2012-12-30-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Heart

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Inner Voice, Jonathan, Serena, LIGHT

TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris




Inner Voice: [Mark] Hello my friends, I am here, I am this ones Inner Voice. I am pleased and overjoyed to have this association with you as well. All of these are my affirmations of these heartfelt feelings and desires. That is what is so powerful about the creative act of the focused intention and desire behind the statement that: 'you are' as in 'I am.' In and of itself this statement 'I am' is an affirmation of life, an affirmation of being, an affirmation of relationship because if you are, you are in relationship to something, to others, to other points of reference. So this statement 'I am' declares your being, your existence and your intention. Anything that follows this statement of being is a statement of your direction, a statement of your intention and purpose. I am loving is stating that you exist and that you would foster love, you would promote love, you would be love by the very statement of this condition, an affirmation given in the statement.

It is very good for you to be considering this power and potential and direction that one does with the simple statement of so few human word symbols. So much creativity can be packed into this simple act, this common gesture. I invite you to consider the many opportunities you have to use this in such a causal framework, that it will fit in so easily to so very many opportunities before you. It is common for people to throw around, back and forth, statements of affirmation in this way without consideration as to what they are affirming, whether it is an affirmation of their desire to see an aspect of truth, beauty and goodness or whether it is an affirmation of their discontent, of their disapproval, of their distaste for a given aspect of reality.

Either way, these affirmations are potent. Either way these affirmations are quite real and significant and as you discussed earlier in your conversation and shared your quotes, it is common for people to affirm the negative without realizing they are using their creative potential thus and not realizing this they are granting power and authority to that which they would not choose if they were only made aware that this is what was transpiring, the use of such simple statements of affirmation.


It is indeed true that there are waves of infusion of spiritual energy as you have made mention of. We are, as we have made mention of at that time, of another wave. So it can be increasingly significant for you to bear in mind this power and potential inherent in gathering your conviction, focusing your intention and thrusting it all behind your statement, "I am" followed by your desire, your intention, your purpose, your vision of truth, beauty and goodness, your version of what this would be, your most ideal sentiment projected before you. [I am 'that' I am] This will be a very positive hands on thing that you each and every one can do with your simple endeavor to communicate with your fellows. You may infuse it with spiritual energy by offering these simple affirmations with a marked degree of infused intentions by you who are aware.

I pray that those with ears to hear, hear, and those with desire to be in service, be in service, and those who seek for the truth, find it. May all of you be in peace as we move forward, ever more closely linked in our association. This is the awareness I refer to, the awareness of association with divinity, association with spirit, association with Me, because as we act more closely together we indeed bring our focused intention more efficiently and effectively into the equation. Let it be so now and as we move forward.

I thank you all for this opportunity to be with you this morning and enjoy your company. I now step aside to allow this forum for others, thank you.


Jonathan: [Mark] Greetings my friends, Jonathan here, it is my great pleasure to come to the fore this morning and join the group to remind you of my association with you and to feel more closely your association with me. I [would] especially like to come forward today and have a few words about birthdays. It is such an enormous experience, one which I doubt many still in the mortal framework can understand, to arrange a scenario such as is experienced here on Urantia wherein there is an initial creation, a starting point, as if it was the First Source and Center, the beginning of something and this beginning is of such divine nature, all that transpires to make the birth of a mortal of the realm, near animal in origin, and at that time, at that point there comes a Fragment of the Divine and there is this potential following this attachment which later occurs. There is an association, there is Divine guidance throughout and as the process unfolds as it invariably does and inevitably does, there is this coming together of this mortal element and this Divine element that all had a starting point, the beginning of eternity, the point in time and space [in] which it all begins, only to launch from that point into an eternal journey, an eternal career for all that began at that one point in time.

So when you do consider your mortal birthdays, perhaps you would consider the even deeper dimension of an eternal beginning, a place where you are able to experience the confines of time, the limitations of time and space existence on your way, on your route to experiencing an eternal journey. So I bid you all 'happy birthdays' as they come around. They are indeed smiled upon by even divinity as being significant because you as individuals have been launched at a certain time and place and your journey is being charted on high. There is only one beginning, there is only one starting point so we all respect it for what it is.

I join you in celebration of all of your beginnings, each and every one significant as a real aspect of the Supreme, a part of the whole. It is one thing we share as having our origins on Urantia, this aspect of our experience of having a beginning, an origin and evolving from that point. Just another one of the things we will always have in common and always share between us, this experience of life and death within the confines of mortal time and space, only to transcend and evolve above and beyond that spectrum into a greater arena and eventually an eternal adventure.

I will see you all out on the trail of this eternal adventure. We will be out there sharing aspects of these adventures throughout as we more and more lose the restrictions of the time and space adventure. So it is even now that I am able to send word back down the trail and you are able to receive it. This is as a result of us transcending mortal restraints. So it is as we move forward, more and more do we transcend the restraints of mortal life and time and space and limitation and move into freedom and spiritual manifestation.

It is a joy to join you this morning, I so much appreciate the opportunity I am given and that we share at this time. I bid you all another good transition as you move from one year to the next, from one birthday to the next, from one day to the next, from one affirmation of who you are to the next, from one moment to moment being more present and aware. See you all out on the trail, farewell.


Serena: [Cathy] I wish to voice a concern for your group use of the "I am" affirmation. In this process it is the simplicity that enhances the power and effectiveness. Our group is working in concert with the light workers of the planet to bring forward the light in the Magisterial Mission. The simple "I am" affirmation is a tool to bring us all to a point of focus. As individuals, you may find many different perspectives and points of focus. The effective use of the "I am" light would involve a point of common focus. I would encourage you to form a common affirmation that would bring all to an increased connection and magnified focus. The effort would be an exponential enhancement of the results. In most cases the difference would be of little consequence. In this group, a scattering of intention may dissipate a portion of the potential power that will result from our practice. As a point of mutual contact, let us form a consensus and practice together a unified affirmation to enhance the purpose of our mission.


I am most grateful for your dedication and participation.

Light: [Cathy] I AM LIGHT. I AM WITH YOU