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Topic: A Watershed Event

Group: At Large


Teacher: Siraya

TR: Ron Besser



From the Universal Father
Siraya, The Voice of The Paradise Father and Master Spirit One
A Watershed Event

The Father

Today marks a watershed event in the history of Urantia as we bring forth the words you have all been waiting for almost a century, or so it would seem.

Our Father, the First Source and Center speaks through me as a way to prepare all for the last jubilee Urantia will ever celebrate alone, for from then on the celebrants will be in the personal presence of Christ Michael, Manotia, and all of the dignitaries of our Local Universe of Nebadon and even from the Superuniverse and Paradise.

Today we announce the celebration of hope and faith. We bring you glad tidings from the Father who has interceded in the affairs of Urantia to file this announcement among the last chapters of heart felt gratitude to those who persevered through the Lucifer Rebellion and the Adamic default. To them we are in deep gratitude while the worlds of Paradise resoundingly approve the message about to be delivered through this paper.

None of you who read this can possibly understand how much it benefits Paradise to know we have standard bearers on Urantia and even as we speak we see there are many who attend this scribe to see how we manage to announce the biggest news since the appearance of the Urantia Book in the 1950's.

Today, we announce we are preparing Urantia to receive a contingency of travelers and star students to Urantia in order to study the combustion of your sun into an eternal star destined to leave Urantia alone in its deliberations as what to do about the explosions man think they will see on December 30, 2012. Fear not the media and center your selves in your hearts and minds. These are no explosions of your sun, but the celebrants of Nebadon and Paradise lighten up Urantia’s skies for the appearance of a new dispensation about to be declared on Urantia by the joint declaration of Michael of Nebadon and Serar (Monjoronson) for the beginning of the AGE of ENLIGHTENMENT to be declared on the eve of your New Year of 2013.

We declare Urantia prepared to receive Michael shortly thereafter.

We declare to Urantia that no further being need fear God when he chastises his children in loving memory of all who served Laotia and Manotia during the terrible years when their very lives were threatened and they persevered through the horror of a millennium of heartless travesty upon their persons and their spirit. It is now over, and they may return to Urantia unscathed by battle scars that would have been inflicted by Lucifer and the liaison forces he assembled against them.

Today, the 6th of October, I advise by My authority, and by all who signed on to the face of this document, and for all who wish well to their Administrators and Superiors here, and on the Constellation Worlds and Salvington and beyond, we declare open the land and seas of Urantia for observation by all who would journey to Superuniverse seven and the local universe of Nebadon, number 1184187 of Paradise Book. All may come and all will be welcomed by the Planetary Supreme Urantia, and the Planetary Prince, who shall be elevated in the Temple to the Sovereign Planetary Prince of Urantia.

There the Sovereign Planetary Prince of Urantia will seat himself upon the central placement and scribe his name upon the living mantle of Urantia as Michael, Sovereign Son number 611121 of the Paradise Order of Creator Sonship. His work is extraordinary, and his heart is found with all of his children on Urantia. Be aware that this Creator Son is now being brought to me in supplication of his last request before he is elevated to the Supreme Council of Creator Sons on Paradise. In his last request to his Father, I have granted him every worldly possession known to spirit, and I now do so affirm with the heart of the God of Infinity and selfless dedication in the eternal interest of Paradise and Uversa, and for the benefit of the other six superuniverses. I hold truth self-evident that my Creator Son of Nebadon and along with its associated starry realms, shall forever more be my constant companion of satisfaction within the Most Holy Circle of Divinity at the Heart of my Paradisiacal Home.

This Benediction offered to Michael of Nebadon shall be acceded to by the Primary Corp of Seraphim on Urantia, who shall now attach themselves to the high office recognized by the Order of Michael. This Order is originated in Nebadon by Me in recognition of the days when man and angel stood alone to fight the temptations of Lucifer and Caligastia. These rebellious minions of horror destroyed the planet Urantia and nearly tore the fabric of spirit in Nebadon, but never did the brave souls and angels of Nebadon and Urantia fail so far as to leave an entire local universe in failure or despair.

I now accept your gratitude and give unto you the battle weary but well assigned universe Sovereign, Michael of Nebadon.

Michael of Nebadon

Michael of Nebadon

I am your Sovereign Son and I speak to my children on Urantia and to my soul mate on high, my beloved Nebadonia whom I cherish beyond all measure.

Today, we speak of the last year Urantia shall be without a representative of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. It is over and I await your final decision on high as to how long I may tarry among you on Urantia before I too must leave for the duties of Nebadon and the heartless decisions I must make concerning the end of millions of souls on Urantia who have defiled my Father’s good will, and for the last of the Agondonters to leave Urantia in but a few years.

In their place, I will leave you all to hear how I will administer to Urantia when the time comes to announce those details. But for years of Urantia time I will be among you as the Sovereign Planetary Prince, and I will begin the administration of my tenure with the words of Ecclesiastes:

“There is a time to weep and a time to mourn.”

In this there is a time for heartless demonstrations of all that one cherishes and to remove all the hope they at one time represented. It is now done and the judgment cast. In this I provide no one any succor except to say, it is time to end the travesty that was Urantia before this dispensation is called. Nevermore do I ask the impossible of men and women who care so little about life and the love of the Father.

I call the new dispensation, “the fifth world-wide Urantia dispensation,” to order on December 31, 2012. All the preparations are done. The signatures attested to on high, and the plans in place.

The night before this Declaration, the Father has sent me and my universe the full use of the Power Directors stationed on Paradise. They are prepared to provide Urantia mortals a glorious show the likes of which they have never seen and will never see again in the history of the universe of Nebadon.

There will be further announcements as we approach the stellar events of the end of this year. This indeed is a Preliminary Announcement, but we expect no revisions of the date and time of our celebration plans.

For those who wish to see the world the Father has projected to see as the administrative center of the Architectural World of Urantia, the world we have been calling Urantia II, prepare your vision for a sight of a planet above the eastern horizon on the night of December 31, 2012. There will be a large moon where the old moon would have been that night, and beside that large moon, will be the smaller Urantia moon.

The original Urantia moon will be removed surgically as it will not fall victim to gravitational breakup that would have created rings around the planet earth as Saturn has around it. Rather, the earth moon will be removed gradually by the Power Directors of Nebadon in concert with the Paradise Force Organizers. Here they will bring with them the work of the provisional proclamations of the Council of Equilibrium of Paradise, which shall administer the Oath of Transference of one celestial body to deliver it into the finality of the debt of non-existence that Lucifer has extracted from Urantia.

No longer shall the moon on Urantia shine on its harvest or inspire lovers to join hands and await the dawn. In its place will be the azure blue sphere of Urantia II looming in the same orbit the moon took except it shall be about 100 million miles from you. Its size will be about the size of Jupiter and it will shine with a blue haze that can be seen by millions every time it rises in the sky, the same time every night after the sun goes down. There no longer will be moonless nights on Urantia, and it is our hope that it too will inspire songs and lovers to admire its beautiful face.

We leave you with a parting word.

Keep me in your hearts and minds as I journey to my Father on Paradise. I seek his counsel and his heart to tell me how I shall administer Urantia and Nebadon at the same time. I see not easy way to accomplish this myself, and knowing my Father, he will have a solution that may astound even me as I am so used to pulling the proverbial rabbits out of the hat to fix what seems eternally broken.

I bid you good day.

In my peace stay well and happy.



Chief of Seraphim on Urantia
Completion Seraphim Number 1154175 &
Recipient of the Order of Michael Number 499195

Congratulations are superfluous after the announcements of The Father and our local universe Father, Michael. However, it is not too soon to tell those of you who read these papers, that I, Manotia shall be elevated to the world of Urantia as its chief proponent of the Magisterial Mission chief of staff. As chief of staff I will have the following work orders to perform:

  • 1) Leave Urantia in the hands of the Father;
  • 2) Bring Urantia back to the heart and arms of Michael of Nebadon;
  • 3) Leave all else in the hands of the every loyal Thought Adjusters that indwell mortals on this planet.

Beyond that, I have duties of administration I must perform for all of Urantia and for the staff of Monjoronson and Michael as they may need me.

The original dispensation called for me to remain at my post as Urantia’s solitary messenger of thought, but we see there is too much to do to bring this into fruition as it need be.

Accordingly, I will be the administrative headquarters for the Salvington group of personalities who will transfer to Urantia to work with Michael while he is here. Those who are from Salvington who will work with Monjoronson, will have another administrator known to you as Loyalatia, a sister Completion Seraphim.

Our work for both teams is to allow you and others to hear us as clearly as we can manage while using the sonorous chimes of the Frandalanks and the Chronoldeks to time us for conversations on high. We no longer have the old circuitry that allowed us to move well from status to status, sphere to sphere, but now we have the reflective services of a Primary Seconaphim (of the First Order) stationed on Urantia. This allows us to work well with Paradise and the open ended conversations that happen when we are before the Council of Equilibrium. When we are in contact with Paradise, we must leave behind our synchronous contact with our other compliment Seraphim in order to complete the circuit. This drains energy beyond our means to easily recover sometimes, and in that we have been give the heartless task of removing ourselves from our beloved wards such as this scribe and his associates now and in the future. We will not fail to keep them in our hearts and minds, but we also must leave them when Paradise calls. This also means all others who use this circuitry with us must be reduced to using reflectivity from time to time to compensate for the loss of angelic guidance.

Therefore, from the time the dispensation is called by the joint declarations of Michael and Monjoronson (Serara), we will be in and out of communication to all of you from time to time. In my place, when necessary, will be the Melchizedek announcements to this scribe and who will be allowing the ABC Summaries to continue under their direction until I may experience a change in status.

I may also say, that the work of this scribe is tireless and he will be given another circuit to help him type more rapidly than he has been doing and to be able to withstand the energy of Paradise even better as he does well now. However, it is not given to me to provide other circuitry, and we believe it will be provided buy Michael and Monjoronson jointly so that the news may flow unabated when we temporarily must remove ourselves to higher duty.

In conclusion, I write that there is little to be done any longer to aid those who shall fall from power. The Constellation Fathers no longer wield full control over the jurisdiction of nation states, as that now is in the hands of the Father and his Thought Adjusters, for the foreseeable future.

In this I can only conjecture that you will see the end to the tribulations of the Middle East, the confrontations between East and West, and the end to American domination of air and sea. We can no longer predict what else may portend in these areas, but we say, and we are sure, that the end of the past as it was practiced on Urantia is gone for good very soon.

The Fifth Epochal Dispensation is near at hand. The Fourth Epochal Dispensation declared by Gabriel some 2,000 years ago will go down in the history of the universes as both one of the saddest ever conceived by historical standards, and one of the bravest dispensations brought to life by a Creator Son, ever to be conceived in the face of such tyranny and heartless retribution of the Urantia devil himself, Caligastia.


From Gabriel of Salvington

I am Gabriel of Salvington. I speak for Michael when I say that all of the world is waiting for the last vestige of the Lucifer rebellion to end on Urantia. It is a heartless thing we must do to end the travesty that has held Nebadon hostage for over 250,000 years. Now it is nearly complete.

In this work it will take all I can to believe there is nothing left but to arrange the grave markers of those who did not wish to survive to see the light of this new day.

“Give unto us this day our daily bread,” goes your Lord ’s Prayer. And it continues with, “. . . forgive those who trespass against us.” These words are like the brakes on the four wheels on some of your automobiles as they travel linearly until there is nothing left to stop but the energy they dissipate from their hubs. Lucifer’s Folly is one of those examples of where the line had to be drawn and the life measures taken up to see it that the crime fits punishment, and that justice was to be made observable and lengthy to those who failed the test of responsibility. No one will ever again trace their heat and hate for our Sovereign Lord, Michael as did the rebels that lead an entire System into deliberate sin.

Today I celebrate with all of those listed in the frontispiece to the introduction of this document. It is my reverent well wishes to Urantia that its new work in healing is to be successful , and that its bereavement may be over before when all the conditions of probation are lifted on Urantia. This means that some of us may not speak until the last jot and tittle is signed on the agreements releasing the Midwayers who have been rehabilitated and reinstated on Urantia.

We are nearing the end of our work on Urantia, for like Michael we have been here for several decades working against time to prepare Urantia for the last great dispensation it will ever hold. Hereafter, Urantia becomes settled in Light and Life and then proceeds directly into the status of an architectural world. In this we delight in seeing how quickly it will move toward the era of Light and Life, and we expect that all who reign over her will take pleasure in holding the candle of hope for all to see their faces when the dispensation is in full effect.

We now leave you in order that Manotia may speak for Mother Spirit who is also preparing her work on high (Paradise), and she, with Michael, shall have a permanent residence in the area on Jerusem which celebrates the placement of Urantia as the sphere of the final bestowal of Michael to gain his sovereignty over Nebadon.

In Michael’s peace I leave you and I look forward to working with this scribe once more.

I am Gabriel of Salvington.

Mother Spirit

Manotia Releases The Message Recording Of
Mother Spirit

In these final words from your Mother Spirit, I may speak for Nebadonia, as she is now preparing Declarations of her own which shall be brought forth by this scribe and by others as time permits them to be published.

Today, we (Mother spirit) wish Urantia well and to her future regard we acknowledge the sovereignty of our friend, advisor, and spirit consort, as He may reign over Nebadon and the House of Hearts he dwells within. Our world of Urantia is done as a private refuge for the heartless beings Lucifer and Caligastia created, and in their place will come the new humans, and the new ideas, and the wealth of thought so necessary to bring Urantia back into the fold of her sister planets.

I, Your Mother on High, declare this announcement finished, and that it may find useful pleasures of consultation within your own hearts and minds with Father and the Spirit of Truth and the divinity of God within me. You loving Mother Spirit, Nebadonia.

Editor’s Note to the Readers

You will notice that Michael listed himself in the frontispiece of this document as “Associate Chief of Seraphim and ad hoc advisor to Urantia, Primary Supernaphim Joshua Ben Joseph”. This is not an error as I have been directed to state for the record. Joshua ben Joseph had a soul, and that soul has reposed in the bosom of the Father until the Father asked that Michael grant this soul of Jesus to perform the work of Supernaphim in aiding Urantia to leave the sin of rebellion and partake of the glory of Paradise. This indeed is the soul of Jesus, and he works among us now on Urantia and may do so long as it pleases Father that he be present to view the outcome of his spiritual work on the planet of his nativity. In this we have resolved the partial mystery as to how and when a Creator Son’s soul that was given life through the indwelling Adjuster of these bestowal Sons, becomes dedicated to the work of the Father as an ascendant Son.

All Creator Sons who drink of the cup of death on their bestowal sphere have souls and they are joined in constant companionship with the heart and desire of the Universal Father to see them partake of universe work once the universe of nativity is settled in Light and Life. In this one exception to this Fatherly policy, the soul of Jesus has been granted the last vestige of the grace of God to be assigned to the glorious work of the Creator Son on Urantia who made his life possible.

Much more will be released concerning the work of the continuing life of Jesus who shall walk Urantia with Michael and with Michael stay visible for those he and Michael may address forthrightly and with the aplomb of a Jewish Temple Teacher for which Jesus was so well known during his brief life on Urantia among the Jews.

Bulletin Number 1

Bulletin Number 1 is actually named 2011-08-14-ABC Summaries, Salvington Broadcast. Explanation of this nomenclature can be found in the discussion page.