2015-08-22-Some Aspects of Morontia Mind

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Topic: Some Aspects of the Morontia Mind

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Teacher Samuel of Panoptia, Teacher Aaron of Urantia

TR: George Barnard


  • Edited by Linda Abell


Midwayer Mathew: “The discussion about to begin is of a somewhat critical nature and we recommend a further few minutes of silence to go really deep. (a period of silence follows).


Teacher Samuel: “Today we will endeavor to provide you with a clearer understanding of what the morontia mind is about. The simplest explanation is that the morontia mind is of a quality between the fully developed, but common human mind — of intuition, understanding and courage; of knowledge, counsel, worship and wisdom; and the greatly superior angelic mind.

“Human and ‘angel’ play out their parts in the enormous comedy / drama the Creator of all writes and directs. For all participants to learn from such a production, they must be of different mind-sets and in fact be endowed with different minds. To Mother Spirit — the most prolific and generous Creator in all our universes — made-to-order minds are of no great difficulty.

“There are Life Carrier minds, eminently suited to the design of new life of a billion kinds, Melchizedek minds for the problem-solvers supreme. She creates Morontia Companion minds for those who speak a thousand languages. At times She even allocates a new mind endowment to a human only barely advanced enough to support such a sophisticated mind.

“Those who are not-so-favored by Her may not quite understand what it is She granted to barely a few thousand throughout history. They all however grasp the concept of the spiritually enlightened ones. Much more clearly do they understand the dwindling, impaired mortal minds due to disease and misuse. A similar happening can be experienced here on Mansonia, although its causes are different.”

Teacher Aaron: “It’s quite unusual for those of a greatly advanced age among you to remain quite as sharp as they were earlier in life. It is rare for those who chanced to receive Mother Spirit’s gift of enlightenment — the first and perhaps even the second aspect of the morontia mind — to have this or these endowments fully functional in old age. It happens, yes, but it’s not common. And yes, this is Aaron.

“What brother Samuel was earlier referring to is the stubbornness of some new arrivals on Mansion World One to remain intractably steeped in the humanness of their earthly surrounds. Evolutionary world existence is at best remembered, but not to be idolized. Earth was a place for learning, but upon translation new priorities are to be noted and followed with renewed energy and angelic help.

“We speak of energy as does your Planetary Prince speak in your text of ‘so many who grow tired’ in resisting change and in the final analysis choose not to exist. Even now in this earth life is it important to come to grips with ‘the obvious’ that planetary life is designed to teach you strength of character, determination and social skills that will stand you in good stead in the afterlife.


“Going by our observations of long, long ago we see it as vital that new arrivals of all kinds land on Mansion World One with open minds. May they arrive with pleasant thoughts of what might have been good, forgiveness about what might have been bad and, of course, enthusiasm for what is to come. You will be well-equipped with your morontia mind. Samuel and I now leave you our love.”