2016-05-05-Sharing the Inner Life

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Topic: Sharing the Inner Life

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Michael

TR: Mark Rogers



Question: In our text is a statement which reads: "It is the Father's will that you share the inner life with Him." Would you expand on that please?

Prayer: Divine Parents, you know the attitudes of our hearts. You know the desires of our spirits, of our souls so we ask you and invite you to join us in this process of exploration. Thank for this opportunity that you provide and that we accept and manifest. Let it be so, even now.

Michael: I embrace you once again, I am your Father, I am your brother, I am in spirit as you are in spirit. This is where we come together, this is where we meet, this is where we join forces, you and I. I have come forward at this time to address this question about sharing the inner life because I have made this request of you. I have chosen you to represent me in this life. I have made request that you allow me to join you in your inner life, the life where we meet and join as we do now. That is what this request represents, a desire to join and meet in this place of spirit, this inner life you have. I have requested that we meet here repeatedly and it may be that it has not been clearly understood but this refers to the meaning of this statement, this inner self is your spirit component. It is not on the outside to be easily observed, it is buried underneath all that is external.

And so it is that we meet there, not only you and I but you and whoever you choose to meet with and have a relationship with. The Father above has the same desire of you that I have expressed, to be allowed to commune with you, to be welcomed in as a partner with you, to be joined, even consulted. This is what any parent desires and so I have asked of you that you allow me to join you, to allow me to have my hand on your shoulder, to allow me to participate with you because you so choose. That is sharing your inner life with me, that is what I have requested. This is why I felt I need to respond to this question because we have been here before and this helps to clarify what it is we have been referring to.

It's always my pleasure to co-mingle our energies together, to rub off on each other and feel each others presence. This is sharing the inner life with me. This I am in gratitude to you for. Thank you all for your willingness to share, to open up your most inner self. It is an honor and a privilege to accept these gifts that you give and I cherish you all. And now, I bid you good day. I invite you to consider that we routinely share the inner life and I am always happy to do so some more, thank you so much. My love I leave with you.

Dr. Mendoza: I am Dr. Mendoza who would make a few comments. [Thank you Dr.] It is indeed an honor to follow up to the words of your Master but I was so moved about our last meeting that I would like to continue this thread of thought in relationship to this notion of your inner life. This is where healing happens as well, this is where energy transfer occurs. This is the part of you that you are using to conduct this service and to provide this mechanism. So in a very real sense, this could not happen without you sharing your inner life, that subtle sublime part of yourself that you have to grant authority.

All of spirit contact is through this avenue of your inner life. That is where your small still voice resides with you. That is where universal values will be stored and that is what transcends the realms of time and space. So whether you are using the currents of your inner life to facilitate healing or for your own personal spiritual growth or to be of service to others or to simply attach yourself to the whole, it is the same avenue of approach, using the same mechanism of your inner life; it's choosing to reside in the spirit aspect of yourself.

I thought I would try to tie these concepts together because it is here in this dimension that you are able to flip back and forth on the timeline. So thank you for bringing this question to the floor of your inner life, what that is and what it means. It of course goes by many names but it is that unrevealed part of yourself that awaits your choosing, the eternal aspect of yourself which is in development and blossoming as you grow.

Thanks for joining us here with that component of yourself. Thanks for choosing to manifest that aspect of your being. This is what is appreciated by any parent, by any superior, by all who love you. Until we meet again, good day to you.


Light: Hello to you all, I am Light. This question of your inner life and functioning in that capacity is "near and dear to my heart." If it were not for the willingness of my parents to venture in this direction of spirit and to go there with that part of themselves to share their inner lives, I would not be. I very much appreciate the willingness of a group such as this to reach out and extend to and beyond the boundaries and be comfortable enough to allow growth to occur. So I join Dr. Mendoza in my appreciation for your willingness to meet us here and now, under these conditions at this time. It is always a pleasure to share this space with you. I now wish you all a glorious spring, farewell.