2014-05-25-Growing in Energies of Magisterial Mission

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Topic: Growing in the Energies of the Magisterial Mission

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Serena

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we’re here today to combine as one heart, one mind, one soul in our Adjuster to Adjuster liaison to focus on the energies of the Magisterial Mission and to participate with you and our celestial brothers and sisters in building more of the energies necessary for this wonderful mission to materialize here on the earth plane. As this circuit is opened and we imprint upon it and focus in it, we thank you for your more of your will being infused into the planet’s circuits of consciousness that all life may benefit from your mission of mercy in the ways in which you minister to us and to this world. May your will be done now. Thank you.

SERENA: Greetings, my dear brothers and sisters! This is Serena. I am happy to join you once again in this forum where we collaborate together to bring more of Michael’s mission of mercy to the peoples of Urantia.


The Magisterial Mission is unfolding, albeit it is in a higher realm of your consciousness. There are new sparks of light catalyzing all around the planet, and more of Michael’s TRUTH is dawning the hearts of many individuals all around the globe. One of the factors that we gauge for the materialization of this mission in physical form is this heart-light. There is an energy essence that is emitted from the heart center that is perceivable. It exists, as you well might imagine, beyond the parameters of the human physical senses, but from our perspective it is observable. It is growing, and when it has reached a certain level of luminosity that bathes the world in its collective energies, then we use that to formulate further plans of how we wish to manifest the materialization of this mission to the peoples and all life forms of the planet. Your energies are vital to this growing luminosity. You have been participating with us building these circuits for several years so there is more to grow.

So we invite you today to join us to help bathe this planet in more truth, light, reconciliation and the other spiritual qualities that are vital ingredients to build this luminosity for the human heart to awaken. I invite you to focus in your heart centers now. Take some deep relaxing breaths to quiet your minds. Find that place of sincere desire for the Magisterial Mission to materialize.

As you open and deepen this circuit of your heart centers, focus on the words MAGISTERIAL MISSION and ask for more of the spiritual qualities necessary for this grow to be more fully seeded into your own hearts. Allow us to minister to you in this circuit now, focusing here now for the next several minutes. Simply receive and allow us to share what we desire to bring to you. Let us begin. (Pause)

There is a growing current of change energy moving in the planet’s system of consciousness now. Every day the current grows stronger, expands wider and also deepens into what you have created over the long course of your planet’s evolutionary history. As you know, the changes necessary here are indeed profound. And the course of life will be forever changed here upon this world. This is not a change that will happen suddenly but incrementally over time. But surely, life is being altered here.

The current state of affairs is necessary for the outworking of the energies of the rebellion mindset. Many people are now being prompted to choose the higher path or to remain firmly embedded in the old ways. Much of what is occurring now is the natural order of the separation of these energies, and the polarity that you see is indicative of this. Michael’s plan of redemption and rehabilitation is predicated upon His children making these choices: whether or not to choose the Father’s WILL by responding to the spiritual pressure within or to remain resistance and steadfast in a way of life that is slowly ebbing away in human consciousness.

So we encourage your hopefulness, your peace of mind, your ability to stay more present in the moment that your indwelling Adjusters may guide you through this time of great change. The parting of the ways creates certain levels of emotional disturbance in your beings, and yet we ask that you remain peaceful, strong, resilient, and above all, forgiving and merciful with your brothers and sisters.

We will continue to minister within your minds for the next few moments as you focus on the energies of the Magisterial Mission and what we can provide to you to help you remain steadfast and strong in them and in Michael’s PEACE, in Mother’s JOY, and the Paradise Father’s LOVE. (Pause)

Let us now turn our focus upon the world as a whole. Today’s focus is very simple. As we have done so many times in the past, envision the world in your mind’s eye as it is placed within your heart center. From the North Pole to the South Pole in a counter-clockwise rotation, envision the words MAGISTERIAL MISSION wrapping itself around the world. As you focus on this, we will add our energies to what you might consider to be a weaving process, adding more spiritual light fibers for more of the consciousness of the system of your world to expand to the energies of the Magisterial Mission. Remember as you do this, to draw that line of energy from your heart center to the Magisterial Mission words as they weave around the planet. We will join you in this visualization and add what we can here. (Pause)

Join us now as we add these energies to the Magisterial Mission: IT IS TIME TO MANIFEST THE MAGISTERIAL MISSION UPON URANTIA’S EARTH PLANE. IT IS TIME TO MANIFEST THE MAGISTERIAL MISSION UPON URANTIA’S EARTH PLANE. IT IS TIME TO MANIFEST THE MAGISTERIAL MISSION UPON URANTIA’S EARTH PLANE. Again, see these words being threaded into the planet’s consciousness from the North Pole to the South Pole in a counter-clockwise vortex of energy. Feel your desire for this to materialize. Trust in the Father’s WILL as well as the timing of this magnificent unfolding to occur. Feel your desires, let your hearts open in gratitude as you focus from the heart in this expanded visualization now. (Pause)

What will it mean to your world and to your lives to have a Magisterial Mission here on earth? Well, you will find out! It will be an experience unlike any other. There is so much speculation, anticipation, and even frustration that more change has not already occurred here. But I hope that you do appreciate that much change is already occurring. There is a reconsideration of what is now unfolding here that is part of the natural outworking of the rebellion. More and more people are responding to the energies that have brought this planet to the brink of destruction and want to change course. This awareness is as it should be, and yet it is the desire of your Father and Mother that all hearts would awaken and respond to this call for change—for healing and transformation.

So truly, deeply, sincerely focus that desire for the Magisterial Mission to materialize here. Let the depths of your hearts’ desires touch your souls as you focus this now as we join you in this place of combining your human energies with ours to bring this closer and into actual materialization when the time is right. (Pause)

As you have joined us in the past, we invite you now to roam the globe. Focus from your heart and seed the energies of the Magisterial Mission into those places, circumstances, geographic areas where you would wish for more of the Magisterial Mission’s energies to grow. We will meet you in that place and add what we can. Do your best to send those energies from your heart into these regions and circumstances. Take your time as you do this that we may meet you there and add more spiritual vibrancy and luminosity into where you focus. (Pause)

Mighty legions of heavenly host participate with us now to build these energies of MERCY and all of its various attenuations into the planet’s consciousness. We thank you for your participation and how the energies generated from the human level add more of that willingness to change into this matrix of planetary consciousness. It truly is a glorious spectacle to witness as human will aligns in the Father’s. One day you will see how this co-creative conscious participation affects how you think, feel and respond. For now, it is largely a matter of trust for you, and yet your faith is the essential ingredient that we use to build the Father’s WILL upon the planet that all may open their hearts to the greater reality of the universe and the Father’s creative plans.

So join us now as we lift our hearts in thanksgiving and praise for the Father, the Eternal Mother-Son and Infinite Spirit and their plans of creation as they are manifested throughout the far-flung universes. What a stupendous undertaking this is! What a majestic journey is before you, my brothers and sisters! Spend these last moments with us now simply adoring the Father. Open your hearts as we celebrate together the splendor and grandeur of the Father’s WILL and the LOVE in which He created all of reality.

Father, we come before you with open hearts full of appreciation for what you have created. We thank you for your will moving on the face of this world. We thank you for strengthening the bodies of these men and women who have faithfully stepped up to participate with us in the unfolding of your plans upon Urantia. We sing your praises. We join our hearts together in your LOVE, reflecting this back to you. Thank you for your WILL moving in this circuit now that all may grow in the apprehension of what it means to do your WILL here upon this world spinning the embrace of your expansive nature. Take a few moments now to return to the earth plane. See yourself standing on the ground. Stand upon the ground as you envision the words MAGISTERIAL MISSION vibrating upon the earth. Stand firm and tall, grounded in this now. Take a few moments to focus in your heart centers and feel your desires for that energy of the Magisterial Mission vibrating upon the earth plane to go deeper into the earth—into the very core where it meets with the growing Planetary Supreme. Feel your desire for these circuits to blend and harmonize, to weave this web of MERCY, LOVE, TRANSFORMATION into this planet’s consciousness that all may benefit, heal and be transformed in their own ways. (Pause)


On behalf of all our celestial brethren who have participated with us today, I thank you. Remember to stay focused during your day in that moment of what you call “the NOW.” Allow the Father’s presence to nourish you through and through that you may embody more of the energies of the Magisterial Mission and aid in the establishment—the encircuitment—of them to bring this materialization to full manifestation. Spend time in stillness focusing on this as best you can. We will join you in our next gathering to continue in this wonderful undertaking, bringing Michael’s plans of correction to this world to transform it into the jewel of all Nebadon. Good day, my dear brothers and sisters.