2018-12-09-Humility is the Gateway to Divinity

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Topic: Humility is the Gateway to Divinity

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Uteah

TR: Anyas



Teacher Uteah: “In the Father’s Eyes, the only pleasing sacrifice is the immolation of your pride. It seems simple. Yet, you know what a colossal stumbling block pride can be, blocking the access to your Higher Self like the big rock rolled in front of Christ’s tomb.

Pride is like an impenetrable fortress that deflects the rescue missions engineered by benevolent spiritual forces, preventing them from getting their valuable messages across your thick head and hardened heart. What would happen if you let go of your pride?

Jesus was crucified and subjected to utter and abject humiliation. Surely, He could have prevented this from happening, should there have been any hint of pride in His being. The King of your Universe was the humblest among His creatures. Pride never stood in His way, and He became the poster boy for humility, which is the gateway to Divinity.

“Don’t you see? Pride is blinding by its self-centered glamor; pride is deafening by its offended clamors; pride is desensitizing by its ‘I-know-better’ demeanor. It is a fruit of the poisonous tree of the Lucifer Rebellion. It is indeed a soul poison that works its way into the fruit basket to totally waste its entire content should no preventative measure be swiftly taken. Anger is the offspring of pride when met with resistance. Indeed, pride is self-righteous and impatient, and so much more.


“Dear ones, in His infinite humility, your Heavenly Father works His wonders anonymously. Foster the seed of humility He planted in your being by remembering to eat daily servings of ‘humble pie’ — a whole new take on the expression.”