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  • 1. The action of correcting or setting right; substitution of what is right for what is erroneous in (a book, etc.); amendment. Hence, loosely, pointing out or marking of errors (in order to their removal). correction of the press: i.e. of printers' errors.
b. phr. under correction: subject to correction; a formula expressing deference to superior information, or critical authority. So saving correction.
  • 2. (with a and pl.) An act or instance of emendation; concr. that which is substituted for what is wrong or faulty, esp. in a literary work; an emendation.
  • 3. The correcting (of a person) for faults of character or conduct; reprehension, rebuke, reproof. Obs.
  • 4. The correcting (of a person) by disciplinary punishment; chastisement, properly with a view to amendment; but frequently in later use (now somewhat arch.) of corporal punishment, flogging.
b. An exercise of correcting discipline.
c. Correcting control. Obs.
d. house of correction: a building for the confinement and punishment of offenders, esp. with a view to their reformation; a bridewell.
  • 5. Control, regulation, governance. Obs.
  • 6. The counteracting or neutralizing of the ill effect of (something hurtful or unpleasant).
  • 7. a. Math. and Physics. The addition or subtraction of some quantity to or from the result of an observation or calculation, to bring it into accordance with certain standard conditions; the quantity so added or subtracted. correction of a fluent (in Fluxions): the determination of what is now called the constant of integration; the constant itself.
b. Optics. The counteraction of the aberration or dispersion of the rays in a lens or other optical instrument.
  • 8. The condition of being corrected or correct (in style). Obs. rare. [A Gallicism.]


Correction, via the identical French from the Latin corrigĕre 'to make straight (again)', is an action to rectify, to make right a wrong.

  • To set straight an error, clarify a mis-understanding, undo resulting damage; e.g. a correction (newspaper) in a newspaper is the posting of the notice of a mistake that appeared in a past issue of a newspaper
  • To rectify an il-logical state, e.g. a market anomaly as in correction (stock market).
  • As a euphemism for punishment, of various kinds, mainly physical; in institutional terminology specifically used for imprisonment, e.g. correctional facility (prison) or corrections.
  • the various duties of a corrector, a political/administrative office in classical Antiquity and still an ecclesiastical one in the Catholic Church and one in the temple.