2014-10-12-Focusing From the Will Center

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Topic: Focusing From the Will Center

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Serena

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, thank you for receiving our open hearts as you open this circuit to bring in more of your presence into our focusing efforts to build the circuits for the Magisterial Mission to materialize in your will and in your timing. We thank you for using what we generate from our hearts and minds to be put to good use wherever you know and see the need. We join with our celestial helpers heart to heart, soul to soul, Adjuster to Adjuster. And thank you so much for ministering in these circuits for your will to be done more here on the earth plane.


SERENA: Good day, one and all! This is Serena. I am pleased to rejoin you in today’s focusing session. So to begin, I invite you to place your focus in your solar plexus chakra—your will center—as we create more of the circuits for the Magisterial Mission to continue to grow and assist in the materialization at some future point in time.

I draw your attention to the will center today to engage this circuit more fully. We have been building a heart connection through these circuits over the past several years. And while this is important to the human desire to open to the possibilities of the Magisterial Mission and what this means for your world, I invite you to draw your attention to your will center that you may engage with us in the (let us call it) willingness for the Magisterial Mission to have more, the word I will use is, incentive to actualize when the time is right. It is sometimes challenging to find the right terms to apply to what you are conjoining with us to accomplish. There is a paucity in your language of certain concepts which you have yet to come to experience and understand.

You have a tremendous amount of power (let us use this word) to co-create in the Father’s WILL, and yet you do not know how to apply this power appropriately. And it is by engaging in this particular part of your being, known as the will center, where you activate and maintain that use of power. We are experimenting with you today a little bit to engage your focusing efforts from this solar plexus region of your being.

To begin, we will invite you to ask us to come into that region of your being to help you integrate and receive what we can share with you to help you to become more creatively powerful in your desire for the Father’s WILL to manifest. Bring your center of focus down to your solar plexus region—the abdominal region of your body. Take some deep breaths and relax, and invite your celestial helpers in. As you do this, hold that desire for your will to more fully align with the Father’s, and let that be your focal point as we minister in this circuit now. Let us begin. (Pause)

If it helps you to further engage with what we are providing to you, center your gaze on the words LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL. Allow it to imprint into this power center in your being. There is much to be outworked of what is misaligned in how humanity has used their power and potential to manifest in the Father’s WILL. And we are here to help you receive a larger infusion of what it means to be a faithful and loyal son and daughter of our Creator. (Pause)

The power center of the human will center is undergoing a major transition. We have spoken to you about the change of heart that will precede so much more fruitful positive change here on the planet, and the time of the heart awakening is upon you. The corollary to this is now to invite the humans of this world to engage their will—their decision making capacity—in favor of choosing the Father’s ways and will. And as you know, there is much that is distorted in this collective circuit of human will that needs to be corrected, and we invite you to not only desire this for your own lives, but to desire this for the planet.

We are here to establish more of those circuits of loyalty to the Father’s WILL to help the children of this world engage more fully with their own indwelling Father Fragments—to recognize goodness and the truth of what it means to do the Father’s WILL that will allow the heart energies to flow and create that environment for true change to unfold more of the Father’s LOVE to become more deeply embedded into this construct of planetary consciousness.

You see, my brethren, this is a massive undertaking we have invited you to participate with us, and we need your efforts. We need your energies. We need your desires and we need your decisions. Let us continue to minister to you in this circuit of WILL. Continue to focus on your own desire for more LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL to imprint onto your own beings to help you become more spiritually fragrant and attractive to your brothers and sisters. (Pause)

Michael loves this world. He has desired for the inhabitants of this world to receive another dispensation of Paradise origin. Bringing an Avonal Son to this world on a Magisterial Mission is a world changing event! There is much preparation necessary for this materialization to occur. We have asked for your patience and faith. You have been tested. Some of you have had your hopes, aspirations dashed time and again, and some of you will be able to remain on the planet during this initial phase of the mission. But whether or not you remain here or have embarked on your mansion world careers, it does not really matter, for indeed, you are participating in the Magisterial Mission here and now in this moment. I wish to encourage you to think about what you are doing by allowing us to move in you in this WILL region and the importance that it has to the overall collective.

Human will, in order for true change to occur, must be more fully aligned in the Father’s WILL. We cannot make these decisions for you. They must be your choice—human choice alone. But, we can support your efforts to help you to receive those spiritual energies to help you outwork those areas within your own being that still take you off course and thwart your spiritual development and soul growth. We ask you to be patient with yourselves with how you integrate these energies, and we ask you to be patient with how these energies integrate into the planet’s consciousness to hold that intention, desire and focus, more and more, and send that into the planet’s consciousness that it may recalibrate itself in this profound loyalty to Father’s WILL, and gain greater space in these circuits of consciousness to help the children of this world have better spiritual nourishment with which to make their own personal decisions.

So shift your focus now into the globe before you in your mind’s eye. Today, from your solar plexus region, focus the energies from this region of LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL to bathe all around the planet in this construct of WILL—you might call it the planet’s WILL center. Let it spiral around the globe in a counter-clockwise rotation from the North to the South Pole. Project your desire from the solar plexus that more aligned WILL energy bathe this particular circuit of the collective consciousness of humanity. (Pause)

When you assert your own LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL, you help this circuit receive more of what it needs to align in this most important element of planetary transformation. The human will is, from a celestial standpoint, very distorted and chaotic and you are providing a certain level of human frequency to help the tide change. This is an area of focus we will maintain for several weeks and months, and I encourage you to spend time with your own indwelling Father Fragments to ask where you may outwork more that is misaligned and come into a deeper unity and harmony with the Father Within you.

It is incumbent upon you now to take charge of your will—to monitor your thoughts, to gauge your feelings, and to recognize that when you align in the Father’s WILL you receive more insight and ability to demonstrate love, compassion, forgiveness and kindness. The decisions you make will be based on those spiritual attributes, and help you outwork your own tendency of desire for your own self to grow in favor of the collective good. This is not necessarily an easy thing to do, but it is important for you. You may maintain and achieve these higher levels of living, the aspiration of which is part of the driving force of the Father Within you. As these words settle in, continue to project your own desires and will from your solar plexus region into the planet as we engage with you in these circuits. (Pause)

I invite you to shift your focus to visualize Michael’s hands holding the planet. The words surrounding the planet are FATHER’S WILL from the North to the South Pole in a counter-clockwise rotation. Simply project from your solar plexus chakra this willingness and desire for the Father’s WILL to grow here as Michael adds what He desires to His beloved world. (Pause)

Envision in your mind’s eye the word MERCY coming from Michael’s hands as He bathes the planet in His love. Let this MERCY flow from His hands through this circuit of WILL into your own solar plexus chakras, that this region of your own being may receive this quality of Michael’s being to heal and nurture you. Feel your need for it to open—the realignment of your own will—that you may be more fully engaged in cooperating with the Father’s WILL, even to the deepest levels of your systems of consciousness, to those recesses underneath your waking thoughts and feelings. (Pause)

Join us now as we lift this circuit up to the Father in Paradise. Feel your own desires for the WILL of Father to be more manifest here through the loyalty of the children of this world. Simply thank Father for Michael and for this time of correction, for the impartation and implementation of loyalty to His plans—His will, His ways into the WILL circuit of planetary consciousness. (Pause)

Then descending down to Urantia, envision yourself standing on the ground. You are sending energies of LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL from you own will centers down and into the earth, down into the circuits of WILL in the planet’s consciousness that need realignment. (Pause)


May the light of Paradise shine on what we have co-created together today. My each of you be more deeply embedded in the Father’s WILL. As you go about your day, as we leave this conference, notice how your thoughts take you into this arena of LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL. Know that there are powerful energies at work in you and into the planet, and that we will join you once again very soon to continue to construct these circuits for more change and transformation to help this world reconnect in the circuits of Light and Life.

I thank you for your participation with us, my dear brothers and sisters, and ask you to remain steadfast and faithful, and above all LOYAL TO THE FATHER’S WILL as Urantia undergoes more change in her way of life. Good day.