2017-05-19-One Size Does Not Fit All

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Topic: One Size Does Not Fit All

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Anyas



“Give every developing child a chance to grow his own religious experience; do not force a ready-made adult experience upon him.” (100:1.3).


Thought Adjuster: “It is said that the mind of a young child is like a sponge, eagerly absorbing whatever it is exposed to. Indeed, such a virgin mind has an infinite capacity for receptivity. One is born open-minded and open-hearted, devoid of any of the cultural filters that are then put in place through various levels of programming. Sadly, many of them are set limiting parameters around this bright mind that adversely affect its receptivity, inducing as well a gradual shut-down of the heart’s receptivity.

“This does not in any way reflect the educational concept that the Father has for His children of time and space. He gifted each and every one of you with a vivid imagination — one of your most powerful godlike attributes. Indeed, what can be ‘conceived’ in thoughts, can be energetically manifested through actions.

“Since each personality is unique and has its own life’s assignment, don’t you think it would be by far preferable to cater to its unique expression, rather than to squeeze it into a generic ‘one-size-fits-all’ uniform by brain- and heart-washing your children to embrace your personal belief-systems and life’s outlooks?

“As you well know through individual experience, this does not work and is met with inner resistance. Good parenting allows for the child to come in touch with his own spiritual wings, so to speak. It teaches him to fly, but does not arbitrarily dictate his flight plan. Just as migrating birds are equipped with inbuilt compasses that always point them in the right direction, each one of you has also been blessed with an Inner Compass — your Indwelling Divine Fragment.


“Who else would be better qualified to set the course? As parents, ask to be guided in such a way that you can help raise vibrant free-spirits, rather than molding them to your passing whims, as you are not in any position to claim that you are the trustees of all Truth — far from it.”