2014-03-09-Attuning to Michael's Will

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Topic: Message for the Heart

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Serena

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we come before you, and we thank you for weaving us together as one mind, one heart, helping us connect soul to soul, Adjuster to Adjuster as we pray for the energies of the Magisterial Mission to come closer to the earth. We offer you our hearts today that they may be used in focusing the energies we produce to the fulfillment of this plan. Thank you for keeping our gaze steady on where we are being guided to focus today that the Magesterial Mission may continue to progress here in the ways you know are in keeping with Michael’s plans of correction. Thank you and may your will be done.

SERENA: Good day, everyone! I am Serena and I am pleased to join you once again in this forum to focus on the Magisterial Mission that we may continue to collaborate with you and bring this closer into the realm of material reality.


The Magisterial Mission is designed to last a very long time upon this planet to prepare it for the era of Light and Life. Many considerations of the impact of what this means for your planet have been carefully evaluated, and the plans are still developing based on how we see your evolutionary spiritual development. There is no one among you who truly knows what a Magisterial Mission is, what this means for the planet’s evolution. But what you have brought to this forum is your faith, your desire, and that is where you may have the most impact, because you are providing us with human will and willingness to see and to make certain changes in your own lives and for the betterment of the planet.

You have opened to us of the celestial realms. You have trusted in your Father Michael and His plans of correction and redemption for Urantia. It is keeping with this then that we invite you to focus on Michael’s desires for His beloved world to receive more of what He wishes to impart to this planet. Each of you is developing a relationship with your Universe Father, and this is part of the amalgamation of spiritual energy around the world. More hearts are being gathered into Michael’s personality. More and more hearts are opening to the Spirit of Truth.

So, my dear brethren, let us take this time to joyfully and reverently thank Michael for His plans of correction. And in your own heart, receive His WILL for you, His LOVE for you and the plans for your life that are connected to the Magisterial Mission. Invite Him in now. Let Him impart to you what He wishes, to His beloved son and daughter.

We will help you receive these energies that they may be furthered to apply to the Magisterial Mission. And then we will focus these energies outward on to the planet in several minutes after you receive from your Father. If it helps in your focusing, envision the words MICHAEL’S WILL over your heart centers. Let this be your centering point and allow Him to speak into your hearts. Let us begin. (Pause)

Having this time of communion with Michael deepens your relationship with Him. He loves you so much more than you can conceive. Inviting His WILL for your lives opens you to new potentials to catalyze within your beings to bring forth in loving service out into the world. Growing in stature as a child of God is His desire for you, and sharing Himself with you is part of what you need to exemplify God-like qualities in your everyday lives. Continue to receive for a few more moments before we begin to focus upon the planet. (Pause)

Let us now combine our efforts as you view the world in your mind’s eye in front of you. From your hearts project that line of energy that circles the globe. Ask for MICHAEL’S WILL to spiral around the planet, from the North Pole to the South Pole in a counter-clockwise rotation. Feel your love for this world. Ask for MICHAEL’S WILL to embrace it, come closer into the consciousness of all life here. (Pause)

Now, in this next part where you place your gaze on certain circumstances or situations around the planet, we ask that you put aside your own desires of what you might perceive as what this situation needs to move into divine alignment. Instead, simply focus on the words MICHAEL’S WILL. Let that form a ball of light around that circumstance. Feel your desire for what He wishes to provide for this situation to be received, to penetrate into the consciousness of this situation. Take your time as you do this, but do this with great love, deep intention for MICHAEL’S WILL to prevail here. We will follow you and add what we can to what you send into these particular areas, wherever they may be. (Pause)

This is a time of celebration, as more of the divine plans of correction begin to form within human consciousness. Spiritual pressure being applied to Urantia will continue to compel people to turn within, to respond to the new thoughts, feelings for peace, justice and fairness to form a different planetary lifestyle. The available spiritual help goes far and wide, seeking those with minds and hearts ready to embrace what we have to share with you.

We invite you to take time during your day to focus on MICHAEL’S WILL prevailing upon the planet—for His heart to grow within the hearts of each individual. It is not so important that you to comprehend how this will be achieved, but that is your desire—your will—for the Father’s plans to manifest here. That is what is significant.

Whenever you do use this focus, and you, especially, follow certain circumstances around the globe, be aware whenever you ask for more of MICHAEL’S WILL to prevail, you are seeding more change into these circumstances, the degree to which is unknown. But that is not as important as your desire for it to occur. Spend a few more moments roaming the globe as we join you there seeding in more change energy. (Pause)

Now let us lift our gaze up to Paradise. Let us spend these moments in worship. Open your hearts and feel your love and devotion for the Father and for His plans of creation. Come before Him with the world being held within your hands, and just simply give this to Him as a gift, with great love and devotion in your heart.

Father, my sisters and brothers and the celestial host come before you holding this world in our hands, thanking you for your plan of evolution. You know this world, and we thank you for your love being made more available here, blanketing the world with your MERCY, and GOODNESS and TRUTH, and for your son Michael and His plans of correction gaining strength, opening hearts, changing minds that more truth, more goodness and light and love would be expressed here. So we join our hearts together as one as we thank you for your WILL prevailing here on this little world, and being strengthened in these brave men and women who are committed to planetary change, personal transformation living in your will. Thank you. (Pause)

Let us return to Urantia. In the exercise as we have done with you before, see yourself planting the words MICHAEL’S WILL into the earth’s plane. After you have planted that in with great love, see yourself standing upon that space of ground. Let your heart energy send a line from your heart into the core of the earth, that MICHAEL’S WILL go deep into the planet’s consciousness to help more and more people awaken and open their hearts to their Universe Father, to expand in consciousness in their Universe Mother, and to begin to discern the voices of their own Indwelling Father Fragments within their hearts. (Pause)

Yes, dear brethren. IT IS TIME TO MANIFEST THE FATHER’S WILL UPON URANTIA. Please join us as we focus for this desire for the presence of the Father to grow here. It is indeed TIME TO MANIFEST THE FATHER’S WILL UPON URANTIA. Hold that in your hearts and in your thoughts as we continue to move in these circuits of co-creation.


My dear brothers and sisters, on behalf of the celestial host, I thank you for your faith, hope, courage and strength as you make strides in your own lives to be attuned to the Father’s presence within you. Continue to pray and focus for Urantia’s healing. We will join you there when your thoughts turn to Spirit. Try to do this as often as you can during the day to lift you out of the busyness of your daily routines. Spend those moments with us in the healing of Urantia. We hold you in Father’s love, and pray that each one of you becomes ever more obedient to His WILL within you. Good day.