2019-07-02-Are You A Seeker of the Spirit

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Topic: Are You A Seeker of the Spirit

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Uteah

TR: Chris Maurus



Trinity Teacher Uteah: “When you dedicate time for engaging your Indwelling Spirit, Guardians, and guidance teams, they show up and attempt to work with you to achieve any needful thing that will bring you closer in alignment with the divine plan for your life. Sometimes students feel that they need to recharge their “spiritual batteries” and will plan a spiritual retreat to dedicate a specified period of time for intense spiritual engagement that would otherwise not be experienced during the normal course of living. These can be life changing events that nourish the soul and strengthen your relationship with Spirit. Sometimes it takes keeping an appointment with Spirit to realize the benefits of a spirit-led life?

Have you ever wondered how a “master” of any art, music, or physical discipline acquires his or her abilities to become outstanding above most others? If asked they would tell you that it takes time, dedication, passion, and practice engaging the core study — developing excellence. This is also true for developing a relationship with Spirit. Many will say that they want a more immersive and heart-felt experience with Spirit, but really have no idea where to begin? As above, so below.

If you had the passion to learn to play the violin, how would you go about getting started? You would first make the commitment to learn by investing in a violin. Then, you might seek out information; listen to violin music; and perhaps search for a teacher that can accelerate your learning? You would then be accountable to a teacher for practicing some rudimentary lessons that would give you experience and you would work at this over time, building greater understanding and ability by staying the course. The joy of experiencing progress in your ability brings you back and keeps you engaged. The ultimate satisfaction in playing the violin comes when others find joy in listening to your performance — the beauty they find in the song — the way they feel while in the moment of the performance — that they might also be inspired. To perform with other musicians brings another level of satisfaction and joy.

There are many parallels here that can be applied to a dedicated relationship with Spirit. If you have the passion, you must “invest” in the relationship. Would a teacher-led spiritual retreat help you to get started on a more immersive spirit-led life? This might feel uncomfortable, at first, to consider gathering with others who are looking for a similar experience, but it may be the very thing that you need — to get you outside of your comfort zone. It also provides a safe space with others that do not know you as the accountant, the engineer, or the soccer mom. They see you as a seeker of the Spirit; it puts you on common ground, and it gives you and them the opportunity to share your very intimate spiritual experiences and aspirations without judgment. These events may also foster new relationships with kindred spirits that can last a lifetime.

In your afterlife on the mansion worlds, you will experience many such teacher-led spiritual retreats where you will learn in groups and then have time alone to contemplate the lessons with your Thought Adjuster and Destiny Guardians, and later have discussions with Morontia Companions. These events are meant to prepare you for an ascendant life — an eternal life of service and adventure. Your life on Urantia is meant to prepare you for an ascendant life on the mansion worlds, and so does it not make sense to orient yourself in this way of gathering with others and sharing your unique experiences?

As above, so below, my dear students, I AM Uteah.