2015-01-03-The Intention of the Heart

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Topic: The Intention of the Heart

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Anyas



Teacher: “Dear one, as you focus on the love you feel for Me and send it upward as an offering, I receive it with joy and tearful eyes. Your love is like the pretty little daisy that you used to pick as a child and give to your mother or grandmother. That simple gesture and intention is all that it took to tug at their heartstrings and lead them to give you a kiss.

“It is not the value of the gift, but the intention of the heart that matters. Indeed, gifts should only be love messengers. A compassionate word, a caring smile, eye contact … all these are precious gifts to the one in need of this human contact, for the one in need to know that he/she does matter. The feeling of separation, of loneliness, is such an unwanted feeling which drives many to acts of despair, as neither man nor woman were created to be alone.

The Father and His Sons are all about connections and the mortals of the realm have so many lines of communication being placed at their disposal if only they would identify them and put them to good use by expressing their desire to do so. All it takes is wanting it and allowing it to happen — as relationships are only meaningful and precious if no coercion whatsoever is involved in the process.

“Be the agent of change you want to be and you yourself will be transformed before you can help others in their own transformation. You have to experience your own rebirth in order to become the ‘midwife’ of others’ rebirth. Only those who know what they are talking about are credible and their words are not met with suspicion. Authenticity can never be faked. This is why it is so important in the rebirth process of the planet that genuine human beings take the lead.


“As others recognize that they are worthy of their trust, power will be added to the process and good results will become visible to all eyes. Each life is meant to be a masterpiece; each life — due to the unique gifts and personality of its owner — can be transformative and inspiring to someone else’s life. Do not be mere copycats or plagiarists as it is only rehashing what is already known. Be innovators and groundbreakers so that many can stand on that foundation and be inspired to take their own leap of faith.”