2012-12-09-Receiving Energy Signatures of Magisterial Staff

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Topic: Receiving Energy Signatures of Magisterial Mission Staff

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Serena

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we welcome your presence within our minds today and we thank you for helping us achieve a unified circuit where our intentions and the energies of our hearts may be gathered and brought into oneness. Thank you for all the help you provide for this planet. We especially anticipate the Magisterial Mission to be here physically on the planet, and in anticipation and preparation for that, we offer you our minds that we may direct the focus where energies need to go to help prepare the world for this wonderful event. We open ourselves to receive and project through your will. Thank you.


SERENA: Welcome everyone to this call this day. My name is Serena and I will be conducting the energies you generate from your hearts. I introduced myself to many of you on the previous call, and I will be acting as a host and facilitator for future calls to help each one of you become further attuned to the various energy signatures of those on the staff of the Magisterial Son who will accompany Him here when the time is right. In preparation for that time, we are here to help you receive from us that which we can share and provide to you, that you may respond to our energy presence and know of us when we are here.

I serve as head of the staff of Monjoronson, and it is my great delight to be here with you once again and to see how the lights of your hearts are sending forth a lovely luminescence into this fabric of planetary consciousness. By your very intention, you emit a light, and when you amplify that through your efforts to demonstrate the fruits of the spirit, we can add our energy to that and help it to do more good on the planet.

Do not underestimate the powers of your intention and your motivation. But seek to purify them that they are more attuned to allowing the will of Father to flow through you. Let go of your own set of wants or desires, for in letting them go, you allow a greater range of the Father’s WILL to move through you and to nourish you in the ways the Father within knows you truly need.

So you see, my dear brothers and sisters, your needs are truly met. What is there to fear? And yet during this time of change, we understand that sometimes your energy systems succumb to this consciousness of fear that your planet has been so grossly affected for many epochs of time. But it is time to outgrow this, to move forward into the light of true liberty–sonship with the Father. Today we are here to help you establish a more secure footing in your own relationship with the Father within you, and to help you become more attuned to our presence, that we may help you as you minister to your brothers and sisters who are on the verge of awakening.

As we begin, feel your desire to become more attuned to the will of the Father within you and to receive the energy signatures of those around you. Trust that we are helping you open to receive more of what spiritual nourishment will aid in your growth. Let us begin.

Focus in your heart today. I encourage you to hold that intention to receive me and those of my colleagues. Feel your love for more of the Father’s WILL to be established more on this earth through the structure of consciousness that nourishes the human mind with the Father’s LOVE. We will minister to you in the ways we can. Please receive us now for the next few moments in silence as you open your heart to us. (Pause)

As you breathe and receive these energies, also focus on the intention and desire to serve in this Magisterial Mission. It is not so significant or important to know what role you will play, but to recognize that there will be ample—more than ample—opportunities to participate. What we seek are sincere hearts dedicated and committed to go beyond your human limitations and comfort zones to embark on this thrilling adventure of healing this world through love, mercy, forgiveness, patience, compassion, and peace.

You might say that this is an exercise of testing the truth of the way of the spirit. Your planet at one time in its ancient past was on this path, but as you know, those plans were thwarted. So this world has never truly exercised the fullness of this spiritual energy. We are here to help you make that commitment more enlivened in your beings, if you would step up and say “yes!” to this. Many of you have, and we appreciate your participation in forums such as this when you prayerfully engage your thoughts for healing, reconciliation and transformation.

But I say to you, there is a time of testing to see the fiber of spiritual attainment you have within you. Some of you may fall by the wayside if the testing becomes too rigorous, and we assess no judgment upon that, but only seek to encourage you to move beyond the animal tendency toward complacency and ease, and to move into that attitude and desire for service—selfless service—where you will outgrow many of those former tendencies that tend to inhibit your spiritual development.

How many more messages of spiritual encouragement can we afford you? So I ask you to consider this with more sincerity and honesty within your own sense of self: Is this something I really wish to participate in? Do I have any fear about what this will mean for my life? Do I have any hesitancy about following the will of the Father within me? Only you know the answers. So take a few moments to ponder these things. Seek guidance of the Father within you. Let the Spirit convey something to you that will help you in discerning whether this mission is something in which you wish to fully engage yourself. (Pause)

My words may seem sobering to you today as I present a perspective for you to consider carefully within your heart. We are seeking those brave souls who dare to go beyond their human limitations and strike that chord of balance between the physical dimension and spiritual realm—where you live on this world but you are more a part of the heavenly realm and your universe family. Only you can decide if this is something you wish to participate in more fully. I am here to encourage you that when you step beyond the limitations, you do more good than you recognize. You are not only extricating yourselves from the rebellion planetary mindset, but you are forging a way for others around you to witness and to emulate, should they be so moved within their own hearts.

The gains you make add to your ability to master yourselves—to find a new level of freedom in the spirit that you have yet to experience. And life does have this sense of lightness about it. There is more joy, more laughter, more love that you share and exude.

As I speak into your minds today, let these words settle upon your heart. Know of this Magisterial Mission as being a time of change—changing of the guard, you might say, that which is now releasing the world from its legacy of the past to continue to regain its trajectory in the divine creative plan—not only of our Father Michael, but as the whole grand design of the Paradise Father.

We will spend a few more moments allowing you to experience what we are sharing with you, what your Adjusters wish to convey to you, and then we will move our focus into the greater collective of the planet. Continue to focus in your hearts and receive what we delight in sharing with you. (Pause)

We now would wish to engage your efforts in focusing on the planet in this field of its collective consciousness. In your mind’s eye, envision the Magisterial Mission as embracing the entire globe, projecting that line of energy from your heart into your planet for the energies of the Magisterial Mission to further imprint upon this fabric of planetary consciousness.

What is the Magisterial Mission, you might ask? It is the construction and implementation of those attributes that will stimulate the human heart in the ways of MERCY, RIGHTMINDEDNESS, LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL, JUSTICE, and PEACE. These are all divinely imbued qualities that you have access to. When you desire them and live in them, they do change how this world thinks and responds.

These energies are now being implanted and imprinted on the areas where they will do the most good, moving closer, closer, closer into the levels of planetary density to resonate within the consciousness of the world’s inhabitants. This is the first step that must be made and secured before it is time for the physical representation of this to be here on this planet. In this preliminary work, we look to you to be nourished in these qualities of the Father, that you may use them and demonstrate them. So focus here on this energy of the Magisterial Mission embracing the world and we will add it where it will do the most good—where it is the most necessary. Let us engage your heart energies here for the next few moments. (Pause)

We walk by your side when you go about your daily business. You are not alone as you truly do your best each day to share love, to demonstrate kindness and patience with your brothers and sisters. You seek us to be here among you, and I say to you we are. It will be most advantageous to you if you make that transition in your thinking from us being with you here physically to recognizing our presence here with you in the realm of spirit. This is where the true bond exists, takes origin, and is able to replicate itself through your being. As you become more comfortable, familiar, and expanded in our energy presence, you will indeed share more of those qualities of Father with others in the physical form.

So look not to this divine intervention and this show of physical might, but go within and know that youare mighty in spirit when you recognize that it is in this realm of Spirit where your true power lives—where your true influence with others exists. Let this be a parting of ways within your own being—to release the old authority structure in favor of the spiritual authority you have through the Father. This does not put you above other humans or other celestial personalities, but instead increases your humility and your desire to serve the greater good.

Consider these things I have shared with you today in the coming weeks. Focus on the desire for the Magisterial Mission to embrace the planet and move into the consciousness of all humanity, that the ways of the Father may truly be embodied here on this world. Continue to focus on these collective energies going into the planet for a few more moments. Let your desires of serving take deeper root within your hearts. (Pause)

Let us conclude today as we engage our hearts with you in worship of our Father in Paradise. In your mind’s eye, lift the world up to the Father and thank Him for this experience of your humanity for living on this world. We will share our thanks with you that we can participate with you in this great time of changing of the guard, as you might say.

Father, we thank you for these children—our brothers and sisters of Urantia—and we engage our hearts as we lift ourselves up to you in this circuit of worship. We give you our love and our devotion and we thank you for the opportunity to be your children, participating with you in this grand adventure of life. Receive us, O Father. May your will may be done. (Pause)

What joy it is to worship together with you, my dear brothers and sisters. As you begin to respond to the Father’s presence within you, know that the glories you have tasted only improve-expand through for your devotion to doing the Father’s WILL: To BE love, to BE mercy, to be rightmindedness. And we will be there to assist every effort you make–large or small.


I leave you in our love, the Father’s LOVE, the love of your universe brothers and sisters, who are here to support your efforts. May you feel that surround you today and carry that with you as you live and enjoy your experiences here upon Urantia. Good day.