2015-06-15-Focusing on the Present Moment

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Topic: Focusing on the Present Moment

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek

TR: Lytske


  • Edited by Linda Abell


Mentor: “Thank you child, for lending me your ear. Your plea for help to improve the capacity of your mind has been noted on High. What you are asking for is actually mind enlargement. It was intimated to you that you do not use all of the mind capacity with which the Creator has gifted you. So let us explain.

“Being able to focus is very important, as on this planet very little attention is given to teaching children how this is mastered by learning how to think. Consequently we see many absent-minded people today. They simply become forgetful because they are not living in present-centered awareness, which is mandatory if one wants to avoid being labeled with early-onset dementia through forgetfulness.

“Many things take one’s attention away from present-centered awareness; for example too much use being made of texting with an electronic gadget that keeps one in contact with others. This defrauds the thinking capacity although this may not be apparent. Yet in the younger generation, over-indulgence will lead to sloppy thinking, as one does not have to engage in deep thinking.

“I counsel you to keep contacts among friends current and real to increase as much face-to-face real conversation as possible so one gets the underlying nuances of what is truly being said leading to a greater understanding. Without true understanding of each other, how can true friendship flourish and true love grow? This mainly superficial texting business will ultimately defraud the human spirit of real human contact and will result in an alienated society.

Present-centered focusing gives others your real attention, thus avoiding alienation because where real human contact is missing people begin feeling lonely and unworthy of attention, unless someone texts them. However, these are not real human face-to-face contacts. Think about this for a moment.

“Please do not let occasions for real, meaningful conversation slide into nothingness, only later to be remembered as missed opportunities for real contact. Keep your mind active and be stimulated by real searching questions that demand the higher thinking power of the mind.

“You are all together on a small spaceship named Earth. Do become interested in your neighbors, which is truly everyone you meet. Life is too short to exist as a loner in the family of man. Life can be so exquisitely beautiful when true and altruistic feelings can become habitual. And they will make life so much more interesting, rather than talking past each other in mundane surface conversations.

Concentrate on loving relationships rather than leading an impoverished life possibly resulting in being spiritually bereft and devoid of substance.


“In truth and fact, the future progress of the planet is at stake through the lack of present-centered awareness and the lack of quality of thought and actions of the planet’s inhabitants.

“I suggest you give this issue some thought and start improving the present situation wherever you find yourselves.”