2012-11-25-Focusing on Change of Heart

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Topic: Focusing on Change of Heart

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Serena

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we come before you today to participate in building the energies for the Magisterial Mission on Urantia, and to receive what you provide to us to help in our focusing efforts. We thank you for connecting us, heart to heart, mind to mind, Adjuster to Adjuster, and that our efforts may be used for the enhanced circuit building upon Urantia for the Magisterial Mission to materialize here in your time through your will. Thank you and may your will be done.

SERENA: Greetings to you one and all. My name is Serena and I serve as the Chief Administrative and Liaison to the Magisterial Son whom you know as Monjoronson. I come to you today to help you—each one of you—become more attuned to my energy signature. There is a time when it will be important for you to recognize me when I am here amongst you. Today is an attempt to help you attune to my personality and to begin to perceive my presence when I am near you.


There are many changes coming to Urantia, and while we understand how your minds are all being stimulated with varying reports and prophecies of what is to come, it is important for you to stay focused on those activities of stillness and living in the present moment that will engender more of these changes within you, that being your ability to receive more LOVE and the attributes of your Father Michael, who wishes to move through you to touch the hearts of His children.

Before we begin in our focusing upon the planet, let us take this time for you to open your hearts that you may receive me, that I may introduce myself to you. As you do this, feel your desire to be of service in the Magisterial Mission. It does not matter what your role will be to enact, but simply hold that focus of desire in your heart to participate in this monumental undertaking. I will move in this circuit and share myself with each one of you. Let us begin.

If it does help for you to visualize my presence around you, focus upon my name, SERENA, and allow my energy presence to move in you now. Thank you. (Pause)

As my presence infuses the circuits, and as you focus on your desire to be of service in the Magisterial Mission, allow me to come closer to you, that what we in our realm of time and space can help you to expand, that your role may also become more tuned to the Father’s WILL. Let yourselves drink deeply of what is coming into this circuit now. Allow your heart energies to receive this energy signature, allowing it to circulate through your system and help you grow more attuned to energies of the Magisterial Mission. (Pause)

Much of the activities of the Magisterial Mission will come under my jurisdiction. It is difficult for me to convey through words or language what this entails, for much of what we anticipate to provide to you is still beyond the realm of your conscious understanding. Yet, there is a part of you that resonates with what we are bringing in. As you allow my presence to move in you, over time you will more clearly intuit that which we share with you to help you cooperate and participate with us in these changes that are being made for your planet. Continue to receive from me for a few more moments and then we will shift our focus. (Pause)

Thank you for receiving me, my dear brothers and sisters. Let us now turn our attention to Urantia. You cannot yet appreciate the scope and depth of love that we have for this world. You have some semblance of affection and regard for this world. Due to the rebellion, your tethers to this planet have not yet yielded the level of stewardship that this planet deserves. It requires a change of attitude—a change of heart—and to see this world is a sacred sphere, where life is revered, holy, and sanctified in the Father’s WILL. A change of mind and change of heart is necessary for this world to continue its healing and evolution in the Father’s LOVE.

Today I come before you to invite you to participate in this time of Change of Heart, that the human mind may receive a deeper infusion of the Father’s LOVE: to render the attitude toward the planet in a way that is consistent with the operation of the universe. In your mind’s eye, allow these words CHANGE OF HEART to radiate into the planet now. You have become familiar with drawing the line of energy from your heart into the planet as this circuit—the means of conveyance—your desires for this world to receive.

As you focus on the words CHANGE OF HEART, we will be adding more of what we can share with this world to amplify your efforts. Let us conjoin the energies of our hearts with yours as we bring this CHANGE OF HEART energy into the field of consciousness upon this world. Do your best to focus as you simply love this world with the greatest affection you can feel. (Pause)

As you focus on building these heart-changing energies, we are blending in those circuits of DIVINE MERCY and JUSTICE and RIGHT-MINDEDNESS and LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL into this circuit. It is as if you have been functioning as a collective consciousness without certain basic operating languages of Spirit. And when these energies are infused into the human heart, it can evoke a change, stimulate the individual’s mind to open to a larger view of reality, and help them make more informed choices, especially ones more aligned in Father’s WILL. So you see, we are weaving together what we have been co-constructing for many months of time. These energies will continue to be reinforced, upstepped your human consciousness, and bring this planet home to its rightful place in Michael’s universe.

As we seed our efforts into what you are generating with your hearts, you may individually focus on areas in and on your world where you would wish to see more of this CHANGE OF HEART occur. Let your minds be open that we may add our efforts to your focusing, letting these emanations of divine WILL blend into the circuits of change. (Pause)

Yes, my dear siblings. Change is upon Urantia and its presence is gaining a greater foothold here in your consciousness. Welcome these energies of change, for they are what you have prayed for, long desired and hoped, and now as the world awakens more fully, the changes you can participate in will truly fill you with joy and enhance your faith in the Father’s LOVE.

Let us focus on the energies of the Magisterial Mission, feeling your desire for its presence to embrace this world along with Michael’s TRUTH and GOODNESS. (Pause) May DIVINE MERCY and JUSTICE truly reign in the hearts of Urantia as we connect with you on this path of global transformation.

Now in your mind’s eye, lift this beloved world up to the Father in Paradise. Thank Him for His LOVE, for the presence of Father Fragments of Urantia. As you feel your appreciation for the Father and what He has bestowed to this world, let your hearts be light and joyful. See this world bathed in the Father’s GLORY. May the Father’s LOVE form a tighter web, holding Urantian consciousness in its tender embrace.

IT IS TIME TO MANIFEST WHAT FATHER WILLS through your efforts, my beloved family. Know that you are not undertaking this great change on your own. We are with you. We support you and we guide you, especially when you take time to prepare your minds to perceive the help you have access to that you may be strengthened in it.

Thank the Father for His LOVE upon Urantia, and return your gaze to this world, letting the love from your heart also wrap around the globe. IT IS TIME TO MANIFEST WHAT FATHER WILLS. Stand proud and strong in the status as a child of the Father and trust in your heart that all things are opening to a new reality! The Father’s way will become the dominant mode of operation upon Urantia. Let every day be a day of change for you in some small way as you trust in where the WILL of the Father is guiding you.


On behalf of those who function under the jurisdiction of our Magisterial Son and the mission, I thank you, and I invite you to spend time with me that we may become more harmonized, and that my presence help you in ways that you may not yet understand but will aid mightily in your desire and commitment to serve Michael and the Magisterial Mission. Good day, my dear brothers and sisters.