2019-08-04-Abide With Me And In Me

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Topic: Abide With Me and In Me

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “The expressions and the longings of your soul are slowly finding their way to conscious recognition.

“Most often humans are totally oblivious to what is living so deep within them. They have no idea that they have been gifted with a Spark from the living God, laboring unceasingly to lift their thoughts toward eternal life.

“They have no idea that this is the God-Fragment’s only purpose for existing in them – to co-create with the human personality a perfecting being, which once that personality completed his or her age-long training on other worlds beyond the earthy domain, will stand in perfection in the presence of the Creator from whom I hail.

“My sole purpose is to uplift your thoughts, to help you through and lift you out of your negative creature tendencies, which still tend to dominate the lives of creatures on this planet.

Evolution is the method of creation in time and space. Nothing in the material world is happenstance and everything evolves according to the divine plan.

“Eons ago, when the atmospheric conditions were right, the Life Carriers planted three tiny seeds in the shallow waters on your barren planet and everything evolved from these. The human race has literally come up from the elemental dust of the earth. Every possibility from potential to actual was seeded right then, so genetically you go back to sea plant life, and your bodies together with every living thing, shares the same saline condition.

“Humanity has developed a mind which can in greater measure evolve God-ward. However, most minds are not being used in this manner. Instead the mind is being misused for negative purposes by some, abused by others by means of all sorts of addictions and not for the prime purpose for which it was created – to develop a thinking pattern that would glorify the Creator of all life.

“Ponder the meaning of these words and see how you can actively bring your thoughts to a higher level, so they will work with you and for you and bring you your greater eternal advantage.

“Abide with Me and in Me, as I abide with you and in you.”