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Middle English amenite, from Latin amoenitat-, amoenitas, from amoenus pleasant


  • 1a : the quality of being pleasant or agreeable
b (1) : the attractiveness and value of real estate or of a residential structure (2) : a feature conducive to such attractiveness and value
  • 2: usually plural : something (as a conventional social gesture) that conduces to smoothness or pleasantness of social relationships <maintaining social amenities>
  • 3: something that conduces to comfort, convenience, or enjoyment <hotels with modern amenities>


In real property and lodging, amenities are any tangible or intangible benefits of a property, especially those that increase its attractiveness or value or that contribute to its comfort or convenience. Tangible amenities might include attractive guest rooms (lodging), dining, parks, swimming pools, health club facilities, party rooms, theater or media rooms, bike paths, community centers, services, or garages, for example. Intangible amenities might include pleasant views, nearby activities, good schools (in the case of residential real estate), or a low crime rate, all of which add to the desirability of a property.