days of pandemonium on Urantia.

Also speaking will be the invisible Trinity Teacher Sons and their staff, and among known dignitaries to visit Urantia in the auditorium will be Christ Michael and Nebadonia, the Creative Spirit. They have effective means of presentation that can be enjoyed by all attending. Those speeches will not be broadcast live to Urantians until well into the next century for reasons of security and lessons not yet learned.

K) Method of Transport for Staff Travel by the staff of 144 will be by commercial airline. No extra terrestrials will provide ships as there is no contact with these supposed visitors for centuries, at least on the level of loaning ships for travel by staff dignitaries. Short distances will be by available transit means such as rail, bus, and automobile. Travel by staff will be restricted on a need-to-know basis as to when and where and no further discussion in this area is possible now.

L) Publicized Names of Mortal Staff Who the 144 staff members will be is to be released when it is appropriate for these names to be known. All members have been rehearsed in their minds to receive this information from Monjoronson when the time arrives for the call to be a conscious invitation to the mind, and there will be available celestial officials to speak directly to the selected individual to answer all of his or her questions as they arise.

Other Revisions on Recissions

Other Revisions and Rescissions
Revisions to Architectural Sphere Status for Urantia
Urantia II

(The Father speaks through Monjoronson and Michael simultaneously to the scribe:)

The next offer of information concerns the plans for Urantia when it becomes an architectural sphere.

Information released some time ago in one of the earlier ABC Summaries [Document E, Page 25] is hereby revised to state the following:

Urantia will become the first inhabited sphere in Nebadon to have the status of an architectural sphere appended to its destiny. It will do so by traveling over the hump of the Lucifer rebellion and the grid cleansing so necessary to rid it of the Lucifer fiasco of the past. When it clears these hurdles, it shall be accompanied by a sphere of eternal beauty known as Urantia II.

Urantia II will be an architectural sphere belonging to the order of Creator Son ministries where it becomes a second home for those who have assigned themselves to study the ascension career of all who come from Urantia and who will become Mighty Messengers conversant with rebellion as it is known only on Urantia.

Urantia II will lose no power of sonship constructions only because it is the Universal Father who will abide no one else to build such a sphere except Himself through his powers as the Central Universe Controller, and who yet abides no entry to Paradise by anyone tainted with rebellion regardless of sphere status.

Hereby we say that no power on earth, or in heaven less than in the presence of the Father, will there ever be a decision made that allows Urantia to fall host to the vermin who populate its cities and its countries in open rebellion to the Father’s mandate, “Thou Shalt Not Kill!” Carry this objection no more to words that speak the hate of so many on Urantia for the goodwill shown them by others to produce countries and civilizations that could live peacefully with others around Urantia.

When Urantia becomes an architectural sphere it no longer will harbor the current human order of being, but will be host to residents who respect the law and give of themselves to others so they too may live the life of God-knowing residents of the universe. We thank you for appearing before us in terms we understand tonight, and that is the Father himself who sees you work to make sure this reads well and accurately. We are grateful for you work and will be yours soon enough. Good day. Urantia II will become necessary when Urantia, your present sphere, is vacated. It will be vacated because it can not hold its life forms in stable condition long enough to provide me, the Father, a residence from Paradise that my Creator Sons, and other Sons may use for training. The will of God is present in all living things regardless if they are aware of their duty to God or to themselves, and on Urantia, in particular, the District of Columbia has become a boiling cauldron of hate and deceit which we have rarely witnessed. They will be called to justice and it will not be pretty to view the forlorn countenance of some of the members of your legislature when they learn they no longer may act as representatives of the people.

Urantia II carries the new thought forms for its new citizens to enjoy. Thereon, is Monjoronson and Michael in their natural forms of spirit even as they tread Urantia I (earth, so called) in its last days as an inhabited sphere. This revision to our policy has been forthcoming only to my Sons in Nebadon and on Paradise, and it has been held a close secret even by me until I see your work proceed with all good will toward all regardless of their belief system. For this I am grateful and ask you to abide in me until I am able to speak to all on Paradise that I shall never abide the hate I see on Urantia again regardless of the universe or the time it may seek to abridge my Son’s and their Son’s good will for life and the love of God.

We conclude this statement with the following admonition:

No one will carry the weight of thought again as some of you have had to do on Urantia. I abide no prison good enough for those who slaughter my sheep on the pretense of going to heaven with the female sex at their side to provide pleasure as a reward for the murder they did on Urantia. It bores me no more to hear those who yell for help to Allah, for now I will redeem Allah as He should be redeemed, and that is to end the travesty called the desert cauldron of the Middle East.

We conclude our summary here with the adjunction that no one of your heart felt beings on Urantia need suffer the fools of government who play at religion but delve no more into the heart of God than the sandstone fills your basement walls. They and your representatives are stone cold broke and dead unless the spirit of life revives them in the defilement they have created on Urantia. Leave this travesty of thought to those who read it in the future, for this work is preserved even now on high as an assault on the forces of evil that degrade the very name of God for advancement in social status. I abide them no more and will restrict my views no longer so long as I hold the universe of universes in my name.

I am Siraya and I am Father to those who may hear these words from my God and yours.

Recission of Council of 24

Rescission of The Council of 24

The Council of 24 is also to be present at the swearing in ceremony of Michael as he is being installed as Urantia's Sovereign Planetary Prince. Your revelatory text reveals this additional appendage to the title to the Planetary Prince when he ascends the Throne emplacement within the Temple. Normally, a Sovereign Planetary Prince is so called when his planet receives the Temple and the world is being settled in the first stages of Light and Life, and the existing Planetary Prince is elevated to Sovereign Planetary Prince.

Since Michael is already sovereign of Nebadon and as a sovereign, his authority transfers to the role of Planetary Prince on Urantia, he affords the title of Sovereign naturally.

The Council of 24 will appear as themselves for the last time on Urantia at this ceremony. Please note the following concerning this organization which has represented Michael to Urantia for the last 2,000 years plus.

Upon the conclusion of the swearing-in ceremony placing Michael as the head authority on Urantia as Sovereign Planetary Prince, the Council of 24 shall pass in review before their Lord, and they will bless Michael with their good wishes, and thereafter, in body, they will ascend to Salvington.

On Salvington they will enter the rest of their restoring sleep and then be welcome to the Planetary Prince's Conclave, a meeting held only once every 10,000 years of System time. After being welcomed, the members of the Council of 24 who so shall desire, will be accepted into the training of Planetary Princes for their own career in their remaining time in Nebadon. Upon completion of training they will be sent further afield to join with other Planetary Princes to become trainees in the fine art of the administration of Lanonandek Sons, and may sometime be themselves assigned as Planetary Princes on some future Nebadon inhabited planet.

The members of the Council of 24 constitute various orders of universe life that need to go their separate ways in accordance with the mandates of spirit for the various diversification of ascension destiny. However, in this case, Michael has decreed that all who have served on the Council of 24 shall become Lanonandek Sons in various grades so that they may partake of the experience of performing the duties of a Planetary Prince.

This will be done in accordance with the Father’s mandates as outlined in Spirit Directive 55 which shall become available to mortals in the new Urantia text prepared for publication once it arrives on Urantia sometime next year (2013). Our wish is for you to be the editor in chief, and that it be done with the same devotion you prepare these papers called the ABC Summaries. These Papers will become an historical record as part of the archive you edit for us and we would appreciate your knowledge as to how these things may be done with perfection on a sphere we no longer hold important for ascenders to follow onto Paradise.

Circle of Seven

Identification of the Circle of Seven

(Sovereign Planetary Prince Michael speaks:) Upon recovery of Urantia from the Lucifer rebellion, Michael assigned numerous individuals to the host department for those who would visit Urantia during the rebellion. These “hosts” were used like authoritative guides when providing information to dignitaries from as far away as superuniverses numbers two and three. These “hosts” were individuals who had survived the rigors of torment meted out by Lucifer on the field of glass when he seized the structures on Jerusem. Their exploits are not revealed in the Urantia Book, but the time has come to play homage to these brave brethren. They are none other than the angels who fought Lucifer when he tried to take the entire planet of Jerusem for himself.

Included in this grouping we call “hosts” are the angels, the Seraphim: Manotia; Lanotia; Melissaoid; Danielle; Persephone, and Opheus, who now uses the name, Ophelius. They constitute the Circle of Seven, frequently used to provide lessons to the 1111 Progress Group of Illawarra, Australia through Chris Maurus and distributed by the work of George Barnard. Prolotheos, who sometimes speaks with the Circle effort is not, strictly speaking, an angel, but of an order not revealed on Urantia at this time.

These seven are to be found soon on Urantia and to be used as the Chiefs of Assignment for the Magisterial Son Staff and the Michael Staff. The total number of staff will be the aforementioned 144 to be sworn in before the hosts of heaven to coincide with the address on high of the Magisterial Son, known to you as Monjoronson, but known to others as Serara.

Monjoronson's Name

Monjoronson’s Official Name

Serara (In English it is pronounced: “Sir Ar Ah,” with the accent on the first syllable, “Sir”) is known to Monjoronson as his name on high, but he was forced to use the name Monjoronson when he contacted a certain individual who saw to it that the name would be worldwide within several months of its announcement. Serara (Sir Ar Ah), has determined it is far easier to maintain the name Monjoronson rather than precipitate total confusion among adherents of the Magisterial Mission to be placed on Urantia within a very short time from now.

The name Serara will be used on official documents pertaining to the assignment of the 144 staff members. Serara will be used when the universe speaks directly to Urantia concerning the work of Monjoronson, for they know not the unusual circumstances that has caused the name to be entered as Monjoronson to the public, and frankly, even to be used by the staff of celestials who will attend the Magisterial Son in his work on Urantia.

Adam and Eve on Urantia

The Placement of Adam and Eve on Urantia

Upon the investiture of Michael on Urantia as the Sovereign Planetary Prince, the Council of 24 will become non-existent in the affairs of Urantia.

This may shock many of you who think the Council of 24 is necessary for the orderly work of Urantia, especially as it pertains to the ascension of individuals from Urantia. This is no longer necessary, as the trial for Lucifer showed the need to confer certain rights to man that will be discussed with all of you when Adam and Eve arrive. In many ways, the arrival of Adam and Eve will replace the Council fo 24.

From then on, Adam and Eve’s arrival will constitute the work of the Council of 24, and this includes the decisions concerning extra terrestrial life announcements, and where there shall be a placement of the monument celebrating the holy appearance of Michael on Urantia. The monument will stand several feet taller than Michael’s actual stance, but it will appear in his mortal likeness as Joshua Ben Joseph, who wore a simple frock and was bronze from the sun.

Supernaphim on Urantia

The Rotation of Primary Supernaphim To Urantia

The Council of 24, has recently lost one of its members so that ABC 123 could attend a seminar on Salvington where he would teach a portion of it to those who were working on Urantia at the time of the Lucifer rebellion 250,000 years ago. Today, ABC 123 has been assigned to work with Michael on Urantia once again, and he will arrive with Michael in a short while.

ABC 123 was temporarily replaced by Manotia, the Seraphic angel who is Chief of Angelic Services on Urantia. Primary Supernaphim, Luminerion, has returned to Paradise, and another Primary Supernaphim has replaced him. The name of his replacement is Alymponerion.

Alymponerion is the fourth Primary Supernaphim to take the course of returning to Urantia after a refreshment stay on Paradise. These four Primary Supernaphim rotate their assignments on Urantia every 5,000 years of system time or about 4,000 years of Urantia time, at least until Michael may decide to alter this arrangement. Manotia now stands as Chief of Angelic Services on Urantia, while the Primary Supernaphim now become ad hoc advisors to all celestial life of angel or higher status who must serve on Urantia either with Michael or Monjoronson (Serara), or in combination.

Manotia, has decreed that all who serve Michael and/or Monjoronson shall have her undivided attention, and that her sisters who serve with her in the Circle of Seven, they too shall serve by her side in the service to Michael through the 144 staff members who are chosen to serve the Deities on Urantia.

The Circle of Seven is really an advisory group to Michael and have inherent powers to act as Supervisor Supernaphim since they all are completion angels of the Order of Seraphim. This act of Paradise to confer the title of Completion Seraphim dates from the time of the first worlds that were inhabited after the completion of Havona. The title confers rights of entry and exit from Paradise and all that may pertain to.

Second Urantia Book

The Second Urantia Book

The Council of 24, now becomes a piece of Urantia history and they will take their leave to be trained with the Lanonandek Sons, and that will be covered in fuller detail in the coming Second Urantia Book which now has a priority to be published within a week or two of arrival of Monjoronson. His assignment for its publication will be through an organization to carry out his instructions regarding its printing and dissemination.

Further, the new text will contain no less than 10,000 references to the new era on Urantia to come. These references will refer to the Order of Melchizedek as the new masters of the new regime on Urantia. The Melchizedeks will be receivers of the Urantia government until Michael appears, and it is he, Christ Michael of Nebadon, who shall become the Chief of the Melchizedeks when he arrives with Machiventa Melchizedek during the first decade Urantia time of the Magisterial Mission.

Revelatory Update

Urantia’s Revelatory Information News Update:
The ABC Summaries and The FLURRY

Machiventa Melchizedek speaks: Our mission is to become one with the Trinity. Our will is designed to be Trinitarian in all matters except one, and that one exception is about to be disclosed. We will edit all work produced for the ABC Summaries and The FLURRY as now published through these various means to the internet and reaching about 1,000 individuals as of today.

We wish to edit all material so that it stands as a historical record of the comings and goings and doings of all main participants in the Mission on Urantia. It will constitute an unofficial biography of Monjoronson (Serara), and will become a “must read” for those who first come to Urantia to understand how all this happened in such a short space of time.

Our time will be spent with Monjoronson and he will see to it that those who write for the ABC Summaries and The FLURRY will have at their command the originator of these documents in order to keep them consistent with past issues that have been released since the summer of 2010.

Personal Notes

Personal/Editorial Notes about Producing Document “M”

We have provided the reader quite an array of thought and new concepts for him to master as usual. This will take some time for all that has been spoken here to settle and become part of the thought being published around Urantia at this time.

Our work constitutes some of the very few times that revelatory information of this nature has been allowed out of the normal channels of spirit dissemination, and for that we are grateful for the forbearance of Michael of Nebadon and the Creative Spirit who fosters this work with unrelenting over care to me as your editor and receiver. And to our Father, we thank Him for his grace and good will in permitting me the time to make it work well. Father frequently views my work over my shoulder at the computer as it is put down on paper both as my Adjuster and my a very mysterious presence I feel but can not identify other than it is Father related.

Much of what preceded this document is to be found in the earlier ABC Summaries and to some extent in The FLURRY, a sister publication used for lighter or shorter subjects. We now close this latest document in order to prevent further overload of the system circuits which I use, I am told, very hard. The reader must realize that an undertaking of spreading news, at least on this mortal level of outreach, takes a thousand celestial personalities to see to it that I hear everything I need to hear. Even then I miss things.

I have an assigned editor on high named Rochelle which is a name given for the Sentinel who fabricates the length and width of what a message may contain, and then censors me when I try to bring information in that contains either error or misunderstanding in my mind or worse, ancient information that no longer bears on what is to happen on Urantia. Further, I hold no degree in parsimonious thought expenditures as I wish the fullest disclosures I may be approved to receive and then, sometimes, more than they wish to send. The reader should understand that knowledge is free in the universe, but its revelation segregated among which recipients may safely have it. But because knowledge is a hub of facts connected by lines of relationship to other knowledge, it sometimes is received in a cluster of hubs, some of which I have to give (accessional) back.

I can not always tell where that line is of too little or too much, but they tell me I am getting better as now the mind can sense when the assembly line has been stopped and I have to give up contraband information I happened to have accidentally purloined or innocently gathered along the way.

I narrate the above to send the signal that while they have graciously provided me with an extraordinary connection to the local universe Deities, they have also allowed my Thought Adjuster to translate the original language of Paradise into my vocabulary, and sometimes that results, once again, in me being stopped dead in my writing while something is ironed out between the higher authorities about how to proceed with new conceptual information. This Document took 12 hours of dictation and many more hours to find proper expression in language that mortal’s like myself better understand. In other words, I must sometimes ask for clarification in alternative language when the going gets tough, and the concept is critical to understand better.

In this I am sure many of you can understand that the Adjuster has to squeeze huge concepts into teeny tiny thought forms I posses and He can do no better for you and me without breaking the rule of revelatory disclosure to always convey concepts in the language of the time they are received in. I am no different in my limitations than most of you are.

For me, I admit that I am astounded by how they get this information down to our level. While I see very little of the wiring that must take place to have me do this, I can hear more than I expected sometimes because the work they are doing for Urantia is a milestone in spirit technology beyond what we can imagine, but yet I hear unexpected things like the at one-ment speech of Monjoronson, Michael, and Father in certain segments of revelatory discourse within these pages. I have never heard these things before, and while I am not very fast in deciding if I have made an error about what I do hear, they never hide from me what I perceive, and that is truly a blessing to be able to say how the experience of translating spirit has truly helped me become better attuned to my Thought Adjuster.

This Document (M) is a little long because it has been a while since the last publication was sent out and there was a need to catchup with me. The death in the immediate family severely changed my ability to hear for about a month, and that is clearing very fast now as I am able to cope with the loss much better, and even have had limited conversations with representatives of the departed soul who have so kindly informed me when I lost my sense of optimism more than once. Grief is hard to bear, and it is even difficult to leave the results of such an emotional deficit alone while it finds relief in the department of honor of the departed life on high where it is allowed to dissipate before it creates havoc with the life system of the person feeling such remaining on Urantia.

As all of this emotion begins to clear, I am really surprised how quickly spirit has resumed the connections that allow this work to go forward and in great volume I might add.

My heart yearns to do things better. I know that the dissemination of this information probably has a better way to find you, and I am determined to find better ways of producing what will become a record of the universe arrivals on Urantia as it never has been seen and heard in the history of the planet.

If these chronicles are to become an historical exercise or even a record of what transpires as the appearance of Michael and Monjoronson take place, then I need the help of the Melchizedeks to see to it that conceptual relevance is always given priority and meaningless chat is reduced to a minimum. In this I have sometimes failed to prevent. Meanwhile, the reader may notice that while the language is less strict in pronouncement, it is also fully representative of those speaking. We may thank the new circuitry for some of this, but we also must thank Michael for authorizing me to become a reporter of sorts who may work among the various dignitaries and committees and whatever else may be allowed for me to join with to learn the news and report it and always with their permission.

I search the avenues of thought to decide how best to present a lot of information and to make it readable, and in this Michael and Manotia have allowed me to juggle language now and then to make transitions, or even provide me new text to make the transitions better. Now that is trust in all capitals, and so far I have not run afoul of their concerns in these matters.

We conclude this final section of Document “M” with a thought and a prayer which I especially like. It goes, Going Home is my favorite thought and I pray that I may always have one to go to whether that may be on Urantia or on the mansion worlds where we all must dwell someday. May all of you understand these published words are not the final words of anything spiritually to be done to rectify the planet, and that we may receive the steward of peace, Michael of Nebadon, in a clean world the savior will enjoy.

Thank you my friends and family for listening an bearing with me. In our hearts is the desire for our own release from the bitter pill that Lucifer served to destroy the World of the Cross.


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Thank you.

Ron Besser