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The Daynal Institute is a network of persons from many walks of life, that, in the course of exploring the heart of cosmic reality through communion with its Source, have discovered Trinity Teacher Sons as the architects of spiritual education administered throughout the Master Universe. While the forms of instruction vary widely depending upon local circumstances, these are enjoined by beings of every order of intelligence focusing their attention on the lessons of living experience, the master of all teachers in the art of living.

On every world of human habitation, these 'Teacher Sons' eventually build upon the success of all previous planetary visitations to inaugurate a spiritual age in which they "make real the spiritual counterpart of advancing material knowledge and temporal wisdom."[1] The scope of such learning is limited only by the willingness to discern the spiritual dimension of material knowledge as these become illumined in minds advancing in depth and breadth of exposure to a limitless range of facts, meanings, and values.

As this world's customs of alienation from normal interstellar exchange is seen increasingly as an historic anomaly, it is becoming more aligned with the larger Universe confident in the knowledge that all dwell in a perfect home governed and guided by a perfect love conditioned only by the soul's relative exposure in time. Through an ever expanding range of experience, this image of who we are unfolds in progressive phases of disclosure throughout the course of ascension.

Where to begin with such an undertaking? This and all inquiries are best directed first to the One who dwells within, and as this is done, any tools needed are drawn into the sphere of inquiry to facilitate passage to a deeper awareness of integration that is the most salient attribute of spirit, even that Spirit "in whom we live, move, and have our being." As such, all visible components of the Daynal Institute are simply material extensions of the marvelous dialogue that "begins within" well beneath the surface of conscious appraisals where the inner life unfurls its liberating influence.

As the Institute's website must function as a representation of such a range of discovery fostered in this era of accelerated change, the challenge is to identify and develop the most helpful resources available in every subject area while incorporating these into the growing bodies of literature emerging around the world as personal spiritual experience embraces greater cosmic proportions. The safeguarding of such knowledge is accomplished solely by sharing, and toward this end, interested persons are invited to participate in the work of the Nordan Editorial Team, a group of Editors serving as the Editorial Board of Daynal Institute.

Regardless of how any may decide to apply their creative energy, in the Nordan Corpora one may always find resources to extend the personal lines of inquiry that are being drawn nonetheless upon the ground of shared experience. Through just such contributions, the evolving soul of Supremacy grows in and through every thought, word, and deed of each personality throughout the Universe of universes whose chorus is like no other - for those who would give themselves permission to 'hear'.

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