2017-07-30-One Plus One Equals ONE

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Topic: One Plus One Equals ONE

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Anyas



Jesus’ experience of spiritual development was a consistently gradual growth from the moment of the arrival of his Thought Adjuster until the day of the completion and confirmation of that natural and normal human relationship between the material mind of man and the mind-endowment of the spirit — the phenomenon of the making of these two minds one…” (129:4)


Thought Adjuster: “You are fascinated by the above quote, as you sense that it reveals a mystery that you have wanted to decipher. How do two become one? How do the material mind of man and the mind-endowment of Spirit become one? Indeed, this is a phenomenon. Yet, such an amazing metamorphosis is the goal of each human destiny.

“You have the linear understanding that one plus one equals two. This may be true on some very basic material level, but it is otherwise on the spiritual level of your existence. One plus one only equates to two if there is a state of separation. Once this is positively resolved, one plus one equate a much greater One — a harmonious greater organism.

“In chemistry, when you put together two distinct elements, they interact, combine, and change, thus forming a new substance. Likewise, when a sperm enters a fertile egg, a new being is conceived. One plus one equals ONE.

“Oneness is the goal of All That Is — harmony, balance, and peace. Try for a moment to imagine how you will feel on that glorious day when the often-contradictory opinions of the voices in your head will find common ground and become one. This would be the end of the seemingly unending inner conflicts that you experience — and will experience — as long as two opposite points of view are clashing within your mind whenever your inner voice tries to convince its divine counterpart of the ‘righteousness’ of its misguided ways by resorting to very creative justifications.


“My Voice is the voice of reason, wisdom, and truth. I whisper to you, hoping to get your undivided attention and appreciation for My Input. I am walking a straight spiritual line. You are the one meandering through the maze of your free-will decisions and striving to find a worthwhile direction.

“Indeed, when we come to that turning point of mutual understanding, peace and harmony will move in and many positive creative impulses will be unleashed, taking your existence to the next level as you will become increasingly in touch with your godlikeness. You and I will finally see eye to Eye.”