2014-06-08-Imprinting Energies of Mercy

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Topic: Growing in the Energies of the Magisterial Mission

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Serena

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we’re grateful for the opportunity to gather, being woven into your love as one heart, one mind, one soul. We’re here to participate with you and our celestial brethren in the building of the circuits of your ways and your will that the Magisterial Mission may indeed continue to provide its mercy into the stream of planetary consciousness. We thank for using what we generate today in the ways you know are consistent with your plans of correction. Thank you. May your will be done.


SERENA: Greetings, my beloved brothers and sisters. This is Serena. Truly it is a joy to be with you and to minister in your minds and hearts Michael’s plans of correction for this world. There is so much occurring on your planet. It truly is quite astonishing to witness all of the ways in which people are awakening and responding to the call of spirit within. The potential for change is great. There are many new catalyzing energies that are being streamed into this planet’s consciousness to help many grow and further their spiritual development, not to mention those who are just awakening and responding to the inner call.

Today, I invite you to continue to receive and imprint upon these energies of MERCY that form the cornerstone of the Magisterial Mission. This outpouring and outworking of MERCY is the essential ingredient that is fostering all of these changes now. But as you know, more is needed. There is so much to be outworked, so we invite you to open to this stream of MERCY, that you may ingest it, absorb it, become it and live more fully from that place.

So let us begin with this empowerment that comes with being merciful as you receive what we wish to provide to you. Then we will focus this MERCY out into the fields of consciousness to help many others receive what Michael wishes to empower His children and that the Magisterial Mission and Magisterial Son may indeed be more operative here. Let us begin. Center your focus in your hearts. Ask for the energies of MERCY to be streamed into this most vibrant place of your being. If it is helpful, focus on the word MERCY and your desire to receive more of it. We will focus here for several minutes and help you assimilate these energies now. (Pause)

Mercy is an empowering spiritual endowment. This most lovely attribute of the Paradise Father and the Eternal Mother-Son comes the closest in human life when you recognize and allow its presence to liberate you from the ills of your culture, to see your brethren truly as struggling children who require much love and understanding and compassion. How merciful can you become?

It is conditioned by your willingness to truly love as the Father loves. We do appreciate and understand how challenging this is. You are confronted with much that is evil and sinful, and sometimes it is hard to look at these situations with the eyes of mercy. But your indwelling Father Fragments are capable of feeding you with this powerful attribute. We encourage you to continue to desire this now, that the Father within you may express His LOVE and MERCY into you and help you expand, that you would be able to perceive your material reality through these eyes. (Pause)

Mercy affords you an opportunity to see life through the eyes of the Father. It is very integral to your ability to loving as the Father loves. When you begin to understand reality from this vantage point, you move beyond the limitations of your conditioning—your belief systems—and you are now raised into a level of more objectivity. The Father discloses new meanings through these eyes of MERCY of what it is you are witnessing, what it is you are experiencing.

Let this endowment today go deep. Let it penetrate into those levels of your mind where you may hold any kind of resistance or resentment. Let this MERCY be directed toward yourselves that you may be liberated from the constraints of resistance and resentment, moving you deeper into love and understanding, forgiveness, patience and tolerance. (Pause)

Let us now shift focus. We will begin the transfer of MERCY energies from being streamed into you to being streamed into the planet’s consciousness. Take a few moments and place the world as a globe in front of your heart. Draw that line of energy from your heart center that MERCY may be wrapped around the world in a ribbon of light from the North Pole to the South Pole. If you wish to further to expand this visualization, envision Michael’s hands holding the world in His MERCY. Let us focus here for the next few moments as you feel this desire for MERCY to bathe the world, to heal the planet’s consciousness. (Pause)

Now if you desire to add one more layer of focusing into this construct, that would be to envision the words MAGISTERIAL MISSION over the globe, and Monjoronson is pouring His MERCY into this stream you have spiraled around the world; Michael’s hands continuing to hold this planet in His MERCY. Let this be a two-fold endowment of MERCY to complete the mercy endowment from both Michael and Monjoronson as children of the Paradise Trinity. (Pause)

As we have done in the past, you may now roam the globe, placing your gaze upon those areas, circumstances or conditions, relationships where you would wish for more mercy to be applied. We will follow your gaze as we have done in the past and meet you there in this place for more MERCY to be contained where you gaze. Take your time. We will meet you there. (Pause)

There is so much love for this world. The endowment of MERCY helps hearts to open that they may perceive the Father’s LOVE and truly heal at the deepest levels of their being. Continue to gaze upon the globe, knowing that what you are doing is helping to bring more of the Father’s LOVE into the planet to help many people open and receive this MERCY that will liberate them. (Pause)


My dear brethren, join me now as we lift the circuit up to Paradise in worship of our Father for all He has created and for this world being restored and its evolutionary trajectory be returned to the spiritual gravity of the Father’s WILL. Take this time to convey your appreciation and praise. Open your hearts and join us as we spend these moments together in worship.

Father, we thank you for receiving our thanksgiving. We are your children, and we delight in your WILL being made manifest throughout all creation, especially how it is moving here into this planet so far removed from your very presence. But you exist here and we are grateful for what you provide to your children, especially now to help them grow and to earnestly seek to be like you. We lift our hearts to you now. Thank you. May your WILL be done. (Pause)

Michael and Nebadonia, Mother and Father, we thank for the Father’s WILL being implemented here more and more each day. We thank you for strengthening these men and women of Urantia, moving in them in ways that will catalyze and deepen their spiritual awareness, helping them to cast off those energies of rebellion, that they may stand anew, refreshed in your LOVE and MERCY. May your presence bathe their hearts, their bodies, their minds, fortifying them in what you know they need. May these circuits of light be more fully anchored into those areas of great need, stimulating the potential for change, for true healing and transformation to take deep root into this planet’s consciousness, and help your children truly feel they are members of our family, and that their destinies are indeed wondrous and beautiful to behold. (Pause)

As you gradually return to normal consciousness, remember that these circuits of MERCY will continue to grow and deepen within you. Enjoy the challenges and circumstances that are before you, my brethren, for here is where the Father’s WILL can lead you into a wonderful new way of life, and you will majestically portray His greatness, grandeur and glory in your earth life for those to see.

We are with you, and we support in ways you still may not yet comprehend. So when you falter during your day, when you feel diminished in your own sense of self, remember where to go to receive your renewal and refreshment. There is so much for you to enjoy, so much help for you to receive! In moving forward from this day, may your focus remain on the energies of MERCY to keep you in the grace of the Father’s LOVE each and every moment. Good day, my beloved brethren.