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Topic: The Probable Destiny of the Master Universe

Group: ABC Summaries


Teacher: Master Spirit IV, Master Architect of Absonity, Number 45, Michael of Nebadon, Creator Son 611121, Mantutia Melchizedek, Author Papers 104, 105, 106 Urantia Book, Supreme Power Director Number 4, Mantrinaya, Master Spirit Number V, Monjoronson, Avonal Son Number 614516, Master Spirit I, Siraya, Voice of The Father

TR: Ron Besser


The Probable Destiny of the Master Universe

The outlines of what the future and final Master Universe are starting to come together. We have, so far only the meager descriptions of the Urantia Book which says nothing about the stupendous addition to the fourth outer space area that the Master Spirits say will finish the space areas and open the door to new non-spatial areas of the Deity Absolute and God the Absolute.

The Master Universe is being designed so that future universe ages can make infinity partially comprehensible to the creatures of past universe creation dating from the Age of Experience. In fact, they say the Age of Experience of the Supreme has already completed only about 1/5th of its total work before we can even approach the reality of the Destiny of the Master Universe, but as revealed in this Document, the Master Spirits inform us of the plans already begun to extend the universe from the quiescent fourth outer space level into a fifth domain that has Omega Paradise shimmer even now in the distance.

Over a year ago it was hinted in one of the ABC Summaries that something most unusual was happening “out there.” Now we see why as this last area of outer space has new gravity bodies placed in its nether regions as Paradise gears up to extend Havona almost infinitely. I copied something from Document -M- that relates to today’s discussion.

The Fourth Universe Construct Program for Service

The ABC Summaries Document -M- September, 2012

(Master Spirit Number One, The Voice of the Father, Siraya, speaks:)

The Fourth Universe Construct is a program for the work of the Universal Father

in the four outer space regions. It is proposed that it shall be manned by the Creator Sons of time-space and that they shall hold all who are capable of such service, to go with them to these levels of space exploration to serve the new life forms taking

place in those creations.

The Fourth Universe Construct refers directly to the fact that the fourth outer space

level is now being populated by the Father’s own will (the will of the Father exists as a force that moves in and out of space as it chooses), and that He intends for the will to relate to other regions of space that are not yet part of the revealed design of space. The Master Universe is far from complete even with the four outer space levels developing at the present time. Far beyond the fringe of the Master Universe lie unrevealed orders of energy not yet visible to the naked eye or to the sensory

equipment of the energy manipulators of time.

Illustration Showing Gravity Bodies Being Placed

At The Edge of The Fifth Space Area - Document -F- June 2011

The Potentials of Yet Another Space Age Are Becoming Evident

Just beyond the remote fourth outer-space-level boundary area is a fringe area

where space has thinned out almost into non-existence. Joining the thin-space area is another zone called unpervaded space. Where unpervaded space adjoins the fringe areas beyond the outer space levels, unclassified bodies are found which disclose an unrevealed construction from unknown origins which set the fulcrum of

space motion back toward its Paradise origins.

We will elaborate through . . . the Scribe what we have come to experientially observe as a potential area of space outside of the circuits of the seven superuniverses and beyond the four outer space levels. The fringe areas under consideration here are now becoming “actualities” of yet another future space age.

We on Paradise have come to call the four outer space levels the home of the

“Quadra [and Quatrain] Universes.” We concluded that these existential developments leading to universes of Ultimacy will prove to be in every regard conformed with the emerging Supremes resident in the seven superuniverses. These developments contain elements of the Supreme which affect the destinies of the now

present Reserve Corp of Finality.

Finaliters will work in the Quadra Universes as a new order of personal being

wholly representative of God the Supreme to the emerging universes of thought but not of time. We have yet to designate a name of the Trinity-embraced Finaliter, but their oath of service to the Paradise Trinity will be extended to the four outer space regions in order to calibrate Supreme meanings adjacent to the Ultimate’s Absonity. In this document we shall use the term “Creator Son” to mean those we know as the Order of Michael. Finaliters who receive the additional Trinity embrace will be known as The Sons of Michaels to the Ultimate creatures of the future. A more developed discussion may be found in Section III of this document where it is stated that Paradise will call these Finaliter candidates as the Sons of Michael, Creator

Sons too.

Just as Melchizedeks are an order created by the creative liaison between the

Michael Order of Sonship and the Creative Spirits of the Infinite Spirit, so too are Finaliters the creation of the divine pair that created other local universe Sons such as Melchizedeks, Vorondadek, Lanonandek, and so on. Finaliters arise from a selfperpetuating species not unlike the Melchizedeks (The Melchizedeks are a selfsustaining order themselves and will be addressed in a future Paper concerning their destiny in the Outer Space Levels of the future) who are also self governing, and when permitted to apply for assignment with God the Ultimate, they shall be embraced by the Paradise Trinity as a new, yet-to-be-named Order. The Trinity embrace is to ensure their ability is sufficient to comprehend God the Ultimate to the level of the Absolutes. These actions are also to ensure that all work done in the four outer space areas is completed with regard to Supreme values in addition to the absonite qualities resident in the creation of the Ultimate. Finaliters are Sons of the Creator Sons and Daughters, and as such they become resident with the Creator

Michaels in the Quadra Universes wherever they may be headquartered.

The Finaliter-Sons of Michael serving with a Master Michael, stand to gain this

experience by thinking and doing in future situations in a way that transcends their calling as Supreme advocates of thought and principles. These Finaliter Creator-Son personnel of the superuniverses, one personalized as perfect and replete in time as a . . . Finaliter, the other . . . a Creator Son . . . personalized to ascended and become time-perfected . . . , join the Father Absolute to become servants to God the Ultimate. This new order of spirit, the Finaliter-Sons of Michael, are to receive training over ages and eons to become a new order of being as an ascended race of creatures now perfected beyond Supreme values upon completion of the Almighty in


We have every reason to believe and know whereof we speak, that the future will see

the complete universe creations of God the Ultimate to be also populated by the superuniverse Creator Sons. The Finaliter-Sons of these Michael Sons and Daughters will be of a magnificent glorified ascendant nature of a time-space origin. The stage has been set in these Quadra Universes reminiscent of the events which preceded the pioneering of the local universes in the superuniverses when the first Michaels were sent out from Paradise to inhabit and create life in these new domains. Finaliter-Sons of the Michael Creator Sons will do much of the same without the ability to create new life, but will have the usage of all creative circuitry to ensure that the life God the Ultimate brings forth shall be in accordance with the spiritual life-designs of the Eternal Son. These Finaliter-Sons of Michael will be the

great grandsons of the original Mother Son.

In effect, we concur that this will show that no heavenly course of service in the

universe is closed to any beings wishing to be like their Paradise Creator Fathers. Eternity is before you beloved mortal ascenders of time-space, and there is no reason or excuse for limitations at this juncture, nor does the Perfect Father on Paradise carry any limitation in his work, for He measures the universes in the palm of his


We high beings of personality on Paradise conjecture that this is in the “very” far

distant future of time and space, after the seven superuniverses of original creation are settled in light and life; even after the Supreme has fully emerged and been “perfected” and has opened the way to the Ultimate and Havona verities to be self-realized. The as-yet-potential-creations of the future universes will produce Supreme thought upon which the Ultimates shall be founded and , as such, the

Supreme-Ultimate will add to the totality of the whole.

When the seven superuniverses are all settled and perfected universes, the

Finaliter-Sons of Michael, with the original Order of Michael, will serve as the parent guides to undertake the Ultimate experiments for new kinds of ascendant beings to arrive on Paradise to eventually become one in ascension with their

brethren from the Superuniverses.

To the Paradise Creator Sons, a universe settled in light and life is the Ultimate goal.

The collective universes settled in light and life will prove to effectively add to the emerging Supreme-Ultimate of Havona. Paradise is Absolute and all the variables of creation and future creations are baffling to even the highest order of beings. Indeed, eternity will be afforded every aspect to show the Paradise Father’s infinity,

even those motions within infinity which are unsearchable.

Havona now shows perfection even with the variable creations of the Paradise Son’s

local universes remaining incomplete within the current Universe Age. Havona is not diminished or compromised by adjacent incompletion, just as the Ultimate’s universe is not harmed by the preceding Supreme’s adjudication of imperfection arising during rebellions and misdeeds associated with the Lucifer Rebellion in superuniverse number seven, Orvonton. All progress received in the local creations is moved inward to Havona, and in spite of incidences of certain miscreation in time, all worthy values associated with the Supreme do emerge into the Havona system for the realization of the Supreme-Ultimate reality by participating ascenders . This is the motion forward which builds on perfection in a way that will not be understood

by mortal mind.

The Fathers Love and Goodness offers this exalted level of multi-dimensional

ascension to the mortals of time and space. The very nature and being of the Paradise Father’s love for all His children is inclusive and showered upon all who may comprehend the divine nature of the Original Parent. The Creator Sons of Paradise origin will also provide all they have been given to likewise show the love and reveal the goodness and grandeur of the unsearchable ways of the Paradise


In effect this will show another facet of the unsearchable ways of the Infinite God.

The Father gives freely to all His children, so too does His Divine Sons, Sons of the Eternal Son, who give to their children every opportunity they are afforded to being loved and given everything a perfect loving Father would give all and more to His

own children.

We ponder how the Finaliter-Sons of Michael, these once created beings of

time/space, will be afforded every opportunity to become Creator-Son-like to the universes of the Ultimate, but we can only conjecture what these possibilities might foretell. We see developing with these perfected Sons of Michael the effect of the catalytic functionality of the Supreme Being’s emergence. Your Paradise Brethren, the Order of Michael, who created you, will prove to be successful as Supreme Creators as their universe and life creations will course through Eternity to

perpetually serve as models of Supreme perfection.

This information is revelatory. We have uncovered one more facet of the as-yet

unsearchable totality of the vast creation of time, space, thought, spirit, and infinity as part of the emerging Supreme’s underlying purposes. We surely say to all of you that could ever ponder such depths that this can go on for eternity and afford a

limitless creation.

We also speculate, but are not assured, that the angels of all orders will be given

opportunities to go on the matchless adventure of some kind in some spectacular way, but we only acknowledge their addition to Supreme values at this point. Once all is settled in light and life throughout the seven superuniverses, and the children of the Supreme fully emerge, you might ponder the vastness of the future creations of these once-animal-origin children of time and space. These once-human son's of Michael will explore endless possibilities demonstrating even more opportunities to expand the heart and divine knowledge of the Father in Paradise. Indeed this is another whole dimension of the vastness of eternity before the ascendant beings of time to add to the totality of the unsearchable ways of the

Paradise Father, Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit. (End Excerpt)

Scribe: It is in the past experience of writing Papers that enabled the present lessons to take shape, that I have gotten an inkling of what is to become of the Master Universe once the Age of Experience is finished and the future age of the Deity Absolute becomes ensconced somewhere beyond the Fourth Outer Space Level already designated as the Age of Absonity to me. The Fifth Outer Space Level and Non-Space Extension goes beyond Absonity and prefaces the Age of The Absolutes albeit still experiential and not entirely absolute until the Consummator of Universe Destiny is invoked to change the Age of Experience into the Age of Absonity, a combination of the Absolute prerogatives of the Deity Absolute and the continuation of God the Ultimate to top off the final placement of the Master Universe as a unified and unseparated eternity construction.

Most of you, I doubt, ever thought of anything of the possibility of a new place beyond the fourth outer space level so stupendous in extent and designed so eloquently that even space itself is not required in its interior limits. The Father Infinite and the Deity Absolute may well be involved in this lesson and it was at the motion of the Eternal Son that these revelations of another Absolute Age be introduced to Urantians who can fathom what this portends that be advised of the progress made so far to reveal what is likely the very last architecture to be built to the Master Universe.

Master Spirit One, Voice of the Father:

I am Siraya; Scribe has requested of me to explain just how the Paradise of Alpha becomes the Paradise of Omega through adjustments of Fifth Outer Space Level and Non-Space Extension. The answer is that space is a comprehensive leash on time, and as such the leash is removed after Outer Space Level Four. Then space becomes a convenience of extrapolation, moving what was once constrained into the objective reality of that which is no longer constrained. When I say “constrained by time,” I mean that which time has constrained already in the superuniverses, because the Supreme has conditioned all reality as it relates to the Four Outer Space Levels, and only after God the Ultimate shares these Supreme concepts and retools them into eventuated reality, does the space stream relinquish its control.


Motion is the primary expression of God the Supreme. Remotion is the primary expression of God the Ultimate. The difference between them is critical to understand why the Supreme synthesizes the relationship between matter and spirit in order to control spirit and matter, and following on from the Supreme, why the God the Ultimate may transcend the separation of spirit and matter without time motion (i.e. the need for sequence).

The Supreme-Ultimate fashions its reality by two additional elements besides time and space. These are, motion and remotion. Remotion is the act of taking back and reissuing conditions until they reach synchrony with what has been potentially and pre-eternally established by Paradise Deity. With the Ultimate working through the Deity Absolute that which is potential or before eternity is seized as the raw material of emerging values in subordinate life forms in the outer space levels and once matured, such Ultimate accomplishments are established on Paradise with the Trinity Absolute.

God the Ultimate can do this while the Supreme can not. The Supreme’s motion is nearly always linear - a line or string of events that come to an end or start something new. God the Ultimate runs things differently. In Ultimacy, events are fashioned from pre-existing conditions from the Supreme, and then the Ultimate remotions them (or puts back into motion as a recombination of those circumstances that resulted in the value first being expressed by the Supreme) as an experiment to obtain results one way, and then run another way, until the results actually produce the perfect solution for that particular experiment. This process is one of remotion. Remotion results in an eventual solution devoid of further development. It is as though the Ultimate can wring out the cloth the Supreme had hung out to dry and find a wealth of new meaning to splash before the eyes of a growing universe.

Remotion is directed toward and vitalizes all absonite growth under the Ultimate. The Supreme has no choice but to enter into those motions already established by First Cause. Here is illustrated just why the absonite precedes the finite, for it is in the transcendental conditions in Havona that there is found the original motion that pre-wires the superuniverses with the neural network of finite preconditions that the Creator Sons must acknowledge when they prepare to establish their local universe domains. These Havona contributions are the pre-existing conditions in absonite transcendency that prepare the finite creations to explore the maximum expressions of the qualification of infinity. The Supreme in working through the materials of original motion to obtain time values can not invent any motion other than what First Cause established as the initial surge of energy toward some finite objective. These neural controls (which are resulting from space limitations built into the absonite or transcendental over controls of space in the superuniverses) as limitations are built into the superuniverses in the present age of the God the Supreme.

Remotion is possible where sequence has no meaning and is highly effective in obtaining results that exceed the limits of Supreme integration of time. The Supreme must always work from the beginning to end in a forward motion while the Ultimate through remotion may start anywhere in between and play it out in a numberless repetition until all values are realized and had been without spiritual highlight in the Supreme. Those who know mathematics know this to permutations, and the Ultimate is an expert at performing rapid calculations of any possibility to exhaust or predict outcomes essential for perfection in space. The Ultimate has the luxury of being able to restart all finite values from nearly an unlimited number of revisions. Remotion is inherent in Ultimacy as sequence is inherent in the Supreme.

We now are able to explain something about how the Supreme-Ultimate combination works with Paradise Deity. If we take the fact of Supremacy as a completed experiment, then we have in place those time experiments which have succeeded. Not only have we successful outcomes from the Supreme to replay as fuel for God the Ultimate to remotion and experiment with, the Supreme outcomes have benefitted by their perfection through the Paradise Trinity to universalize them to every sector of time. God the Ultimate revitalizes the products of the perfected time experiments of the Supreme and re-experiences them by recombining the Supreme’s contribution with the Ultimate’s thought and exercise of transcendation. We may use a crude example of what this adds by saying it is something like adding more eyes to a sentient being to see the hidden structures of space itself. The Supreme sees the universe laterally; i.e., from left to right and up and down; the Ultimate sees the universe as a convex ball of structure in which he may change the structural matrix inside the ball to improve the life of the ball.

The results are space limited, but they are also space conditioned and therefore sub-Absolute. The values the Supreme finalized are the Ultimate’s starting points to produce totally new concepts subject to infinite integration toward God the Absolute’s (spaceless without losing space conditioning) realization. None of the Supreme experiments or the Ultimate’s remotions are possible without the interposition of the Paradise Trinity and the personal association with experiential Deity with the Paradise Deities themselves.

“The functions of the Paradise Trinity are not simply the sum of the Father’s apparent endowment of

divinity plus those specialized attributes that are unique in the personal existence of the Son and the Spirit. The Trinity association of the three Paradise Deities results in the evolution, eventuation, and deitization of new meanings, values, powers, and capacities for universal revelation, action, and administration. Living associations, human families, social groups, or the Paradise Trinity are not augmented by mere arithmetical summation. The group potential is always far in excess of the simple

sum of the attributes of the component individuals.”

Eventuation is the term also used to describe the absonite in your text and if the reader would also substitute the word “remotion” in the quote above and as remotion is defined above, a more understandable definition of the process will emerge.

The Paradise Deities view the Ultimate as finished with all of these experiments but also accept that they must be experientialized during a Universe Age just as the Supreme was allowed a Universe Age to finish the time experiments to perfect time values and hand them over to the Ultimate one day. God the Ultimate with God the Supreme in ways not entirely understood even by the highest revelators are then personalized together as the Deity union of the Supreme-Ultimate within the Second Experiential Trinity formed around this monistic point of experiential power. It is upon this amazing feat of power materialization and spirit synthesis realized within the prerogatives of the First Person of Deity to make it so; that all the universes in the Master creation of space may reach the status of absolute conditioning.


Let us first place upon the record what the Urantia Book revelation does say about the future of the Master Universe. You will notice in the Paper 106 by Mantutia Melchizedek, he writes more for the Age of Reason than he does for the Age of Finality approaching when the destiny of the universe becomes more than idle philosophizing.

This is from what a lot of people who read the revelation call the executive delivery of an imponderable question to time bound mortals and less so for the magnificent Melchizedeks who are our elder spirit brothers and who were the first to be created in Nebadon after the Chief Executive, Gabriel. It is Paper 106 that deals with the theories of universe completion and how the existential Deities integrate experience with the power synthesis of matter and spirit.

I reprint a generous portion of Paper 106 for what I consider the salient features to indicate to the reader how far the revelation itself goes, and what it has to say regarding the Master Universe, and displays what the Melchizedek said to illustrate the extent we in Document -R- may brush pass the Melchizedek objections only to deliver a description of the likely changes to the present Master Universe to realize the Finality or Destiny of the Master Universe at vast time span of the future.

Ocilliaya: The Coabsolute level is the extent of development of the Fourth Outer Space Level and supercedes the Third Outer Space Level which is likely the culmination of the Supreme-Ultimate experiment. Only when the Fourth Outer Space Level is breeched do we find God the Absolute reaching out to God The Ultimate to plan for the eventuation of passing the torch of universe restatement toward an absolute space construction of some sort to begin. The Melchizedek author, Mantutia Melchizedek provides a statement at the conclusion of the excerpt what he was thinking when he supplied this Paper to the First Revelatory Committee. The term Coabsolute refers to the partnership of God the Ultimate and God the Absolute working to transition the Master Universe from one state to another. Fifth-Phase Association is yet another term referring to the serial partnerships starting with the Supreme, the Almighty Supreme, The Supreme-Ultimate, the Ultimate, and the Ultimate-Absolute partnerships of the severalabilities to provide the Master Universe a home for all sorts of yet un-dreamed of creatures.

5. Coabsolute or Fifth-Phase Association (Purpose of The Fourth Outer Space Level)

(1167.2) 106:5.1 The Ultimate is the apex of transcendental reality even as the

Supreme is the capstone of evolutionary-experiential reality. And the actual emergence of these two experiential Deities lays the foundation for the second experiential Trinity. This is the Trinity Absolute, the union of God the Supreme, God the Ultimate, and the unrevealed Consummator of Universe Destiny. And this Trinity has theoretical capacity to activate the Absolutes of potentiality — Deity, Universal, and Unqualified. But the completed formation of this Trinity Absolute could take place only after the completed evolution of the entire master universe, from Havona

to the fourth and outermost space level.

(1167.3) 106:5.2 It should be made clear that these experiential Trinities are

correlative, not only of the personality qualities of experiential Divinity, but also of all the other-than-personal qualities which characterize their attained Deity unity. While this presentation deals primarily with the personal phases of the unification of the cosmos, it is nonetheless true that the impersonal aspects of the universe of universes are likewise destined to undergo unification as is illustrated by the power-personality synthesis now going on in connection with the evolution of the Supreme Being. The spirit-personal qualities of the Supreme are inseparable from the power prerogatives of the Almighty, and both are complemented by the unknown potential of Supreme mind. Neither can God the Ultimate as a person be considered apart from the other-than-personal aspects of Ultimate Deity. And on the absolute level the Deity and the Unqualified Absolutes are inseparable and indistinguishable

in the presence of the Universal Absolute.

(1167.4) 106:5.3 Trinities are, in and of themselves, not personal, but neither do they

contravene personality. Rather do they encompass it and correlate it, in a collective sense, with impersonal functions. Trinities are, then, always deity reality but never personality reality. The personality aspects of a trinity are inherent in its individual members, and as individual persons they are not that trinity. Only as a collective are they trinity; that is trinity. But always is trinity inclusive of all encompassed deity;

trinity is deity unity.

(1167.5) 106:5.4 The three Absolutes — Deity, Universal, and Unqualified — are not

trinity, for all are not deity. Only the deified can become trinity; all other associations

are triunities or triodities.

6. Absolute or Sixth-Phase Integration (The Appearance of the Fifth Outer Space Level)

(1167.6) 106:6.1 The present potential of the master universe is hardly absolute,

though it may well be near-ultimate, and we deem it impossible to achieve the full revelation of absolute meaning-values within the scope of a subabsolute cosmos. We therefore encounter considerable difficulty in attempting to conceive of a total expression of the limitless possibilities of the three Absolutes or even in attempting to visualize the experiential personalization of God the Absolute on the now

impersonal level of the Deity Absolute.

1168.1) 106:6.2 The space-stage of the master universe seems to be adequate for the

actualization of the Supreme Being, for the formation and full function of the Trinity Ultimate, for the eventuation of God the Ultimate, and even for the inception of the Trinity Absolute. But our concepts regarding the full function of this second experiential Trinity seem to imply something beyond even the wide-spreading master


(1168.2) 106:6.3 If we assume a cosmos-infinite — some illimitable cosmos on

beyond the master universe — and if we conceive that the final developments of the Absolute Trinity will take place out on such a superultimate stage of action, then it becomes possible to conjecture that the completed function of the Trinity Absolute will achieve final expression in the creations of infinity and will consummate the absolute actualization of all potentials. The integration and association of ever-enlarging segments of reality will approach absoluteness of status proportional

to the inclusion of all reality within the segments thus associated.

(1168.3) 106:6.4 Stated otherwise: The Trinity Absolute, as its name implies, is

really absolute in total function. We do not know how an absolute function can achieve total expression on a qualified, limited, or otherwise restricted basis. Hence we must assume that any such totality function will be unconditioned (in potential). And it would also appear that the unconditioned would also be unlimited, at least from a qualitative standpoint, though we are not so sure regarding quantitative


(1168.4) 106:6.5 Of this, however, we are certain: While the existential Paradise

Trinity is infinite, and while the experiential Trinity Ultimate is subinfinite, the Trinity Absolute is not so easy to classify. Though experiential in genesis and

constitution, it definitely impinges upon the existential Absolutes of potentiality.

(1168.5) 106:6.6 While it is hardly profitable for the human mind to seek to grasp

such faraway and superhuman concepts, we would suggest that the eternity action of the Trinity Absolute may be thought of as culminating in some kind of experientialization of the Absolutes of potentiality. This would appear to be a reasonable conclusion with respect to the Universal Absolute, if not the Unqualified Absolute; at least we know that the Universal Absolute is not only static and potential but also associative in the total Deity sense of those words. But in regard to the conceivable values of divinity and personality, these conjectured happenings imply the personalization of the Deity Absolute and the appearance of those superpersonal values and those ultrapersonal meanings inherent in the personality completion of

God the Absolute — the third and last of the experiential Deities.

7. Finality of Destiny

(There are about thirty-three (33) inside levels of absolute

integration in the Fifth Outer Space Level and Non-Space Extension, and this section in Paper 106 is speaking to the integration of these graduations of the extensions

beyond the Fourth Outer Space Level)

(1168.6) 106:7.1 Some of the difficulties in forming concepts of infinite reality

integration are inherent in the fact that all such ideas embrace something of the finality of universal development, some kind of an experiential realization of all that could ever be. And it is inconceivable that quantitative infinity could ever be completely realized in finality. Always there must remain unexplored possibilities in the three potential Absolutes which no quantity of experiential development could

ever exhaust. Eternity itself, though absolute, is not more than absolute.

(1169.1) 106:7.2 Even a tentative concept of final integration is inseparable from the

fruitions of unqualified eternity and is, therefore, practically nonrealizable at any

conceivable future time.

(1169.2) 106:7.3 Destiny is established by the volitional act of the Deities who

constitute the Paradise Trinity; destiny is established in the vastness of the three great potentials whose absoluteness encompasses the possibilities of all future development; destiny is probably consummated by the act of the Consummator of Universe Destiny, and this act is probably involved with the Supreme and the Ultimate in the Trinity Absolute. Any experiential destiny can be at least partially comprehended by experiencing creatures; but a destiny which impinges on infinite existentials is hardly comprehensible. Finality destiny is an existential-experiential attainment which appears to involve the Deity Absolute. But the Deity Absolute stands in eternity relationship with the Unqualified Absolute by virtue of the Universal Absolute. And these three Absolutes, experiential in possibility, are actually existential and more, being limitless, timeless, spaceless, boundless, and

measureless — truly infinite.

(1169.3) 106:7.4 The improbability of goal attainment does not, however, prevent

philosophical theorizing about such hypothetical destinies. The actualization of the Deity Absolute as an attainable absolute God may be practically impossible of realization; nevertheless, such a finality fruition remains a theoretical possibility. The involvement of the Unqualified Absolute in some inconceivable cosmos-infinite may be measurelessly remote in the futurity of endless eternity, but such a hypothesis is nonetheless valid. Mortals, morontians, spirits, finaliters, Transcendentalers, and others, together with the universes themselves and all other phases of reality, certainly do have a potentially final destiny that is absolute in value; but we doubt that any being or universe will ever completely attain all of the aspects of such a

destiny. . . . .

Mantutia Melchizedek:

The Scribe mentions my name (Mantutia Melchizedek) for having authored this Paper known as Paper 106 of the Urantia Book. It contains our thoughts as they are produced in our Melchizedek Schools located on Salvington. In our variations of text, we lost sight of the business of the Father’s will to compensate mortals for the inability to penetrate these difficult passages, and do hereby release the Paper to the Scribe for further discussion which actually exonerates me, Mantutia Melchizedek, and allows for the passage of additional information I was not in involved with when I wrote the Paper. I concur with the conclusion that the Fifth Outer Space Level and Non-Space Extension exists, and that it contains all we need to finish what is called the Master Universe in this Paper, but I also contend that the Master Universe ends with Outer Space Level Four, and that the extension we are calling the Fifth Outer Space Level and Non-Space Extension is really an extension of the Havona Space Level.

Ocilliaya Comments:

The problem can be resolved when we report that the Fifth Segment reported herein is really the first segment of a seven segment Master Universe that ends with the superuniverse space level. It hardly makes things easier to visualize, and we are in agreement with Mantutia Melchizedek that the entire Master Universe mechanism is space filled and not spaceless as most of the fifth extension is reported to be. I rest my case for those who can penetrate these arguments.

Ocilliaya, Master Spirit Four, Voice of the Father-Son to the Time Universes

(Scribe: Now referring to a drawing sent to me.) In your picture of infinity which was supplied to you by a David Chuhran (DC), he supplied what Urantians use as the symbol of infinity– the number eight lying on its side. This was to show how infinity was approached in gradations from the inner levels of space to the outer most levels of space through the Four Outer Space Zones. However, this is not correct and must be adjusted to show infinity as a result of space entropy, which is just another term for space removal when it is no longer necessary to use space as a control mechanism for universes that have energy out of balance with spirit.

Space is neither plastic or mobile. It just is. Space needs to have controls placed on it to be clear about what it controls and what it allows to place in special categories that have no control. You have been instructed concerning the Ultimatons, that some Ultimatons show up in space that are not to be there, and that they are withdrawn quickly so as to prevent catastrophe on levels of sublimity that are not revealed to you. [Scribe: Doc -Q- speaks to specialized space that does not behave like our space, for instance the Space Identification Zone just outside of the gravity bodies in present Havona, and there are other specialized space zones also used for special purposes.]

Space depth and fluidity, my friends, is determined by the height and depth of the experiential prerogatives of the Universal Father.

Father sees to it that all planets and other objects are inside the space control zones and that these zones known to you as gravity pockets, are several million miles thick on all sides of the object. If there was no space pocket there would be nothing that would hold objects in place, and the entire universe would crash parts of itself into other parts of itself completely destroying the fabric of space.

The Scribe asks how do we see Paradise at the end of the Fifth Outer Space Level and Non-Space Extension without a space deviation that adjusts perception of reality? [Scribe: I am referring to the visions DC and I both had albeit those visions were of different parts of the same revelation about the extensions into what we are calling the Fifth Outer Space Level and Non-Space Extension or maybe we should just call it the Extension Outside of The Fourth Space Zone as I am not quite sure what we are dealing with. It brought forth more questions than the visions clarified for each of us.]

Ocilliaya: The answer lies in the determination of the First Source and Center, that all reality be perceived as it is and that such seeing is delivered to the systems of the brain in mortals in small adjustments of time and relayed back to the brain by the Thought adjuster, a fragment of the First Source and Center indwelling the brains/minds of mortals. Do not persuade yourself Scribe, that you are hearing and seeing as a foolish first grader, but perceive the rank and file of your mind as being entirely realized on Father’s level when these things need explained. You are doing yeoman’s work so long as you allow these materials to flow.

The Scribe asks Master Spirit Four, Ocilliaya, “Well, if we can see Paradise at the end of the Fourth Outer Space Level, how difficult is it to reach Paradise traversing the Fifth Outer Space Level and Non-Space Extension? And how close are we to the reality of a final Master Universe when we stand at the last part of the Fourth Outer Space Level?”

  • Ocilliaya provides the answer this way:

You must understand Scribe, that when you stand at the edge of the Fifth Outer Space Level and Non-Space Extension as you are calling it for now, you are seeing not the space of yet another area of the Master Universe, but the area of Havona that has thinly adjusted space gravitons in it before you. You would have to go another 300 million light years before the thinly spaced gravitons are exhausted and enter into what is an impossibility for you to do as a mortal, and that is to enter the preliminary non-space of an expanded Havona System that is now without space.

We may not divulge distance in the spaceless zones of what is now Havona territory. But considering that it is the Deity Absolute configuring the new Havona territory, distance is no longer applicable. Paradise remains Paradise in the new configuration although changes to the one billion perfect spheres of the present Havona Space Area will take place to nest such planets within pockets of absolute gravity to maintain the balance they require to remain functional. Presently, the one billion perfect spheres rotate slowly within their space pockets and will continue to do so in nonspatial dimensions far beyond the concept of science on Urantia.

You must understand that the Fourth Outer Space level is really the truly and fully last space level to encounter in the Master Universe and that what we refer to as the Fifth Level is in reality an extension of Havona Space Level subdivided into thirty three (33) minor sub-sections.

Havona today is the perfect central universe space area surrounding Alpha Paradise, and it has only seven (7) levels, but it is expanded to thirty three (33) sections when the Deity Absolute emerges from the Omega Paradise Level we call the “O” Level which is a subdivision of the Circle of Infinity that allows contact between super-mortals (finaliters and above) to penetrate the potentials of the Deity Absolute and the existential Deities of actual infinite integration.

The first twelve (12) levels of the Deity Absolute’s attenuation of space (there are twenty-one levels beyond this) in the Fifth Extension are realizable for students of the Space Exploration Teams already assembled on Paradise to obtain pictures for study of these levels developing in the first few degrees of the Fifth Extension. Space exists there in the first twelve (12) levels, but the gravity bodies posited at the base of the Fourth Outer Space Levels are more to control all the space behind it, backing up even to control the Superuniverse levels of creation. These space bodies also control the first twelve (12) levels of space permeating the Fifth Extension and relate to Paradise as a house relates to its foundation– one could not exist without the other in place.

In many ways the Master Universe is now conceived as beginning with the Absolute Area (now called the Fifth Outer Space Level and Non-Space Extension), and by gradations, moves outward toward the old development of the Supreme in the old Superuniverse levels. It appears to the mortal mind that the Master Universe has turned itself inside out to become a final expression of the plan by the Universal Father, the Infinite Spirit, and the Master Architects of Space to return the normal progression backwards from present day observations to the finality of adjustments needed to make the Master Universe a finality of choices made by the Supreme and the Ultimate and God the Absolute to move inward to the Father Infinite.

Michael of Nebadon:

The Master Universe will complete itself several eternities from now, and when it does, most of us listening to these Papers will be alive and operating as the functionaries of God the Ultimate. I do not doubt that the Scribe will be among those banging heads in certain locations to get things running without disturbing the Deities to listen to every word he declares essential. However, I am also certain he has eons of work to get to the point and I am glad to be the Creator Son who has immersed him in these works. I now leave all of you with this: I am prepared to license all of you to do the work this Scribe does providing there is a complete understanding that you do your work as assigned and not as prepared by your own intentions to be heard on various levels that have nothing to do with what we wish done on Urantia.

I have interjected these remarks right in the middle of the understanding of the increased areas to be given to the Master Universe. The student and reader both have to understand that just by adding acreage to the Master Universe outside of the farm areas of the Four Outer Space Levels, does not, by itself, change reality, but that new landed areas of the Fifth Outer Space Level and Non-Space Extension is to be an Absolute wonder for all space beings starting with Me, your Creator Son. I am never quite sure what I hear from Scribe when I denigrate my abilities at all, but I will say he hardly believes me incapable of not understanding anything since I have the ear of the Father, and was born in absolute personality standing from my earliest consciousness. That is true, but infinity is not anything I have been introduced to except as a personal creation of the Infinite Father. I now rest my case and let this Paper develop toward the goal of expanding knowledge of the Master Universe and its intentions to become unlimited.


I am Ocilliaya and I hold the heart of the universe in my hand. My hand contains all the cards necessary to play to make Urantia the most beautiful island of hope in the entire universe of Nebadon, and I will play my part as it must be played for the Father-Son to become resident in the hearts of the humans born there.

In dealing with humans who read this Paper, I am reminded I have to use the most basic wording at my disposal. The Scribe reminds me he can hardly comprehend the doings of the Master Spirits, much less become involved in a dissertation about how the Master Universe becomes one unit to form the first level of Paradise to the next age of the universe we call The Quatrain Universe Level of Dispensational Infinity. (Scribe: See the Glossary to help explain these unusual terms.)

The Quatrain Universe Level of Dispensation Infinity is something more than those words inform of you. They mean in the simplest of terms new universes that have to hear God the Ultimate and God the Absolute before they can hear God the Supreme. They are also controlled from Outer Space Level Four and not directly by Alpha Paradise. This is a complete reversal of what the current universe Age does not do for all creatures who take origin in it.

The Quatrain Universe Level of Dispensational Infinity is over our heads even on the high levels of Paradise, but it contains the seeds of what we are to behold beyond the Fifth Outer Space Level and Non-Space Extension we have yet to fully comprehend ourselves. In this dissertation on how the Master Universe Levels become one we have to first understand the role of the Master Spirits Four, Seven, and Five. As the Scribe experientially comprehends the raw power and force of Master Spirit Five, let me (Ocilliaya) portray something about Master Spirit Five most do not know.

Master Spirit Five, named Mantrinaya, oversees Superuniverse Five called Lexerton, and Lexerton is the Infinite Spirit’s portrayal of the world of energy and power in the physical universe. This Master Spirit is among the most potent Master Spirits in creation, as it is his duty to observe all usages of power in high and places and in the low places of the superuniverse levels. Mantrinaya holds seven Power Directors responsible for the dissemination of power to the Superuniverse level, and he also holds about 47,000 different other beings responsible for the work of energy in the Superuniverse levels.


In 1973 we held a conference on Uversa.

In that conference, it was told to us by Power Director Five, that the Fifth Space Extension to the present four outer space levels of the Master Universe would be shut out of the present creation until there was a need to have it hold itself among the more normal creations of the Master Universe (the first four outer space levels, the Superuniverse level, and the Havona level. Paradise was excluded from the description).

To us this meant that the Fifth Outer Space Level and Non-Space Extension was to be strangely organized after the worlds of Havona, and that suggested to us that it might be the portal to the opening of a new universe age beyond final experiential destiny of the Master Universe. In this thinking we concluded that the level of the Master Universe would be helpful if could contain the master gravity bodies that now outline the farthest limits of Havona from Paradise to be counterpoised from Outer Space Level Four rather than in the existing space level of Havona. We concluded then that the work of the Master Spirits might be impeded if the heart of Paradise (control) were to be so distant from the work of the Master Spirits.

Master Units of Space, as we call the space levels you call otherwise, are about four (4) trillion years across when viewed from the top and looking down on them. Space extensions as we speak of in this outer most area (fifth) are 8 trillion years across and have no ideal or obvious center yet. What the Scribe misses is that the last extension (the fifth) is oblong and not elliptical. It therefore does not align itself easily with the concentric ellipses pictured so often in the imagination of artists on Urantia.

Our view of the Scribe is about as useful as the house without a foundation, for the Scribe sees most of it, but can not identify the elliptical qualities of space levels well enough to draw the conical section that relates as Outer Space Level Four. If artists were to draw the elliptical space areas more truthfully, they would scrap the concentric elliptical idea for a group of ellipses that touch each other occasionally and with several extensions into each other.

In drawing the Fifth Extension, use a crayon that lightly fills in the back edge of the Fifth Extension Ellipse as a charcoal like color that shades into the nothingness of the page.

Master Spirit Four, Ocilliaya:

We need a Paper to explain the Four Outer Space Levels first before we can go on to compare what follows in the Fifth Outer Space Level and Non-Space Extension, now being organized after the first thought of the I AM.

I AM precedes the First Source and Center, and therefore comes even before there was a Father to comprehend on experiential levels. To this situation we address the following:

I AM represents the last of the first conditions in the infinitude. The infinitude was a marsh of everything conceivable but never expressed, and in the sense of I AM being self-extractive of reality paradigms, the accomplishment of Absonity is always I WILL BE. I AM, on the other hand, is always the essence of today’s expressed reality paradigms and so the I AM is naturally present tense; I am that I am and always will be I AM.

In our work in Absonity we note two things of interest to the readers here:

1) Absonity never speaks with the past; it always speaks to the present. I AM is resident in Absonity.

2) Absonity speaks at levels not heard in the universes of the Supreme, because there is no existential example to compare the work of the Supreme to the Paradise level of Absonity. Therefore, we must allow the Supreme to create a whole new paradigm in order to allow the motion of the Supreme to become dominant, and not the remotion of the Supreme-Ultimate to take place too soon. Otherwise we convert experience in the Supreme to experience in the Ultimate, and that is not in the plans of the Universal Father.

Absonity is like having two different views of the world. One view is molar; that is, it consists in molecular designs and abstract patterns. The other view, held simultaneously with the molar view, is that God the Supreme holds the key to universe power control. Without power control in the Almighty Supreme, the Master Universe would fail to spread its wings and reach out to those fabulous outer space areas we talk about so much in this Paper.

God the Ultimate holds the work of the Supreme’s power control to be the foundation upon which the Ultimate secures the work of the Master Physical Controllers to himself and that attaches to God the Ultimate, the same power synthesis that Supreme has, and that is true so long as the launch of the four outer space levels are provided control from the Fourth Outer Space Level itself. This action by placing gravity and power control in the Fourth Outer Space Level essentially describes how the Master Universe finds a way to launch a new Master Universe without destroying the work of the Supreme in doing so.

Supremacy and the Supreme Universes of the Seven Superuniverses will, in the final Master Universe, remain the outer most ring of the new Master Universe, and the region of the Fifth Extension becomes the outer ring of the Havona Central Universe, both with fringe space, and no space adjacent to the Omega Paradise described below.

Partial infinity is rational even to God the Supreme and its creatures such as those who are born on Urantia and the trillions of inhabited planets that abound in such a large creation of Superuniverses. There is never a time we do not understand what is happening, but many a time there is confusion as to just what is to happen with what we deem as rational extensions of increasing complex reality examples as shown in this work to provide this Paper to the citizens of Urantia.

Absonite meanings are shades of spiritualistic determinations already subscribed to as factual reality in the Paradise Trinity. This is why the Paradise Trinity always intercedes between what is not yet found and what is established as facts. When God the Absolute appears, it is already a fact well standing in the Trinity that God the Absolute exists, but it is not apparent to the rest of the creation. It is the Trinity through the Triunity of the Fourth and Fifth designation that were established by the Paradise Father to oversee the exacting and difficult work of actualizing that which is only true in the Absolutes and bring them into the reality of some universe level of comprehension.

Application of The Triunities and the Two Revealed Triodities

The idea of a Triunity is new to most, but they exist as side help to the Trinity, and there are seven partially understandable ones revealed in the Urantia Book while another eight exist outside of the reality of the Supreme, although these eight unrevealed ones are of the modality of God the Ultimate, they do have a slight definition appended to five of them that apply in part to the present Age of the Supreme.

Of the remaining seven Triunities that are revealed, only five are effortless in their approach to the Master Universe at this time. The Seventh Triunity is somewhat absurd to mortal mind in that it provides existential overcontrol to slip into the seven Superuniverses without really showing how they attempt to direct the Supreme aside from, or outside of, the Trinity of Trinities.

All Triunities are Infinite except for the individual Triodity revealed which is truly the only Committee of the Round, which fully appreciates the Supreme and which hardly is ever mentioned by contractors to the universe of thought on Urantia. Realize that while the Triodity of Actuality does not contain the Universal Father; it does contain enough power through the Eternal Son, the Infinite Spirit, and Paradise, to pull off all the necessary functions for inclusion, function, and disparity left over from the initialization of space in the Master Universe, that it is close to Absolute function of space integration more than any other of the Triunities which are more functional on levels of Absonity than Supremacy.

The Triodity of Potentiality is only sub-infinite because no actual existential Deity, except perhaps the Deity Absolute, is present in the Committee of see all, hear all, for all future universes which they operate behind the scenes of the Trinity of Trinities. The reader is directed to Paper 104 of the Urantia Book for a detailed description of what is revealed in the revelation concerning these somewhat additional issues for the control of the Master Universe in its final stages of becoming absolute.

Triunities (also see Paper 104), as explained in the Urantia Book, are the central control of operational space. They are sub-committees to the Circle of Infinity found on upper Paradise, and they take their power from the Universal Father who sits on every sub-committee except for the two Triodities.

In Triunity Number One, designated as the heart of the universe, we note that the primary beneficiary of the universe is the sub-infinite creation, which today mostly speaks to the Superuniverse level of existence. For the future of the universe, look at Triunities Four and Five as they will become dominant as they speak to universe power and universe levels of spiritual development that exceeds the Superuniverse experiential levels for all time.

Triunities Six and Seven deal mostly with the Fifth Outer Space Level and Non-Space Extension, and while the Urantia Book writes these seven Triunities as pertaining to the time level of experience, that can not be so fully stated as shown by our comments above. Triunities Six and Seven are difficult of placement in our universes of time, because they lack the requirement for heart (the personalization of material creatures and their meaning as Supreme values) to be present in the personal creation to understand their function. Triunities One and Two often are the best examples of time-space usage with their manipulation of spirit and matter control, but they too have extensions far out into the Fifth Outer Space Level and Non-Space Extension.

Master Spirits Four, Five and Seven are known together, i.e. collectively, as the Triumvirate of the Outer Space Levels.

It is Triumvirate’s work which standardizes the work being done in those space areas being prepared for God the Ultimate. Master Spirit Four, Ocilliaya; Master Five who is Mantrinaya, and Master Spirit Seven, known as AYA, all contribute to the depth of experience already planted in places in Superuniverse Seven that will be transposed into a new key in Outer Space Level One, which is to be designated as the First Outer Space Level of Supreme-Unity.

Master Spirits Four, Five, and Seven, while the Triumvirates of organized space beyond the Superuniverse Level, they are also the help the Supreme uses to promote revelation to the Superuniverse level and in particular to Urantia at this stage of its impending reconditioning.

Master Universe levels are not consigned to the Master Spirits in their entirety. This is a statement to indicate that the Infinite Spirit has reserved creative liaisons for later when it becomes apparent, what, if any, Master Spirit designations will become necessary to help foster the new levels of Absonite creation.

Master Architect of the Absonite Universe Being Number Forty-Five of My Order Consisting of 48 Absonite Deities

  • Master Spirit Four Ocilliaya Translates Master Architect of The Universe on the Absonite Level

I am a Master Architect of the Superuniverse Levels soon to be designated as the Level of Experiential Supremacy, and therefore I do not owe any explanation to readers of this Paper on that level, but I am also a Planner of the first Four Outer Space Levels and I am being rehearsed on those levels to explain why I speak today about Absonity to this level of being.

As a Master Architect of Absonity, and there are forty-eight (48) of us personalized on this level, I wish to speak to the problem of Absonity as a level of thought today on Paradise. Absonity is never released into any extension until it is cleared for extraction from the Deity of Ultimacy. For that reason, the Deity of Ultimacy is clearly unable to speak or He would do so to this Scribe. I (Ocilliaya) must speak for Him and I will do so.

As God the Ultimate might say, I AM is part of my existence deep in the primal areas of Havona not revealed even to most of those taking origin in Havona. I speak now to the Scribe as he puzzles the statement just enough to tell me I am working well with his circuitry. He understands that God does not hide things purposefully, but that God does not inform either to those who hear but can not think. In this instance I see that the Ultimacy speech is well applied and I continue.

I as God the Ultimate speak clearly to the time universes this way: I am neither Absonity or am I Supremacy yet. In this I am clear to the Scribe, but what is not revealed by others yet, is that I am Absonity in Havona and am operational on the highest levels of Havona and Peripheral Paradise. In this I see the Scribe motions surprise as he expects that Peripheral Paradise is naturally in the domain of the existential Deities and their helpers. In this case, Absonity is complete within Havona and outside of Peripheral Paradise. I reside as Absonite Spirit and that is a truth that must be comprehended over and over if anyone is to understand what I have to say next.

I am God the Ultimate and my spokesman is in liaison with me on Paradise as this is written. I am the Absonite Maker of all things Absonite, but I am also in liaison with God the Absolute, who even now exists as the Deity Absolute AND God the Absolute. For this reason, God the absolute holds nothing against the Scribe when he determines that he is so distant as to be useless to address, but God the Absolute can be addressed through Master Spirit Five.

Master Spirit Five is the synthesis of power and spirit and is the most potent Master Spirit, physically speaking, that the Infinite Spirit portrays of the Infinite Spirit in power metamorphosis.

I am Master Spirit Five, and I know where this Scribe comes from as he is wondering how he feels me so keenly at times. The answer lies in his own make up as he is closely aligned to me through Master Spirit Four and Seven as we are The Triumvirate of Spirits for Universe Consignment of Revelation which has extended its hand down to the Scribe in order to work these final Papers into some cohesive form that future readers may read with appreciation.

Master Spirit Five

I am Master Spirit Five [Mantrinaya, Voice of the Father Spirit Unity] and I approve of the demeanor of the Scribe especially of his view that the universe is readable only if there is give and take and that he is appreciative of what we give in great measure. We speak now to all of you reading this section.

The Urantia Book speaks so closely about things of a far distant future that some of you forget that the universe is also personal and deliberative and that all of you must understand that the words flow through the Scribe in order to be heard and not shut away in a drawer for future reference.

I in particular review how these Papers are protected from view in the holdings of the superplacement of divinities in the Urantia Foundation which still refuses to abide by the caveat that the universe continues to reveal that which is to be known and without which you can not understand what is to so soon happen on Urantia.

The Scribe knows full well that what is to occur is so unpleasant he wonders if he will survive it himself. He will, but it will be difficult for years to abide the truth while so much disappears on Urantia he held as a comfort to his soul and to his placement among the trees and grass of home.

Carrying forth this Paper is taxing to all of us as it requires an additional liaison work with Michael of Nebadon who fully appreciates our participation but finds the work tedious for reasons of State and not of revelatory purposes. However, Michael of Nebadon is creating a forum for the Scribe to use when the powers-to-be finally desist in this work for awhile and allow Michael to use the Scribe for his work and the work of the Magisterial Mission very soon.

I now return you to Ocilliaya who wishes to complete the statement of the Master Architect Number Forty-Five.

Master Architect of the Absonite Universe Number Forty-Five of His Order

I (Ocilliaya) continue my statement for Master Architect of Absonity for your reading pleasure.

Master Architect: I continue to speak for God the Absolute as a spokesman of great value to Urantia, as you attempt to understand the Deity Absolute, also attempt to comprehend God the Absolute which the Deity Absolute becomes when the Age is ripe for his personalization. Each of them is working toward the same goal of finishing the work of the Ages of Experimentation, and preparing the Universe for an Age of Absonity in totality of the Age of Paradise at its center.

The problem the Scribe has is the problem most humans have on Urantia who have the Urantia Book at hand to understand some of these things. In its explanation of Absonity, it gets into the ideas of Absolutes, and we wish to deny the authors of that section referred to as Papers 104 and 106 and some others, that Absonity is eventuation. It is not so much eventuation but as the Scribe puts it, REMOTION, which is a clever way to refer to the Absolutes in totality.

The Absolutes are without guile. They know their place and they run the place as though it was there’s to run in a near future, which of course is not true either, but they are splendid beings of Absonity and Absolute natures that are both endearing and lovely to associate with. In this I can tell all of you that I care that Urantia hears these levels once in a while because the people of Urantia have to understand that the last age of any age is that which one presently participates in, yet the future is always about to be tendered in space but rarely in time.

For this reason I tell you that God the Absolute is present on Urantia through Master Spirit Seven, and other Master Spirits as He is needed to be present to persuade all that God lives in all and all live in God. I am completing my remarks as follows:

Never fear God, but fear that which is not Deified. I hear the Scribe say yes to this because he knows the loss of life even to the high Son named Caligastia which has greatly moved him now that he has participated in the trial at some distance, and it may be said the Caligastia had lost his life long before he appeared at the dais of the Court of The Ancients of Days when the Scribe saw him mount the podium areas and speak discoherently to the assembled high spirits of the universe. In this I remind the Scribe to keep himself together in the coming years, as he must learn humility as well as dispensational changes to his body that will never allow him to become as he was, and that refers to a whole host of practices that never worked well for him in the past.

Never do we hear the Scribe as entirely happy with the state of affairs he must travel through but he keeps his cheer up as he is in love with God and we with him. I am never without humor and this time you are humorous and we continue this discussion with you at another time. For now, the last of these contacts is available due to the constraints of the Magisterial Mission which takes Michael of Nebadon miles out of his way to see to with Monjoronson known up here as Serara.

I am Ocilliaya and I take these last few sentences to congratulate the Scribe in keeping himself together before such an august visitor to Urantia through me. I now return to our on-going discussion.

Discussion Of the Levels of Transparency

You have already been informed that the Master Universe Level of Experimentation is not to be finalized until the Ages of the Absolute, the Ultimate, and the Supreme are completed. These Ages are eternal and subject only to the plans and consignments of the existential level of Deity planning. In our estimation of what the Master Spirit becomes when the eternity of the Ages of Experimentation pass is still speculated upon by even the highest philosopher Supernaphim teaching on the inner ring of the perfect universe of Havona.

However, God the Ultimate has been planning for an Age just what he must do to unify what becomes of the Supreme area of the Master Universe when God the Supreme completes his work. God the Ultimate is bound to certain transparencies that are not required of the Supreme. These transparencies include the heat of position; i.e., the transitions of who comes first and who gives their work over to the next experiential Deity in development.

God the Supreme deals with only two levels of transparency:

1) Power synthesis;
2) Spirit synthesis.

When we speak of levels of transparencies, we speak of what the Supreme, Ultimate, and Absolute have to achieve to be themselves. What does the Father expect and wills that they become and bring into actualization? This is what we call the un-hidden expectations or transparencies for a given level of Deity development in the Master Universe of today.

God the Ultimate deals with three levels of transparency:

1) Power synthesis in the outer space levels;
2) Spirit synthesis with matter in the outer space levels;
3) Remotion of lessons of the Supreme into the Age of Ultimacy.

We speak to item 3 (Remotion). here in order to be as clear as we can be as it is instructive to be aware how the Ultimate takes on the qualities of the Supreme and adds Absonity to the Supreme completion of its level of accomplishment.

The student must begin to acclimate to the idea that God the Ultimate is preparing to add new values to the level of the Supreme that humans are able to comprehend. The Urantia text makes clear that no such thing will occur during the Age of the Supreme, but such a thing will occur when God the Ultimate makes possible to the time-bound human to review his connections to the Supreme and then realize the outer space levels will be accomplished and become experiencable to time-space humans upon their perfection as seventh stage spirits.

All levels of the Master Universe will become available to everyone taking part in them in developmental phases of existence. In time, humans will occupy the seat of authority for those who need to connect to the Supreme, but in the Outer Space Levels, the creatures of the Ultimate become experts in their domains of expression. For instance, on the level of the Unity of the Supreme (the First Outer Space Level), we conjecture that the Creator Sons will take the place of the Supreme for benefit of those creatures created for that level.

Who represents the Ultimate is still a debatable questions, but it may be that in the Second, Third, and Fourth Outer Space levels, it will be of a type of Creator Son who is endowed with the Ultimacy of the Supreme and of the Absolute. It is far too early to determine who the candidates might be for these exalted Creator Sons, but it is not likely it will be the present group of Creator Sons, numbering 700,000 at the last Uversa statement of Creator Personalties on their Registry of all living beings in the Master Universe at this time.

The Four Outer Space Levels are determined by their own space boundaries and spiritually, they are based on the completion of the values of the Supreme in matters of truth, beauty, and goodness of the Paternal Father. In the Four Outer Space Levels, the Supreme values of truth, beauty, and goodness are incorporated into the actualities of the Absonite partition of infinity.

In the level of the Fifth Outer Space Level and Non-Space Extension containing the Quatrain Universes, the Supreme values of God the Absolute are derived from the Supreme’s terms we know as truth, beauty, and goodness. God the Ultimate retains them and folds them into his idea of divinity, and as such they are passed on to God the Absolute in less material form. Even the Quatrain universes recognize the virtues of truth and the benign love of beauty as exercised through the trials of God the Absolute as the infinite good.

It must be reviewed that the Quatrain Universes are unique to the Master Universe since they are designated as Absolute creations based on the physical matter known as absolutum, all creatures and matter then being under the control of an extension of Peripheral Paradise into what is now the Havona Space Zone. The Master Spirits have control of Peripheral Paradise now, but in the Omega Paradise of the Master Universe of God the Absolute, they may vacate their seats of authority and retain only their preservation of mind endowment for levels outside of God the Absolute universes. Their focal force fields are transmitted to the Fourth Outer Space Level via the routes designated in previous papers explaining how the Fourth Outer Space Level comports to the rest of the Master Universe at the time of the actualization of God the Ultimate.

The following is a surprise transmission of our Father-


  • The Universal Father Speaks from Paradise as transcribed by the Adjuster of the Scribe

In our role as Father, we must take in to account the Scribe’s complete lack of ability to see through the maze of outstanding remarks by the Master Spirits and the innate inability to perceive mota on any level except on the Supremacy design of mind working through a material body. In our deference to humanity, we must conclude that the Four Outer Space Levels are about as far as man can see, but this Scribe attempts to understand how the Fourth Outer Space Level speaks to the rest of the Master Universe as a surrogate command of the Paradise control normally exercised in the Master Universe as explained, more or less, in the Urantia Book designed to become obsolete about now.

His answers lie in his inability to conceive how the end of space becomes Quatrain in its finality, and while its finality is hardly recoverable in the Supreme mind, it can be stated as an observation that the Fourth Outer Space level does become the last of the space adventures of the Supreme-Ultimate in all things but one: The Master Universe of Absonity is never complete and the Master Universe of the Absolute will always be one step away from infinity.

What our Scribe fails to understand is that Paradise and Havona already contain with extensions the final space-no-space levels of the final Master Universe design. He had a friend who dreamed that when he was taken to the Fourth Outer Space Level to observe what the end of space looked like, the dreamer had to look over a large rubber bumper he could not crawl over to get to what he saw in the distance.

What he saw in the distance was the representation of Paradise and Havona, once again in all of their splendor, streaming back the light of the Eternal Son to light the end of the space universe as we know it in time space.

How, the Scribe asks, do we explain that the Master Universe tends to back end upon itself in a circular or ellipsoid creation and still not explain how spatial dimensions are abrogated to do it?

The answer to the Scribe is that one must view such a recurving of space onto itself where space ends and the spaceless conditions prevail that are unique to Paradise beckoning. Who would or could explain that the dimensions of Paradise are equal to or exceed the Four Outer Space Levels in width, and Paradise in depth exceeds the dept of all of the rest of the Master Universe if it were put on its end like a sky scrapper in New York, to display how deep the peripheral area of Paradise really is?

I am not usually used to reveal new facts to mortals in time. I am the Universal Father and I speak in reverential tones to all of you that there is nothing in time that is not already represented on Paradise in some fashion or other. In these offerings, we are told time and again these words are too hard for a normal mortal to follow, but in our experience we see they are well received in most who receive them, and they must become well received by many others before Urantia understands the degree of privilege being supplied to this Scribe and to those who receive these words.

Paradise is so large it can not be taken into one view by any graphic or representation that itself is not nearly infinite in its presentation. If Paradise were laid end on end it would be considered infinite by the human mind. Peripheral Paradise is so large that should it be entirely discarded as a landing place of space creatures, it still would have a near infinite profile on its end-on-end standing. Paradise is not meant to be the final arbiter of life on Urantia, but it is the final resting place for all who come from Urantia.

The destiny of Urantia beings, high and low, is exceeded only by the Paradise bias for its standing as the only place in the universe that does not move or have its placement determined by the power of some gravity force acting upon it. If we were to measure the heat that Paradise exudes into nearby space, it would be infinitesimal compared to one lone star the size of Urantia’s sun. Our choice to make Uversa the capital of the Supreme is based on the ideals of that Superuniverse to be inclusive of all values of the Supreme, and the Ultimate, and even to the Absolute designation of values originated by the Supreme.

Our work as Father is consumed by decisions to be made at your level of existence as that level is totally chaotic and even if it were not, the development of the space levels of the Supreme are replete with the errors of insurrection and the errors of omissions when we decided to deal Urantia as one of our special planets for representation of such a planet to the rest of the universe when Urantia’s time comes to be settled in Light and Life.

In our estimation of the time-space bodies, of which your planet Urantia is one, we have determined that the House of Cards built by Lucifer, and its implications, was decidedly too far too fast for even a Michael Son to comprehend in all of its ramifications. To this end I as your Father in heaven decree that no more rebellion may take place in or around Urantia until there is definitive proof that all on Urantia might take the stand that all things consist in God, and that no man may usurp my position any more in the space that surrounds the creation of Urantia and even of Nebadon.

In concluding these remarks, I wish to state that the Universe of Nebadon, one of the least complete of my time creations, has taken the lead in assembling a group of mortals for the completion of the Universe of Universes exhibit to be made physical on Urantia when it has the man power and the money to contribute to this magnificent structure already completed on Mansion World Three. On this mansion world are also several exhibits which represent Urantia as it was at the time of the rebellion and which are already included in the primary exhibit for Urantia.

I am your Father and the Parent to Michael who follows these words avidly as they have never been spoken before to an entire universe listening as the words are transmitted from the holy of holies, the central receiving circles on Paradise and immediately before the Master Spirits in their review of Urantia this day. Good day.

The Magisterial Son of Urantia

  • The Magisterial Son of Urantia: Serara (aka Monjoronson)

I am Monjoronson, and I speak as I would to all of you as assembled on Paradise. Before us is the work of the Eternal Son as His light shines on all of us as we meet. In my estimation of the work of the Scribe I am not mistaken when I say he is useful beyond measure and I welcome him among my staff. We notice that the Universal Father was adamant in stating some facts that have never been released for public consumption before, and I am the last to suggest that we need a Censor to pull this Scribe back to a more humble base of revelatory releases.

Our work for Urantia is before me very soon. I must confess it must be very old news to most of you as you have been apprised of its nearness frequently without naming a time for my physical appearance among you. I will not make the mistake I did in the past to release the current planning for such an undertaking, but I will say that 2014 will be the year of surprises and concerns that must be taken into account when one travels or gathers for conferences or for other purposes where traveling and time spent is more than an evening.

We ask that this Paper proceed to be released as written. I am Monjoronson. Good day.

Scribe Note: A short glossary follows on the next page for those who do not have the Urantia Book readily at hand. Many terms could be placed in it, but I put in only that which is critical to my thinking.


There are several on-line Glossaries for terms found in the fifth epochal revelation and their usage in the context of the revelation available. I have no particular likes or dislikes of what is there and have selected one out of the many that appears easy to use. The link to this on-line glossary is as follows:

I will also say this because of the additional revelation received over the past few years, not all standardized definitions of words are entirely helpful; i.e., they do not go far enough. So I will add a few insights of my own that should help the reader make better sense of how the terms are used in the context of these revelations based on the Urantia Book concepts and their usage therein.

The Absolutes - When God decided to expand and include creatures in all levels of knowledge and capacities, he subdivided Unqualified Infinity into seven distinct areas of functional Absolutes, which or who run the entire universe from Paradise. Since the Paradise Deities are what the book calls “existential,” then by definition, the adjective means only Unqualified Infinity of Deity; please exclude any other meaning in your mind for existential as it will not apply in these Papers.

A) The Absolutes of Actualized Reality ( that means you can eat it, build with it, or have a relationship with it)

The Actual Absolutes are identified as follows:

1) The Father (who is the only Absolute that remains infinite at the same time he is an Absolute)
2) The Eternal Son (actual infinite controller of all spirit phenomenon and life with an Absolute mind)
3) The Infinite Spirit (the manipulator of the physical, mental, and spiritual universe; notice we see

manipulator as opposed to being a Controller except in one area, the Infinite Spirit does control universe energy infinitely with an infinite mind)

4) Paradise (the abode of the existential Deities and the home of perfection and the source of absolute


The first four Absolutes of Reactive Reality shown above respond to infinity as an actuality They really know infinity in the Paradise Trinity, but variously know it as Infinity or as Absolutes as persons outside of the Paradise Trinity.

B) The Future Realities and Not Realized Universe Facts and Purposes, and exist as holders of the

Potential Reality as Functional Absolutes who hold back infinity while experience is developed first.

5) The Deity Absolute (“He” holds within himself the potential expression of spirit not yet realized in the

universe in an experiential way, and is to be personalized as God the Absolute)

6) The Unqualified Absolute (A vitalized undeified entity existing on the underside of Paradise which

supplies all future energy needs for the Absolute expansion of space and no-time areas outside of space.

7) The Universal Absolute (An entity which balances the need of the physical universe with the needs of

a personal and spiritual universe.)

Recombine all seven Absolutes and infinity re-emerges as the original I AM. The Absolutes do not copy functions the other holds as duty bound. Whenever one divides infinity into its functional parts, we obtain multiple Absolute functions that are only part of Infinity.

The Master Universe - Space by itself has no reality of its own. It is a blank slate in which the reality of the Age of Experience of the Supreme, the Absonite, and the Absolute emerge. The Master Universe is space dominated, but also heartless in its working to balance the mother wheels of gravity with the fiery and stormy worm holes of deep space known as black space bodies and black holes. This collective of emerging sub-infinite Deity with matter in space together results in differing meanings of the multi-dimensional universe which we denominate as the Master Universe. The Master Universe is the totality of all space, things, beings, and thought under one definition and by its existence, leaves the areas not denominated as space as other sub-functions of the Master Universe.

The reader needs to understand that the Master Universe is subtended into several areas reserved for space developments to experiment and prove the various kinds of Deity functions for their own development, and this includes creatures (as we humans are considered) who develop under God the Supreme; Absonite reality which has not materialized yet but will be taken into development within the Four Outer Space Areas, and the yet to be fully understood Fifth Extension or Quatrain Universe space area being prepared beyond the outer space levels.

The reader would do well to picture a hub (Paradise at the center), and a plane of space like a longplay vinyl record extending out some distance from Paradise at right angels to the hub.

Divide the space record into specialized grooves representing seven or eight selections with the usual quiet space between them, and you get the idea how the Master Universe appears in highly generalized theory. We humans exist in the third area out from the hub. To make the picture closer to the reality of the Master Universe, consider the space record groves to be at right angles to Peripheral Paradise and the no-space zones on inner Havona as ellipsoid patches of space in the right-angle plane but which overlap each other in some fashion like dovetail groves in a drawer construction, only uneven and spotty seemingly without design.

Horizontal Cross Section of Space Partitions

Master universe cross section.jpg
  • Notes: (To Above Illustration, Page 31)
1 - The Outer Space Zone designated OSZ 4 is larger than the first three Outer

Space Zones.

2 - Paradise is three times larger than the first two outer space levels but is not

shown to scale on this drawing

3 - Havona to the OSZ 3, space is equally above and below the Central Locus of


4 - Fourth OSZ, has more space below the Central Locus of Space and is Conical

in shape although the bottom of the cone is blunt and not as sharply defined as shown in the drawing. The top of the 4th OSZ is parabolic in shape and transitions down to the cone with less degrees of angle than shown in the illustration. The new gravity bodies are transition gravitons and will be amassed in great quantities when OSZ 4 is complete.

5 - The Fifth Extension has no space below the Central Locus of Space and what

space there is shades into undefined gravitons into no-space which meets the extension of Havona someday. Insofar as known the Fifth Extension is Absolute and compliments the no-space position of Paradise by space entropy - the removal of space debris and space extensions is leveling the Master Universe into a short playing field of several trillion light years in its space dimensions and no distance eternity in its Absolute areas extending forward to Paradise once again.

6 - The seeming ellipsoid space partitions of the Master Universe are drawn and

cleaved down from their top to their bottom space extensions. The student need realize that these horizontal slices are complete ellipsoid-shaped donuts around the Isle of Paradise. The ball shape given in OSZ is also ellipsoid but flattened at the top as noted above being a parabolic curve rather than flattened.

Quatrain Universes - This is a special and somewhat peculiar extension of the meaning of a universe. Time and our planet exist in the Superuniverse of Orvonton and our Superuniverse is one of a total of seven such giant creations where life is specialized to develop the values of God the Supreme, the first experiential Deity to evolve out of the totality of all the valid experiences found in all seven Superuniverses.

But Quatrain universes are organized differently than Superuniverses, and while we have no details as to their material differentiation, we are advised that the Quatrain universes are powered by the specialized forces of the Master Force Organizers of Paradise.

The Superuniverses are powered by the Master Force Organizers also, but in this case, the Paradise Force Organizers merely initiate the spinning of the wheels of the mother universes that produce suns and planets where creatures spring to life at the behest of the Universal Father through the actions of the Paradise Coordinates of the Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit, sometimes known as the Conjoint Actor. Quatrain universes do not get initialized to spin; they are already spinning when they absolve the gravity control of the Master Universe gravity circuits located in the Fourth Outer Space Level.

It would be easier just to remember that Quatrain Universes are not controlled by Paradise, but by an extension of Paradise Gravity (Absolute gravity which is not linear gravity) inside the Fourth Outer Space level.

Master Spirits - Readers of the Urantia Book were introduced to these Seven Master Spirits early in the revelatory text because they are of Paradise and are the portrait of the seven creative meanings of God as materialized into the meaning of each of the seven Superuniverses. The student may rightly feel these are the most powerful spirits this side of Havona/Paradise and be correct. They are the Voice of Deity who may not speak directly to time universes without destroying time and thereby lose the advantage of time experience. The Paradise Deities overcome this communication handicap by creating very powerful Master Spirit Voices and as Deified functionaries that are known to provide cosmic mind to time with the ability to move entire universes out of the way if they needed to– just to give the student an idea of what they are endowed with to act if required. Our own Superuniverse Seven (Orvonton) is presided over by Master Spirit Seven, AYA, and it is through this Master Spirit that humans in the seventh dimension are endowed with the likeness of Trinity meanings of the whole. The Master Spirits teach, they design, they create, they bestow, they act, they speak for existential Deity, and they are known to produce revelation such as is appearing in this Paper.

Dispensational Infinity - This a term to enjoy if one is capable of figuring out how it is derived in the teachings of the Melchizedeks from near eternity in their specialized schools of philosophical investigations as to why the universe exists as it does. Dispensation Infinity is nothing more than recognizing that what God the Father proposed, way back in the pre-dawn of reality, even before the Absolutes theoretically existed, was to create creatures as man, to perfect him, and to have his ascension tested thousands if not millions of times before man is received on Paradise. Each time a test is passed, a personal dispensation is issued by the Deities to allow that creature to progress to the next level of maturity toward the goal of standing before the Paradise Trinity and swear allegiance to them for the Trinity’s work in the Master Universe. It is to be noted that once perfected on Paradise, man takes the oath, and issues forth in some part of the Master Universe to teach. That teaching adds to the experimentation of the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit to promote new meanings and values of the Supreme and the Ultimate, until God the Absolute requires no further experimentation and the idea of Dispensational Infinity goes away.

The Universal Father - As a one-paragraph definition of the Infinite Father, we speak to the somewhat frustrating difficulties in contacting our Father in heaven directly to experiment with his profound view of life. In this Paper I spoke for the Universal Father. He did not enter my voice chords or my typing hand at all, for to do so would have converted me to a Paradise Citizen. I wish to say that those who speak for the Father in time are either human fools or are human androids, as speaking with the full presence of the Father in direct confrontation would be tantamount to taking a spirit charge so profound it would vaporize the speaker. For the first time reader of the term I can only note that it’s the Father who is self-existent and entirely infinite in every aspect of His being. Our Lord God as is so often spoken to in Sunday School is neither rich or poor, but he is entirely responsible for the gravity of our times and of the deepest heart found in all creation.

Paradise - Paradise is Absolute and as such it controls all of the material creations as far out as space exists. It is the abode of the existential Deities on the top portion and accepts candidates for leisure and domiciling through one of its side ports as it pleases the Universal Father and his Coordinates of the Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit. It is also the largest materialization in the entire universe that has no space around or under it or on top of it, yet it has a location in space with coordinates that are equal to the very center of the creation..

I wish to remind readers of this Paper that Paradise origins are not usually discussed, but it did have a beginning when the First Source and Center (another term identifying the Universal Father as the First among Equals), and that its size compared to other levels of the Master Universe is an astounding number of light years across enough so that it would fill the present Superuniverse level of space if placed there.

Peripheral Paradise (its side dimension) is so large no one has ever actually calculated what it would take to travel from Nether Paradise to Upper Paradise. The space domains come close to touching Peripheral Paradise, but there is a gap between space and the actual side dimension it almost touches. Humans who rise to Paradise after their schooling in the Superuniverses must use specialized beings called Primary Supernaphim to cross the gap and enter Paradise proper.

Here they go to school again learning the Paradise language and etiquette when dealing with perfect beings. When they pass all of their tests, the Primary Supernaphim escort the candidate human to stand before the Paradise Trinity and take the Oath of Service. Some human candidates elect to stay longer and enjoy the worship in the presence of the Deities who when pleased by the presentation of such appreciation, may flash a threefold light to ask the session to come to an end and be about the business of the Father.

Alpha Paradise - The Paradise we know today, at least as 21st century mortals are concerned on Urantia. This is the Paradise revealed in the Urantia Book and what is in our minds as our destiny as ascenders from Urantia.

Omega Paradise - The finished Paradise of several eternities ahead of where we are today in the superuniverses of the Master Universe. It is the Paradise of we Finaliters living outside of the superuniverses in service to God the Ultimate and anticipating where the Fifth Outer Space Level and Non-Space Extension takes us. It is the changed Paradise after the Age of Experience has closed.

Triunities and Triodities - Of all the revelations made to the Superuniverses, explaining what a Triodity is and what a Triunity does is always a real challenge to those who produce revelation. We explain a Triunity this way: Whatever the Father does, he does it universally. A Triunity is a subcommittee of the Paradise Trinity used to inform the participants in the Trinity of changes of status in the Master Universe. The Father always is chairman of a Triunity made up of three representations of existential Deity either in their Actualized Forms or in Potential Deity forms known as the seven Absolutes of Infinity. The only difference between a Triunity and a Triodity is that the Father does not include himself in their deliberations because a Triodity almost always deals with sub-infinite subjects.

Gravitons - This is a subject best covered in the discussion of Ultimatons last released as Document -Q- of The ABC Summaries by the Scribe and the Science Officer of the Prepared Magisterial Mission so soon to come to Urantia. Monjoronson is the Avonal Son who shall be incarnated in the likeness of man and will lead the world in prayer that it shall become a normal sphere, and that it will be saved for future development by the Universal Father and all of his Coordinates so that it may survive the devastation of the Lucifer Rebellion. We speak to all of this to insure that when we mention something as unusual as a Graviton, we mention it in the context of its creation by the Universal Father and His Coordinates as they are responsible for bringing the Gravitons to life and for bringing them out of their placement with the Unqualified Absolute.

A Graviton is a specialized Ultimaton of grave consequences to the time universes of which the student is part. The Graviton is large and hardy in space, but shrinks in size when introduced into an objects, such as a hoe handle or a spinach leaf, and when such occurs, the Graviton moves laterally toward the atoms that contains the carbon atoms that make the object solid and useable or eatable. In this instance when describing the Master Universe, Gravitons are actually used en masse, to encourage the leaf or the handle to make better use of the gravity it is exposed to in its use.

Gravitons, live in collections of trillions of their co-habitators, and make very leaf or hoe handle or space object real to observe to lesser creatures of the Father’s design or designs of creatures that come forth from the Infinite Spirit. As such, they must be carefully used because of their difficult assignment to teach those who use it that they must be handled with great care.

Gravitons make up those strange base bodies that surround Havona, and as such they are likewise hidden from sight by the huge gas clouds that clearly are made to hide the light of the Central Universe from human and lower spiritual eyes.


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