2017-06-25-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Compassion

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Charles, Michael

TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris



Charles: [Mark] Greetings to you all, Charles here to take up a few minutes of the conversation. As was mentioned before, this notion that compassion is not necessarily a given is one to consider for a moment. For you who all have deep wells of compassion for so many things around you it may be difficult to consider that this element may not be present in everyone's experience. In fact, this depth of experience one has with this element of compassion may only be attained by those who have the depth of being to express compassion, to be outside of themselves enough to see the need for compassion and be strong enough and have the desire to address this need for compassion and even to go so far as to take steps to act in reference to this compassion.

It brings me great joy to witness the wide variety of things that you are able to have compassion for, from your exercises, from personal healing, to your view of world affairs, to your sentiment for the needy, the elderly; these are all avenues of awareness that have come to you and you are embracing. Compassion is one of the greatest spiritual services that you may offer to another, this unique quality, this flavor of the divine energies that is found in ones acting in compassion. It has a unique taste to it, a unique sense about it and it is always a comforting and peaceful encounter. It exhibits the very highest of human moral values and as such carries with it its own tone of love.

This frequency of love is now becoming commonplace to you, whether it is directed here or there, whether it is directed externally or directed within, this compassion for others, for the self, this feeling of love extended outward has a familiar tone, a familiar ring to it. I stand in recognition of your abilities to wield this force of compassion and to direct your energies in support of such a force.

It's a pleasure to join you in these exercises, a pleasure to play with you at this work of spirit. And now I stand aside, thank you.

Michael: [Cathy] My children, compassion is the key to change on this planet. The connection that arises when individuals reach out in caring to others is powerful and life changing. As we move into transition towards Life and Light, the key element will be this heart connection between all of my children. More and more you will develop the capability to communicate wordlessly through the heart. Monjoronson will be coming to enhance mercy and compassion through these circuits. This will be a focus of his mission. Already I see changes towards this end, already there is an increase of connection and service around this world. Every time one of my children steps forward in service and selflessness I applaud the growth of compassion. It is a great joy to behold the growth toward a better planet, so I encourage each of you to increase your awareness of opportunities to bring action to the concept of compassion.