2014-03-23-Focus on Rehabilitation

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Topic: Rehabilitation

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Serena

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we gather today thanking you for joining us heart to heart, soul to soul, and Adjuster to Adjuster, as we open this circuit of intention to co-create with you and with our Magisterial Son for the furtherance of His mission here on this world. Only you know the timing of that, and yet you know our desire for more spiritual support to bathe this world. So we gather today in our focusing, lifting our hearts to you that you may use the energies that we generate in service for planetary healing and transformation. Thank you for protecting this circuit in your LOVE and LIGHT, and may your WILL be done now.


SERENA: Greetings, my dear brothers and sisters. This is Serena, and I am delighted to join you once again to build these circuits of love for your world’s consciousness to feed upon and use for their own internal transformations.

Today in our focusing we invite you to experience the energies of this word you know as REHABILITATION. We began this several weeks ago, and we will continue to stream the energies of the meaning of this word into your beings, and then ask you to focus that outwardly into the circuits of planetary consciousness—that more of this energy may bathe this planetary mind circuit. This is a time when the potential for change is great, and we are so happy when we see more hearts awakened—the internal lights come on (you might say) and began to experience the first flickers of spiritual energy moving in their beings.

So to help you in your focusing, we invite you to open yourselves to this word REHABILITATION, and allow what it wishes to disclose into your own beings to be imparted to you now. If it helps you to focus, center this word over your heart centers. Feel your desire for your own REHABILITATION in Father’s WILL to unfold and progress into deeper places of your own beings. Let us begin. (Pause)

Allow these energies to reach into places where there is conscious resistance within your own being. There is a tremendous restorative of energy that can be disclosed into your beings when you allow these energies to penetrate through those layers of your consciousness that lie underneath the surface of your waking thoughts and feelings. There is a great treasure trove of spiritual potential hidden in these recesses. At times they are masked by great pain: emotional turmoil, and mental anguish, and yet the restorative power of Father’s LOVE through this energy of REHABILITATION is able to soften, soothe, and bring great restoration to the human system of consciousness to bare within your own beings. We invite you to let these energies go deeper and that you may be a greater container of this REHABILITATION energy to engage with it during your daily lives with your brothers and sisters.

We are helping you to forge new circuits of LIGHT and LOVE, surrounding your beings and imprinting upon your hearts. Drink this in deeply. Trust in the Father’s LOVE for you—His desire for your wholeness. It is all a gift and it is given so freely. This is His LOVE and MERCY. (Pause)

There are many changes contained within this REHABILITATION energy. Some of it is for your own personal use, and when this energy is more fully integrated to your beings, you will then learn how to apply this in various circumstances in your own lives and to use the circuits of prayer to seed this energy into various situations and circumstances around the globe wherein REHABILITATION is necessary. Many people are being touched with this now. Some people are aware of it, and others are still to awaken. But you can do much to support these efforts by remembering this word, going into this experience again from time to time in your daily livesand ask for it to be focused on areas where you would wish to see change.

We encourage you to use your minds carefully, correctly, positively, engaging with the Father’s WILL and asking for it to be seeded in areas of great need. The power of your thoughts and creative imaginations is very keen, and we wish you to develop this that you may use your creative potential more mindfully and right-mindedly, if I may use that word. Continue to drink this in for a few more moments and then we will shift our focus onto the planet. (Pause)

Let us turn our gaze to the planet as a whole. There is a circuitry of REHABILITATION established within the construct of human consciousness—the planetary collective mind, but more reform needs to occur. Today we invite you to feel your desire for these circuits of REHABILITATION to soak into deeper levels of the planet’s consciousness. It is as if the word REHABILITATION was superimposed upon the planet, and there are various circuitry connections established now to penetrate into even denser levels of human consciousness, even into the level of the collective subconscious mind.

As you envision this word of REHABILITATION forming over the planet, ask it to go deeper. Ask us to create certain pathways where there is receptivity and acknowledgement for the need of these energies to correct imbalances: conditions and circumstances that have suffered from a lack of Father’s LOVE and WILL.

If you would wish to expand your focus, envision Michael’s hands around Urantia, and He is pouring His LOVE into this word REHABILITATION and it is pulsing into the planet. Thank Him for His MERCY imprinting here in this circuit. Spend a few moments thanking Michael for His presence here as you envision the word REHABILITATION blanketing the world, forging new connections all over the globe. (Pause)

There are circuits upon circuits upon circuits of energy this world needs for its transformation. The circuits are growing in size and stature. They are beginning to take a deeper root within the human consciousness, reforming and reframing the perspective of reality within the human mind.

Soon it will be time for these energies to go deeper into those areas of resistance on a collective level: to part the ways, to bring in more light, to build more spiritual circuitry for the planet’s collective consciousness to embrace. Many of you have long anticipated this time, and you can see now that this is not an event that will happen in the flicker of an instant, but will gradually unfold in time through conscious participation between the different realms of reality. We invite you to gain greater strength in your focusing efforts, in your motivations to serve, and your desires to be more attuned to Father’s WILL within you. When you do this, you strengthen more circuits.

We know that sometimes you become frustrated because you do not see the good that you are doing, but you will one day. And you do have that sense of satisfaction—when you pray, when you uplift, when you turn your thoughts to Father and healing. You do get a sense of clarity that this is something good to do, it is empowering, it is ennobling, and it is building the GLORY OF GOD here on earth. As these words settle in, continue to envision Michael’s hands around Urantia as His mighty power activates this circuit of REHABILITATION for His children of the world to receive. (Pause)

As you have done in the past, it is now time to rove the world placing your gaze upon those circumstances, situations, relationships with individuals for them to receive these energies of REHABILITATION. Be mindful as you focus where you settle your gaze to do it with great love and respect. We also encourage you to shed this light on those who are working in the fields, physically laboring with their brothers and sisters on the front lines, you might say, of poverty, injustice, repression, abuse. There are many men and women courageously stepping forward to serve and they need your support. So if you know who these individuals are and can identify them, send them this energy to strengthen them for their tasks at hand.

Ask Michael to fortify them that they might be more powerfully engaged with the powers of Spirit for their REHABILITATION efforts, wherever they may be directed to serve. Let us amplify the good that they do, thereby increasing the capacity within human consciousness for the desire for the divine value of GOODNESS to be more operative in the collective construct of consciousness here on this world. (Pause)

Let us now add an additional focus. In your mind’s eye envision the words MAGISTERIAL MISSION over the globe. Michael’s hands are still holding the world and He is feeding the REHABILITATION energies, but now the energies of the MAGISTERIAL MISSION are forming over that. As you have done in the past, envision these words to spiral around the planet in a counter-clockwise rotation from the North to the South Pole, but especially to feel your desire for the energies of the MAGISTERIAL MISSION to imprint into these circuits. We will move in what you are generating to activate more spiritual potential there. (Pause)

My dear brothers and sisters, we are grateful for your efforts today. Please join us as we elevate our gaze to Paradise in the worship of our Father. Open your hearts with gratefulness, great hope, faith that His LIGHT becomes brighter on this world.

Father, we come before you today in this circuit of LOVE and HEALING, and we thank you for your REHABILITATION bathing this world in your MERCY. We thank you for your Creator Son Michael whose mission of MERCY changed this planet’s history and destiny. We thank you for the bestowal of Monjoronson to further the correction of Urantia. We lift our hearts in the hopes that your GLORY may blaze through the human heart and mind—activating hope, catalyzing courage, stimulating faith, all contained in your individuated personality circuit of sonship with you and through the circuits of the Adjuster. We thank you for blazing this path of GLORY in the human heart and upon the planet’s system of consciousness. It is with joy we bring this before you and thank you for your WILL being done here. (Pause)

Bring yourselves back to Urantia now. Envision in your mind’s eye the word REHABILITATION on the earth plane vibrating on the ground. You are standing upon it, and yet you bend down to make contact with the energy with your hand and invite it to go deeper, deeper into the earth existence, penetrating down to the core. Yes, this is an energetic core. It is part of the mindal circuitry here, and yet is your desire for the circuits to the core to receive this word REHABILITATION. There is great love in your heart as you send this energy from your hands down into the core. Let us all connect our energies together that they meet in the core. The core of the earth is now vibrating in the word REHABILITATION, REHABILITATION, REHABILITATION. (Pause)

Dear ones, we acknowledge your faith and your conviction and your desire to be of service. We thank you for participating with us today in these circuits of transformation and rehabilitation. We know that you have busy lives and that you do become distracted with things of the material realm. We do ask you to focus on these circuits throughout your day, even just if it is just a fleeting thought. As best you can, hold this focus of REHABILITATION over the world. Feel your desire for Michael’s WILL and presence and Monjoronson’s WILL and presence to become more operative here, and we will meet you there, and add the currents of LIFE, the fibers of LIGHT, the essence of LOVE to be imparted wherever you focus.


We will now close the circuit, but you may at any time engage with it, if you so desire. Thank you for participating with us. And we ask that you continue to receive whatever you need each and every day that you may grow in Father’s BEAUTY and GRACE more faithfully and be able to serve to your heart’s content in the Father’s LOVE. Good day.