2013-08-28-Where Should You Focus Your Efforts

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Topic: Where Should You Focus Your Efforts?

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Oscar



Thought Adjuster: “Among all the areas of human knowledge and with a plethora of problems to be solved, each one more complex and far reaching, where should you focus your efforts? It is in the improvement of human beings where any investment of time and resources will yield great dividends for the future of civilization in Urantia.

“Many professions and disciplines require an educated and trained population to be productive. Science, art, and philosophy are the pillars of civilization and the main sources of material progress. However, you should not forget that these disciplines and all the creative efforts that have been expressed in this world have been made possible by men and women. Therefore, it stands to reason that it is there – in human beings – where the greatest improvements should be made.

“How is society benefited from having the most advanced government system if the ethics of the people in government is subpar? The democracy enjoyed by many of the most powerful nations has contributed little to promote improvements to civilization and sometimes in the democratic countries their own laws are broken while the governments conspire to deceive those they are supposed to represent. What good is science if the scientists offer their discoveries for the material benefit of a few or to create better ways to kill their peers? There is nothing wrong with politics, science, or any other discipline of human endeavor, but it is evident that the quality of the politician or the scientist will determine the outcome of the achievements and advances that can be made.

“You have to rise the moral level of the men and women of this world. Each one of you should endeavor first to be the best you can aspire to be – the most beautiful expression of your being – while you dedicate yourselves to the many professions in this world. This can only be achieved by a true religion, but not a religion of fossilized truths and senseless ritual. The religion that will bring Urantia to the age of light and life will deposit the weight of salvation upon the shoulders of each individual. An authentic religion will recognize the unconditional love of God, the paternity of God for all the inhabitants of this world, and the equality of each person before the Universal Father.

“The time when priests and other representatives had to serve as intermediaries between the people and God should be replaced by a new era where each person will enjoy a personal relationship of friendship and affection with God. Then each person will be guided by the divine presence of God in their being – the Thought Adjuster – to become capable of manifesting the best of their personalities in everything they do. Only this way this world will progress towards a higher society that will produce permanent and constant improvements for the following generations. The human methods and systems will become goals of divine glory when men and women illuminated by spirit are put in charge of the destiny of this world. This is the goal for this planet and it will happen when each person is searching for the light in their hearts and establish the age of light and life in their own personal life.”