2019-07-07-Is Urantia In for a New Great War

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Topic: Is Urantia In For a New Great War

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Prolotheos

TR: Valdir Soares


  • São Carlos — SP, Brazil


Prolotheos: “You have not been available to me or to other Teachers for a long time. Your question also originated in other minds — many minds, in truth — it is most relevant any time, but particularly now: “Is Urantia in for a new Great World War?” While there is no more definite answer than the one given to your Progress Group Leader by Samuel of Panoptia (“Only the Father knows”), there is some evidence (signals) that allow us to conjecture with a reasonable margin of certainty, only by remembering what you already know about wars and applying it to the present day.

“While wars are the maximization and generalization of the individual, group, and nations inter-irritations, it is said on your Papers that, “whenever the fabric of civilization becomes stressed by the complications of society's advancement, there is always an immediate and ruinous reversion” to wars. That was true about your previous two of Urantia’s Great Wars which were, in fact, a result of the social complications brought by your so-called Industrial Revolution. Presently, man tested his advancements to relieve those social anxieties which that very advancement had caused. Nowadays, a new anxiety emerged, produced by another Revolution, the Technological Revolution, which also needs relief, and if man does not apply peaceful social means to obtain it, a new Great War will surely do that.

“Also, a factor that seems to slow the evolution of new worldwide conflicts is the horrible destruction caused by the other two experiences, especially with the use of nuclear weapons. However, it seems there is a tacit agreement among the world superpowers, that is, conventional weapons are tolerated, but nuclear weapons are not — except to the superpowers, being America the Sheriff of such non-verbal agreement. Still, as science spreads and technology becomes available even to small and poor countries, underdeveloped nations see in this situation a way to call attention to their needs and agendas: forcing their entrance in this selected nuclear club and so gaining bargaining power. That certainly increased the risk of nuclear conflicts and the risk of a new Worldwide War. Not arrogance, but respect and understanding, will help superpowers to deal with these small but dangerous nuclear threats.

“Finally, take a look at the role of religions and ideologies in the genesis of major conflicts. If they are not the provokers, they certainly are the supporters. Religious and ideological fanaticism is rapidly overspreading through the radical Islamism and the White-Supremacism. No religion or ideology is exempt from becoming radical and being used to justify wars. Simply to counter discourse or violently repress these fanaticisms is not enough or wise to prevent their spread because they feed on being combated, as well noted by the Jewish teacher Gamaliel at the beginning of the Christian Era. Religious and ideological fanaticism has and may again bring humanity to the brink of a worldwide war. Radicalisms are fought with their opposite, dialogue and tolerance, but intelligent and effective ones, that touch and instigate supernal values in people and help them to reconsider their destructive course of action.


“Therefore, my pupil, I join Samuel of Panoptia in saying, “Only God knows”, if you are at the brink of WWIII. We all, both low and High, pray and work that no more will come, but as you well know, it doesn’t help that your human race is still incredibly immature. Besides, even the Father resists interfering with the sacred human free will and, although there is much celestial and divine pressure to the contrary, it is well possible that a new Great War is in the making on Urantia — “But only God Knows”. These signals make us suspect that, yes, it is lurking to appear, but also they help you to focus on what may be done to prevent it. I am Prolotheos, your tutor and teacher on High. Peace!”